What are the must-visit places in Savannah for first-time visitors?

Ready to explore Savannah’s charming streets? If you’re visiting for the first time, get excited. Savannah boasts rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. It’s also known for its amazing food.

Wondering where to start? Which places must you see first? Let us guide you through top Savannah spots. You’ll visit iconic landmarks, beautiful squares, and even enjoy some haunted tours. So, Savannah is full of adventures waiting for you.

Get your bags packed. Let’s uncover Savannah’s hidden gems and well-known attractions. You’re about to dive into its history, enjoy its beauty, and feel its unique charm. Is everyone ready to make unforgettable memories in this special city?

Immerse Yourself in History at Historic Savannah Landmarks

Explore Savannah’s history through its famous landmarks. The city is filled with iconic places like squares and homes. These spots tell the story of its rich cultural heritage.

Forsyth Park is a key spot to see. This large green area is perfect for a quiet time. The Forsyth Park Fountain, built in 1858, stands as a symbol of Savannah’s beauty. Walk through the park, looking at its gardens and trees. You’ll find the peaceful setting truly enjoyable.

Another important stop is the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. This is where the Girl Scouts founder grew up. Inside, see the old furniture and personal items. It gives you a close look at her life.

Historic Savannah Landmarks

Notable Historic Savannah Landmarks

Landmark Description
Wormsloe Historic Site Avenue lined with moss-draped oak trees leading to the ruins of Georgia’s oldest standing structure.
Telfair Museums A collection of three unique museums: the Telfair Academy, the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, and the Jepson Center for the Arts.
Colonial Park Cemetery A historic cemetery dating back to the 18th century, showcasing intricate gravestones and a glimpse into Savannah’s past.
The Mercer Williams House Famed for its role in the best-selling book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” this historic house offers guided tours of its lavish interiors.

Savannah has many more historic places to see. Each place tells a special part of the city’s story. They are a great chance to experience Savannah’s rich culture and past. Make sure to include these sights in your visit to learn about Savannah’s engaging history.

Stroll Through Savannah’s Enchanting Squares and Gardens

Immerse yourself in Savannah’s natural beauty by walking through its squares and gardens. These green areas provide a calm retreat in the city. They’re perfect for sightseeing and enjoying what Savannah has to offer.

Madison Square stands as one of Savannah’s most beautiful spots. It honors the country’s fourth president and is filled with lovely oak trees. A statue of a Revolutionary War hero, Sergeant William Jasper, graces the square. Seating on the benches allows visitors to enjoy the serene environment and the historic buildings that surround it.

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Savannah's Enchanting Squares and Gardens

The Savannah Botanical Gardens are a top place to visit for a serene experience. This 10-acre spot features various gardens, water areas, and a calm bamboo grove. A walk through the gardens lets you smell the flowers and see many different plants. It’s an oasis loved by both locals and tourists.

“Walking through the squares and gardens of Savannah is like stepping into a fairytale. The beauty and serenity of these green spaces are truly enchanting.” – Local Resident

Savannah’s Enchanting Squares and Gardens

Square/Garden Description
Madison Square One of the most picturesque squares in Savannah, featuring a statue of Sergeant William Jasper and surrounded by historic buildings.
Savannah Botanical Gardens A hidden gem comprising 10 acres of themed gardens, water features, and a bamboo grove, providing a tranquil escape in the heart of the city.

Visiting Savannah’s squares and gardens is essential. It helps you get close to nature and feel the city’s allure. Whether you’re into local sights or just want to relax, these spaces are perfect. They let you enjoy Savannah’s beauty in a peaceful setting.

Delve into Southern Cuisine at Savannah’s Foodie Hotspots

Savannah is a dream for food lovers. It has a rich mix of dining choices. You can find everything from classic Southern meals to new, fresh dishes. These experiences make Savannah a great place for food adventures.

Explore the taste of the South at The Olde Pink House in a historic setting. Try their famous shrimp and grits or crispy fried green tomatoes. The beautiful surroundings make every bite special.

Don’t miss Wiley’s Championship BBQ for the best barbecue in town. Enjoy pulled pork and ribs with tasty sides like collard greens. It’s a true taste of Savannah’s Southern cooking.

“Savannah’s culinary scene offers a delightful blend of traditional Southern flavors and innovative culinary techniques.”

