Is Sarajevo safe for tourists?

Safety is a key concern when picking your next travel spot. If Sarajevo is on your mind, you might be asking: Is it safe for tourists? And are there specific precautions you need to take?

We’ll look at Sarajevo’s safety and give you crucial travel tips. These will help you have a stress-free trip. This advice is good for both solo travelers and families.

Let’s see the real story behind Sarajevo’s safety. We’ll also check out how to have an unforgettable and safe visit.

Understanding the Current Safety Situation in Sarajevo

It’s important to know about Sarajevo’s safety before you visit. The city works hard to make sure tourists are safe. They use many safety methods and rules to protect people.

Sarajevo is a friendly place for visitors. The police and security are always watching out for everyone. With new security systems, the city keeps a close eye on potential dangers.

Here are some important tips for staying safe in Sarajevo:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings: Always be careful, especially in busy spots and times.
  • Respect local customs and traditions: Learn about the city’s way of life and show respect.
  • Use reliable transportation: Choose safe taxis or known transport services.
  • Keep your belongings secure: Watch your stuff and keep it safe, especially in public.
  • Follow official guidelines and advisories: Keep up with news and safety alerts from the government.

“Our top priority is the safety and security of our visitors. Sarajevo has implemented a range of measures to ensure that tourists can explore our beautiful city without any concerns.” – Sarajevo Tourism Board

Follow these safety tips, and your visit to Sarajevo will be great. Always think about your safety and take care while you’re here.

Sarajevo safety tips

Crime Rates and Safety Precautions in Sarajevo

When you come to Sarajevo, know the crime rates and take steps for a safe trip. Sarajevo is seen as safe, but staying alert is smart. It helps keep you and your stuff safe.

Sarajevo’s Crime Rates

Sarajevo’s crime level is lower than many big cities. Yet, you should watch out in busy places for pickpocketing. Places like markets, buses, and sights can be risky. Always watch your things.

Violent crimes against tourists in Sarajevo are very uncommon. But, it’s good to be careful when in unknown areas or out at night. Stick to bright, busy places to lower any danger.

Safety Precautions for Sarajevo Tourists

For a safer visit in Sarajevo, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Stay updated on Sarajevo’s safety through travel alerts and by talking to locals or hotel staff.
  2. Don’t show off valuables like fancy jewelry, big cameras, or a lot of cash in public.
  3. Keep your personal stuff close and use a secure bag or money belt to avoid theft.
  4. Dress like the locals to avoid unwanted attention.
  5. Prefer using safe transport options, like approved taxis or trusted ride services, especially when on your own or at night.
  6. Be careful with offers of help or talking to strangers. While most are nice, use your judgment.
  7. Always have a copy of your passport and key documents somewhere safe but separate from the originals.
  8. Keep emergency contacts handy—local police, Ambulance, Embassy, and where you’re staying.

These steps aren’t to scare you. They’re about being well-informed and taking care. With these precautions, you can feel confident and enjoy Sarajevo’s beauty safely.

Safety recommendations for Sarajevo tourists

Exploring Sarajevo’s Tourist-Friendly Areas

When you visit Sarajevo, you’ll find it full of vibrant, friendly neighborhoods. They are beautiful and rich in culture. We’ve highlighted some top spots for tourists to explore. Feel the local charm and hospitality as you visit these areas.

Baščaršija: The Heart of Sarajevo

Baščaršija is a top spot in Sarajevo. This area mixes Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian styles. Enjoy walking the cobblestone streets filled with markets and local food. Try Bosnian coffee or the tasty Cevapi in the cozy cafes.

Vijecnica: Elegant Architecture and Cultural Heritage

Vijecnica is the Sarajevo City Hall, known for its beauty and history. This building from the 19th century has a library and hosts events. Join a tour to see its amazing interiors and learn about Sarajevo’s past.

Latin Bridge: Historical Landmark

The Latin Bridge is where World War I began. It was the scene of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria’s assassination. Today, it offers beautiful views over the Miljacka River. Walking across this bridge is a memorable experience.

Best practices for tourists in Sarajevo

Sarajevo War Tunnel: Uncover the City’s Resilience

The Sarajevo War Tunnel is a powerful place to visit. It was crucial during the Bosnian War, serving as a lifeline. Visit the museum and walk through part of the tunnel. It gives insights into Sarajevo’s resilience during war.


