Secret gardens and hidden courtyards in Savannah

Did you know that Savannah, Georgia is hiding some secret gardens and courtyards? These beautiful spots are found in the center of Historic Savannah. They are perfect for getting away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

You will find gardens that are well-kept and quiet courtyards filled with bright colors. They add special charm to Savannah.

Come explore Savannah’s hidden jewels, where you’ll find natural beauty and deep history. These places will take you back in time. They are great for nature lovers, history buffs, or anyone looking for peace.

Unveiling the Beauty: Savannah’s Secret Gardens

Take a journey to unlock Savannah’s secret gardens. Discover their enchanting beauty. They are hidden in Historic Savannah, providing a peaceful escape in the busy city.

To see these gardens, join a Savannah garden tour. These give you a look at well-preserved, historic gardens. Learn about Savannah’s horticultural past from guides who share garden stories and secrets.

Experience the Historical Significance

Walking through Savannah’s secret gardens shows the city’s past. You’ll see beautiful old statues, fountains, and buildings. Each garden shares part of Savannah’s rich history and culture.

These secret spaces offer a look into Savannah’s past and the people who made it magical.

These gardens have lush, colorful landscapes. There are old oaks with Spanish moss and quiet spots for thinking. They are kept beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

Secret gardens and hidden courtyards in Savannah

Tranquility and Escape

These gardens are perfect for escaping Savannah’s busy streets. You can walk quiet paths, enjoy blooming flowers, and listen to nature sounds.

Sit among beautiful flowers on a quiet bench. Let the garden’s peace relax you. They are a serene place away from daily busyness.

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Uncovering Savannah’s Garden Gems

Historic Savannah has many secret gardens to explore. The Harper Fowlkes House Garden and Mercer House Courtyard, for examples, are worth finding.

Here are a few must-visit secret gardens in Savannah:

  • The Fragrant Garden at the Andrew Low House
  • The Hidden Courtyard at the Owens-Thomas House
  • The Chippewa Square Garden
  • The Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens

Every garden is unique, showing Savannah’s rich plants and animals. They are perfect for nature lovers, history fans, or anyone looking for a peaceful spot. Dive into Savannah’s secret gardens. Enjoy their beauty, peace, and history. Whether through a tour or by exploring on your own, these gardens are full of surprises.

The Allure of Hidden Courtyards in Savannah

Don’t miss the chance to find hidden courtyards in Savannah. They’re behind old buildings and full of greenery. These places show the city’s old, captivating history.

Walking through Savannah’s hidden courtyards feels like entering a new world. The calm and peace in these gardens are precious.

Savannah has many secret courtyards waiting to be discovered. These quiet spots are a break from busy life. You can enjoy nature and great architecture.

In Savannah, these hidden places have amazing landscapes and finds. There are colorful flowers and beautiful fountains in these unique spaces.

The Mercer-Williams House Museum has a beautiful, hidden courtyard. It’s filled with lovely flowers and a calm vibe. History lovers and those looking for peace should visit.

Lafayette Square’s Secret Garden is magical. It’s full of plants, flowers, and a cute gazebo. This spot truly feels like a step into the past.

Don’t miss the Secret Garden at the Kehoe House. It’s a peaceful place with a pond and bright flowers. There are also comfy places to sit.

Joining a guided tour can enhance your courtyard experience. You’ll learn a lot and see top secret gardens in the city. It’s a great way to explore.

Recommended Secret Courtyards in Savannah:

  1. Secret Garden at Lafayette Square
  2. Mercer-Williams House Museum Courtyard
  3. Kehoe House’s Secret Garden
  4. Secret Courtyard at the Andrew Low House
  5. The Hidden Garden behind the Owens-Thomas House

Discovering Savannah’s hidden courtyards is like traveling through history. These spots are full of the city’s rich past and beauty. They’re truly a must-see in Savannah.

Hidden Courtyards in Savannah

Exploring Historic Savannah’s Green Spaces

As you walk through Historic Savannah’s streets, you’ll find hidden beautiful gardens. They are the city’s quiet treasures, showing its deep culture and history. These green spaces, from parks to small courtyards, highlight Savannah’s effort to keep its natural charm.

The Savannah Botanical Gardens is a must-see. It covers 10 acres and is filled with different plants and animals. Walk around and enjoy the peace of the carefully designed gardens. The Historic Rose Garden is a special spot with over 100 kinds of roses blooming.