For a modern twist, visit Collins Quarter. It mixes Australian and Southern flavors in a unique way. Their “Avocado Smash” is a must-try. Or, enjoy a weekend brunch with ricotta pancakes.

Seafood lovers should head to The Wyld Dock Bar. It’s by the Wilmington River with great views. Try fresh catches or classic shrimp and grits while soaking up the calm atmosphere.

These spots are just the beginning of Savannah’s food scene. Whether you love traditional tastes or want to try something new, there’s plenty to explore. Savannah has food adventures waiting for you.

Top Savannah Foodie Hotspots:

  • The Olde Pink House
  • Wiley’s Championship BBQ
  • Collins Quarter
  • The Wyld Dock Bar

Discover Art and Culture in Savannah’s Museums and Galleries

Explore Savannah’s art and culture by checking out its museums and galleries. They show a mix of local and famous art. This lets you see the city’s wide artistic range.

The Telfair Museums are a must-see for art fans. They include the Telfair Academy, Jepson Center, and Owens-Thomas House. These places cover art, history, and design in a unique way.

At the Telfair Academy, see European and American art as well as elegant objects. If you like modern art, visit the Jepson Center. It has new art pieces and shows that change often.

To see more local art, go to the City Market. This lively spot has galleries and studios. You’ll find the work of skilled local artists and makers.

Uncover Inspiration at the Telfair Museums

The Telfair Museums have shows and events for all ages. They mix collections with hands-on activities and today’s art. This makes art exciting and interesting to everyone.

Don’t miss Pulse of the City at the Jepson Center. It combines art, tech, and community. You can see how local artists use tech in their art. It’s a fresh way to look at art.

“The arts have the power to connect us, inspire us, and challenge our perspectives. The Telfair Museums provide a space for both artists and visitors to come together and appreciate the transformative power of art.” – Savannah Arts Enthusiast

Support Local Artists at City Market

The City Market in Savannah is full of creativity. Walk its old streets to find galleries and shops. Here, you’ll see a broad range of art.

Meet the artists and talk with them. They’ll tell you about their art and what inspires them. This makes your art experience more personal.

City Market is great for buying art or just looking. It’s a key spot to back Savannah’s art scene.

Savannah Art and Culture

Museum/Gallery Description
Telfair Academy Home to European and American art, as well as decorative arts
Jepson Center Contemporary art exhibitions and interactive installations
Owens-Thomas House Experience the grandeur of 19th-century Southern architecture
City Market Bustling marketplace with galleries and artist studios

Take a Haunting Tour of Savannah’s Historic District

Explore the spooky side of Savannah’s history with a ghost tour. The city is known for its scary stories. Taking a ghost tour is a thrilling way to learn about Savannah’s haunted past. You’ll hear spooky tales and stories of ghosts that some people believe are still around.

These tours take you to places like the Mercer Williams House. This house is famous because of a murder story that inspired the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” It is said to have ghosts.

“The Mercer Williams House stands as a chilling testament to Savannah’s haunted history.”

Joining a guided ghost walk helps you deep into Savannah’s spooky stories. Guides will take you down dark streets and alleys. They’ll share stories of ghosts and other mysteries, part of Savannah’s chilling past.

Recommended Haunting Tours in Savannah

When planning your haunting tour in Savannah, consider the following suggested options:

  1. Savannah Ghosts & Gravestones
  2. Ghosts & Grapes Walking Ghost Tour
  3. Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl

Each tour tells unique stories and offers an exciting experience. They’re great for anyone interested in the mystery of Savannah.

Prepare to be scared on your visit to Savannah’s historic area. You’ll see old buildings with spooky legends. And hear stories about ghosts that supposedly still walk the streets. It’s an adventure you won’t forget.

Savannah haunted tour

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation along Savannah’s Waterfront

Do you love the outdoors? Spend a day by Savannah’s waterfront, filled with natural beauty. You’ll see a picturesque riverfront and stunning views. This area is perfect for fun activities and relaxing.

1. Biking

Want to explore but stay active? Rent a bike and ride along Savannah’s scenic waterfront. Feel the city’s charm as you pedal, with a cool river breeze in your face. This activity is great for both beginners and experienced riders.

2. Walking

Savor a leisurely walk along the waterfront. Check out the river, look at passing boats, and see the old buildings. Walking shows you Savannah’s charm and lets you find cool spots.

