Romantic weekend getaway in Savannah: recommendations?

Looking for a romantic escape to reignite love’s sparks? Savannah, Georgia, awaits your visit. This city is rich in history and charm, making it perfect for a romantic weekend getaway in Savannah. Whether it’s a surprise for your partner or a journey together, we’ve listed the top spots for an unforgettable Savannah romantic weekend trip.

Think historic sites, hidden gardens, tasty meals, and stunning river views. Savannah offers all this and more. But, do you know the most romantic spot the city has?

Prepare to be dazzled as we reveal the best romantic spots in Savannah. You’ll find a hidden gem that steals your heart and enchants your mind.

Discover Savannah’s Historical District

Start your romantic weekend in Savannah with a stroll through its Historical District. Walk the cobblestone streets together, soaking in the charm.

Forsyth Park is a must-see for couples in Savannah. Its iconic fountain and lush greenery create a perfect setting for love. Sit on the benches among flowers and oak trees for an ideal picnic spot.

Discover the storied past and stunning architecture of the district. Admire the 18th and 19th-century homes and buildings. The detailed designs and old-world charm will take you on a historic journey.

top things to do in Savannah for couples

“Savannah’s Historical District is a treasure trove of romantic spots. From the cobblestone streets to the historic homes, every step you take is filled with charm and beauty.”

Savannah Enthusiast Magazine

Delight in Charming Accommodations

Make your time in Savannah extra special by choosing one of its romantic stays. You can pick a snug bed and breakfast or a stylish boutique hotel. Both offer top-notch service and set the mood for a unforgettable visit.

Why not go for a room with a private balcony? From there, you can admire the city’s beauty or feel the historic charm. Or, choose a historic suite to dive deep into Savannah’s past. It will truly make your stay stand out.

Table: Charming Accommodations in Savannah

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Accommodation Description Location Website
The Gastonian A luxurious bed and breakfast offering elegant rooms and Southern hospitality Historic District
Mansion on Forsyth Park A boutique hotel known for its opulent rooms, art gallery, and award-winning restaurant Victorian District
Hamilton-Turner Inn A historic inn with Victorian-style rooms and a charming courtyard Historic District

Enjoy Savannah’s magic at these special spots. Every little touch is there to make you and your special someone feel the romance.

Expert Tip:

Pick a place close to the things you want to see and do in Savannah. This makes exploring the city and enjoying time together a lot easier.

charming accommodations in Savannah

Indulge in Delectable Dining Options

Savannah is known for its top-notch dining spots, perfect for a romantic night out. There are plenty of places to choose from. You can enjoy a quiet dinner by candlelight or dine under the stars with amazing city views. It’s all about what you and your special someone like.

One standout is The Olde Pink House for its beautiful setting and tasty dishes. You’ll dine in a charming 18th-century mansion. The menu blends classic Southern tastes with new twists.

The Grey is a gem for those who love seafood. It’s set in a former bus station with lovely Southern and global dishes. They aim to serve seafood that’s good for the planet.

B. Matthews Eatery in the Historic District is also worth a visit. It’s cozy and offers dishes made from local ingredients. Try the shrimp and grits or the crab cakes for a taste of the South.

Don’t miss a chance to dine above the city at Rocks on the Roof. It overlooks the Savannah River and the city. Enjoy their small bites and craft drinks amidst stunning views.

These spots are popular, so booking early is wise. This is especially true on weekends and during busy travel times.

romantic dining options in Savannah

After dinner, take a charming walk around Savannah. Or, for a special treat, go on a moonlight carriage ride. It’s a wonderful way to wrap up a romantic day.

Experience the Romantic Riverfront

The Riverfront in Savannah is perfect for romance. It’s a place where love fills the air. You’ll find yourself lost in its charm.

Start your romantic journey by walking the Savannah River together. This serene walk lets you enjoy beautiful views and the river’s soft sounds.

There are many shops, galleries, and restaurants to visit along the Riverfront. You can look at unique gifts, local art, and enjoy meals together.

For a special dinner, pick a restaurant with river views. Enjoy great food at a cozy table with candlelight and a soft breeze.

