Savannah riverside walks

Did you know Savannah has some of the most beautiful riverfront trails in the U.S.?

Walking by Savannah’s rivers can be amazing. It lets you see the city’s beauty up close. Whether you live here or are just visiting, the riverbank walks are a must. They show the city’s history and charm along with stunning views.

Savannah’s riverbanks are full of historic places, parks, and peaceful areas. You’ll see the beautiful river, interesting buildings, and calm nature as you walk.

This guide will show you the top spots for walking by the river in Savannah. You’ll get great tips for a family outing or a quiet walk. We’ve got everything you need, including secrets off the beaten path.

Let’s go on a virtual tour of Savannah’s riverside together. We’ll explore the city’s beautiful trails next to the river. Come and discover the hidden beauty of Savannah’s riverbanks.

Discover the Riverfront Promenade

Savannah’s riverfront promenade is a must-see. This trail gives you great views of the Savannah River.

Savannah riverfront promenade

Enjoy a walk by the river. You’ll see nature and old buildings. The promenade goes from City Market to Factors Walk.

“The Savannah riverfront promenade is a captivating blend of natural beauty and architectural heritage. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a leisurely walk with a touch of history.” – Local Resident

Walking here is like stepping back in time. You’ll see old warehouses and cotton centers. These buildings are now historic sites.

Experience the Scenic Beauty

Walking on, you’ll love the river views. See the calm river with passing boats.

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The path has gardens and benches. Stop and enjoy the peaceful setting for a bit.

Learn the History and Significance

The promenade tells Savannah’s story. Signs share about the city’s shipping and cotton history.

Visit River Street to see where business was booming. Learn how Savannah played a key role in the South’s growth.

Walking here helps you feel Savannah’s history. It shows how the city was shaped.

Put on your walking shoes and explore. Enjoy the beautiful views and rich history of Savannah.

Exploring the Waterfront Parks

The waterfront parks in Savannah are a true delight, especially for riverside walks. They offer a perfect mix of peace, tranquility, and natural beauty. Let’s take a closer look at some of Savannah’s best parks for exploring.

Morris Island Park:

Morris Island Park, next to the Savannah River, is a hidden gem for nature lovers. It has lush greenery, scenic trails, and great river views. You can enjoy a peaceful walk under towering trees and spot native wildlife. It’s a serene spot to feel the calm of the riverbanks and get away from the city’s noise.

Emmet Park:

Emmet Park is full of charm and history, located near the historical district. It has beautifully landscaped grounds, monuments, and memorials. As you walk around, enjoy the stunning views of the Savannah River. It’s a great place for a relaxing walk or a picnic, feeling the cool breeze from the river.

Tom Triplett Community Park:

For family-friendly riverside walks, check out Tom Triplett Community Park. It has paved trails, playgrounds, and picnic spots for fun and relaxation. You can take a leisurely walk or rent bikes to explore its beauty. The peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous river views make it perfect for a family day out.

Bonaventure Cemetery:

Bonaventure Cemetery, known for its history, is a unique place by the river. It’s more than a cemetery, offering picturesque views and historic sites. Walk through its paths under grand oak trees and Spanish moss. Feel the peacefulness while looking at the Wilmington River.

Top Waterfront Parks in Savannah

Park Features Location
Morris Island Park Lush greenery, scenic trails, and breathtaking river views Along the Savannah River
Emmet Park Beautifully landscaped grounds, monuments, and memorials Near the historic district
Tom Triplett Community Park Paved trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and riverfront views Family-friendly with various amenities
Bonaventure Cemetery Picturesque landscapes, historic grave sites, and river views Along the Wilmington River

The waterfront parks in Savannah offer a paradise right by the river. They’re perfect for those seeking peace, history, or a family day out. These parks provide a great experience by the river. Don’t miss the chance to visit these unique places when in Savannah.

Savannah riverside walks

Top River Walk Routes in Savannah

Exploring Savannah’s riverside offers many great routes to choose from. Each route has its own unique charm and beautiful river walks. No matter if you’re a local or a visitor, these paths are ideal for exploring Savannah’s nature and beauty.

Forsyth Park to River Street

One of the best walks goes from Forsyth Park to River Street. This journey shows you the city’s heart with its history, gardens, and river views. Start your walk at Forsyth Park with its famous fountain. Then, see Savannah’s history and beautiful buildings on your way to River Street. On River Street, you can enjoy lively places and great eats by the river.

Savannah Riverfront Promenade

Another beautiful walk is the Savannah Riverfront Promenade. It goes from the Hyatt Regency to the Marriott Riverfront. You’ll enjoy views of the Savannah River and historic buildings. Plus, find benches to relax and watch the sunset, making your walk magical.

