Where are the most romantic places to stay in Savannah?

Looking for a dreamy spot to escape with your loved one? Savannah, Georgia is perfect for couples. It’s filled with historic buildings, streets covered by oak trees, and a unique southern vibe. But, with so many places to stay, which are the top romantic choices?

Savannah has something for all kinds of couples, from luxury hotels to cozy inns. This article will share the most romantic hotels and bed and breakfasts. It will also feature charming inns and luxury boutiques known for their romance.

Curious about exclusive vacation rentals like beach cottages and private villas? We’ve got those too. For a truly unique stay, we’ll also discuss guesthouses that offer elegant and private lodging.

Why is picking the right place important for a romantic trip? Can where you stay really affect your memories and experiences? We’ll look at how your choice of accommodation impacts your romantic Savannah getaway.

Ready to find the ideal romantic spot in Savannah? Join us on this adventure to pinpoint the best places for your love story.

Savannah’s Top Romantic Hotels

Finding the perfect hotel is key for a romantic getaway. Savannah boasts several top romantic hotels for a magical experience. These range from elegant boutique hotels to historic inns, setting the scene for a perfect escape together.

Experience Romance and Luxury

The Hamilton-Turner Inn whisks you away to a charming past. It’s known for its elegant Victorian style and top-notch amenities. Rooms and suites are elegantly furnished, some with fireplaces and city views from private balconies. Enjoy a romantic bath in a clawfoot tub or relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine.

Looking for a waterfront view? The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa is ideal. Nestled by the Savannah River, it offers stunning views and a tranquil vibe. Get pampered with a couples massage, explore the gardens, or watch the sunset by the pool together.

Charming Ambiance and Unforgettable Memories

The Eliza Thompson House is a beacon of Southern charm and coziness. This historic bed and breakfast is filled with beautifully decorated rooms. Some rooms offer four-poster beds and fireplaces. Kick off your day with a homemade breakfast in the lovely courtyard and then head to Forsyth Park for a stroll.

Unique and elegant, The Gastonian offers something special. It’s in Savannah’s charming Historic District, with luxurious rooms and great service. Enjoy the garden courtyard, an evening wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, and then settle into a snug canopy bed for the night.

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Discover Romance in Savannah

Savannah’s romantic hotels are perfect for those seeking a special trip. From the start, these enchanting hotels immerse you in a world of romance, luxury, and charm that you won’t forget.

Top romantic hotels Savannah

Hotel Location Highlights
Hamilton-Turner Inn Historic District Victorian architecture, luxurious amenities, private balconies
Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa Waterfront Breathtaking views, onsite spa, picturesque sunset
Eliza Thompson House Historic District Southern charm, homemade breakfast, Forsyth Park
The Gastonian Historic District Garden courtyard, evening reception, cozy canopy beds

Cozy Bed and Breakfasts for Romance

Looking for a romantic stay in Savannah? Consider cozy bed and breakfasts. They offer a unique, personal feel. You’ll enjoy a warm atmosphere and homemade breakfasts. This will make you feel right at home.

Experience the Warmth of Homemade Breakfasts

Cozy bed and breakfasts in Savannah are known for their special breakfasts. You’ll wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. Then, enjoy meals made with local ingredients, like fluffy pancakes or omelettes. These breakfasts are filled with love to start your day well.

Personalized Service with a Personal Touch

The key to cozy bed and breakfasts is their customized service. The hosts make sure your stay is special and meets your needs. They help with local tips and even plan romantic surprises. Your stay will be a unique experience.

“Our stay at a cozy bed and breakfast in Savannah was unforgettable. The welcoming feel and care we received were amazing.” – John and Sarah, guests at a Savannah bed and breakfast

Explore the Unique Charm of Savannah

Choosing a cozy bed and breakfast means experiencing Savannah’s charm. After a cozy stay, you can explore historic sites and the art scene. Walk by the river or have a picnic in a scenic park. Savannah offers many romantic spots for you.

cozy bed and breakfasts Savannah

Cozy Bed and Breakfasts in Savannah

Bed and Breakfast Location Unique Features
The Gastonian Historic District Victorian-style rooms and a lush courtyard
Olde Harbour Inn River Street Waterfront views and complimentary wine and cheese reception
Green Palm Inn Historic District Cozy rooms and a charming garden
Eliza Thompson House Historic District Antebellum-style mansion and a relaxing courtyard

Enhance your connection by choosing a cozy bed and breakfast in Savannah. You’ll love the homemade breakfasts and special service. Plus, exploring the city with your special someone will create great memories.

