How to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad?

Wondering how to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad? How to travel between Serbia’s vibrant capital, Belgrade, and the cultural center, Novi Sad? Is it best by bus, train, or driving? Are there hidden gems or scenic routes to enjoy? Let’s look at the available transport options to help you plan well.

Belgrade to Novi Sad Distance and Travel Time

When thinking about a trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad, it’s good to know the distance. You should also be aware of how long it may take by different ways of travel. This helps you plan well for your journey.

The distance from Belgrade to Novi Sad is about 70 kilometers (43.5 miles). How long it takes can change based on how you’re traveling.

Belgrade to Novi Sad Distance by Bus

Traveling by bus takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. This option is both cheap and easy, with lots of buses running all day.

Belgrade to Novi Sad Distance by Train

Taking the train means you’ll enjoy the view. It also takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. You’ll see lovely parts of Serbia on your way.

Belgrade to Novi Sad Distance by Car

If you like to drive, it’s a quick 1-hour trip. The road, E75, is simple to follow. It’s well-kept with signs to guide you.

Here’s a quick look at the travel times:

Mode of Transportation Travel Time
Bus 1 to 1.5 hours
Train 1 to 1.5 hours
Car Approximately 1 hour

Remember, these times are approximate. They might change because of traffic or how fast you go.

Now, you know the distance between Belgrade and Novi Sad. Plus, how long different ways of traveling take. You can choose what fits you best. There’s the easy bus, scenic train, or driving for freedom. Enjoy your trip planning!

Traveling by Bus from Belgrade to Novi Sad

Looking for a way to travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad that’s easy and not too expensive? Taking a bus is a great choice. Many bus companies run this route. So, you’ll have lots of times and prices to pick from.

Bus Companies

Lasta, Autotransport Srbija, and Panonijabus are popular for trips from Belgrade to Novi Sad. They offer regular trips, making it easy to plan your journey.

Bus Schedule

Bus services from Belgrade to Novi Sad are available all day. You can board a bus from morning till night. This flexibility lets you travel when it’s most convenient for you.

Ticket Prices

The cost of a bus ticket between Belgrade and Novi Sad is affordable. Even though prices differ between companies, they remain friendly to your wallet.

To make sure you get a seat, it’s smart to book your tickets early. This avoids any last-minute stress and guarantees a comfy trip.

Traveling by bus means you can sit back and enjoy the view. There’s no need to deal with parking or find your way through new places.

So, if you’re thinking of traveling from Belgrade to Novi Sad, the bus is a great choice. Find a schedule that works for you and set off to discover Novi Sad.

Belgrade to Novi Sad bus schedule

Taking the Train from Belgrade to Novi Sad

Planning a trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad? The train is both convenient and scenic. It offers a comfy ride with beautiful views. Discover all about the train from Belgrade to Novi Sad.

Train Schedules and Ticket Prices

Trains leave Belgrade for Novi Sad often, from early morning to late evening. You can pick a time that suits you. The trip takes about an hour, so it’s quick and efficient.

The prices for this train journey are quite reasonable. They depend on your ticket type and class. It’s smart to book early, especially during busy times, to get your preferred time.


Comfort and Amenities

The Belgrade to Novi Sad trains are in great condition. They feature comfy seats, air conditioning, and clean bathrooms. Some even have Wi-Fi and outlets, keeping you connected.

The Beauty of the Journey

The trip by train is not just quick; it’s also beautiful. You’ll see amazing sights from your window. This includes green meadows, cozy villages, and the Danube River. Enjoy these views as you travel.

Exploring Novi Sad

Novi Sad awaits with its lively atmosphere and history. It’s home to the impressive Petrovaradin Fortress and charming parks. Novi Sad is full of things to do, from exploring its past to enjoying the local vibes.

Train Route Departure Times Duration Ticket Prices
Belgrade to Novi Sad Frequent departures from early morning to late evening Approximately 1 hour Affordable prices, varying by class and ticket type

The train from Belgrade to Novi Sad is a great way to travel. With its many trips, reasonable costs, and stunning scenery, it’s perfect for exploring Serbia. Let the train show you the beauty of Novi Sad on your way there.

Belgrade to Novi Sad train route

Driving from Belgrade to Novi Sad

If you love the freedom of traveling by car, going from Belgrade to Novi Sad is perfect. It lets you see beautiful places at your own speed. Plus, you can easily carry your stuff. Ready to learn about the best ways to drive there, how long it takes, and what to keep in mind?

Driving Routes

To get from Belgrade to Novi Sad, you have many ways to go. Using the E-75 highway is the straightest path. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, traffic permitting. This way is fast and easy.

But, the Pannonian road is a slower yet more scenic choice. It’s full of countryside views and visits to small towns. While it may take longer, the sights are worth it for a memorable drive.

Travel Time

Driving from Belgrade to Novi Sad usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. This time might change based on your route and traffic. Keep in mind, weekends and holidays can bring more cars. So, leaving early can help you avoid delays.

Tolls and Road Conditions

On the E-75, there are toll booths. The fees are fair and you can pay with money or a card. Make sure to have some local cash for these stops.

The roads in Serbia are in good shape, usually. Yet, knowing the latest on road conditions and weather is smart. Look out for updates on any road work or detours before you go.

Belgrade to Novi Sad travel options

Driving to Novi Sad gives you the freedom to see and stop anywhere you like. You can choose the direct route or take your time on a scenic road. Just make sure you’re prepared with a valid license. Know the traffic rules, and enjoy a beautiful ride from Belgrade to Novi Sad.

Route Travel Time Tolls
E-75 highway 1.5 to 2 hours Reasonable toll fees
Pannonian road Slightly longer due to lower speed limits No tolls

Comparison of Transport Options

Heading from Belgrade to Novi Sad? You’ve got several ways to travel. Each has its pluses and minuses. Look closely at what they offer to match with what you want and need.

