What are the best Black history tours in Savannah?

Ever wondered about the untold stories of African American history in Savannah? We’ve got you covered! This article will steer you to the top Black history tours in Savannah. They offer unique insights into the African American community’s rich culture.

By joining these tours, you’ll learn about the struggles and successes in Savannah’s Black history. From walks that share stories about brave fighters to museums with intriguing artifacts, each tour offers a deep dive into the past.

Are you ready to explore Savannah’s African American history? Let’s jump in!

The Freedom Trail Tour

Join The Freedom Trail Tour to dive into Savannah’s African American story. This walking tour visits the city’s historic area. You’ll explore places central to the African American experience.

Through this tour, you learn about key people and events. Also, their contributions to Savannah and America’s history. This journey is both enlightening and touching.

Uncovering the African American Heritage

Walk Savannah’s historic roads to feel its African American community’s spirit. On the Freedom Trail, you’ll see landmarks showing a story of struggle and victory. They symbolize the fight for equality.

“The Freedom Trail Tour is a captivating exploration of Savannah’s Black heritage, offering visitors the chance to connect with the city’s rich history on a personal level.”

Visit special places in Savannah, like the Haitian Memorial, honoring early immigrants. Explore the Owens-Thomas House: from slaveholder’s home to sharing enslaved life. The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum reflects on the civil rights fight.

An Expertly Guided Experience

Knowledgeable guides lead The Freedom Trail Tour. They bring the past alive with their stories. Learn about those who opposed inequality.

Feel inspired at the old slave quarters, where the human spirit endured. Listen to stories of bravery and hope by visiting monuments and churches. These places honor the African American community.

Don’t miss: Celebrate Juneteenth, marking freedom from slavery in the U.S. Join the event for culture and freedom’s achievement.

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Take The Freedom Trail Tour to hear Savannah’s stories of strength and victory. The city’s vivid African American history will inspire you.

Savannah Black history walking tours

Key Highlights Details
Duration Approximately 2 hours
Tour Times 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, daily
Tour Meeting Point Johnson Square Fountain, Savannah
Price $25 per person
Reservation Advanced booking recommended

Gullah Geechee Cultural Tour

Dive into Savannah’s African American heart with the Gullah Geechee Cultural Tour. This trip is a chance to see the vibrant Gullah Geechee culture. It started with Africans brought as slaves to the Lowcountry.

The Gullah Geechee people have kept their unique ways alive for ages. You can find their customs, language, and traditions deeply rooted in Savannah’s culture. Exploring their history will show you their remarkable impact on the city.

On the tour, you’ll see important places showcasing the Gullah Geechee heritage. It ranges from churches and community spaces to galleries and markets. Each spot reflects the strong, vibrant nature of Savannah’s African American community.

Explore Rich Traditions

  • Discover the craft of basket weaving, making sweetgrass dolls, and pottery by the Gullah Geechee folk.
  • Taste the unique Gullah Geechee dishes, rich in African flavors and traditions.
  • Hear old stories and folklore from the Gullah Geechee community. They shed light on their cultural ways.

The Gullah Geechee Cultural Tour is a full experience. It honors the strength and heritage of Savannah’s African Americans. It’s a chance to grow and connect with the history of this vibrant community.

“The Gullah Geechee Cultural Tour was enlightening. It let me see the deep African American roots in Savannah. The guide’s passion and knowledge really made it special.” – Susan, Tour Participant

Savannah guided Black history tours

Join the Gullah Geechee Cultural Tour for a real Savannah history and community experience. It’s a key part of any Savannah trip. This journey offers insights into the city’s diverse and strong heritage.

The First African Baptist Church Tour

Take a journey through history with the First African Baptist Church Tour. This landmark is one of the oldest Black churches in North America.

Step into the First African Baptist Church. Hear stories of resilience, courage, and faith that shape Savannah’s African American community.

Explore the church’s role in the Underground Railroad. It gave hope and freedom to many seeking to escape slavery. You’ll see hidden passages and secret rooms that guided people to freedom.

This church is a symbol of the African American fight for equality. Its history and stories show their power and spirit. You’ll learn about the challenges they overcame.

