Where to stay in Savannah: historic district vs. other areas?

Deciding where to stay in Savannah, Georgia, is a big choice. You might be stuck between the famous historic district and other lively spots. We’ll compare both areas so you can pick the best place for your stay. Let’s dive into what each area offers.

This guide will look into Savannah’s historic district and other exciting areas. We’ll showcase their top accommodations, from luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts. Are you eager to find hidden gems and the perfect spot for your Savannah trip?

Exploring Savannah’s Historic District

The historic district in Savannah is a true gem of the South, full of charm and history. You’ll find 18th-century buildings along its scenic streets. Beneath the shade of oak trees, there are quiet squares perfect for enjoying the city’s gorgeous views. Looking for a wonderful place to stay? The historic district has many great options that match its rich past. So, let’s explore the best accommodations. This way, you can choose where to stay for a memorable trip to Savannah.

The Kimpton Brice Hotel

Kimpton Brice Hotel stands out in the historic district. It mixes modern design with history beautifully. Being close to River Street, it’s easy to visit Savannah’s famous spots. The hotel has amazing rooms, a rooftop pool, and a famous restaurant, making your stay very enjoyable.

Mansion on Forsyth Park

Mansion on Forsyth Park is perfect for a luxury stay. It’s known for its grand design and rich décor. Near Forsyth Park, it has stunning views and is close to the district’s lovely streets. At this hotel, enjoy a spa, great dining, and beautiful art.

“The historic district of Savannah is like stepping into a bygone era. The charming streets, beautifully restored buildings, and rich history make it an incredible place to explore and immerse yourself in.” – Traveler’s Review

Looking for something cozy? The Ballastone Inn in the historic district is a great pick. It’s a charming bed and breakfast with a historic vibe and nice service. Have a gourmet breakfast for free and relax in the quiet courtyard. It’s the perfect retreat from the busy city life.

Interested in a boutique experience? Consider the Olde Harbour Inn on River Street. This place keeps its historic charm with original brickwork and elegant rooms. It’s a welcoming place near Savannah’s riverfront, where you can enjoy the lively scene.

top lodging options in Savannah

Other Vibrant Areas to Consider

The historic district of Savannah is famous for its beauty and charm. But there are other parts of the city that can make your trip memorable, too. If you want a different vibe or need to be close to certain spots, look into these areas. They can offer the best accommodations beyond the historic district.

One such area is Forsyth Park, found just south of downtown. It has a calming vibe with its grand fountain and greenery. By staying near here, you can enjoy its beauty and also visit the pretty Victorian District nearby.

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Tybee Island is a top pick for nature lovers. It’s a short trip east from Savannah and has lovely beaches and outdoor fun. Here, you can find places to stay by the beach. This way, you’re close to the city and the sea.

Pro-Tip: For a dose of art and culture, look into the Starland District. This area is south of downtown and it’s where you’ll see a lot of creativity. It’s filled with art, cool shops, and great places to eat and drink. A perfect place to experience Savannah’s artsy side.

The area around City Market is also full of life. It features cool shops, fun places to catch a show, and great food. Staying here means you’re close to the buzzing nightlife. Plus, you’re near famous spots like the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace and the Telfair Museums.

Looking to explore offline areas outside the historic district? Try Midtown. It’s known for the beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery and its calm neighborhoods. It’s a peaceful place to stay that’s not too far from downtown.

List of Vibrant Areas Outside the Historic District

Area Key Features
Forsyth Park Tranquil settings, proximity to Victorian District
Tybee Island Beautiful beaches, outdoor activities
Starland District Arts and cultural scene, trendy boutiques
City Market Unique shops, lively entertainment venues
Midtown Bonaventure Cemetery, residential neighborhoods

These areas offer a fresh way to see Savannah’s many faces. Each one is special, making it easier to find the perfect stay for you.