1. Bus

Many choose the bus for its low cost and ease. There are lots of buses running between the cities, making it a simple choice. The trip, about 1.5 to 2 hours, can vary in time due to the road. Buses are popular in Serbia because they’re cheap and easy to use.


  • Affordable ticket prices
  • Frequent and convenient departure times
  • Comfortable seating and air-conditioned buses


  • Potential for traffic delays
  • Limited luggage space

2. Train

Prefer a beautiful view? The train from Belgrade to Novi Sad gives just that. It travels through pretty Serbian landscapes and is often on time. Trains go all day, taking about 1 hour. However, they usually cost a bit more than buses.


  • Scenic journey with picturesque views
  • Punctual and reliable service
  • Comfortable seating options


  • Higher ticket prices compared to buses
  • Less frequent departures

3. Driving

Driving from Belgrade to Novi Sad gives you great freedom. It’s about 80 kilometers and takes an hour, maybe more if roads are busy. You can take your time and see places on the way. Keep in mind, parking in Novi Sad might be tough, especially downtown.


  • Flexibility to explore at your own pace
  • Potential for scenic detours and stops
  • No need to rely on public transportation schedules


  • Potential for traffic congestion
  • Parking challenges in Novi Sad
  • Additional costs for fuel and tolls

Comparison Table of Transport Options

Transport Option Travel Time Cost Comfort Flexibility
Bus 1.5 – 2 hours Affordable Comfortable seating Limited
Train 1 hour Slightly higher Comfortable seating options Less frequent
Driving 1 hour Additional fuel and toll costs Flexibility to explore at your own pace High

Use the info above to pick your travel mode wisely. Think about price, comfort, and freedom. There’s a choice that fits just what you’re looking for. Make your journey to Novi Sad from Belgrade smooth and fun.

Belgrade to Novi Sad transportation

Tips for a Smooth Journey

Heading from Belgrade to Novi Sad? I’ll fill you in on some tips to make your trip easy.

1. Book Your Tickets in Advance

Booking ahead for buses, trains, or cars is smart. It saves time and gives you peace of mind. You know your travel is set once you book.

2. Pack Essentials for the Trip

Don’t forget your travel docs, comfy clothes, and snacks. A power bank for your gadgets and meds are handy too. It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Transportation Systems

Know how to get around Belgrade and Novi Sad. Learn the routes and times for a smooth ride. This cuts down on confusion and wait times.

4. Consider the Best Option for Your Travel Needs

Think about what matters most to you. Buses are best for saving money and time. Trains are great for enjoying the view. Driving lets you stop where you want.

5. Check for Special Offers or Discounts

Look out for travel deals before you go. Companies often give discounts or special fares. Signing up for alerts can also help save money.

Belgrade to Novi Sad transportation

6. Stay Updated with Real-time Travel Information

Stay on top of travel news for any road problems. Good apps and websites offer the latest updates. This keeps your plans smooth and worry-free.

7. Allow for Flexibility in Your Schedule

Be ready for changes in your plans. Sometimes, spontaneity can make the trip better. A relaxed attitude helps handle any surprises.

8. Immerse Yourself in the Journey

Enjoy every moment, from the sights to meeting new people. Travel is about the journey as much as the destination. Make the most of it.

Exploring Novi Sad

Novi Sad welcomes you with its lively spirit and rich culture. It’s known for its stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere. Make sure to plan a visit to these top spots:

The Petrovaradin Fortress

The Petrovaradin Fortress is a key stop in Novi Sad. It was built in the 17th century. This fortress gives amazing views of the city and the Danube River.

Walk along its walls, go through underground tunnels, and see the clock tower. They show its rich history well.

The Danube Park

Discover peace at the Danube Park. It’s located by the Danube River. This park is a great place for a stroll or a picnic, offering beautiful greenery and a lovely lake.

The Freedom Square

Stop by the Freedom Square, Novi Sad’s heart. It’s surrounded by grand buildings, cool cafes, and shops. Be sure to see the statue of Svetozar Miletic and enjoy the lively vibe.

The Museum of Vojvodina

History buffs should check out the Museum of Vojvodina. It tells the story of the Vojvodina region’s past through many exhibits. It’s a great way to learn about the area’s culture.

The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Make time for the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral. It’s also called the Saint George’s Cathedral. See its detailed architecture and peaceful inside. This is a special place for reflection.

Attraction Location Description
Petrovaradin Fortress Address 1 The 17th-century fortress with panoramic views of the city and the Danube River
Danube Park Address 2 A serene park along the Danube River, perfect for leisurely walks and picnics
Freedom Square Address 3 The main square in Novi Sad, surrounded by impressive buildings and lively cafes
Museum of Vojvodina Address 4 A museum showcasing the history and heritage of the Vojvodina region
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral Address 5 A stunning cathedral with intricate details and beautiful frescoes

These are just a few sights in Novi Sad. It’s also famous for its music, cozy cafes, and friendly people. Enjoy your exploration of this Serbian gem.

Belgrade to Novi Sad travel options


It’s easy to travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad with many options at your disposal. You can choose to go by bus, train, or drive there yourself. Each way has its perks, making it suitable for different preferences.

The distance between the two cities is about 80 kilometers. The time it takes to get there changes based on how you travel. Using a bus means you should plan ahead by looking at schedules and buying tickets early. Trains run often and have nice seats for a comfortable ride.

Driving gives you the freedom to see the sights along the way. But, don’t forget to check for tolls and any road updates before you go.

Choosing how to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad is about what matters most to you. Look at what’s affordable, easy, and comfy to decide the best route for your journey.