Haunted pubs and ghost tours in Savannah: which are must-do?

Have you ever thought about what hides in Savannah’s old streets? Maybe the stories of ghostly encounters are real. Are haunted pubs and ghost tours in Savannah a window into the spirit world?

Take a thrilling trip into Savannah’s supernatural heart. We’ll show you the best ghost tours and haunted pubs. You’ll start to see the city’s spooky past in a new light.

Come with us uncover Savannah’s ghostly history. Past and present meet in haunted pubs. They might take you to places beyond our world.

Prepare to feel your spine shiver. You’ll learn about Savannah’s unusual activities. Visit eerie pubs, hear scary stories, and dive into Savannah’s supernatural story.

Are you brave enough for the unknown? Discover what waits in Savannah’s haunted corners.

Haunted Places in Savannah

When you walk the old streets of Savannah, Georgia, you’ll find out it has a dark side. Savannah is famous for its scary stories and ghost sightings. It’s a top spot for anyone who loves eerie adventures. Here are some places in Savannah where spooky stories come to life:

The Mercer Williams House

haunted places in Savannah

The Mercer Williams House is a well-known spooky spot in Savannah. It was featured in the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” People claim to see strange things and feel weird in this old place. It’s known as one of the city’s scariest places because of these stories.

“Walking in the Mercer Williams House gave me the chills. I felt like ghosts were all around me, and someone was watching.”

Owens-Thomas House

The Owens-Thomas House is another eerie place in Savannah. It’s famous for its beauty and its ghost stories. It’s said that ghosts walk the halls, and visitors feel strange touches and see doors move on their own.

“Being in the Owens-Thomas House was like stepping into another world. The past felt so heavy, and I felt eyes on me the whole time.”

Bonaventure Cemetery

No Savannah trip is complete without a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery. Besides being beautiful, it’s filled with ghost stories. People believe spirits still linger here, offering a true ghostly adventure.

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These places are just a sample of Savannah’s haunted spots. Whether you believe in ghosts or just love a good scary story, exploring these areas will change how you see Savannah’s haunted history.

Ghost Tours in Savannah

Step into Savannah’s supernatural realm with this top ghost tour. It’s a thrilling journey through its eerie, haunted streets. Guides will chill you to the bone with their spooky tales.

best ghost tours in Savannah

Guided Tours with a Haunting Twist

Take a deep dive into Savannah’s dark past on a ghost tour. Stories of restless spirits and eerie events will fill the air. It’s an adventure that will keep you on edge.

“The ghost tours in Savannah are not for the faint-hearted. You’ll be taken on a journey back in time, where you’ll uncover the city’s chilling past and encounter the supernatural.”

– Haunted Savannah Tours

Knowledgeable guides will take you through Savannah’s historic but haunted places. They’ll share stories of ghosts, tragic events, and strange occurrences. The tour will keep you captivated from start to finish.

A Haunted Exploration

Walk through Savannah’s most feared locations, like old cemeteries and ghostly mansions. Encounter spirits as you hear tales from the past that are filled with mystery and intrigue.

You’ll discover famous haunted spots like the ghostly Hamilton-Turner Inn. This inn is home to a young spirit who still visits. Also, see the haunted Colonial Park Cemetery.

Uncover the Dark Secrets

Embark on a journey into Savannah’s eerie past on these ghost tours. You’ll learn about vengeful spirits, haunted homes, and chilling unsolved mysteries. Find out what hides behind the city’s spooky reputation.

Are you ready to explore the unknown on Savannah’s ghost tours? Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tours promise an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be fascinated by Savannah’s rich, ghostly tales.

Ghost Tour Company Duration Highlights
Ghosts & Gravestones 1.5 hours
  • Visit Colonial Park Cemetery
  • Explore the Sorrel-Weed House
  • Experience the “Tunnel of Death”
Old Savannah Tours 2 hours
  • Tour the Mercer-Williams House
  • See haunted Pirate’s House
  • Learn about the infamous “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”
Savannah Ghost Walks 1.5 hours
  • Walk through the Historic District
  • Visit haunted homes and hotels
  • Hear chilling tales of Savannah’s restless spirits

The Ghostly Charm of Savannah Pubs

Dive into the eerie world of Savannah’s haunted pubs. Here, you can enjoy a drink and listen to spooky tales. These ghostly places offer a one-of-a-kind experience for those daring enough to visit.