Wormsloe Historic Site to Isle of Hope Marina

For a mix of history and natural beauty, try Wormsloe Historic Site to Isle of Hope Marina. Your journey starts under a stunning oak tree avenue at Wormsloe Historic Site. The walk shows you marshlands, history, and lovely neighborhoods. End at the serene Isle of Hope Marina for a peaceful break.

Factors Walk and River Street

For Savannah’s historic charm, walk Factors Walk and River Street. Begin at Factors Walk, known for its unique walkways. You’ll see beautiful details and historic streets on your way to River Street. Then, enjoy the atmosphere and explore the historic shops and restaurants by the river.

Local Guide: “It is impossible to walk along the riverfront in Savannah without being enchanted by the city’s vibrant history and natural beauty.”

Every river walk in Savannah promises lovely views and memorable moments. Exploring these popular paths lets you soak in Savannah’s beauty.

Route Highlights
Forsyth Park to River Street Historic landmarks, gardens, river views, waterfront dining
Savannah Riverfront Promenade Panoramic river views, historic buildings, sunset views
Wormsloe Historic Site to Isle of Hope Marina Historic site, oak tree avenue, marshlands, waterfront ambiance
Factors Walk and River Street Architectural charm, cobblestone streets, shops, galleries

Top River Walk Routes in Savannah

Discover the stunning beauty of Savannah’s riverside with these top river walks. Whether it’s history, nature, or a vibrant scene you seek, Savannah has it all. Strap on your walking shoes for an unforgettable journey along its scenic paths.

Historic Landmarks Along the Riverside

Savannah’s riverside is full of historic landmarks. These show the city’s deep heritage. As you walk by the river, you’ll see amazing stories and designs.

The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a top landmark by the riverside. It’s an 18th-century mansion, now a restaurant. You can enjoy Southern food surrounded by historic beauty.

Factor’s Walk

Factor’s Walk was once a busy spot for cotton trading. Now, it lets you feel Savannah’s old maritine times. Walk on its cobblestones and see old warehouses.

“Factor’s Walk is a hidden gem along the riverbank, attracting history enthusiasts and curious wanderers alike. The cobblestone streets and restored buildings transport you back in time, offering a glimpse into Savannah’s commercial past.” – Savannah Historical Society

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum commemorates World War II’s Eighth Air Force. It showcases planes, stories, and heroism from that time. This is a place to learn and remember.

Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson is a key stop for anyone who loves history. It was crucial in the Civil War for protecting Savannah. You can see cannon firings and learn about this important part of Savannah’s past.

Walking by Savannah’s riverside, you’ll find many historic sites. They tell stories, show beautiful designs, and teach about the city’s culture. Take a stroll and enjoy the history and views Savannah has to offer.

Exploring Savannah's riverbanks

Tips for a Memorable Riverside Walk

Ready to take a memorable stroll by Savannah’s riverside? We’ve gathered useful tips for you. These will help make your time along the beautiful riverbanks unforgettable.

Choose the Best Time to Visit

Mornings and evenings are perfect for a riverside walk. These times are cooler and offer stunning views of the sunrise or sunset. Always check the weather forecast for a smooth and enjoyable walk.

Stay Safe and Be Prepared

Staying safe on Savannah’s riverbanks is key. Here are some important safety tips to follow:

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes for different terrains.
  • Keep hydrated by carrying a water bottle.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen.
  • Have a small first aid kit handy for any minor health issues.

Discover Riverside Attractions

Exploring the riverside isn’t just about walking. Take time to see the historic sites, art, and support local vendors. Keep an eye out for unique architecture and lively events. They will make your walk even more magical.

Take in the Scenic Views

It’s vital to stop and enjoy the stunning river views. The walk boasts beautiful scenery with the Talmadge Memorial Bridge in the background. Don’t rush; capture the beauty of Savannah in photos.

tips for exploring Savannah's riverbanks

Connect with Nature

Discover the natural side of Savannah’s riverside. Watch for birds, dolphins, and maybe an alligator. Feel the peace of the riverbanks and appreciate the different wildlife around you.

Respect the Environment

Showing respect for the area is crucial. Help keep the riverside clean and undamaged. By being a responsible tourist, you help protect this beautiful place for future visitors.

With these suggestions, your walk along Savannah’s riverbanks will be unforgettable. Get your shoes ready, bring water, and enjoy a scenic walk!

Family-Friendly River Walks

Savannah’s riverside is great for family time. Enjoy the beautiful walking paths by the river. It’s a perfect way to make lasting memories with loved ones. These walks are enjoyable for both kids and adults, whether you live here or you’re just visiting.

