How can I experience Savannah's haunted locations and ghost tours?

Welcome to Savannah, the scariest city in America, where the past meets the present in ghostly ways. Have you thought about how to explore Savannah’s spookiest places and ghost tours? Get ready for a bone-chilling adventure where you’ll learn about the city’s haunted secrets.

Savannah is known for its rich history and spooky vibes. It’s filled with infamous haunted places like the Sorrel-Weed House and Moon River Brewing Company. These spots draw in people looking for ghostly encounters from all over. So, how can you see these hair-raising places for yourself?

One way to see Savannah’s haunted side is by taking a ghost tour. Several tour companies focus on the city’s ghostly history. You can pick from walking tours, trolley tours, or even haunted pub crawls. These tours will guide you through Savannah’s supernatural tales.

For those looking for a more interactive experience, Savannah has ghost hunting adventures. Armed with ghost-hunting equipment, you can try to communicate with spirits. This lets you dive deeper into the mysteries of haunted places.

Feel the thrill of Savannah’s otherworldly vibes, offering ghostly encounters at every corner. Visit haunted cemeteries, meet psychic mediums, and join mysterious events. It’s an experience that will make you think about the world of spirits.

Come with us to discover the eerie charm of Savannah, rich with ghost stories and local lore. Engage with experts who know all about Savannah’s dark tales. Whether you believe in ghosts or just like spooky stories, Savannah’s ghost tours will be an unforgettable journey.

How can you experience the chilling presence of the paranormal in Savannah? Delve into the world of Savannah’s haunted sites and ghost tours now.

Discover Savannah’s Most Haunted Places

Savannah is famous for its ghostly spots. These include eerie streets and dark corners with countless spooky stories. Let’s explore some of the most haunted places in Savannah together.

Sorrel-Weed House

Savannah haunted locations

The Sorrel-Weed House stands on Madison Square as a symbol of Savannah’s past. It’s one of the city’s oldest and most haunted sites.
Visitors often see and feel the ghosts that call it home, from the 19th century apparitions to present-day spirits.

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Moon River Brewing Company

Change comes with sunlight at the Moon River Brewing Company. It was once a hotel and now is a brewery, but not without its own ghost tales.
Guests stay on their toes with reports of flickering lights and unexplained sounds from unseen guests.

“As I walked past the old brewery, I felt a strange presence lingering in the air. It was like walking through history, with the ghosts of the past watching my every move.” – John, visitor

The Olde Pink House

In Savannah’s historic district, the Olde Pink House tells stories of the old days. Some claim spirits of the past still roam its halls. Whether you’re a believer or not, the house’s charm and mystery are undeniable.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Just beyond Savannah’s edge, Bonaventure Cemetery is a spooky yet beautiful place.
Walking through, you might feel the energy of those long gone. It’s a common place to spot shadows and hear whispers from the beyond.

The Marshall House

The Marshall House offers a chilling night to brave visitors. Used as a hospital during the Civil War, it has stories to share.
Guests tell of sightings, like nurses tending to needs from beyond the grave.

These stories are just the beginning of Savannah’s rich and eerie history. Each place has its own ghostly tale that brings the city’s supernatural side to life.

Haunted Place Location Ghostly Encounters
Sorrel-Weed House Madison Square Apparitions, ghostly footsteps
Moon River Brewing Company Bay Street Flickering lights, unexplained noises
The Olde Pink House Reynolds Square Haunting atmosphere, ghostly figures
Bonaventure Cemetery Outside Savannah Shadowy figures, whispers
The Marshall House Broughton Street Spectral nurses, ghostly soldiers

Unearth the Spooky History of Savannah

Discover the frightening past of Savannah by taking a ghost tour in this eerie city. These tours are a chance to learn about the scary stories that hide in Savannah’s shadows. You’ll be guided by experts from a top Savannah ghost tour, hearing tales of ghosts and experiencing thrilling moments.

Your guide will take you to spooky places and share interesting stories. They’ll talk about haunted houses and the chilling streets. At each spot, you’ll learn about the legends and secrets that make Savannah so haunted.

Walk through dark alleyways where ghosts and old spirits still remain. Listen to the past speak and feel the mystery of the paranormal. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tours are a spooky adventure you won’t forget.

There are many types of tours to pick from, depending on what you like and how brave you feel. You can take a walking tour to see sites up close or a trolley tour for an overview of the city’s ghostly past.

Joining a haunted pub crawl is another fun option. You’ll drink exciting drinks and hear ghost stories in the city’s haunted bars.


