How safe is Atlanta for tourists?

Safety is key when planning your next trip. As you consider Atlanta, you might think, is it safe? The answer is reassuring.

Atlanta is the bustling capital of Georgia. It’s filled with fun things to do, great food, and a deep culture. But, what about safety? Do you need to watch out for hidden risks?

This guide will give you confidence for your Atlanta trip. You’ll learn about the city’s areas, crime stats, and get important safety advice. With these insights, you’re well-prepared.

Is Atlanta safe for tourists? Let’s explore and find out.

Understanding Atlanta’s Neighborhoods

When you’re a tourist in Atlanta, understanding its neighborhoods is a must. Each one is special, with its own vibe and things to do. Look into where tourists love to go in Atlanta for a fantastic and safe trip.

Best neighborhoods for tourists in Atlanta

1. Downtown – This area is the heartbeat of Atlanta’s culture. It has museums, theaters, and historic sites. Downtown is safe and easy to get around, day or night.

2. Midtown – Known for its green spaces, art, and fancy eats, Midtown is a hit. It’s very safe, lively, and full of cultural happenings.

3. Buckhead – For the best shopping, dining, and hotels, head to Buckhead. It’s fancy, safe, and visitors love the luxury vibes.

4. Decatur – A short ride from Atlanta, Decatur is lovely with its old buildings, local shops, and cozy cafes. It’s easy to walk around and quite safe for tourists.

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Neighborhood Safety Ratings

Staying safe in Atlanta is key. We’ve put together a list of safety scores for top tourist neighborhoods in Atlanta:

Neighborhood Safety Rating (out of 10)
Downtown 8.5
Midtown 9.2
Buckhead 9.0
Poncey-Highland 7.8
Virginia-Highland 8.4

Note: Safety ratings reflect crime data and how safe people feel there.

To stay safe, always keep an eye out, avoid walking solo at night, and protect your stuff. Picking one of Atlanta’s top neighborhoods helps ensure your trip is memorable and safe.

“Atlanta’s neighborhoods offer a diverse range of experiences for tourists, from cultural attractions to upscale shopping. Ensure a safe and enjoyable visit by exploring the best neighborhoods and considering their safety ratings.”

Explore the City Safely

Next, we talk about Atlanta’s crime rates and how to stay safe. More safety tips are coming your way, so keep reading!

Crime Rates in Atlanta

When you visit Atlanta, it’s smart to know about its crime rates. Like any big city, some parts have more crime. Understanding this helps you stay safe while exploring.

Over time, Atlanta has worked hard to reduce crime. Both the police and the community joined forces. Thanks to these efforts, the city is safer for both locals and tourists.

Although Atlanta’s crime rates are a bit higher than the country’s average, remember this. This city is always growing, offering new things for people to see and do. Staying alert and taking precautions means you can enjoy Atlanta with less worry.

Types of Crimes and Areas to Be Mindful Of

Just like any big city, Atlanta has its share of crimes. Knowing what kinds of crimes are common helps you stay safe. Be on the lookout for property crime, theft, assault, and crimes involving vehicles.

“Despite the crime rates being slightly higher, Atlanta has made significant progress in creating a safer city for residents and visitors.” – Atlanta Police Department

Be extra careful in certain Atlanta neighborhoods. Places like Downtown Atlanta and Old Fourth Ward have seen more crime. But, efforts to improve these areas have made them safer too.

Comparing Atlanta’s Crime Rates

To understand Atlanta’s crime, comparing it to other U.S. cities helps. Its rates are similar to places like Chicago and New York. This puts things into perspective.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, Atlanta’s crime rates per 100,000 residents are as follows:

Crime Type Atlanta National Average
Violent Crime 607 366
Property Crime 4,237 2,110

The table highlights Atlanta’s crime rates. They are higher but not unexpected for a big city.