Step inside these old pubs and a sense of the supernatural will surround you. The dimly lit rooms and mysterious sounds make the past come alive. Everyone, believer or not, will be drawn into Savannah’s haunted pubs.

The Olde Pink House stands out, located in an 18th-century mansion. It’s said to be haunted by a young girl, Habersham, whose ghost is often seen. Join their ghost tour to hear Habersham’s sad story and have some great Southern food.

Moon River Brewing Company is also a thrilling spot. Once a hotel and brewery, it’s known for strange occurrences. Enjoy a beer, but be ready for tales of ghostly figures and unexplained sounds.

For a unique night, head to The Pirates’ House. One of Georgia’s oldest spots, it was once popular with pirates. It’s full of stories of hidden places and lost treasures. Raise a toast to the adventurous spirits of the past.

Pub Location Haunted Activity
The Olde Pink House 23 Abercorn St, Savannah Ghost of a young girl named Habersham
Moon River Brewing Company 21 W Bay St, Savannah Unexplained footsteps, apparitions
The Pirates’ House 20 E Broad St, Savannah Hidden tunnels, secret passages, buried treasure

These are just some examples of Savannah’s haunted pubs, each with its tale. Whether you’re into ghosts or just curious, these places offer a unique night. They blend history, mystery, and the spooky. So go, raise a glass, and honor the spirits of Savannah’s past.

haunted pubs in Savannah

The Most Haunted Pubs in Savannah

Savannah’s haunted pubs are filled with ghostly encounters. They are not for the easily scared. But, being brave can lead to a truly memorable adventure.

The Moon River Brewing Company is one such place. It’s set in a building from 1821 with a spooky atmosphere. Many report seeing ghosts and hearing unknown footsteps. It has drawn in paranormal fans and experts for years.

top haunted pubs in Savannah

The Olde Pink House stands out among them. It has a long history since the 18th century. People talk about meeting a ghostly girl playing the piano and a lady in pink. They say these spirits join diners and drinkers.

For those seeking real frights, the Six Pence Pub is a must. Stories claim the former owner’s ghost roams there. Visitors describe objects moving on their own. They also feel cold spots in the pub.

The Pirates’ House is a necessary stop. It’s famous for its food and ghostly company. Patrons tell of meeting friendly ghosts and even pirate spirits. It’s a place with both great food and chilling tales.

Plan Your Ghostly Pub Crawl

Ready to explore Savannah’s haunted pubs? Join a ghost tour that includes these spots. Guides share stories that will captivate you and take you to the paranormal places. Maybe you’ll meet a ghost on the way.

  1. Start your haunted pub crawl at The Moon River Brewing Company for a taste of Savannah’s supernatural history.
  2. Continue your journey to The Olde Pink House, where elegance and the paranormal merge.
  3. Make a stop at the Six Pence Pub to experience the ghostly presence of its former owner.
  4. End your ghostly pub crawl at The Pirates’ House, where the spirits of pirates roam.

When you explore these haunted pubs, stay alert. Ghostly surprises might be around every corner in Savannah.

Ghostly Tours with a Twist

Are you ready for a fresh ghost tour experience? In Savannah, you’ll see a new side of things. You’ll mix pub visits and ghost hunting in a unique way. This combo lets you dive into Savannah’s spooky history. It also aims to uncover the city’s paranormal side.

These tours take you to known haunted spots while sharing Savannah’s creepy tales. You’ll get to be a part of the investigation. You might get to find proof of the supernatural.

You’ll listen to eerie stories about the pubs’ history and the ghostly sightings. These places have a reputation for their spooky visitors. Many find this experience both memorable and surprising.

Equipped with tools like EMF detectors and spirit boxes, you’ll hunt for spirits. Together with experts, you’ll venture into the unknown. The aim is to find clues of another world’s presence.

It doesn’t matter if you doubt or believe, these tours are for anyone. Imagine exploring Savannah’s ghostly sites with the chance to hold your ghost hunt. Will you choose to face your fears and meet Savannah’s unknown side?

paranormal activities in Savannah

Unveiling Savannah’s Haunted History

Take a journey through time in Savannah. This city is full of spooky legends and ghost stories. The paranormal past of this Southern gem will grab your interest.