“The ghost tour we took in Savannah was absolutely incredible! Our guide was so knowledgeable and passionate about the haunted history of this city. We saw places we couldn’t have found ourselves, and the stories were chilling. It was an experience we’ll remember forever!” – Sarah and Michael, Nashville

If you’re ready to explore the spooky side of Savannah, a ghost tour is a must. This is a great adventure for those who love thrills or just want to learn more about the supernatural world.

ghost tours in Savannah

Tour Type Description
Walking Tours Take a guided walk through Savannah’s haunted sites to discover its ghostly legends.
Trolley Tours Sit back and relax on a trolley to explore Savannah’s haunted spots.
Haunted Pub Crawls Go on a haunted pub crawl in Savannah to enjoy drinks and scary stories.

Experience Thrilling Ghost Hunting Adventures

Seeking a more hands-on experience? Join a ghost hunting adventure in Savannah. You’ll use special equipment to talk to spirits and learn about haunted spots.

Immerse in the supernatural. You’ll visit spooky places with experienced guides. These adventures help you connect with the spirits living there.

Savannah ghost hunting adventures

You’ll work with the latest ghost-hunting gear like EVP recorders and spirit boxes. These tools help capture spirit activity and communicate with ghosts.

Get prepared for intense moments in the unknown. You’ll be guided by experts sharing their secrets about Savannah’s supernatural events.

If you’re a skeptic or believer, these adventures will amaze you. Savannah’s ghost hunting tours will give you a memorable and unique experience.

What to Expect on a Ghost Hunting Adventure

You’ll explore Savannah’s scariest spots, each with a creepy history. From old estates to cemeteries, you’ll feel the supernatural’s presence.

Guided by experts, you’ll learn how to catch ghosts. You can use cameras and other tools to gather proof of the paranormal.

The Benefits of Ghost Hunting Adventures

Ghost hunting is about more than thrills. It lets you dive into haunted places’ stories and explore the supernatural. You’ll get closer to understanding the spiritual world.

Also, you’ll meet others who love the supernatural. It’s a way to connect with people who are as curious as you about the unknown.

Benefits of Ghost Hunting Adventures Experience
Exploring haunted locations ✔️
Communicating with spirits ✔️
Capturing paranormal evidence ✔️
Gaining insights into the supernatural ✔️
Meeting like-minded individuals ✔️

Ready to start your adventure in Savannah? Book now, and get ready to uncover supernatural mysteries.

Immerse Yourself in the Supernatural Atmosphere

Savannah’s spooky charm draws everyone interested in ghosts. Dive into the mystery of this gorgeous and ghostly city. Here, you can visit haunted graveyards, talk to psychics, or join ghost tours. You’ll find plenty to explore and enjoy.

Walk through Savannah’s old, haunted graveyards to feel a chill. The sight of old tombstones and mausoleums might make your hair stand up. By wandering, you can feel the past’s presence and the eerie energy it carries.

If you want a closer look at the paranormal, Savannah has psychics who might help. These skilled mediums can talk to ghosts and give you a peek at the unseen world. They are here to help you understand the mysteries of life after death.

“Savannah is a treasure trove of paranormal experiences. From the historic haunted locations to the psychics who channel the spirits, there is no shortage of eerie encounters waiting to be explored.” – Savannah Paranormal Society

Savannah always has spooky events happening. You could join a tour with lanterns or go to a big ghost hunters’ meeting. At these events, you can swap ghost stories with others who love the supernatural just like you.

paranormal experiences Savannah

When you’re in Savannah, you’re walking into a mysterious and captivating world. Every step under the lantern’s light or in the shadowy alleys is an adventure in itself. Be ready for the unexpected, just around Savannah’s historic corners.

Get ready for your own ghostly adventure in Savannah. Let the city’s unique atmosphere spark your imagination. Discover the secrets of this haunted place and enjoy the thrilling world of the paranormal.

Choose from a Variety of Spooky Tours

In Savannah, you’ll find many ghost tours to pick from. You can choose walking tours, rides on trolleys, or even haunted pub crawls. Each offers a unique spooky adventure in this eerie city.

Taking a walking tour in Savannah is a chance to be spooked. Guides tell spine-chilling tales as you walk through the historic streets. You’ll creep through dark alleyways, finding out the city’s ghostly secrets.

Prefer something less scary? Consider a trolley tour to see Savannah’s haunted spots. You’ll ride in an open trolley, which is both comfy and informative. Learn about the city’s ghost stories and mysteries in a relaxing way.

Want ghosts and fun combined? A haunted pub crawl might be what you need. This tour takes you to ghostly bars and spots. Enjoy tasty drinks while listening to frightening stories from Savannah’s history.

Savannah Ghost Tours

Step into Savannah’s spooky world and find the tour that fits your ghostly desires. Whether it’s a walk, a ride, or a pub crawl, you’ll have an unforgettable time in this spooky city.

Learn about Savannah’s Ghostly Legends

Embark on a thrilling Savannah ghost tour to uncover chilling tales. These are the legends of the city’s haunted spots. Join these tours to dive deep into Savannah’s ghostly history.