Staying Safe in Atlanta

Knowing about Atlanta’s crime rates is one thing. Ensuring your safety is another. Here are some tips:

  • Stay in areas that are busy and well-lit, especially at night.
  • Keep valuables hidden to avoid drawing attention.
  • Use public transport carefully and always be alert.
  • Keep up with local news for any safety warnings.
  • Always listen to your instincts and leave if something feels off.

Following these steps and staying wary can make your visit to Atlanta both safe and fun.

Crime rates in Atlanta

Tips for a Secure Visit

When you visit Atlanta, making safety a top priority is key. Following tips to stay safe will make your trip worry-free. This way, you can have a great time exploring the city.

1. Stay aware of your surroundings

Be it famous tourist spots or the local neighborhoods, stay alert. In crowded spots, keep an eye out. If anything seems strange, listen to your gut feelings.

2. Secure your personal belongings

Use a safe bag or backpack and keep valuable items close to you. Try not to show off pricey jewelry or gadgets. This helps avoid drawing unwanted attention.

3. Use reliable transportation options

Pick trusted ways to move around, like good taxi firms or Uber and Lyft. Check the best and safest routes. Try to travel in daylight when you can.

4. Be cautious with public Wi-Fi

Connecting to free public Wi-Fi may seem handy, but it’s risky. Avoid typing in private info, such as passwords, when not on a secure network. Using a VPN adds an extra layer of protection for your data.

5. Follow local safety guidelines

Learn about Atlanta’s safety rules and what to do in an emergency. Keep important phone numbers handy, including for the police, and medical help, just in case.

“Making sure you’re safe should always be your top concern. With a few easy steps and staying sharp, you can experience everything Atlanta offers without risking your safety.”

Atlanta tourist safety tips

Tourist Safety Tips Travel Precautions
Stay aware of your surroundings Secure your personal belongings
Use reliable transportation Be cautious with public Wi-Fi
Follow local safety guidelines

Transportation Safety

When you explore Atlanta, keep your safety first, especially with all kinds of transportation. This goes for taxis, rideshares, and public transport. These Atlanta tourist safety tips and travel cautions will help keep you safe around the city.

Taxis and Rideshares

Using taxis or ride services like Uber and Lyft means following these tips:

  • Check the license plate to match the app info.
  • Wait in a safe, well-lit spot for your ride.
  • If something feels off, trust your gut and end the ride.
  • Lets someone know the details of your trip.

Public Transportation

Atlanta’s transport includes buses and trains for a wide network.

  • Know your route and the schedule before heading out.
  • Keep valuables safe and be aware of your environment.
  • Try to travel when it’s busier, like during peak hours.
  • Tell the police or staff about anything that seems strange.

“Staying safe while moving around is really important. Follow our safety advice and tips when in Atlanta. These simple steps can give you a worry-free time in the city.”

With these safety tips, feel more confident using Atlanta’s transportation. Now, you can explore the city while staying safe and enjoying all it has to offer.

Atlanta Transportation Safety

Tourist-Friendly Attractions

When you visit Atlanta, you’ll discover attractions perfect for tourists. This city welcomes all who love history, food, or art. There’s something exciting for every visitor.

The Georgia Aquarium promises an amazing visit. It’s the biggest aquarium in the West, with life from all over. This includes beluga whales, penguins, and sharks. The aquarium is safe to explore, thanks to careful safety measures.

If history is your thing, head to the Atlanta History Center. This museum tells Atlanta’s story through fun displays. You’ll learn about the Civil War to civil rights in a safe, fun way.


Centennial Olympic Park is a key spot in Atlanta. It was built for the 1996 Olympics and is now a beautiful park. You can walk, picnic, or enjoy a concert. The park is safe with bright lights, guards, and cameras.

Art lovers should visit the High Museum of Art. It has art from all over, from old classics to new pieces. The museum is a safe place where you’re sure to have a great time.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a must-see nature spot. It has gardens, conservatories, and a walkway in the trees. Safety is a top priority here, so you can freely enjoy the sights.