Don’t miss the chance to see the church’s beautiful architecture and cultural heritage. Walk inside and see the stunning stained glass windows. They tell stories of hope and victory.

Join a guide who knows the church’s history well. They will tell you about the struggles and successes of Savannah’s African American community. You’ll hear stories that bring the church’s history to life.

“The First African Baptist Church is a testament to the indomitable spirit of resilience and faith that has defined African Americans throughout history. It is a place where stories of struggle, triumph, and hope intertwine, reminding us of the sacrifices made and the progress achieved.” – Tour Guide

Discover the spirit of Savannah’s African American history at the First African Baptist Church. You’ll learn about their experience and honor the church’s legacy.

Location Tour Duration Highlights
23 Montgomery St, Savannah, GA 31401 Approximately 1 hour
  • Guided tour of the historic church
  • Learn about the Underground Railroad
  • Explore the church’s architectural features
  • Discover the inspiring stories of Savannah’s African American community

African American history tours Savannah

Savannah History Museum

Dive into Savannah’s African American past at the Savannah History Museum. Here, you’ll find exhibits and tours highlighting the Black community’s achievements and culture. It’s a journey through time that offers insight into Savannah’s rich history.

See a range of items, from old keepsakes to modern art, each with its own story. You can view important people’s personal items and daily-use objects. These show how life was and the challenges faced in the past.

Discover the tales of those who shaped Savannah’s Black history. You’ll learn about their fight for freedom, civil rights, and the keeping of cultural traditions. It’s a chance to understand their struggles and the victories they achieved.

“The Savannah History Museum provides a powerful platform for preserving and sharing the valuable heritage of Savannah’s African American community. It is a place of education, inspiration, and reflection.” – Local Historian

Take a guided tour for extra insights, offered by experts in history. Tours help you understand the artifacts better. They also reveal lesser-known stories, enriching your visit.

Savannah History Museum

Everyone interested in Black history should visit this museum. It’s perfect for history buffs, students, and those keen to learn. You’ll have a great time celebrating Savannah’s African American legacy.

Highlights of the Savannah History Museum Address Contact Information
Exhibits showcasing African American history 303 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401 Phone: (912) 651-6825
Email: info@savannahhistorymuseum.org
Guided tours led by knowledgeable experts Website: savannahhistorymuseum.org
Engaging educational programs and events

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum tells the story of Savannah’s fight for civil rights. It shows the challenges, victories, and key moments that led to a more equal society in the city.

Feel the history come alive as you walk through the museum. It highlights the important events and the people who changed Savannah during the civil rights movement. You’ll see their bravery and the impact they made.

Savannah guided Black history tours

One major attraction is the Freedom Gallery. Here, you can see real artifacts and hear stories from the fight for civil rights. It offers a touching look at the civil rights era and its effect on Savannah.

The Legacy of Ralph Mark Gilbert

“We must ensure that the history of the struggle for civil rights is not forgotten, so that future generations may continue the fight for equality.” – Ralph Mark Gilbert

The museum celebrates Ralph Mark Gilbert’s life and work. He was a leader in Savannah’s Civil Rights movement. As the head of a key church, he fought for equal rights. His efforts were crucial in making changes and inspiring others.

Interactive Educational Programs

There are also educational programs at the museum. They offer a deep view of the civil rights movement. These programs help visitors understand Savannah’s huge role in making society more equal.

Joining these programs adds to your knowledge and respect for those who fought for rights. It encourages discussion and motivates people to work towards a fairer world today.

Plan Your Visit

Make sure to visit the museum when in Savannah. It’s a chance to see the struggle for civil rights up close. Explore the stories of perseverance and growth towards equality.

Discover the powerful stories of individuals and community efforts. Learn about the change-makers who came together to shape Savannah and the country.

Pin Point Heritage Museum

Visit the Pin Point Heritage Museum just outside Savannah. It’s a perfect place to learn about the Gullah Geechee community. This site lets you dive into the area’s past, culture, and traditions.

Savannah Black history tours

At the museum, you can explore the lives of the Gullah Geechee people. You’ll find out about their African heritage. This has been kept alive for many years, shaping Savannah’s culture.

