What are the top walking tours in Savannah?

Are you ready to find Savannah’s hidden gems? Imagine walking down cobblestone streets, with history and beauty all around you. Savannah is perfect for exploring on foot. The best choice is a walking tour. But picking the best one is tough. How do you know which walking tours in Savannah are truly top-notch?

Discover Savannah’s most interesting walking tours with us. You can choose from tours that dive deep into history, explore ghostly tales, or show off Savannah’s beautiful nature. There’s something for all types of adventurers.

Walk where history was made, full of stories of love and war. Or step into the supernatural, where ghosts may still linger. Dive into Savannah’s rich history, see its stunning views, and feel its unique culture. You’ll be with guides who know all the cool stories and facts.

If you love history, ghost stories, or just being outdoors, these walking tours are for you. Get ready to walk and explore Savannah like never before. It will be an adventure you won’t forget.

Don’t miss the chance to see Savannah in an amazing way. Let’s discover the top walking tours. We’ll find the best places and secrets in this amazing city.

Historic Walking Tours: Exploring Savannah’s Rich History

Step into Savannah’s captivating history with a walking tour. Knowledgeable guides lead you through the city’s quaint streets and squares. They share stories about its architecture, significant events, and cultural heritage.

There are many walking tour companies in Savannah. They show the city’s rich history from unique perspectives. Each company offers different tours, perfect for anyone who loves history.

“Savannah’s historic walking tours offer a unique opportunity to uncover the city’s hidden stories and immerse yourself in its vibrant past. The combination of knowledgeable guides and the city’s well-preserved architecture creates an unforgettable experience.”

Walking Tour Companies in Savannah

Consider these top companies when planning your tour:

  • 1. Savannah Historic Walks: This company is known for its deep knowledge of Savannah. They offer tours highlighting the city’s architecture and famous people. Their guides make every tour informative and fun.
  • 2. Footprints of Savannah: Footprints of Savannah has tours for all interests, like the Civil War or African American history. Their guides bring these stories to life with unmatched insights.
  • 3. Savannah Heritage Tours: This company focuses on Savannah’s cultural heritage. They take you through the city’s history from its beginning to now. Their guides are passionate, sharing captivating stories.

For your walking tour, wear comfy shoes and dress for the weather. Tuck a bottle of water into your bag to keep hydrated. Enjoy exploring Savannah’s fascinating past!

historic walking tours Savannah

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Comparison of Historic Walking Tour Companies

Walking Tour Company Specializations Highlights
Savannah Historic Walks Architecture, Famous Figures Expert guides, well-preserved landmarks
Footprints of Savannah Civil War, Colonial Era, African American History Fascinating insights, tailored tours
Savannah Heritage Tours Cultural Heritage, Founding to Modern Times Connections between past and present, captivating stories

Ghostly Walking Tours: Uncover Savannah’s Haunted Past

Do you love spooky stories and mysterious places? Then, the ghostly walking tours in Savannah are perfect for you. These tours take you to the city’s haunted spots. There, you can learn about its ghostly history and hear supernatural tales.

You’ll be guided by experts in the paranormal as you walk Savannah’s streets. They mix history with mystery. You’ll dive into the spooky tales that have fascinated people for years.

Walking through Savannah’s historic areas, you’ll hear about ghosts and strange events. The guides will tell you stories about ghostly figures and chilling sightings. It’s a deep dive into Savannah’s creepy folklore.

Discover Haunted Landmarks and Eerie Locations

The tours let you see haunted places like old mansions and cemeteries. Each location shows you a new side of Savannah’s ghost-filled past.

Don’t forget your camera! People have caught ghostly images and strange lights in their photos. Who knows what you might see?

Ready for a scare and some stories about Savannah’s past? Join the ghost tours. They’re full of adventure and mystery. You’ll come away with unforgettable memories and a love for Savannah’s spooky side.

ghostly walking tours Savannah

The Most Popular Ghostly Walking Tours in Savannah

Tour Description
Savannah Haunted History Tour Take a step back in time with an award-winning tour. Discover spooky places and hear creepy stories from the past.
Ghost Encounter Walking Tour This tour blends history with ghostly legends. Walk through Savannah and see its mysterious side.
Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour Mix ghost stories with Savannah’s best drinks. Visit haunted pubs and hear stories of their ghostly patrons.

There are many more ghost tours to choose from in Savannah. Whether you love the supernatural or just want a good story, these tours are perfect. They promise an exciting and hair-raising time.