Eerie Legends and Tales of the Supernatural

Savannah’s history is covered in spooky myths. The Moon River Brewing Company is said to hold spirits. The Sorrel-Weed House shows ghostly figures. These spots give us a peek into the city’s haunted history.

haunted history of Savannah

“Savannah is a city filled with dark secrets and haunted tales. Exploring its haunted history is like taking a step into a world where the veil between the living and the dead is thin. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.” – Local Ghost Tour Guide

Real-Life Ghostly Encounters

Many have seen or heard strange things in Savannah. They’ve heard footsteps and voices in old homes and streets. Get ready to see the unexpected on your visit to its ghostly places.

Must-Do Ghost Tours in Savannah

Joining a ghost tour is a great way to learn about Savannah’s spooky side. Guides will take you to haunted spots, sharing scary tales. These tours let you dive into Savannah’s paranormal history.

Uncover the Secrets of Savannah

Discover why Savannah is known as a ghostly city. Its fascinating history and supernatural stories await you. Dive in to learn about the spooky folklore that defines Savannah.

Must-Visit Haunted Locations Address
Moon River Brewing Company 21 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401
Sorrel-Weed House 6 W Harris St, Savannah, GA 31401
The Marshall House 123 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401

Joining the Spirits at Haunted Pubs

Step into the eerie world of Savannah’s haunted pubs. Spirits are believed to gather here, reaching out to us. Amidst the chilling vibe, you can enjoy cold drinks while maybe spotting a ghost and listening to their stories.

The Olde Pink House is a key stop on your spooky pub journey. In an 18th-century mansion, this spot turned restaurant has a reputation for supernatural events. Visitors have seen ghostly figures, noticed odd occurrences, and heard mysterious whispers during their visit.

Moon River Brewing Company is perfect for those into old-fashioned charm mixed with a bit of fright. This brewery and pub was once a 19th-century inn. It’s famed for its ghostly activity, attracting both ghost hunters and those curious about the afterlife.

The Olde Pink House

top haunted pubs in Savannah

If exploring ghost stories interests you, a ghost tour that visits Savannah’s haunted pubs is a great pick. These tours mix spooky history with a chance to grab a drink at spots known for their otherworldly visitors.

Guides on these tours share scary stories and Savannah’s chilling past. They take you to haunted pubs, where you might just feel or see something out of the ordinary. Be ready for a chilling yet exciting time.

In Savannah, don’t forget the haunted pubs. It’s an opportunity to experience something unforgettable, whether you believe in ghosts or not. These places are filled with unique vibes and stories, making your visit memorable.

Experience the Supernatural in Savannah

Get ready to explore Savannah’s supernatural side. This historic city is famous for its ghosts and history. Don’t miss the chance to join a ghost tour to feel Savannah’s eerie vibe.

On these tours, you’ll see Savannah’s most haunted spots. Prepare to meet spirits and hear scary tales from your knowledgeable guides. They’ll make sure you don’t forget your experience.

In Savannah, you can visit places known for ghost sightings. Walking from mansions to cemeteries, you’ll be steps from the unknown. Each spot is filled with stories of mystery and the paranormal.

paranormal activities in Savannah

As you explore, you might see strange lights or feel a cold wind. These are signs of Savannah’s ghostly energy around you.

Want a deeper dive into the supernatural? Join investigations with ghost hunting tools. It’s a rare chance to uncover Savannah’s hidden secrets.

Whether you’re a die-hard paranormal fan or a bit skeptical, Savannah’s tours and investigations are thrilling. They show you a different side of Savannah and its intriguing tales.

Experience the Supernatural in Savannah
Explore haunted locations known for their paranormal activity
Learn about the city’s haunted past through expert guides
Encounter unexplained phenomena and witness ghostly apparitions
Participate in paranormal investigations for a more immersive experience


After diving into Savannah’s haunted pubs and ghost tours, you’ll have spooky memories. You’ll also understand more about the city’s ghostly past. This journey has been both unique and exciting, showing off Savannah’s rich history of hauntings.

Joining the best ghost tours in Savannah has been a treat. You got to listen to scary stories from experts and look for ghostly beings. These activities connected you with Savannah’s past in a special way.

When leaving, you’ll carry a deeper love for the supernatural. The tours and pubs were more than just fun; they made you part of Savannah’s ghostly history. So, keep those eerie memories close and share your ghost stories with friends.

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