The Gullah Geechee from Pin Point have a unique history. Their journey from Africa to America is shown through exhibits and stories. You’ll learn about their language, customs, and daily life.

“Pin Point is a place where history and heritage come alive. As you explore the museum, you’ll be transported to a time and place infused with resilience, spirituality, and community.” – Visitor testimonial

The museum’s guides tell amazing stories. They paint a picture of life in the Pin Point community. You’ll hear about their challenges, victories, and the things that make them proud.

There are hands-on exhibits and demos at the museum. They show you about the Gullah Geechee’s crafts, fishing, and farms. You can also enjoy their music, art, and food, which shows their lasting impact.

After visiting, you’ll better understand Gullah Geechee culture. The visit is eye-opening and unique. Anyone looking to learn more about African American history in Savannah should go.

African American Monument

The African American Monument is in Savannah’s Rousakis Riverfront Plaza. It’s a tribute to African Americans in the city. This landmark shows resilience, pride, and history. It’s a top spot for those into Black heritage.

The design is captivating, featuring key aspects of African American history and culture. Its central sculpture shows people breaking free from chains. This symbolizes the fight for freedom and equality over time.

Engraved around the sculpture are panels. They show important times, people, and events in Savannah’s Black history. These visuals tell a story of the city’s African American heritage and accomplishments.

“The African American Monument shows the strength and resilience of Savannah’s Black community. It reminds us of past struggles and inspires the future.” – Local Historian

Symbolism and Meaning

The monument stands for unity, strength, and moving forward. It celebrates Savannah’s African Americans and their vital impact.

Everything in the monument has a strong symbol. Chains broken mean freedom from slavery and the fight for equality. The sculpture shows people from different times, showing how their experiences are connected.

Those who visit can learn what the monument’s symbols mean. They can think about the challenges and victories of African Americans in Savannah. It’s a sign of progress and the ongoing battle for justice and equality.

Black Heritage Tours Savannah

While exploring Savannah’s Black history, visiting the African American Monument is a must. It’s an emotional experience that adds to the city’s other Black heritage tours. Learn about Savannah’s African American community, its history, and its ongoing role.

Black heritage tours Savannah

Savannah African Art Museum

Dive into the colorful world of African art and culture at the Savannah African Art Museum. It hosts a varied collection that displays the beauty of different African cultures. The museum helps people see the strong links between these African traditions and Savannah’s African American roots.

While walking through the museum, you’ll see many types of art. There are sculptures, paintings, cloths, and items used in ceremonies. Each piece tells a bit of African history, its spiritual side, and how it looks.

“The Savannah African Art Museum is a hidden treasure. It gives a stunning place to explore African art’s richness. Seeing how these traditions influenced Savannah’s African American community is moving.”

– Local Art Enthusiast

The museum wants visitors to better understand and value African art and people. It shows art from different parts of Africa like West, East, and Central Africa.

A big part of the museum is its collection of African masks. They are not just art but key in the spiritual and storytelling life of African communities. The masks show us a bit about African culture and beliefs.

Exploring African Influence in Savannah

The Savannah African Art Museum shows how deeply African culture has influenced Savannah’s African American community. This influence is found in many areas such as art, language, music, and dance.

Guided tours at the museum are available. They explore the connections between African traditions and the African American story in Savannah. Guides share the history and meaning behind the art. This helps visitors connect to the city’s African American past.

Key Features of the Savannah African Art Museum Visitors’ Feedback
A diverse collection of African art and artifacts “The museum’s collection is so diverse and well-curated. It’s incredible to see the range of artistic styles and techniques from different regions of Africa.”
Exhibits highlighting the African influence on Savannah “Learning about the connections between African traditions and the African American community in Savannah was eye-opening.”
Guided tours providing educational insights “The knowledgeable guides made the experience even more enriching. They shared fascinating stories and historical context.”

Savannah African Art Museum

Going to the Savannah African Art Museum is a chance to see beautiful African art. It also helps understand the links between African culture and Savannah’s African American history.


In conclusion, Savannah has many Black history tours. These give deep insights into African American experiences. You can explore historic sites, museums, and cultural centers. These tours help honor and celebrate Black heritage in Savannah.

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