Charming Inns in Savannah

Looking for a cozy place to stay in Savannah? Consider one of the city’s charming inns. These inns are full of history and romantic vibes. They create a warm welcome, especially for couples.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn stands out. It’s in the gorgeous Lafayette Square. The inn combines lovely decor with personal touches. It feels like stepping into a different era, full of history and charm.

The Eliza Thompson House is also a must-see. It’s in Savannah’s Historic District. Guests love its Southern appeal and kind service. The inn’s gardens and rooms make it ideal for a romantic break.

Just picture waking up to a homemade breakfast. You’ll enjoy it in a beautiful room with antique furniture and old china. It’s an experience unique to Savannah’s charming inns.

Don’t miss the Kehoe House, another Savannah gem. It’s a Victorian beauty. This mansion offers luxury and romance. The helpful staff, grand stairs, and beautiful rooms will surely make your visit memorable.

If a quiet getaway is what you seek, try the Olde Harbour Inn. It’s on the riverfront, offering stunning views. The cozy, uniquely styled rooms are perfect for unwinding together.

No matter which inn you choose, the experience will be memorable. Savannah’s inns promise romance and Southern charm.

Comparison of Charming Inns in Savannah

Inn Location Amenities Price Range
Hamilton-Turner Inn Lafayette Square Elegant decor, personalized service $200 – $400 per night
Eliza Thompson House Historic District Beautiful gardens, cozy rooms $150 – $300 per night
Kehoe House Historic District Grand staircase, luxurious rooms $250 – $500 per night
Olde Harbour Inn Riverfront Uniquely decorated suites, river views $200 – $400 per night

Planning a special trip or just wanting time with your love? Savannah’s charming inns are perfect for a memorable escape. They invite you to dive into history, enjoy true Southern grace, and gather memories that will last forever.

Charming Inns in Savannah

Luxury Boutique Hotels for Romance

If you’re looking for romance in Savannah, check out its luxury boutique hotels. They offer a unique mix of luxury, charm, and personal service. This makes your stay memorable.

Enjoy top-notch amenities like spa services and rooftop bars with city views. Dive into a romantic vibe while enjoying gourmet meals at the restaurants.

Every boutique hotel in Savannah is beautifully designed. This ensures an elegant and intimate experience. The interior blends modern sophistication with Southern charm perfectly.

Relax in your room that’s both spacious and finely decorated. Every detail is picked to make your romantic escape perfect. You can enjoy plush bedding, a luxurious bath, or a night by the fire.

Whether it’s a special event, honeymoon, or just time with your partner, these hotels set the perfect mood for romance. Every moment in this charming setting will stay with you forever.

“Our stay at a luxury boutique hotel in Savannah was magical. The details, service, and ambiance were perfect. We’re looking forward to going back.” – Happy Couple

Luxury Boutique Hotels in Savannah

Hotel Location Amenities
The Mansion on Forsyth Park Historic District On-site spa, rooftop pool, fine dining
Perry Lane Hotel Historic District Art gallery, rooftop bar, gourmet restaurant
Hamilton-Turner Inn Historic District Antique furnishings, garden courtyard, wine and cheese reception
Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront Riverfront Rooftop bar, river views, live music

luxury boutique hotels Savannah

Visit one of these luxury boutique hotels in Savannah for a romantic experience. You and your partner will make memories to last a lifetime.

Romantic Vacation Rentals in Savannah

Choosing the right place to stay can really change how romantic your Savannah trip feels. For a quiet, special time, think about a romantic vacation rental. In Savannah, many charming rentals are available for couples wanting a private, romantic spot.

Picture waking up in a cozy beachfront cottage. You and your partner are surrounded by the sound of waves and an amazing view of the ocean. Such cottages are perfect for rekindling your romance.

Love history or the charm of old homes? Savannah has rentals that will take you to another era. You can stay in a historic house, beautifully restored with old-timey furniture and design. It’s a chance to live in Savannah’s past with style.