While walking through the shadowy streets, guides will tell you about spirits and ghosts. You’ll hear about vengeful ghosts and eerie love stories. Pay close attention as they share Savannah’s haunted past.

“The ghost tour was an unforgettable experience. The guide’s storytelling was captivating, and I felt as though I could sense the spirits lingering in the places we visited. Truly spine-chilling!” – Heather, New Orleans

Learn about famous ghost stories in Savannah, like the Sorrel-Weed House’s apparitions. Visit the Bonaventure Cemetery. Each story will take you back in time and provide insights into Savannah’s history.

Unveil the Secrets Behind Savannah’s Ghostly Legends

Your ghost tour in Savannah will let you in on the city’s haunted stories. Visit the 17 Hundred 90 Inn to hear about its ghostly young woman. Her sad story will leave you feeling heartbreak.

Don’t miss the Pirate’s House, known for its dark past and hidden tunnels. It adds to the mystery of the place.

Later, hear about the Mercer-Williams House’s restless spirits. Also, learn about the Olde Pink House’s English gentleman ghost. These stories will stick with you long after the night ends.

This Savannah ghost tour will not just answer your questions about the supernatural. It will give you an experience that you’ll remember. Get ready to feel the shivers as you get lost in Savannah’s haunted history and tales.

Savannah Ghost Tours

Engage with Local Supernatural Experts

When you’re in Savannah, talking to the experts on ghost stories is key. The Savannah Haunted Tour Company has guides who really know the city’s spooky history. They’ll make your visit both fun and informative.

On these tours, you’ll walk through the city’s scary streets. The guides will tell you about the ghost stories of each place. They know a lot, so you’ll learn a ton about Savannah’s haunted history.

Talking to the local experts, you’ll really understand Savannah’s ghosts. They answer your questions and give you insights on ghosts. They have a unique take on the city’s spooky stories.

If you love ghost stories or are curious about the paranormal, check out the Savannah Haunted Tour Company. Their team’s knowledge and love for spooky stories will really make you feel the city’s haunted past.

Savannah haunted tour company

Benefits of Engaging with the Savannah Haunted Tour Company:
1. Enhanced knowledge of Savannah’s haunted history
2. Insider insights and stories from local experts
3. Deeper understanding of paranormal investigations
4. Ability to ask questions and engage in discussions
5. Access to unique perspectives on ghostly tales

Revel in the Haunting Beauty of Savannah

Savannah’s haunted sites are not just spooky. They also show off unique beauty and charm. Don’t forget to enjoy the city’s haunting beauty on your ghost tours.

Walking through Savannah’s haunted places is like stepping back in time. You can see the timeless beauty in the historic buildings. This reflects the city’s rich history through grand mansions and quaint townhouses.

The Mercer Williams House is a prime example. It was the setting for “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” With its ornate details, this mansion tells stories of Savannah’s past.

haunted places in Savannah

Explore Savannah’s haunted spaces and find hidden squares. These areas are filled with Spanish moss-covered trees, making the city even more mysterious. They are perfect for the ghost stories you’ll hear.

From Bonaventure Cemetery to Colonial Park, these sites are not just about ghosts. They also show the city’s history with their beauty and paranormal tales.

“Savannah’s haunted locations stand as testaments to both tragedy and triumph, drawing visitors in with their haunting beauty and leaving a lasting impression.” – Savannah Ghost Tour Guide

The Andrew Low House and the Sorrel-Weed House highlight Savannah’s special beauty. They blend ghostly charm with historical importance. It’s truly a unique experience.

Savannah’s Haunted Locations and Architectural Highlights

Haunted Location Architectural Highlights
Sorrel-Weed House Greek Revival style, detailed ironwork
Moon River Brewing Company Historic brick exterior, Victorian-era design
Olde Pink House 18th-century Georgian mansion
Hampton-Lillibridge House Victorian-era architecture, ornate interiors
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace Federal-style architecture, period furnishings

From mansions to historic squares, Savannah’s beauty will captivate you. The city’s eerie yet elegant feel is not to be missed.


Savannah has many haunted spots and ghost tours for those who love the supernatural. Whether you think ghosts are real or just like ghost stories, this city is full of interesting places. You can dive into an eerie atmosphere and learn secrets at Savannah’s haunted sites.

There are lots of ghost tours in Savannah for you to pick from. You will visit the scariest places and feel the ghostly presence around you. You’ll talk to local experts who know a lot about the city’s haunted past. They share exciting stories about each place.

While exploring Savannah’s spooky side, you’ll see how its buildings mix with a creepy feel. Whether you’re in a ghostly cemetery, hunting for spirits, or at events, Savannah leaves a lasting impact. It’s a journey full of mystery and fascination.

Ready for a ghost adventure? Plan your trip to Savannah now to discover its spooky secrets. Feel the excitement and enjoy the magic of this haunted city waiting for you.

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