Marijin Dvor: Modernity and Cosmopolitan Vibes

Marijin Dvor is perfect for those looking for modernity. It has vibrant cafes, restaurants, and shops. See the stunning Međugorje Church or enjoy a walk in the lively streets. It’s a great place to breathe in Sarajevo’s modern atmosphere.

Discover Sarajevo’s rich blend of history, culture, and warm welcome in its tourist-friendly areas. From Baščaršija to Vijecnica, the Latin Bridge to the Sarajevo War Tunnel, and Marijin Dvor, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Keep these tourism tips in mind for a memorable trip.

Transportation Safety in Sarajevo

Exploring Sarajevo needs safe and efficient travel. Here, we’ll look at how you can get around the city. We’ll also share key safety advice for a hassle-free trip.

Public Transportation

Sarajevo has a good public transport system. It includes buses and trams. Locals and visitors use these a lot because they’re safe and cheap.

Here are some things to remember when using public transport:

  • Watch your stuff, especially when it’s crowded.
  • Stay aware and follow your gut instincts.
  • Listen to any advice the transport staff give.

It’s wise to avoid the late-night buses and trams. This is true especially if you don’t know the city well yet.


Taxis are easy to find in Sarajevo. You can wave them down or use an app to book. For a safe ride:

  • Pick taxis from trusted companies to avoid problems.
  • Always ask the driver to use the meter or agree on a price first.
  • Keep an eye on your valuables through the trip.

Don’t be afraid to speak up if something feels off during the taxi ride. It’s good to ask for a stop in a safe, busy area.

Other Modes of Transportation

Besides buses and taxis, you can also use bikes and rental cars in Sarajevo. If you do, remember to:

  • Learn and follow the local driving and cycling rules.
  • Be safe by driving or cycling carefully and following all the road signs.
  • Lock up your bike well and use bike lanes if they’re around.

When biking, make sure you’re wearing the right safety gear. And always leave your rented car in a well-lit spot.

Travel Safety Tip:

Keep your place’s address and phone number handy when you’re out in Sarajevo. It’s good in case of emergencies or to give to taxi drivers or transport staff.

Stick to these travel safety hints for a great time in Sarajevo. Next, we’ll check out the health and medical services. Then, you’ll be all set for your trip.

Transportation Mode Safety Tips
Public Transportation – Keep belongings secure
– Be aware of surroundings
– Follow safety guidelines
Taxis – Choose licensed companies
– Agree on fare beforehand
– Keep valuables secure
Rental Cars and Bicycles – Familiarize with local rules
– Drive/cycle defensively
– Secure rented vehicle properly

Sarajevo travel safety guide

Health and Medical Facilities in Sarajevo

While traveling, taking care of your health is very important. Sarajevo has many medical places for tourists. Knowing where to get help if you’re not feeling well is key.

Medical Facilities

In Sarajevo, you’ll find various hospitals and health centers. They offer top-notch medical care. Here are some places worth noting:

  • University Clinical Center Sarajevo – This hospital is famous for its many healthcare services. It has a lot to offer like emergency care and special treatments.
  • International SOS Sarajevo Clinic – A clinic that caters to both locals and tourists. English-speaking doctors are available, and they are open all day, every day.
  • Cantonal Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas” – One of Sarajevo’s oldest hospitals, it has a vast array of medical specialties. They also provide emergency care.

It’s wise to have travel insurance for medical needs in Sarajevo.

Health-Related Safety Tips

Alongside medical facilities, it’s good to know health safety tips for your Sarajevo trip:

  • Stay Hydrated: Due to its climate, staying hydrated is crucial, especially in summer.
  • Take Precautions against Mosquitoes: Use insect repellent and wear protective clothing if you’re visiting when mosquitoes are active.
  • Carry Medications: For those with medical conditions, bring enough medication in their original packs.
  • Food and Water Safety: Drink bottled water and eat at clean, well-known places to avoid getting sick.
  • Get Travel Vaccinations: See your doctor before your trip to check if you need any vaccines for Sarajevo.

With these tips and some preparation, your trip to Sarajevo can be safe and fun.

Sarajevo safety tips

Cultural Sensitivities and Customs in Sarajevo

When you go to Sarajevo, it’s key to know the local ways. This makes your trip more respectful and fun. Learn these important tips to connect with locals well and avoid upsetting anyone.