Always follow tourist safety tips in Atlanta. These tips help make your trip secure and fun. Enjoy your visit to these welcoming locations.

Atlanta tourist safety tips

Safety Measures for Nighttime Activities

When out in Atlanta at night, your safety matters a lot. It’s key to be careful and take steps to ensure you have a secure night. Follow these tips to stay safe:

1. Plan your night in advance

Check out places before you go that are known to be safe. Areas like Midtown and Buckhead are good for night activities and safety. Pick spots that draw both locals and tourists. This will give you more options for a good night out in a safer setting.

2. Stay aware of your surroundings

Always keep an eye on what’s happening around you when enjoying the city’s nightlife. Watch the people you are with and your gut feelings. If something feels off or you see something strange, get to a safer place.

3. Travel in groups

It’s safer to explore Atlanta at night with others. Stay with your friends or join a tour to lower the risks of going out alone. Plus, it’s more fun with others.

4. Avoid overconsumption of alcohol

Drinking is part of the fun, but know when to stop. Too much alcohol clouds your judgment and could put you in danger. Always drink responsibly and be aware of your limits.

5. Use reliable transportation

Make sure to use trusted ways to get around at night. Ride services and licensed taxis are good choices. Never get in a car with someone you don’t know or without a clear taxi sign. This is for your own safety.

6. Plan your route

Know where you’re going ahead of time. Stick to well-lit and busy paths. Tell a friend about your plans and check in with them during the night. This way, someone always knows where you are.

“When exploring Atlanta’s vibrant nightlife, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and take necessary precautions to ensure a secure evening out.”

This advice helps make your night out in Atlanta safer and more enjoyable. Being prepared and mindful lets you have a great time in the city at night.

Atlanta nightlife safety precautions

Atlanta Nightlife Safety Tips Atlanta Travel Safety Precautions
Plan your night in advance Stay aware of your surroundings
Travel in groups Avoid overconsumption of alcohol
Use reliable transportation Plan your route

Emergency Contacts and Services

Planning a visit to Atlanta? It’s key to know who to call in emergencies. Though we hope you won’t need them, having these contacts can help you stay calm. Here’s a list of crucial numbers and services in Atlanta:

Emergency Numbers

Any life-threatening situation demands a fast response. Call 911 if you need urgent police, medical help, or to report a fire.

Atlanta Police Department (Non-Emergency)

For non-urgent issues with the Atlanta Police, ring (404) 614-6544. It’s great for moments not needing immediate action or where no one’s safety is at risk.

Atlanta Medical Centers

Here in Atlanta, top-notch medical centers stand ready to help. Always know where the closest clinics are for any medical crises.

Medical Center Contact Information
Piedmont Atlanta Hospital (404) 605-5000
Emory University Hospital (404) 686-7476
Grady Memorial Hospital (404) 616-1000

Consulates and Embassies

For visiting foreign nationals, consulates and embassies can be a lifeline. Here’s how to get in touch with a few:

Consulate/Embassy Contact Information
Consulate General of Brazil (404) 949-2400
Consulate General of Germany (404) 659-4760
Consulate General of Japan (404) 240-4300

Jot down these important numbers or keep them handy on your phone. They’re your go-to for safety. Always put your well-being first.

Atlanta emergency services


After looking at Atlanta’s safety for tourists, it’s clear the city is safe. Just follow the safety advice given, and your trip will be great. You won’t need to worry about your safety.

In this article, we talked about Atlanta’s different areas, crime, how to stay safe on transport, what’s good for tourists, fun things to do at night, and who to call in an emergency. Knowing these things will help you make smart choices and feel at ease in the city.

Whether it’s checking out cool areas, seeing famous sights, or enjoying the night scene, Atlanta makes sure visitors are safe. They do this by having lots of police around and using security plans.

So, is Atlanta a safe place to go? Yes, very much so! Use our safety tips and enjoy your trip to this lively city. Dive into the unique culture, try the amazing food, and learn about the city’s past. Just remember to keep yourself safe and well.

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