“Savannah’s green spaces provide a welcome respite from the bustling city streets. They offer a peaceful retreat where visitors can connect with nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.” – Sarah Johnson, local horticulturist

Forsyth Park is another key location. This 30-acre park has beautiful oak trees and a lovely fragrant garden. Bring a picnic and enjoy the park’s beauty.

Take a Savannah Garden Tour for a different view of the city’s gardens. These tours give detailed historical and plant information. They show why the gardens are important to Savannah’s story.

Historic Savannah Gardens

Garden Location Key Features
Forsyth Park Between Gaston Street and Park Avenue Iconic oak trees, Fragrant Garden, Forsyth Fountain
Washington Square Bull Street and Houston Street Serenity Fountain, Fragrant flowers, Historic monuments
Owens-Thomas House Garden Oglethorpe Avenue and Abercorn Street Regency-style garden, Reflecting pool, Historic architecture
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace Garden Oglethorpe Avenue and Bull Street Victorian-style garden, Camellias, Wisteria arbor

Savannah is filled with hidden gems in its green areas. Discover quiet spots between old buildings. These little places let you see Savannah’s unique architecture and offer a quiet retreat.

To truly know Savannah, visit its green areas. From famous parks to hidden courtyards, these spaces show Savannah’s ongoing beauty. They are perfect escapes from the busy world outside.

Savannah's Secret Gardens

Preservation Efforts: Protecting Savannah’s Secret Gardens

Keeping Savannah’s secret gardens beautiful is vital. These special places are part of the city’s history and culture. People are working hard to keep them for the future.

Seeing Savannah’s secret gardens is easy with garden tours. They show off the beautiful spots and help keep them safe. When you go on a tour, you’re not just looking around. You’re helping to protect these lovely places.

“Savannah’s secret gardens are a treat for the senses and a key to its history. We keep them, we keep Savannah’s past alive,” shares Mary Johnson, a garden history expert.

Local groups and teams work to maintain these hidden spots. They make sure the gardens stay as beautiful as they have been. This includes regular care, fixing up, and teaching people why these places matter.

Community Involvement and Collaboration

Many people in Savannah help look after the secret gardens. Residents, garden lovers, and volunteers all join in. Their hard work helps keep the old gardens and courtyards alive and well.

Also, teams from both the public and private sectors work together. This includes city leaders, garden owners, and groups that care about history. They work to keep these special places from disappearing.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Teaching others is a big part of saving Savannah’s secret gardens. Workshops and programs are set up to explain why these places matter. They also teach the best ways to care for them.

The goal is to get everyone interested in protecting the secret gardens. By teaching and promoting good care, more people understand why these gardens are so important.

Looking Towards the Future

Savannah is committed to saving its secret gardens for people to enjoy forever. Everyone’s help is needed. This means working together, learning, and putting in the effort to keep these gardens alive.

Protecting these special spots helps keep Savannah’s uniqueness alive. By working together, we can make sure Savannah’s charm lasts for the next generations.

Hidden gardens of Savannah

Insider Tips: Navigating Savannah’s Hidden Treasures

Exploring Savannah’s hidden gems reveals much more than you might think. The city is full of secret havens that are just waiting for you. Our insider tips will help you find the best-kept secrets and discover hidden treasures in Savannah, GA.

Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Locations

The Historic District is captivating, but the best gems lie beyond. Explore areas like the Victorian District, Thomas Square, and Starland District. Here, you’ll discover beautiful gardens and quiet spots away from the tourist chaos. Don’t hesitate to wander and find hidden treasures.

Discover Lesser-Known Gardens

Hidden gems in Savannah GA

Forsyth Park and the Savannah Botanical Gardens are well-known. But, the lesser-known gardens can be even more special. Bonaventure Cemetery is a place of serene beauty, with moss-covered trees and beautiful scenery. The Green-Meldrim House gardens have stunning flowers. These hidden spots offer peace from the city’s busy life.

Make the Most of Your Visit

To see Savannah’s hidden treasures, plan ahead. Join garden tours from local groups like the Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens. These tours give you private access to beautiful gardens. Visit early or late to enjoy the gardens in quiet.