Recommended Routes

Looking for a fun family adventure by the river? Here are some great routes in Savannah:

  • 1. Forsyth Park to River Street: Your journey begins at Forsyth Park. Kids can have fun in the playground here. Walk along the river, see amazing views, and pass by historic sights. Finish at River Street where you can get ice cream or enjoy a meal by the river.
  • 2. Skidaway Island State Park: Visit Skidaway Island State Park, a short drive from Savannah. It has easy hiking trails for everyone. Walk by the river, see wildlife, and admire the area’s natural beauty. Pack a picnic and use the park’s picnic spots for lunch.
  • 3. Tybee Island Beach Walk: Head to Tybee Island for a lovely walk on the beach. Let the kids play in the ocean and look for seashells. Take family photos with the ocean in the background. It’s a perfect spot to make special memories.

Family-Friendly Activities

These river walks offer many fun things to do. Here are some activity ideas for your family:

  1. 1. Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of things for your kids to find on the walk. They can look for birds or find historic landmarks. This game makes the walk more fun and exciting.
  2. 2. Picnic by the River: Bring a picnic and find a nice spot by the river to eat. Enjoy the view, play outdoor games, and enjoy the calm surroundings as a family.
  3. 3. Riverboat Cruise: Go on a riverboat cruise on the Savannah River. You’ll see the city from the water and learn about its history. It’s a special part of your river walk adventure.

outdoor walking paths by the river

Take time to explore the beautiful river walks in Savannah with your family. It’s a great way to enjoy the riverfront. Make sure to take photos to remember your adventure. Savannah’s riverside has a lot of beauty, history, and charm to share. Have fun!

Hidden Gems Along the River

When you’re by Savannah’s riverside, don’t stick only to the main paths and spots. This city hides special places along the river, not many know about them. It’s worth it to explore off the main trails to find these hidden gems.

These unknown spots let you get away from the crowds and enjoy Savannah’s peaceful riverside. No matter if you love nature, history, or just quiet places, you’ll find something you like here.

Want to find these hidden gems? Here are some tips:

  • Ask locals or folks at visitor centers for secret recommendations. They know places most tourists miss.
  • Check out smaller streets and alleys by the river. You might find something amazing that’s not on the main map.
  • Take your time walking by the river. You could stumble upon lovely, hidden areas.
  • Keep an eye out for special paths or entrances. They could lead to beautiful, secret views.
  • Look up info on travel blogs and forums for tips from others who’ve explored Savannah’s riverside.

Discovering these spots will add excitement to your walk by the river. It’s all about unique experiences and memories. Enjoy Savannah’s hidden riverside beauty at your own pace.

Ready to explore the hidden gems of Savannah’s riverside? Grab a map and your comfy shoes. Who knows, the best surprise might be waiting just around the next turn.

Best spots for river walks in Savannah

Capturing Savannah’s Riverside Beauty

If you love photography, you’ll find Savannah’s riverside a dream. It offers beautiful scenery and a lovely riverfront. These features make it a perfect place for taking amazing photos.

Photography is about more than just aiming and shooting. It’s crucial to consider the way you set up your shot and the light you use. Here are some easy tips to improve your photos in Savannah:

  1. Choose the Right Time: Early morning or just before sunset are perfect. The light during these times makes the river look beautiful on camera. Try to be there during these times for the best photos.
  2. Explore Different Angles: Change up how you take your photos. Try shooting from low down, high up, or from the side. This can add something special to your shots.
  3. Highlight the River’s Serenity: Show how calm and quiet the river is through your photos. Focus on the gentle waves, the reflections, or when the water is completely calm. These details can make your photos feel peaceful.
  4. Capture Iconic Landmarks: Don’t forget Savannah’s famous spots in your photos. Including unique buildings and features can make your photos stand out. They also tell a story about the area.
  5. Include People: People can make your photos more interesting. They show the scale of the scene and can tell a story on their own. Try mixing in photos with and without people.

When visiting Savannah, look out for special spots to take great photos:

“The Waving Girl Statue” is by the riverfront, loved by photographers. It offers a unique subject with Savannah’s river as its background. It’s a must for photos that tell about the city’s sea history.”

Savannah riverside walks

Photography is your chance to be creative. Savannah’s riverside is a great place to start. Its natural beauty and historic sites will surely inspire you. Enjoy your time walking and capturing moments by the river.


Get ready for an amazing journey by the beautiful riverside of Savannah. We’ve shared why the river walks in Savannah are so stunning. We’ve shown where you can find the most scenic trails along the river and the perfect spots for a peaceful walk by the water.

Now, armed with our advice, you’re prepared to enjoy Savannah’s riverside fully. You’ll witness amazing views, learn about the historic sites, and snap photos to keep these memories alive.

If you live in Savannah or are just visiting, the riverside is the perfect guide. It will lead you to the best pathways and unknown treasures by the river. Each step will let you see why these walks are truly special in Savannah. So, lace up your shoes and prepare for an unforgettable journey along the stunning Savannah river trails!

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