Unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences in Savannah?

Think of Savannah, Georgia. Do you picture historic buildings and tree-lined streets? Yes, it’s known for its Southern charm. But there’s more to this city. It’s full of hidden gems and unique experiences. Get ready to dive into Savannah’s secrets that often go unnoticed.

Ready to find Savannah’s hidden side? This article will guide you through the city’s unique spots. These experiences will make your Savannah trip one to remember.

Explore the Historic District on a Ghost Tour

Take a deep dive into the spooky side of Savannah’s Historic District by joining a ghost tour. This adventure will lead you through haunted streets. You’ll learn about the chilling secrets hidden in the city.

On the tour, you’ll get to see haunted mansions and old cemeteries. You’ll also explore secret spots known for their ghostly tales. Guides will share scary stories about the city’s history and ghostly encounters.

“As you explore the Historic District on a ghost tour, you’ll step back in time and experience Savannah’s fascinating blend of history and the supernatural. From the shadows of the moss-draped oak trees to the eerie silence of the moonlit squares, every step is filled with mystery and intrigue.” – Guide

Authentic Savannah Adventures

Discover the real Savannah on this unique adventure. A ghost tour lets you see the city’s history in a thrilling way. It’s not just the usual sights; it’s an encounter with the unknown.

This tour helps you feel a real connection with Savannah’s past. You’ll learn about the people who lived in the Historic District. And you’ll feel the presence of the city’s ghosts and legendary figures.

Unusual Activities in Savannah

A ghost tour is a highlight in Savannah for its unique experience. It’s unlike other tourist activities, offering an authentic and unusual journey.

Walking through the city, you can sense its supernatural presence. The mysterious ambiance makes your visit truly memorable. You won’t forget this exciting adventure in Savannah.

Related Table

Activity Description
Ghost Tour Explore haunted streets, visit haunted mansions, and listen to chilling stories from knowledgeable guides.
Historic District Walking Tour Learn about Savannah’s history, architecture, and culture as you stroll through the picturesque Historic District.
Riverboat Cruise Experience a scenic cruise along the Savannah River, enjoying beautiful views of the city skyline and learning about its maritime history.
City Segway Tour Glide through the streets of Savannah on a Segway, exploring its charming squares and iconic landmarks.

Authentic Savannah adventures

Discover the Enchanting Bonaventure Cemetery

Venture off the beaten path and explore one of Savannah’s hidden gems. The Bonaventure Cemetery is a captivating spot that offers an alternative attraction. It’s perfect for those wanting something special in Savannah.

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Step into the Bonaventure Cemetery, and you’re greeted by peace. The grounds are rich with stunning sculptures and moss-draped trees. This creates a picture-perfect and enchanting scene.

Embark on a self-guided tour to learn about the cemetery’s history. Discover the stories of its residents and Savannah’s past. Besides its beauty, the cemetery holds Savannah’s deep heritage.

While you explore, admire the detailed sculptures on the graves. The artwork, from angel statues to grand monuments, is truly impressive.

“The Bonaventure Cemetery is a hidden gem that showcases the beauty of life and death in a truly unique way. It’s a peaceful oasis where history and art converge.”

Don’t forget your camera. There are many chances for beautiful photos. Snap shots of the old trees or detailed sculptures to remember your visit.

The Bonaventure Cemetery is a place for both memory and reflection. Experience the peaceful atmosphere and connect with the past as you walk through.

Hidden gems in Savannah

Highlights of the Bonaventure Cemetery:

  • Stunning sculptures and moss-covered trees
  • Self-guided tours for an immersive experience
  • Fascinating history and stories of Savannah
  • Opportunities for beautiful photography
  • A tranquil and peaceful ambiance

Visiting the Bonaventure Cemetery is a unique experience in Savannah. It is the perfect spot for history lovers, art enthusiasts, or anyone looking to find peace. It’s a must-see during your Savannah trip.

Kayak through the Coastal Marshlands

Searching for off-the-beaten-path activities in Savannah? Dive into a true Savannah trip that leads you away from the usual spots. Kayak through the stunning coastal marshlands near the city.