“Exploring Savannah’s hidden treasures is like stepping back in time. The city’s secret gardens and hidden courtyards offer a glimpse into its rich history and provide a serene escape from the modern world.” – Savannah Enthusiast

Uncover Unexpected Delights

Look out for surprises when you’re in Savannah. You might find hidden art pieces or quiet cafes. These surprises make Savannah’s hidden gems even more special.

Local Recommendations

To get the best tips, ask the locals. Savannahians know all the secret places worth exploring. Talk to people at cafes or ask friendly locals for advice. You’ll find spots not listed in any guidebooks.

Share Your Discoveries

Don’t keep your findings to yourself. Share photos on social media and tag the locations. This way, you can help others discover the magical secrets of Savannah.

Insider Tips: Savannah’s Hidden Treasures
1. Explore off-the-beaten-path locations – Victorian District
– Thomas Square
– Starland District
2. Discover lesser-known gardens – Bonaventure Cemetery
– Green-Meldrim House Gardens
3. Make the most of your visit – Take garden tours
– Visit during quieter times
4. Uncover unexpected delights – Hidden art installations
– Tucked-away cafes
– Secluded benches
5. Seek local recommendations – Ask locals for their tips and insights
6. Share your discoveries – Upload photos and tag locations on social media

Gardens Through the Seasons: Savannah’s Ever-Changing Beauty

See Savannah’s secret gardens change as seasons pass by. Each season adds its special charm to these magical places. It’s like a painting that nature keeps updating for us, through colors, smells, and feelings. You can see this beauty on Savannah garden tours or on your own at Historic Savannah gardens.

Spring starts:

When the weather gets warm, Savannah’s gardens wake up. Bright flowers and new leaves cover the land. You’ll see pinks, whites, and reds. And wisteria vines make it feel like a dream. The smell of flowers fills the air, asking you to join nature.

“Spring is a time of new beginnings. Colorful flowers mark the end of winter. A new beautiful season starts.” – Savannah Garden Enthusiast

Next comes summer:

In the summer, these gardens are cool, peaceful places. Big oak trees offer shade from the sun. Bees and birds add to the joy. The whole place is a mix of bright colors and soothing greens, calling you to sit back and relax.

Autumn, or fall, follows:

When fall arrives, Savannah’s gardens turn into a feast for the eyes. Trees and plants show gold, orange, and red. Everything looks and smells peaceful. It’s the best time for a slow walk and some quiet time to think.

Then, winter arrives:

Winter doesn’t make these gardens less beautiful. They turn into quiet, magical places. Even with no leaves, they keep a special charm. They’re a perfect escape from the busy holiday time. So peaceful and still, they remind you of nature’s simple beauty.

Savannah garden tours

Every season, Savannah’s gardens offer a special visit. Their beauty shows us the life circle and the wonders of nature. Bring your camera and take a trip through these gardens in different times. You’ll find Savannah’s secret spots at their most enchanting.

Hidden Gems Near Historic District: Beyond the Beaten Path

Visiting Savannah can draw you to its famous historic spots. Yet, for a real taste of Savannah, search for its hidden gems. These secret gardens and quiet places near the historic district show off the city’s true beauty.

1. Delaney Oak Park

Just a short walk from the historic area, Delaney Oak Park is a calm spot. It features large oak trees covered in Spanish moss. It’s perfect for a quiet walk or a serene picnic. Enjoy the beauty and calm at this secret sanctuary.

2. Springfield Plantation

Springfield Plantation takes you back to Savannah’s past. It has well-preserved gardens and historic buildings. Visit to see its grounds, take a house tour, and discover its history.

Look for hidden places like Delaney Oak Park and Springfield Plantation near Savannah’s main area. As you explore, note the special courtyards and gardens. These finds will make your Savannah visit unique and memorable.

Hidden gems in Savannah GA

Hidden Gems Near Historic District Description
Delaney Oak Park A hidden oasis of tranquility featuring majestic oak trees draped in Spanish moss.
Springfield Plantation A historic estate offering beautifully preserved gardens and architecture.

Capturing the Magic: Photography Tips for Secret Gardens

Exploring Savannah’s secret gardens is like a sensory adventure. The green plants, colorful flowers, and quiet ambiance make a place that’s perfect for photos. These tips are for anyone wanting to capture the beauty of these hidden spots.

1. Composition: Find Your Focus

Focusing your shot, think about what stands out in the garden. It could be a unique texture, a bright color, or an interesting pattern. Try to show off special garden spots, like a pretty arch or a surprise statue.