If you dream of extreme privacy and luxury, private villas in Savannah are for you. These luxurious villas have everything you need for a romantic time, like private pools and beautiful gardens. Staying in one will offer unforgettable moments.

Romantic vacation rentals Savannah

Sample Vacation Rental Options

Vacation Rental Location Features Price per Night
Seaside Cottage Tybee Island Beachfront, private patio $250
Historic Mansion Historic District Period furnishings, garden $400
Private Villa Isle of Hope Private pool, panoramic views $500

“Staying in a romantic vacation rental in Savannah offers couples the opportunity to create their own private haven. Whether it’s a cozy cottage by the beach or an elegant historic mansion, these rentals provide the perfect setting for a truly memorable romantic getaway.”

Thinking about a romantic trip to Savannah? Choose from unique and private vacation rentals. Whether it’s a cottage by the beach, a historic gem, or a private villa, these spots are perfect for couples looking to escape together.

Elegant Guesthouses in Savannah

Planning a romantic getaway in Savannah? Elegant guesthouses are top. They mix luxury with intimacy and personalized service. These spots give couples an unforgettable stay.

In Savannah’s guesthouses, you find refined elegance and charm. Their spacious rooms and beautiful settings create a sense of peace. Imagine walking through private gardens or sharing wine on a quiet terrace.

The guesthouses’ detail and service stand out. As soon as you arrive, you’re warmly welcomed. The staff ensures your romantic trip is amazing.

Looking for indulgence? Many guesthouses offer special extras. You can enjoy a private hot tub, couples’ massage, or upscale breakfast in your suite. Every detail aims to make lasting memories.

“Our stay at the elegant guesthouse in Savannah was magical. The details, the furnishings, and the private garden were perfect for a romance. We’ll be back for sure!” – Sarah and Mark, recent guests

Planning to celebrate love, propose, or just unwind? Savannah’s elegant guesthouses make a perfect escape. Amid historic beauty and Southern welcome, you’ll find a romantic world to explore.

Discovering Savannah’s Elegant Guesthouses

Here’s a list of some top spots in Savannah for a love-filled trip:

Guesthouse Description
The Magnolia Mansion This spot in the Historic District has elegant rooms with antiques and a private courtyard.
The Gardenia House In the Victorian District, this place is full of Southern charm. It has lovely suites with garden views.
The Azalea Inn & Villas This award-winning inn has luxurious rooms and villas, a peaceful courtyard, and tasty breakfasts.

These are just some of Savannah’s elegant guesthouses. Each one has its unique magic. They all promise an enchanting stay.

elegant guesthouses Savannah

Step into the world of Savannah’s elegant guesthouses with your love. Discover a blend of luxury, romance, and allure in these fine accommodations. It’s a perfect way to make memories in the U.S.

Planning a Romantic Getaway in Savannah

Planning a romantic trip to Savannah offers many unforgettable moments. The city’s lush parks and historic streets set an ideal scene. Here are tips for an ideal romantic escape, whether it’s an anniversary or a chance to rekindle love.

Choosing the Right Time to Visit

Savannah’s mild weather makes it perfect for a visit any time. Yet, spring and fall stand out. These times boast beautiful blooms and colorful leaves. April, May, or October offer lovely weather and scenic views for your romantic escape.

Romantic Activities and Attractions

Your Savannah visit should include exploring its romantic charm. Walk the Historic District’s cobblestone streets together. Marvel at ornate architecture and vibrant squares. Don’t miss Forsyth Park for a scenic spot for a picnic or serene moment.

A horse-drawn carriage ride through the city adds enchantment. Or, enjoy a riverboat cruise at sunset, with dinner and music. These experiences promise unforgettable moments.

Dining Options

Savannah’s food scene is perfect for romantic meals. Find options from seafood to candlelit bistros across the city. Rooftop spots and farm-to-table places offer unique dining choices. And, trying Southern favorites like fried chicken and pecan pie is a must for a taste of the region.

Savannah’s dining scene adds to the romantic mood of your trip, whatever you choose.