Respecting Religious Practices

Sarajevo is known for its mix of religions like Islam, Orthodox Christianity, and Catholicism. It’s good to dress modestly and take off your shoes at religious places. Remember to speak quietly and don’t take photos without asking.

Etiquette and Greetings

The people of Sarajevo are warm and welcoming. Shake hands and smile when you meet someone. Address them with their title and last name, unless they say you can use their first name. Saying “hvala” (thank you) is important too.

“Sarajevo’s rich cultural heritage can be experienced through its people. Embrace the opportunity to connect with locals, learn from their stories, and forge meaningful connections.”

Social Customs

People in Sarajevo cherish their personal space. Don’t ask personal questions until you know someone well. Also, limit love displays in public.

When eating with locals, wait for the host to begin before you do. This is seen as polite.

Traditional Festivals and Celebrations

Sarajevo has many festivals and events. If you can, join these celebrations. It’s a great way to enjoy the local culture and traditions. It also shows respect for their way of life.

Language and Communication

English is quite common in Sarajevo. But learning a few Bosnian words can make a big difference. Greet with “dobar dan” and thank with “hvala”. This shows you care about their language.

Sarajevo travel advice

Customs Respectful Behavior
Dress modestly at religious sites Remove shoes and lower your voice
Greet locals with a handshake Use titles and last names when addressing
Respect personal space and privacy Avoid intrusive questions
Wait for the host to start eating Follow the host’s lead during meals
Learn basic Bosnian phrases Use simple greetings and thank you

Learning about and respecting Sarajevo’s ways lets you really connect with its people. This way, your visit will be filled with good memories.

Emergency Contact Information in Sarajevo

When you go to Sarajevo, being prepared for emergencies is key. Learn important contact info and resources for peace of mind. We’ll give you must-know emergency numbers and info for your safety in Sarajevo.

Save these numbers in your phone or somewhere handy. Knowing who to call can speed up help in tough times.

Emergency Services

For life-threatening situations or if you’re in immediate danger, dial 112. It’s the number for all emergency help in Sarajevo – police, fire, and medical, available anytime.

Medical Assistance

For medical help or emergencies, call 124. The emergency services can give you quick medical care.


Need police or want to report a crime? Call 122 for the Sarajevo Police. They help with safety or crime issues.

Embassies and Consulates

If you’re from another country and need embassy help, keep their info close. Here are some key contacts:

Country Embassy/Consulate Contact Number
United States Embassy of the United States, Sarajevo +387 33 704 000
United Kingdom British Embassy Sarajevo +387 33 282 200
Canada Embassy of Canada to Bosnia and Herzegovina +387 33 291 620

Always check your embassy’s website for current contact info and emergency steps. Being ready with this info makes your Sarajevo trip safer and more fun.

Know these important numbers and resources for emergencies in Sarajevo. It helps keep your trip free of worries, making it better for you.

Safety recommendations for Sarajevo tourists

Natural Disasters and Weather Conditions in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a mesmerizing city but comes with its share of natural danger. It’s crucial to know the risks and plan for them. Here, we cover important safety tips for visitors to Sarajevo.

1. Stay Informed About Weather Forecasts

Always check the weather before going out. Knowing the forecast helps you plan your day better. It’s good to stay updated on any weather changes.

2. Take Precautions during Heatwaves and Cold Spells

In Sarajevo, prepare for hot summers and cold winters. When it’s hot, keep hydrated and use sunscreen. In cold weather, layer up, wear warm clothes, and watch out for frostbite.

3. Be Prepared for Potential Earthquakes

Sarajevo can experience earthquakes because of its location. Even though the risk is low, it’s smart to know what to do. Learn where to shelter and what safety steps to take.

4. Stay Safe during Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

Watch out for local floods if it’s been raining heavily. Don’t walk or drive through floodwaters. Obey any instructions from local officials during floods.

5. Know the Location of Emergency Shelters

Take note of emergency shelters in Sarajevo. They’re important in natural disasters. Know how to contact them and keep their information handy.

Emergency Services Phone Number
Police 122
Ambulance 124
Fire Department 123

If you face an emergency, call the right service. Knowing emergency numbers can save lives. Keep them accessible at all times.