Savannah Vibrant Areas

Hotels in Savannah: A Comparison

Looking for the comfort and perks of a hotel? You’re in for a treat in Savannah. The city has many hotels with distinct features. We will walk you through Savannah’s hotels, including their locations, amenities, and what customers think. This will make choosing your stay easier.

Savannah Hotel Comparison

Choosing the best place to stay in Savannah means looking at location, cost, what’s offered, and reviews. To simplify your search, a handy table with info on top hotels awaits you. It shows key details all in one place.

Hotel Location Amenities Customer Rating
The Gastonian Historic District Free breakfast, complimentary afternoon tea, private courtyard 4.5/5
Hotel Indigo Savannah Historic District Historic District Rooftop bar, fitness center, pet-friendly 4/5
Andaz Savannah Riverfront Outdoor pool, rooftop terrace, valet parking 4.5/5
The Alida Hotel East Bay Street Restaurant, bar, fitness center 4/5

There’s a wide range of hotels in Savannah, from the historic district to the riverfront and beyond. You’ll surely find a place that fits just right for your trip.

“The hotel was perfectly placed, letting us walk to all key spots in the historic district. The friendly staff and great amenities added sparkle to our visit.” – A happy visitor

Savannah Hotels Comparison

Exploring Savannah’s hotel scene helps you select the ideal place for a pleasant and memorable visit in this gorgeous city.

Vacation Rentals in Savannah

Looking for a home away from home? Vacation rentals are great for that. In Savannah, you can find everything from quaint cottages to grand waterfront homes. There’s something for every style and budget.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

When looking for a place to stay in Savannah, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start looking early to find the best places.
  • Think about the location. Pick somewhere close to what you want to see and do.
  • Look at the amenities. Check that it has what you need, like a kitchen or outdoor space.
  • Read what others have said about the place. This gives you a better idea of what to expect.
  • Always book through a reliable site or with a well-known agency.

Following these tips will help you find a great spot in Savannah. Then, you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Top Vacation Rentals in Savannah

Consider these top picks for your stay in Savannah:

Rental Name Location Features Price per Night
The Historic Abode Historic District Historic charm, spacious rooms, private garden $200
The Coastal Escape Tybee Island Beachfront location, modern amenities, ocean views $250
The Cosy Cottage Ardsley Park Quaint atmosphere, fully furnished, pet-friendly $150
The Riverside Retreat Wilmington Island Scenic river views, outdoor space, kayaking access $175

Guests highly recommend these vacation spots in Savannah. Remember to book early to get your preferred dates.

Savannah vacation rentals guide

Choosing a vacation rental in Savannah lets you live like a local. You get your own private space while getting to know the city’s charm and culture. It’s the best of both worlds.

Bed and Breakfasts in Savannah

Savannah is well-known for its cozy bed and breakfast spots. They’re perfect if you want a warm, personal touch during your stay. These places offer something different from regular hotels, with their unique features and friendly service.

Staying at a top bed and breakfast in Savannah means diving into history. You might sleep in a Victorian mansion or a cozy cottage. Every place has its own tale. You’ll start your day with the smell of fresh coffee and a tasty breakfast, ready to discover Savannah’s charm.

One standout is the Green Palm Inn, right in the historic district. It offers comfy rooms and a peaceful courtyard. Diane, the innkeeper, ensures every guest is cared for like family.

“Staying at a bed and breakfast in Savannah truly enhances your experience of the city. The personalized attention, cozy ambiance, and delicious homemade breakfast make it a memorable stay.”

The Eliza Thompson House is another top choice. This mansion has elegant rooms and a quiet courtyard. They also hold a wine reception each evening. Their detail-oriented staff makes for a cozy, upscale stay.

For something special, look at the Olde Harbour Inn. It sits on River Street, offering lovely views and spacious, cozy suites. There’s a wine and cheese reception to enjoy the sunset over the Savannah.

Looking for romance or history in Savannah? Bed and breakfasts are your answer. They offer a unique, friendly stay. Experience their warmth and stay in Savannah hearts.