3. Kayaking

For a different view, try kayaking in Savannah. Glide on the river, see the old landmarks, and enjoy the calm water. Kayaking gets you closer to nature and to hidden spots.

“Savannah’s waterfront is perfect for biking, walking, or kayaking. It offers something for everyone, from a peaceful stroll to an exciting ride.” – Local Savannah Resident

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Savannah’s pretty scenery and deep history. There’s River Street to explore and the beautiful Savannah River. It’s a great place for outdoor fun.

Savannah waterfront

“Savannah’s waterfront feels like a picture. The natural beauty, old buildings, and calm river make it magical for visitors.” – Savannah Tour Guide

Enjoy the sun and the river’s breeze in Savannah. It’s an ideal spot for adventure or relaxation. You’ll find memories for everyone here.

Experience the Unique Vibe of Savannah’s River Street

When you visit Savannah’s main sights, don’t miss River Street. It’s known for its lively feel, old cobblestone roads, and views of the Savannah River.

On River Street, you’ll find lots of shops and places to eat or go for fun. There are shops and bars for every style and interest.

The area is famous for its food. You can try local seafood, Southern dishes, or dishes from around the world in the many restaurants.

Once you’ve eaten, explore the unique shops and galleries. You might find the perfect gift or souvenir to remind you of Savannah.

“River Street mixes history with modern life perfectly. It’s a great place to see Savannah’s charm and feel its energy.”

Don’t forget to admire the views of the Savannah River while on River Street. It makes the place even more special. You can take photos or just enjoy the calm.

For a different view of the city, try a riverboat cruise. It’s a great way to see Savannah’s landmarks and enjoy the river.

River Street is perfect for a fun night, a relaxing walk, or to enjoy the river scenes. See why it’s loved by both locals and tourists.

River Street Highlights

Attraction Description
Savannah Candy Kitchen A sweet shop known for its handmade treats, including pralines, taffy, and fudge.
Cotton Sail Hotel A boutique hotel with a rooftop bar offering stunning views of the river and city.
Paris Market A whimsical shop featuring unique home decor, gifts, and European-inspired items.
Wet Willie’s A popular bar serving frozen cocktails in a lively and vibrant setting.
Emmet Park A green space along the riverfront with statues, plaques, and benches for relaxation.

Savannah's River Street

Step Back in Time at Savannah’s Historic Homes

Explore the beauty of 19th-century Southern architecture in Savannah. These historic homes are key parts of the city’s history. They are must-see spots for Savannah visitors looking to witness its iconic places.

“Wander through the elegant historic homes of Savannah and get a glimpse into the city’s past.”

The Owens-Thomas House stands out among Savannah’s historic homes. It was built in the 1800s and shows off English Regency architecture. Inside, you’ll see stunning interiors with amazing plasterwork and furniture from the time.

The Davenport House Museum is another gem. It’s a Federal-style house that gives a window into 19th-century Savannah life. Visitors can enjoy detailed architecture and learn stories about its former residents.

Historic Home Architecture Style Highlights
Owens-Thomas House English Regency Preserved interiors, period furniture
Davenport House Museum Federal-style Architectural details, glimpse into 19th-century urban life

Visiting these homes is a true step back in time. It’s an amazing experience for history lovers and those intrigued by Savannah’s unique architecture.

Historic Savannah landmarks

Explore the Natural Beauty of Savannah’s Tybee Island

Head to Tybee Island and dive into Savannah’s stunning coast. It’s perfect for a peaceful getaway from the city. Below are top things to enjoy on Tybee Island.

1. Relax on the Beach

Tybee Island’s beach has white sand and calm waves. It’s a great spot to lay out on a towel, catch some rays, and swim in the Atlantic. Keep watch for dolphins and soak in the serene coastal vibes.

2. Explore the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

Visit the Tybee Island Light Station for a look into Georgia’s history. Climb 178 steps for beautiful island views and lighthouse info. The museum is a must for its maritime exhibits.

Savannah sightseeing

3. Take a Sunset Cruise

View a Savannah sunset during a cruise around Tybee Island. Enjoy stunning sky colors as the sun sets. It’s a unique and romantic way to see the island’s beauty.

4. Discover Marine Life at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center

Explore marine life at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Check out the exhibits, meet marine animals up close, and learn about the island’s ecosystem. Join educational programs and walks with marine experts.