H3: Romantic Riverfront Recommendations

  • Indulge in a romantic dinner with river views at The Olde Pink House.
  • Enjoy waterfront dining and live music at Rocks on the River.
  • Have a cozy breakfast or brunch date at Collins Quarter.
  • Explore the unique shops and boutiques at City Market.
  • Experience a romantic sunset river cruise for a truly memorable evening.

The Riverfront in Savannah is full of love, beauty, and fun. It’s a top spot for romance in the city. Spend time with your special someone here and make memories that last a lifetime.

Discover Savannah’s Secret Gardens

Get away from the city’s busy life and find Savannah’s secret gardens. These places offer peace and natural beauty that’s great for couples visiting Savannah for the weekend.

A top spot is the Savannah Botanical Gardens. It’s a beautiful place for romantic walks among flowers and greenery. Enjoy the bright colors and sweet smells with your partner in this special spot.

Savannah secret gardens

Don’t miss the garden at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. It’s a historic site with a garden full of native plants and sweet flowers. Walk around, learn a bit about Savannah’s past, and take in the garden’s charm together.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Savannah’s secret gardens are perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved one. They’re a great option for anniversaries or any romantic surprise. Let these hidden gems bring excitement to your love story.

Top Romantic Gardens in Savannah

Garden Description
Savannah Botanical Gardens A serene oasis featuring blooming flowers and lush greenery, perfect for romantic walks.
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace garden A historic garden with native plants and fragrant blooms, offering a romantic setting.

Explore Savannah’s secret gardens and let their beauty make your weekend extra special. These places will help you create moments you’ll never forget with your partner.

Embrace the Evening with Ghost Tours

Explore Savannah’s history and spooky stories on an evening ghost tour. It’s thrilling and perfect for couples. Walk through the city’s dim streets, hold hands, and listen to ghostly tales. The beautiful but eerie setting makes for a night you won’t forget.

You’ll visit haunted places and feel the thrill of exploring a different world. Your guide will tell you scary yet fascinating stories. Each stop, like a haunted hotel or cemetery, will make you feel closer to Savannah’s eerie side.

Imagine walking in a Colonial Park Cemetery, surrounded by history and whispers. Or standing outside the Mercer Williams House, famous from a book. These experiences will give you memories and stories to tell for a long time.

Walking at Twilight

Savannah romantic ghost tour

Walking together in Savannah at dusk is unforgettable. The city’s darkening streets and quiet whispers add to the magic. It’s a perfect time to dive into its ghostly tales.

“As we ventured into the Moon River Brewing Company, I could feel the presence of spirits surrounding us. The flickering candlelight and eerie ambiance added to the romantic yet spooky atmosphere of the evening.” – Emily, a ghost tour participant.

Whether ghosts are your thing or not, a ghost tour is a great date night. It takes you out of the ordinary and closer to each other. It’s an adventure that leaves you thrilled.

Savannah shares its secrets, bonding you and your partner. You’ll appreciate the city’s history more. Every ghostly tale deepens the magic of your trip together.

Ready for a unique adventure with your partner? Put on your walking shoes. Hold hands tight and dive into Savannah’s supernatural side. It’s a memorable way to know the city and each other better.

Explore Savannah’s Artistic Side

In Savannah, art lovers will find many galleries. You can dive into a vivid scene of art. Spend a beautiful day finding local art, sculptures, and modern pieces.

Stop by The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Gutstein Gallery. It’s famous for its deep exhibitions and varied art. See the creativity in each work. Enjoy the talks and feelings it sparks with your partner.

Taking a painting or pottery class as a couple can be fun. You’ll be making art together. It’s a way to show your creative side. Create something to remember your romantic time in Savannah.

Savannah art gallery

At The Chromatic Dragon Art Gallery and Café, see local Savannah art. You can enjoy great coffee and meals while surrounded by art. It features a mix of paintings, prints, and sculptures.

Another spot to explore is the Savannah African Art Museum. You can learn about the deep African culture there. See unique carvings, colorful fabrics, and vivid paintings. They tell a story of the land’s rich traditions.

Support the Local Artists

Buying art from Savannah’s galleries is a great keepsake. It supports local artists too. It lets you bring a piece of Savannah’s soul back. And you help keep the local arts alive.

Let Savannah’s art scene touch you. It can make your romantic trip even more special. Art has a way of bringing people closer. Enjoy discovering with your loved one.