Scenic Walking Tours: Discovering Savannah’s Natural Beauty

Immerse yourself in Savannah’s stunning surroundings with scenic walking tours. They highlight the city’s parks, squares, and waterfront areas. You can choose a guided tour or explore at your own speed. Both ways, you’ll see Savannah’s outdoor beauty.

Guided tours have local experts showing you around. They tell interesting stories about Savannah’s past, its buildings, and nature. These tours show you the best spots and teach you a lot.

But, if you like setting your own pace, self-guided tours are great. You get maps or apps to lead you on your own adventure. You can visit Forsyth Park or walk near the Savannah River.

“The natural beauty of Savannah is truly captivating. The tree-lined streets, the moss-draped oaks, and the vibrant colors of the parks make it a picturesque paradise for walking tours.”

These tours let you get up close to Savannah’s beauty. You’ll see its historic sites, pretty gardens, and calm squares. Walking through the city lets you enjoy peaceful moments in its lively atmosphere.

One key part of these tours is seeing Savannah’s amazing sunsets. You might watch from the Riverfront or see the park’s fountain glow orange. These sights are memorable.

So, get your shoes on and explore Savannah’s beauty by walking. Choose between a guided or self-guided tour. You’ll make great memories as you enjoy Savannah’s lovely streets and nature.

Guided Scenic Walking Tours Self-Guided Scenic Walking Tours
• Led by knowledgeable local guides
• Insightful commentary on Savannah’s natural and architectural landmarks
• Discover hidden spots and off-the-beaten-path locations
• Explore at your own pace
• Customize your itinerary to suit your preferences
• Maps, brochures, or digital apps as your guide
• Expertly planned routes that optimize scenic views
• Learn about Savannah’s flora and fauna
• Perfect for those who prefer a structured tour experience
• Flexibility to stop and linger at your favorite spots
• Capture stunning photographs of Savannah’s natural wonders
• Ideal for independent travelers and those seeking a more personalized experience

Walking Tour Options in Savannah: Something for Everyone

Savannah has a lot of different walking tours. These tours are perfect for people with all kinds of interests. Whether you love history, ghosts, buildings, or nature, there’s a tour for you. It’s a great way to discover the city and have fun exploring.

If history is your thing, Savannah won’t disappoint. You can join historic walking tours full of stories and landmarks. These tours focus on the amazing architecture and the people who lived here. They share tales of success and sorrow, giving you a real sense of the city’s past.

Are you ready for a scare? Check out the ghostly walking tours. They’re led by guides who know where the spooky places are. You’ll hear creepy stories about ghosts and strange events. These tours take you through dark, ghost-filled spots in Savannah.

For nature lovers, Savannah’s scenic walking tours are a treat. You’ll see beautiful parks, gardens, and views of the river. Go to places like Forsyth Park for peace or walk by the river for stunning sights. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and calm.

There are so many options in Savannah. You can choose a guided tour or explore on your own. Just put on your walking shoes and start your adventure. You’ll love the city’s special vibe and interesting history.

Savannah walking tour options

Savannah’s Best Walking Tours

Tour Type Highlights
Historic Walking Tours – Architectural marvels of the historic district
– Intriguing stories of Savannah’s past
Ghostly Walking Tours – Visits to haunted locations
– Spine-chilling stories of ghosts and paranormal activity
Scenic Walking Tours – Picturesque parks and gardens
– Breathtaking waterfront views

Planning Your Walking Tour: Tips for a Great Experience

Exploring Savannah by walking is a unique experience. You get to feel the city’s charm up close. This way of touring lets you find the special places not everyone sees. Here are some tips to make your Savannah walk unforgettable.

1. Choose a Guided Walking Tour

A guided tour in Savannah helps you learn a lot. You’ll hear stories about the city from guides who know it well. They make sure you see all the top spots and tell interesting tales about Savannah’s past.

2. Research Reputable Walking Tour Companies in Savannah

Find a trustworthy tour company in Savannah. Check their reviews and choose one that people love. Think about the group size, guide’s experience, and the tour’s length. Pick what suits you best.

3. Consider Your Interests and Preferences

Savannah has many types of tours. You can find one about history, ghost stories, or nature. Pick what you like best to truly enjoy your walk in Savannah.

Pro Tip: Start with an overview tour for your first time in Savannah. It will show you the main spots and help you decide what to explore more in the future.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes and Dress Appropriately

Wear shoes that are good for walking in the city. Closed-toe shoes with support are best for Savannah’s streets. Also, dress in layers and check the weather. This helps you stay comfy during the tour.