Travel smart and safe in Sarajevo by following these guidelines. They prepare you for any unexpected natural events. This way, you can fully enjoy the city with peace of mind.

Navigating Sarajevo’s Public Spaces

Sarajevo invites you to enjoy its many public places, like parks and markets. To have a great time and stay safe, remember a few tips. Walking in the parks or shopping in markets, these tips are for all visitors in Sarajevo. They’re designed to help you enjoy your visit without worries.

1. Be Mindful of Your Belongings

Keep a close eye on your belongings in Sarajevo’s public areas. Always make sure your bag is zipped or your wallet is secure. It helps to avoid showing off expensive things or carrying a lot of cash. A crossbody bag or a money belt offers added protection.

2. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Stay alert in Sarajevo’s busy places like parks and markets. Watch out for anything odd and trust your gut if something seems wrong. Try not to get too absorbed in your phone to prevent any issues. Being alert lets you avoid risky situations.

3. Follow Local Customs and Etiquette

Sarajevo is a city with a deep culture, so be sure to respect its local customs. Know about any special rules in the public places you visit. Some parks might have rules about where you can eat, or you may need to take off your shoes. Respecting these customs will make your visit smoother and more enjoyable.

4. Use Well-Lit Pathways

Stay on well-lit paths when in parks or other public spots, especially at night. Dark, remote places can be risky. If possible, walk with others for extra safety. Choosing well-lit spots can make you less of a target for dangers.

5. Seek Assistance from Authorities

Feeling uneasy or spotting a safety issue? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the local authorities. Police and security are there to keep everyone safe. Find a police officer or a security guard to help you out if needed.

“Sarajevo’s public spaces are a vibrant reflection of the city’s culture and charm. By being mindful of your belongings, staying aware of your surroundings, respecting local customs, using well-lit pathways, and seeking assistance when needed, you can navigate these areas confidently and enjoy all that Sarajevo has to offer.”

Sarajevo Safety Tips

Essential Safety Tips for Navigating Sarajevo’s Public Spaces
Keep your personal belongings close and secure
Stay alert and aware of your surroundings
Respect and follow local customs and etiquette
Use well-lit pathways and avoid isolated areas
Seek assistance from local authorities if needed

Advice for Solo Travelers in Sarajevo

Traveling solo to Sarajevo? Keep these tips in mind for a safe, fun trip. Here’s advice for tourists in Sarajevo:

Research Before You Go

Study Sarajevo’s culture, local laws, and customs before your trip. Knowing the traditions and etiquette will help you fit in better. It also avoids cultural mishaps.

Stay Connected

It’s vital to stay in touch while in Sarajevo. Have a reliable way to talk with loved ones, like a local SIM card. Always share your plans with someone trusted for safety.

Choose Safe Accommodation

Pick a safe place to stay in Sarajevo. Choose from highly-rated spots in good areas. Opt for places with 24-hour security and support for a worry-free visit.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Always be aware alone in Sarajevo. Trust your gut, avoid shady, unknown places. Stay alert in crowds to protect against theft and enjoy a worry-free adventure.

Join Group Tours or Activities

Joining tours or activities is a fantastic way to see Sarajevo safely and make friends. Use known operators for safe fun. Group activities add a safety net as you explore.

Use Reliable Transportation

Stick to trustworthy transport in Sarajevo, like licensed cabs. Never hitchhike or get in cars with strangers. Knowing the public transport system helps you move around easily and safely.

Respect Local Customs

Follow cultural norms, especially around religious sites and conservative areas. Dress modestly and be mindful of traditions. This respects the local culture and can lead to meaningful interactions.

Sarajevo travel advice

Using these tips, solo travelers can enjoy Sarajevo safely. Trust your instincts, stay aware, and enjoy Sarajevo’s compelling mix of history, culture, and welcoming people.


Sarajevo is a lively city full of culture. It’s safe and fun for tourists. It’s normal to worry about safety in a new place. But if you use the tips in this guide, you can visit Sarajevo without worry.

The city has made efforts to keep visitors safe. Crime is low and the police are visible. There are also many hospitals and ways to get help in an emergency. This makes Sarajevo a safer place to visit.

Sarajevo is great for all kinds of travelers. It has areas that are easy for tourists, good ways to get around, and it respects different cultures. Be careful, follow local customs, and be safe while you enjoy the city.