Best accommodations in Savannah

Top Bed and Breakfasts in Savannah

Name Location Features
Green Palm Inn Historic District Comfortable rooms, serene courtyard, personalized service
Eliza Thompson House Historic District Elegant rooms, courtyard, wine and hors d’oeuvres reception
Olde Harbour Inn River Street Waterfront views, spacious suites, rustic charm

Luxury Accommodations in Savannah

If you’re looking to enjoy luxury in Savannah, you’ll find top options that are full of opulence. There are elegant hotels and lavish vacation rentals. This city is ready to impress.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn

The Hamilton-Turner Inn is one of Savannah’s top luxury spots. It’s right in the historic center, offering a taste of Southern elegance. Guests enjoy lavish rooms decked in antique furniture and beautiful décor. It’s a stay fit for royalty.

Savannah accommodations review

The Perry Lane Hotel

The Perry Lane Hotel is the place for a modern luxury feel. It sits in the Historic District’s trendy area. This hotel blends modern design with Southern charm. Guests love the spacious rooms, upscale amenities, and views of the Savannah skyline.

Azalea Inn and Gardens

The Azalea Inn and Gardens rest in the Victorian District. It’s both tranquil and romantic. This B&B offers elegant rooms, beautiful gardens, and great service. It’s the perfect place to unwind in a beautiful setting.

“Our stay at the Azalea Inn and Gardens was beyond our expectations. The attention to detail and the charming ambiance made our vacation truly remarkable.”

– Satisfied Guest

The Gastonian

A Savannah trip wouldn’t be complete without The Gastonian. It’s in the Historic District. This B&B is known for its refined rooms and gourmet breakfast. Stay here to experience its timeless elegance.

A Comparative Overview of Luxury Accommodations in Savannah

Accommodation Location Key Features
The Hamilton-Turner Inn Historic District Antique furniture, opulent decor
The Perry Lane Hotel Historic District Modern design, rooftop views
Azalea Inn and Gardens Victorian District Tranquil atmosphere, lush gardens
The Gastonian Historic District Refined rooms, personalized service

These luxury spots in Savannah offer a refined and lavish experience. Whether it’s The Hamilton-Turner Inn, The Perry Lane Hotel, Azalea Inn and Gardens, or The Gastonian, luxury awaits. You’ll make unforgettable memories during your stay.

Budget-Friendly Options in Savannah

Traveling on a tight budget? Don’t worry, Savannah has you covered. You can find a range of accommodations that are easy on your wallet. This way, you can experience the city without spending too much. There are various affordable hotels and budget-friendly vacation rentals to choose from.

Looking for a budget hotel in Savannah? You’re in luck because there’s a good choice. Many places offer comfortable rooms and useful features without being expensive. They are found in the historic district and other parts of the city. So, you can stay where you like without overpaying.

Consider vacation rentals if you want to save money. Savannah has many budget-friendly options. These places feel like a second home. You get a kitchen, saving you dining costs. They provide more room and privacy than standard hotels, making your stay cozy and affordable.

Top Budget-Friendly Accommodations in Savannah

Here are a few recommended places that won’t hurt your wallet:

  • 1. Staybridge Suites Savannah Historic District: In the historic district, it offers big suites with kitchens. Guests get free breakfast and a rooftop pool.
  • 2. Thunderbird Inn: This motel stands out with its low prices and great location. It includes a free breakfast, colorful rooms, and a fun atmosphere.
  • 3. The Marshall House: A charming hotel in a historical building. It’s praised for its value, central location, and free wine and cheese every evening.

When choosing cheap places to stay in Savannah, do some research. Make sure they match what you’re looking for by reading reviews. Location, services, and what other guests say are key. This helps you pick the right spot for your budget and liking.

With these budget-friendly options in Savannah, you can start planning your trip. Enjoy your stay without worrying about the cost.

Savannah accommodations review


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