5. Bring Essential Items

Bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and something to protect you from the sun. A camera or smartphone is also a great idea to capture memories. These things will make your tour better.

6. Be Mindful of Safety

Savannah is safe, but being careful is always smart. Walk in well-lit areas and don’t go alone at night. Watch for cars when you cross streets. Following these simple tips will help you have a great and safe tour.

Get ready for an amazing tour by following these tips. Now, let’s look at the historical spots you’ll see in the next section.

Guided Walking Tours Savannah



Guided Tours Self-Guided Tours
Expert guide providing in-depth information on Savannah’s history and culture Freedom to explore at your own pace and spend more time at preferred locations
Structured itinerary ensuring you don’t miss out on major attractions Flexibility to deviate from the suggested path and discover hidden gems
Opportunity to ask questions and interact with the guide Chance to create a personalized itinerary based on individual interests
Access to insider stories and local insights No time constraints, allowing leisurely exploration

Historical Landmarks on Walking Tours: Must-See Sites

On your trip to Savannah, historic walking tours will take you to key landmarks. These sites highlight the city’s culture and history. You’ll learn what makes Savannah so special. Here’s a sneak peek at the top spots along the way.

Mercer Williams House

historic walking tours Savannah

The Mercer Williams House stands out with its Italianate style and story. It was built in the 19th century and is a big part of Savannah’s rich history. You may recognize it from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

Colonial Park Cemetery

In Savannah’s Historic District, the Colonial Park Cemetery shares stories of the past. Since the mid-18th century, it has been a peaceful resting place. Found here are those from the city’s early days, Revolutionary soldiers, and yellow fever victims.

The Olde Pink House

Don’t miss The Olde Pink House on your tour. It’s a restored 18th-century mansion turned into a cozy restaurant. Visit for its historic charm and tasty Southern dishes.

“Walking through Savannah’s historic landmarks is like stepping back in time, allowing you to connect with the city’s vibrant history and immerse yourself in its captivating stories.” – Local Tour Guide

Fort Pulaski National Monument

History buffs must see Fort Pulaski National Monument. It’s a well-preserved Civil War fortress. You’ll get a closer look at the war’s coastal defense and enjoy views of the Savannah River from its ramparts.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a must-visit. It’s a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture. Inside, marvel at the stained glass, altar, and the cathedral’s peaceful vibe.

These landmarks are just some of the historical stops on Savannah’s tours. Each one has its own tales to tell, adding to Savannah’s past. Make sure to visit these iconic spots to truly understand Savannah’s history.

Haunted Locations on Walking Tours: Spooky Sights in Savannah

Do you love spine-chilling adventures? Join a ghostly walking tour in Savannah. These tours bring you face to face with the city’s haunted past. You’ll hear about eerie tales and chilling legends that still haunt its streets.

The “Ghosts and Gravestones Tour” by Ghost City Tours is a favorite. Expert guides lead you to the city’s haunted spots, like the Mercer House. You’ll learn about ghostly encounters that people claim to still experience.

ghostly walking tours Savannah

Another top pick is the “Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours” with Savannah Tours. It takes you to Colonial Park Cemetery and the city’s haunted squares. Be ready for stories that make your skin crawl about spirits and strange happenings.

For the macabre lovers, try the “Savannah Ghosts & Folklore Tour” by Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys. The Bonaventure Cemetery is eerie, with moss-covered oaks and old graves. Here, ghostly encounters and tales of the supernatural await.

“There are few places that have as much haunted history as Savannah. Walking through the city at night is like stepping into a different world – one where restless spirits still wander the streets.” – Emily, Ghostly Tour Enthusiast

On these tours, expect to feel spirits around you. You might see lights flicker or encounter cold spots with no explanation. It’s a chance to experience Savannah’s mysterious past, whether you’re a skeptic or a believer.

Tour Company Tour Name Highlighted Haunted Locations
Ghost City Tours Ghosts and Gravestones Tour Mercer House, Sorrel-Weed House
Savannah Tours Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours Colonial Park Cemetery, haunted squares
Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys Savannah Ghosts & Folklore Tour Bonaventure Cemetery

Explore Nature on Walking Tours: Parks and Scenic Routes

Get lost in Savannah’s natural beauty on walking tours. You’ll see the city’s charming parks and scenic routes. These tours are a great way to connect with the outdoors in Savannah, enjoying its green spaces. You can choose a guided tour or go at your own pace to explore.

Savannah is filled with beautiful parks, perfect for quiet walks. Forsyth Park stands out, known for its fountain and big oak trees. It’s great for picnics or enjoying nature’s peace. Another favorite spot is Bonaventure Cemetery. It has old trees covered in moss and reflects Savannah’s deep history. Walking there is like a trip back in time, with nature all around you.