Delight in Savannah’s Live Music Scene

In Savannah, music makes nights romantic. You can choose from jazz to soulful tunes at different bars and venues. This city’s life and soul are in its diverse music scene.

Feel the city’s rhythm and soul in its music. Sit in a cozy bar or venue, and enjoy the atmosphere together. Let the music be your perfect night out.

“The music scene in Savannah is unlike any other. The city is infused with a rich musical heritage and offers a diverse range of genres to suit all tastes.” – Local musician, Sarah Johnson

Unwind with Soulful Jazz

Savannah is perfect for jazz fans. Go to places like The Jazz Corner or Savannah Jazz. Enjoy the music, have a cocktail, and feel like you’re in a classic romance.

Let Loose with Live Bands

Feel like dancing? Savannah has bars with live bands. Places like The Jinx or The Wormhole are great. Enjoy live music and have a blast with your partner.

Visit The Barrelhouse South for great local and new bands. The small setting and fun vibes promise a memorable evening out.

Discover Local Talent

Looking for something authentic? Check out smaller venues and bars for local musicians. Places like El-Rocko Lounge and Huc-A-Poo’s Bites & Booze are treasures. Here, you can find Savannah’s hidden music talents.

charming accommodations in Savannah

Be sure to enjoy Savannah’s music. Let it inspire magical moments for you both as you explore the city’s rich and diverse music scene.

Enjoy a Sunset River Cruise

Add love to your weekend with a sunset cruise on the Savannah River. Watch the sun paint the sky with its colors as it sets. This is perfect for sipping champagne, snuggling, and creating unforgettable moments.

Savannah couples weekend ideas

Why Choose a Sunset River Cruise? What to Expect
1. Romantic Experience 1. Spectacular Sunset Views
2. Relaxing Atmosphere 2. Gentle Breeze and Calm Waters
3. Unforgettable Memories 3. Champagne and Snacks Included

Indulge in Relaxing Couple’s Spa

Enjoy a luxury couple’s spa in Savannah, perfect for relaxation. Treat yourselves to massages and facials that make you feel better. You can pick from many spa resorts and wellness centers to relax and bond with your partner.

Take a step into peace and quiet in Savannah’s top spas. They offer many treatments that make you feel totally renewed.

Revitalize your Senses

Leave your daily worries behind at a couple’s spa. Skilled therapists will relax you with their techniques, making you feel at ease.

Feel stress melt away with a couple’s massage. Expert hands will loosen your tight muscles and calm your thoughts.

Enhance your Well-being

In Savannah’s couple’s spas, you can try various wellness treatments. Choose from scrubs, facials, mud wraps, and aromatherapy to fit your needs.

Try a special facial for you both. Skincare experts will care for your skin, leaving it glowing and you feeling great.

Unwind in Tranquil Surroundings

The spas welcome you with their peaceful atmosphere. You’ll be surrounded by soft light, calming music, and gentle scents.

You and your partner can relax in private rooms. These spaces are beautifully arranged to ensure you’re totally at ease.

Benefits Services Offered
Relaxation and stress relief Massages, facials
Improved well-being Body treatments, aromatherapy
Quality time together Couple’s treatments, private suites
Self-care and rejuvenation Skincare, body scrubs

Savor the Moments

After the spa, relax in peaceful areas with herbal teas or healthy snacks. Think about how refreshed and renewed you feel.

This experience is something special to share with your partner. It’s a time to celebrate and remember, knowing you’ve cared for yourselves.

relaxing couple's spa


A romantic weekend in Savannah mixes history, charm, and magic. It’s perfect for couples aiming to make memories. You can walk the historic district’s cobblestone streets, enjoy fine dining, or a cruise on the Savannah River. Every step in the city feels romantic.

Savannah’s unique beauty is in its old architecture and peaceful gardens. Take ghost tours to hear captivating stories. Enjoy the arts, from local works to a painting class for couples. The city’s live music and relaxing couple’s spa add to the romantic atmosphere.

Start planning your trip to Savannah with your loved one now. The city’s warm welcome, stunning views, and many activities are wonderful for romance. Dive into Savannah’s charm for an experience you’ll always cherish. It’s a perfect place for love to bloom.

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