Romantic Activities and Attractions in Savannah

Activity Description
Stroll through Forsyth Park Enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax in this picturesque park.
Horse-drawn carriage ride Take a romantic ride through the historic streets of Savannah.
Riverboat cruise Experience a magical evening on a romantic cruise along the Savannah River.
Visit Bonaventure Cemetery Explore the hauntingly beautiful cemetery and enjoy the serene ambiance.
Take a ghost tour Get spooked together on a hauntingly fun tour of Savannah’s most haunted places.

Use these tips to plan a memorable trip in Savannah. Whether it’s about exploring scenic streets, enjoying great food, or engaging in unique experiences, Savannah is perfect for romance.

romantic getaway Savannah

Exploring Savannah’s Romantic Neighborhoods

Planning a romantic escape in Savannah means picking the right neighborhood. Each area in this lovely city has its special vibe. You’ll find a wide selection of places to stay, perfect for couples.

Historic District

The Historic District is Savannah’s heart and soul. It’s perfect for a romantic visit. Hand in hand, walk its cobblestone streets and admire beautiful old buildings.

Stay in a luxury boutique hotel or a cozy guesthouse. You can even pick a historic mansion. This area is rich in charm and history, ideal for making special memories.

Tybee Island

For couples who love the beach, Tybee Island is ideal. It’s a coastal gem near Savannah. Enjoy the sea breeze and stunning sunsets.

Find comfort in a beach cottage or enjoy luxury with ocean views. Walk on the beach, enjoy local seafood, and watch the dolphins. Tybee Island is perfect for a romantic break.

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a green, tranquil area, perfect for romance. Have a picnic or a quiet stroll with your loved one. Choose a cozy B&B where the mornings are filled with birdsong.

While exploring, find lovely cafes and shops. This place is ideal for a quiet, romantic retreat.

Victorian District

The Victorian District is set with historic homes and lush streets. It’s a haven for those who love historic architecture. Stay in a quaint inn or a charming rental.

Take quiet walks, soaking in the romantic atmosphere. This area is perfect for a peaceful, romantic holiday.

Savannah Romantic Lodging Options

“Exploring the romantic neighborhoods of Savannah is like stepping into a fairy tale. Each neighborhood has its own unique charm, offering couples a range of lodging options to suit their preferences. From the historic charm of the Historic District to the coastal beauty of Tybee Island, there is no shortage of romantic places to stay in Savannah.”

Savannah caters to every couple’s taste. Maybe you love the Historic District, Tybee Island, or another area. You’ll find ideal romantic lodging. Pick what you and your partner love, and start making those unforgettable moments in Savannah.

Finding the Perfect Romantic Spot in Savannah

After checking out Savannah’s top romantic places, it’s time to pick where to stay. You can choose a beach spot, a historic place, or a quiet escape in Savannah. There’s something for every couple’s dream.

Check out these top romantic spots:

  1. The Mansion on Forsyth Park: It’s a blend of elegance and Southern grace. You’ll love its rooftop pool, spa, and romantic dining.
  2. The Olde Pink House: It’s a historic mansion with cozy guest rooms and amazing food. Get lost in its magical vibe and savor top-notch Southern dishes.
  3. Hamilton-Turner Inn: This B&B in Savannah’s heart features Victorian charm and luxury. Start your day with a gourmet breakfast and relax in the serene courtyard.
  4. The Kehoe House: Stay in this restored 1892 mansion, known for its attentive service and beautiful rooms. Enjoy breakfast on the veranda or a special candlelit meal.
  5. The Gastonian: Discover a mix of old-world grace and Southern kindness at this inn. It has unique rooms, a cozy garden, and a tea service.

most romantic places to stay in Savannah

These are just some of Savannah’s many romantic spots. Each place has its special charm. They guarantee a romantic get-away for you and your loved one.


Choosing the right spot in Savannah can make your getaway truly special. From fancy hotels to cute bed and breakfasts, this city has it all. You might want a historic inn or a fancy boutique hotel, and Savannah won’t disappoint.

Plan your perfect romantic trip by looking at different parts of Savannah. Pick a time of year that fits you best. Then, enjoy the many romantic things to do here. From great food to walking the old streets together, or just relaxing where you’re staying.

Don’t put it off – start planning your perfect trip to Savannah now. Look into the best places to stay in this magical city. With its unique charm, Savannah is the ideal place for a memorable romantic escape.

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