This adventure is unlike any other. You’ll be paddling through calm waters, surrounded by natural beauty. Watch for the area’s many animals, from elegant egrets to friendly dolphins.

“Kayaking through the coastal marshlands was a surreal experience. Being surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature and observing the wildlife up close made me feel truly connected to the environment.” – Sarah, Savannah visitor

Kayaking through the Coastal Marshlands

This is perfect whether you’re new to kayaking or an old hand. The marshlands are a perfect, peaceful spot to paddle. You can rent a kayak or take a guided tour to learn more.

Get away from the touristy spots and find Savannah’s real charm. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this natural treasure. And make sure to bring your camera for the amazing views and wildlife sightings.

Benefits of Kayaking through the Coastal Marshlands

Heading out on a kayak in Savannah’s marshlands is a great idea for many reasons:

  • Get away from the crowds and find peace in nature.
  • See a variety of wildlife, like birds and dolphins.
  • See the untouched beauty of the coast up close.
  • Feel peaceful among nature.
  • Make memories that will last a lifetime.
Duration Location Difficulty Level
2-4 hours Coastal marshlands surrounding Savannah Beginner to intermediate

Unwind at the Wormsloe Historic Site

Get away from the city and find peace at the Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah. It’s a calm, beautiful place that will charm you.

As you walk in, the famous oak-lined avenue welcomes you like a fairytale. Enjoy the sunlight through the moss, feeling peaceful.

Next, see the old Wormsloe colonial estate’s ruins. Explore history as you walk through old buildings. It’s like stepping into the past.

“The Wormsloe Historic Site provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling city, allowing you to connect with the beauty of nature and the stories of the past.”

Take a moment to enjoy the quiet, maybe with a picnic. The area is perfect for a relaxing day, surrounded by beauty.

Are you intrigued by history or love nature? The Wormsloe Historic Site is a special spot in Savannah for everyone. Feel the magic of this little-known place and make unforgettable memories.

Highlights of the Wormsloe Historic Site

Attraction Description
Famous Oak-Lined Avenue A mesmerizing path adorned with majestic oaks, creating a breathtaking entrance to the site.
Colonial Estate Ruins The remnants of the historic buildings that offer a glimpse into Savannah’s past.
Nature and Greenery Expansive grounds surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene and tranquil environment.

Hidden gems in Savannah

Plan your visit to the Wormsloe Historic Site and explore Savannah’s hidden beauty. Step off the usual path and find peace in this serene place. Walk its beautiful oak avenue, visit the old estate, and enjoy the quiet. This place is a unique and unforgettable part of Savannah.

Get Artsy at the SCAD Museum of Art

Step into a world where creativity thrives at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah. It’s a hidden gem that welcomes art lovers with open arms. Here, you’ll see new art from up-and-coming artists and get a different view of modern art.

alternative attractions in Savannah

Walk through the galleries and enjoy the wide variety of art. With paintings, sculptures, photos, and more, there’s something for everyone. It’s a place where new artists get to show their skills, making it a lively and always-changing spot.

Find surprises as you explore the museum’s collections. Each display is unique and makes you think, drawing you into the art. If you love art or just enjoy its beauty, the SCAD Museum of Art is perfect for a visit. It’s ideal for anyone looking for something different to see in Savannah.

Delve into Haunted Stories at the Sorrel-Weed House

Get ready for a spooky adventure at the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah. It’s one of the city’s most haunted spots. This place is perfect for those wanting to explore strange, secret places in Savannah.

The Sorrel-Weed House is filled with history and spooky tales. Join a ghost tour to hear all about its dark past. You’ll learn from guides who know a lot about its haunting history.

As you walk around, you’ll hear about strange events and see ghostly sights. Every room has its own story, from mystery footsteps to ghostly figures. It’ll make you wonder about the unknown.

Feel the history come to life as you move through this haunted house. Its ghost stories and eerie vibe will give you a memorable scare.

For those who love ghost tales or want unique experiences in Savannah, the Sorrel-Weed House is a must. Get ready for a chilling journey into its haunted stories.