Tip: Switch up your view by trying different angles and perspectives.

2. Lighting: Embrace the Golden Hour

The golden hour light makes gardens look extra special. Visit in the time just after sunrise or before sunset. This light turns any scene into something out of a fairy tale.

Tip: Harsh midday sun can make bad shadows and dull colors. Try shooting against the light for a soft, glowing effect.

3. Macro Photography: Discover the Details

With macro photos, you can show off tiny garden details. Take close-up shots of flowers and leaves. You’ll reveal a world of beauty that’s often overlooked.

Tip: If you have a macro lens or setting, use it. It can help capture the fine details well.

4. Creating Depth: Wide Aperture

Using a wide aperture is great for landscapes. It focuses on one thing while blurring the background. That makes your photo look deep and interesting.

Tip: Play with different aperture sizes and see what effect you like best.

5. Editing: Enhance the Magic

After taking photos, play with editing to make them pop. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color. But remember, keep the look natural and true to the garden’s beauty.

Tip: Don’t go overboard with editing. Keep the garden’s magic real while making the photos better.

Secret gardens and hidden courtyards in Savannah

With these tips, you can capture Savannah’s secret treasures with your camera. So, head out, find these beautiful spots, and make some amazing photos. Let your creativity loose and keep the magic alive through your pictures.

Events and Festivals: Celebrating Savannah’s Horticultural Splendor

Step into Savannah’s gorgeous world of gardens through exciting events and festivals. You can choose from garden tours to amazing exhibitions. These events let you dive into the beauty of Savannah’s hidden gardens and treasures.

Garden Tours: Unveiling Historic Savannah Gardens

Take part in a guided garden tour to see Savannah’s historic gardens up close. You’ll learn about their history and see their beautiful landscapes. These tours share the secrets of Savannah’s gardens, from their design to their cultural importance.

Savannah garden tours

Blooming Festivals: A Colorful Spectacle

Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Savannah’s blooming festivals. The Savannah Blooms Festival and the Garden Fest are just a few examples. They are filled with colorful gardens, exhibits, and fun activities. It’s a time to celebrate nature’s beauty and the magic of Savannah.

Heritage Exhibitions: Preserving the Past

Learn more about Savannah’s historic gardens through special exhibitions. These shows talk about the gardens’ past and the effort to keep them beautiful. They show the cultural and botanical history of Savannah, highlighting their importance across time.

“Attending these events and festivals not only allows you to appreciate the beauty of Savannah’s hidden gardens, but it also gives you a chance to connect with fellow garden enthusiasts and share in the joy of horticulture.”

Community Workshops: Enhancing Horticultural Knowledge

Get involved in community workshops on gardening. These sessions, led by experts, offer great tips. They’re perfect for learning how to make your own secret garden. Take part to sharpen your gardening skills and find inspiration, learn from the best.

Farmers’ Markets: Local Treasures

Explore the farmers’ markets in Savannah for fresh local finds. Here, you’ll find unique horticultural products, flowers, and more. Support the community by shopping here and bring home a part of Savannah’s beauty.

Savoring the Scents: Fragrance Events

Enjoy special events that focus on the lovely scents of Savannah’s gardens. Visit rose festivals and lavender fairs to enjoy these beautiful fragrances. It’s a great way to connect with nature and appreciate Savannah in a new and fragrant way.

Event/Festival Date Location
Savannah Blooms Festival April 15-18 Forsyth Park
Garden Fest May 22-23 Savannah Botanical Gardens
Rose Festival June 5-6 Davenport House Museum
Lavender Fair July 10-11 Savannah Historic District

Don’t miss these fantastic events showcasing Savannah’s garden beauty. They offer a chance to see both public and hidden gardens. It’s a golden opportunity to explore these places, enjoy the festive vibes, and see what makes Savannah truly special.


Finding Savannah’s secret gardens is like entering a magical, timeless world. These hidden gems all over Historic Savannah show the city’s deep history and charm. Strolling through these private areas, you feel peace and calm, a break from the lively city.

The gardens and courtyards vary greatly, each with its own special charm and tale. They have beautiful plants, flowers, and scents that take you back in time. Everyone loves these ‘secret’ places, both people from Savannah and those just visiting.

You can explore these gems with a guide or on your own. Either way, they’ll stay with you. When you leave Savannah, you’ll take with you the memories of these beautiful, secret spots.

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