5. Indulge in Fresh Seafood

Eat some of Tybee Island’s fresh seafood. Enjoy shrimp, crab, and fish in local restaurants. You’ll find places for all tastes, from casual to fine dining.

Discover the beauty of Tybee Island, not far from Savannah. Whether you relax on the beach, tour lighthouses, or take a cruise, this island offers a serene escape.

Uncover Hidden Gems and Local Favorites in Savannah

When in Savannah, don’t just visit the well-known places. For a real taste of the city, find its hidden gems and local haunts. You’ll see a side of Savannah that’s not in the travel guides. This will give you a deeper feel for its unique Southern charm.

Cozy Coffee Shops to Start Your Day

Begin your Savannah mornings at a charming coffee spot. Have a cup of the city’s best brew in a warm, local setting. Here are some top places:

  • The Foundery – A top pick for its special coffee and welcoming vibe.
  • The Paris Market and Brocante – It’s both a cafe and a unique store full of finds from all over.
  • Coffee Fox – Loved for its high-quality coffee served in a cool environment.

If you just love your regular coffee or want to try something new, these spots have it all.

Boutique Stores for Unique Finds

Love to shop? Savannah’s boutiques are full of special, one-of-a-kind items. You can get anything from handmade crafts to rare vintage clothes. Here are some must-visit spots:

  1. The Paris Market and Brocante – Beyond a cafe, this place offers unique items like home decor and books.
  2. The Future on Forsyth – A hip store with cool stuff from independent designers and artists.
  3. Red Clover – A shop filled with unique clothing and accessories, mainly sustainable and stylish choices.

Walking through these stores is like a treasure hunt. It’s a chance to find something truly special and support local creatives at the same time.

Local Eateries with Authentic Flavors

Savannah’s food scene is a true delight. Venture into its hidden eateries for unforgettable meals and warm welcomes. Here are some gems you should not miss:

“The best gumbo I’ve ever tasted! A hidden gem in Savannah that you can’t miss.” – Local Food Critic

For a real Southern feast, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is a must. It serves classic dishes in a warm, family-style setting. Then, there’s Alligator Soul, blending the best of the South with global flavors, a truly unique dining experience. And don’t forget Sandfly BBQ, famous for its ribs and pulled pork, and an essential stop for barbecue enthusiasts.

Visiting these eateries is more than just a meal. It’s a way to deeply connect with Savannah’s food culture and support local culinary artisans.

Explore a Hidden Park in the Heart of the City

Besides the famous Forsyth Park, Savannah has a quieter spot, Whitefield Square. This hidden park is perfect for a peaceful stroll or a picnic under beautiful oak trees. It gives you an escape from the city’s hustle and a chance to enjoy Savannah’s natural side.

Savannah Hidden Gems

Hidden Gem Location Description
The Chromatic Dragon 514 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd A geek-themed pub serving craft beers, specialty cocktails, and an extensive menu of delicious bites.
The Collins Quarter 151 Bull St A chic cafe featuring Australian-inspired cuisine, including the popular “Brekkie Board” and delectable coffee options.
Spry Organics 2208 Bull St A locally-owned grocery store specializing in organic and sustainable products, including fresh produce and locally made goods.

These hidden gems are just the start of what Savannah has to offer. Enjoying a coffee in a local cafe, finding treasures in boutique shops, tasting local dishes, or exploring a quiet park. Each experience connects you more deeply with Savannah’s heart and soul.


Savannah, Georgia mixes history, beauty, and Southern charm perfectly. It’s great for those visiting for the first time. You can walk through historic sites, enjoy tasty food, or dive into art. Savannah has experiences that will amaze you and make memories that last a lifetime.

This city shows off the South’s heart and soul with its beautiful buildings and gardens. It has places like Forsyth Park with its famous fountain, and the Mercer Williams House. Each spot tells a bit of Savannah’s deep history.

Don’t miss the chance to try Savannah’s famous Southern food. Visit its top dining spots for classic dishes or new, fresh ideas. And for natural views, Tybee Island isn’t far. It’s perfect for beach days or visiting the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum.

Savannah welcomes anyone interested in history, art, good food, or nature. Just bring your walking shoes, an empty stomach, and a love for exploration. There’s so much to see and do in this special place in the South.

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