“The Sorrel-Weed House is a must-visit for those seeking a spine-chilling experience in Savannah. Explore the haunted halls and uncover the dark secrets that lie within.” – Savannah Paranormal Society

Plan Your Visit to the Sorrel-Weed House

Excited to explore the Sorrel-Weed House’s mysteries? Here’s some info for your visit:

  • Location: 6 W Harris St, Savannah, GA 31401
  • Tours: Take a guided ghost tour for a spooky experience. To join, visit the official website for tour details.
  • Duration: The tour lasts about 90 minutes.
  • Tickets: Buy your tickets early to make sure you get a spot. Prices vary by tour type.

Get ready to unlock the secrets hidden within the Sorrel-Weed House. This unique gem is a perfect mystery waiting to be discovered.

Secret spots in Savannah

Sail Along the Savannah River

See Savannah in a new light by sailing down the Savannah River. This unique adventure showcases Savannah’s true spirit, away from the usual tourist spots.

Non-touristy things to do in Savannah

Once you’re on the water, beautiful scenes will greet you at every turn. The soft wind will touch your face, and you’ll enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Discover Savannah’s maritime history through engaging stories shared by the boat’s guides. Learn about the city’s past, its ties to the river, and how trade shaped Savannah.

No matter if you love history or nature’s beauty, this journey is for you. You’ll experience Savannah’s real heart, surrounded by its unique culture and beauty.

Taste Georgia’s Southern Delights at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Savannah, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is the place. It’s a secret favorite for enjoying delicious Southern food away from the city noises.

Inside, you step back in time to warm hospitality and charm. The cozy space welcomes you to enjoy Georgia’s flavors in a special way.

Mrs. Wilkes offers the best in family-style dining. Here, everyone sits at long tables. Get ready for a big meal with dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread. You’ll see why food lovers can’t miss this spot.

Dining here lets you meet both locals and other visitors. Sharing food and stories shows the spirit of the South’s welcoming community.

What Makes Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room a Hidden Gem?

In Savannah, a city with lots of great food, Mrs. Wilkes stands out. It’s known for its real Southern atmosphere and classic dishes. This place gives guests a taste of Georgia’s culinary history and traditional recipes.

This restaurant remains unknown to many tourists. By finding this secret, you’re in for an authentic Southern experience. It’s a chance to experience true Southern food among the locals.

For those seeking Savannah’s hidden treasures, add Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room to your list. It’s a special spot offering a memorable journey through Georgia’s cuisine and the city’s heart and soul.

“Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is a window into the deep-rooted traditions and warm hospitality of Savannah. It’s a hidden gem where you can savor the flavors of Georgia while creating lasting memories with friends old and new.” – Satisfied diner

Hidden gems in Savannah

Why Visit Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room? What to Expect
Authentic Southern Cuisine Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering dishes such as fried chicken, collard greens, pecan pie, and more.
Family-Style Dining Experience the charm of sharing communal tables and passing plates with fellow diners.
Cozy Atmosphere Relax in a warm and welcoming environment that captures the essence of Savannah’s hospitality.
Local Favorite Discover a hidden gem favored by Savannah locals and food enthusiasts.
Authentic Southern Charm Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage and traditions of Georgia.

Find Peace at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Escape into nature and find a hidden gem in Savannah – the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. This place brings peace, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Lesser-known Savannah attractions

Walk its many trails and see miles of nature. Look out for birds like herons and eagles. they make the refuge their home.

But it’s not just birds here. You might meet alligators and other wild animals. Seeing them in the wild is amazing.

This is a great place for nature lovers, photographers, or anyone needing peace. The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is an ideal getaway. Let nature wash your stress away in this calm spot.


As you wrap up your time in Savannah, you’ll see the city is full of unique places to explore. You can visit beautiful cemeteries, quiet marshlands, or even spooky houses.

There are many adventures waiting for those who look beyond the usual sights. You can learn about the city’s past on ghost tours or by kayaking. Enjoy beautiful views on a cruise down the Savannah River.

Art lovers and food fans will also find much to enjoy in Savannah. Make sure to try Southern favorites at places like Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. Your trip to Savannah can be really special with these suggestions.

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