Scenic routes in Savannah are a delight for those who love to walk. River Street is a top pick with its cobblestones and river views. You can feel the river’s breeze and see historical buildings as you walk. And don’t miss the Savannah Riverfront Promenade, offering amazing views of the river and bridge. It’s 2.5 miles of nature and city charm, great for a stroll or run.

Remember your camera on a scenic walking tour. You’ll want to capture Savannah’s beauty and keep the memories alive.

scenic walking tours in Savannah

Benefits of Scenic Walking Tours

There are many good things about scenic walking tours in Savannah:

  • Immersive Experience: They let you soak in Savannah’s park and route beauty fully.
  • Flexibility: You can go at your own speed with self-guided tours, savoring every sight.
  • Closer Connection with Nature: Walking makes you really feel Savannah’s nature, touching all your senses.
  • Healthy and Active: You get to walk, improving your health while seeing the city.
  • Photo Opportunities: There are lots of chances for great photos on these tours.

Include a scenic walking tour when you visit Savannah next. It’s a memorable way to see the city, learn its history, and make long-lasting memories.

Unique Experiences on Walking Tours: Specialized Themes

Savannah walking tours have many themes. This lets you explore based on what you like. If you love food, art, or architecture, Savannah has a special tour for you. Each tour dives deep into your chosen area.

Food Tours: Savor the Flavors

Join Savannah’s food tours for a treat. These walks through the city’s food scene are a delight. You’ll try classic Southern food to modern mixes. Enjoy the best of Savannah’s food.

Art Tours: Unveil Creative Masterpieces

Take an art walk in Savannah. You’ll go through historic areas, seeing galleries and art. Learn about local artists and their work. It’s a deep dive into Savannah’s art world.

Architecture Tours: Explore Historic Structures

Love amazing buildings? Don’t miss the architecture tours in Savannah. You’ll see styles from different times. Learn about these historic places and Savannah’s architecture up close.

“Savannah is full of tours for every interest. Whether you love food, art, or architecture, there’s a tour for you. These walks will make you feel closer to Savannah’s history and culture.”

Looking for great food, stunning art, or beautiful buildings? Join Savannah’s tours. They are led by experts who share interesting stories. You’ll get to know the city better.

walking tours

Benefits of Walking Tours: Why Choose Them

Exploring Savannah’s beauty is best done on foot. Walking tours allow you to dive into the city’s charm and history. Whether you’re walking through historic areas or braving ghost tours, each step is an adventure.

Choosing to walk around Savannah has many pluses:

  1. Intimate Exploration: Walking helps you see the city up close. You’ll find hidden treasures and learn stories. These details are easily missed on other tours.
  2. Immersive Experience: Walking in Savannah makes the city feel alive. You’ll experience its sights, sounds, and even smells fully. These moments become memories you’ll always cherish.
  3. Knowledgeable Guides: The guides on walking tours know their stuff. They share history, local tales, and interesting facts. You’ll leave with a deeper love for the city.
  4. Flexibility: Walking tours let you set the pace. Stop for photos, check out sites, or grab coffee anytime. You decide how fast or slow to go.
  5. Accessibility: These tours fit all fitness levels and ages. If you like a calm walk or love new adventures, there’s a tour for you. You pick what and how you want to see.

Walking through Savannah is a unique experience. You’ll feel its history, enjoy its culture, and see its beauty. So, grab your shoes and start an amazing journey through Savannah.

“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.” – Thomas Jefferson

Top Guided Walking Tours in Savannah

Tour Company Themes
Savannah Historic Walks
  • Historic Landmarks
  • Architecture
  • Culture
Savannah Ghost Walks
  • Haunted Locations
  • Ghosts and Legends
  • Supernatural Stories
Savannah Scenic Tours
  • Nature and Parks
  • Waterfront Beauty

guided walking tours Savannah


Walking tours in Savannah open doors to its rich history, captivating culture, and charm. They let you dive into stories and find hidden gems. This makes the city truly special.

You can pick from various tours. A historic one shows Savannah’s past. A ghost tour reveals its spooky tales. There’s also a scenic tour to see its beauty. Each walk adds a piece to Savannah’s enchanting puzzle.

Get ready for an amazing journey in Savannah. Wear your comfy shoes and start exploring its streets and squares. You’ll see historical sites, spooky spots, and lovely parks. Let Savannah’s lively spirit and history fascinate you as you step into its past.

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