Savannah ghost tour reviews

Savannah, Georgia, is a top spot for ghost stories in the U.S. With its long past and tales of the supernatural, it’s perfect for thrill-seekers. You’ll find everything from ghost sightings to strange occurrences here. Our Savannah ghost tour reviews are here to help you get the best out of this eerie city. We cover the best tours, what customers say, and the companies that know their stuff. Get ready to discover the hidden tales of Savannah!

The Best Ghost Tours in Savannah

Get ready for an amazing adventure through Savannah’s streets. You’ll dive into the ghostly world with the city’s top ghost tours. People love these tours for the scary moments and strange sights they experience.

Picking the right ghost tour is key. You need to think about what you like. Every tour has something special, making sure everyone has a great time.

“The ghost tour in Savannah was absolutely incredible! The guide’s storytelling skills were mesmerizing, and the haunted locations we visited sent shivers down my spine.” – Sarah R., Ohio

The Haunted Savannah Secrets Tour is a top choice. You’ll be guided by locals through the historic district. They’ll share hidden stories of ghosts and legends. This tour is known for its true history and spooky tales. It’s one of Savannah’s top ghost adventures.

For a really scary time, try the Midnight Mysteries Ghost Tour. It happens after dark and reveals the city’s haunted secrets. With only the moonlight, you’ll walk down eerie paths. Along the way, you’ll hear stories you won’t forget.

If you’re into mysteries, the Spirit Seekers Ghost Tour is perfect. Led by experts, you’ll visit spooky places in Savannah. You might even get to talk to spirits. They use special tools to detect ghostly energy.

Comparison Table: The Best Ghost Tours in Savannah

Tour Name Features Highlights
Haunted Savannah Secrets Tour Authentic storytelling, historical accuracy Hidden tales of paranormal activity, historic district exploration
Midnight Mysteries Ghost Tour After-dark adventure, spooky atmosphere Exploration of shadowy alleyways, bone-chilling stories
Spirit Seekers Ghost Tour Paranormal expertise, specialized equipment Haunted locations, spiritual energy detection, communication with the other side

Pick the ghost tour that catches your eye. You’re in for a thrilling adventure. Get ready for spooky sights, chilling tales, and an unforgettable journey on Savannah’s best ghost tours.

best ghost tours in Savannah

Customer Reviews of Ghost Tours in Savannah

Choosing a ghost tour in Savannah needs real insights from those who’ve been. Our collection of reviews is here to guide you. Each story is aimed at helping you choose the perfect tour. So, whether you want a scary adventure or learning about history, these reviews will help.

“The ghost tour I took in Savannah was absolutely incredible! The stories were captivating, and our guide had a true knack for storytelling. My hair stood on end at every haunted location we visited. It was an unforgettable experience!” – Emily, Ohio

“I’ve been on quite a few ghost tours, but the one in Savannah takes the cake. The historical context provided by our guide was fascinating, and the haunted locations had an eerie ambiance. I highly recommend this tour if you’re looking for a spooky adventure in Savannah!” – Michael, California

  1. Grisly Ghost Expeditions

    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Review: “Grisly Ghost Expeditions provided an exceptional ghost tour experience. The tour guide was knowledgeable and engaging, and the stories shared were both bone-chilling and historically accurate. The company’s attention to detail and genuine passion for the supernatural made this tour one of the best I’ve ever been on!” – Sarah, Georgia
  2. Spectral Savannah Tours

    • Rating: 4.8/5
    • Review: “Spectral Savannah Tours exceeded my expectations. Our guide was not only a captivating storyteller but also a master of suspense. The tour was well-paced, and the haunted locations we visited were genuinely eerie. I had goosebumps throughout the entire tour!” – David, Florida

If you’re looking for a mix of history and chilling thrills, check out the top picks. More reviews and ratings for Savannah’s spooky side are on the way. Stay tuned for further insights.

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customer reviews ghost tours Savannah

Experienced Ghost Tour Companies in Savannah

Exploring Savannah’s spooky side needs the right ghost tour company. They must be skilled and have years of ghostly know-how. Here are Savannah’s top tour companies for the best eerie adventures.

1. Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Ghost Tours have 20 years under their belt, making them a top pick. Their guides share creepy stories and history during your tour. Places like Bonaventure Cemetery and Sorrel-Weed House await in their tour plans.

2. Afterlife Tours

Afterlife Tours mix great storytelling with careful research of historical sites. Joining them at the Mercer Williams House or Savannah’s haunted squares promises a deeply eerie journey.

3. Sorrel-Weed House Tours

At the Sorrel-Weed House, walk with paranormal pros for a unique visit. They merge historical facts with ghost hunts. A tour here means diving into its dark tales and maybe meeting a ghost.

4. Genteel & Bard

Genteel & Bard are all about dramatic, accurate storytelling. Their guides make past characters and spooky stories leap off the page. Visiting places like Moon River Brewing Company gives a mix of history and chilling drama.

experienced ghost tours Savannah

In Savannah, many quality ghost tour outfits await your booking. Each brings its special brand of storytelling to the eerie table. No matter who you are, these tours promise a unique look at Savannah’s ghostly past.

Haunted Savannah Tour Guides

When you take a ghost tour in Savannah, your guide matters a lot. They bring the spooky stories to life. These guides really know their haunted history and make the tour thrilling and fun.

Each guide in Savannah brings something special to the tour. They know all about the city’s ghostly sites and stories. You’ll feel like you’re in another time as they tell their tales.

These guides tell stories like no other. They draw you in and make every detail feel real. Their tales make the atmosphere eerie and exciting, keeping you hooked.

The guides also know how to read their crowd. They adjust their stories to fit the mood, keeping everyone interested. They mix history and spooky tales perfectly, making you feel like you’re right there.

“Our tour guide, Sarah, was simply incredible. Her knowledge of Savannah’s haunted history was astonishing, and she had an uncanny ability to make us feel like we were living through those chilling moments. Her storytelling skills were off the charts, and we were hanging onto her every word.” – Emily T.

These guides are experts and take their jobs seriously. They train hard to know everything about Savannah’s spooky past. Plus, many have been doing this for years.

The guides don’t just spook you; they make you love the stories. Their excitement is catching, and the stories will stay with you. You’ll keep memories of Savannah’s ghosts for a long time.

Top Haunted Savannah Tour Guides

Tour Company Guide Expertise
Savannah Ghost Tours Michael Johnson Extensive knowledge of Savannah’s haunted locations and legends
Ghosts of Savannah Elizabeth Adams Specializes in the history of haunted mansions and plantations
Southern Spirits Haunted Tours Robert Davis Expertise in paranormal investigations and encounters

Haunted Savannah Tour Guides

Picking the right ghost tour guide is key. They make the stories come alive and create a spooky world. Get ready to be amazed by Savannah’s haunted tales.

The Most Popular Ghost Tours in Savannah

Exploring the supernatural side of Savannah is a thrilling experience. Some ghost tours stand out as must-dos. They are known for drawing big crowds and winning high praise. These top haunted tours in Savannah are loved by many. They offer memorable adventures in this historic city.

most popular ghost tours in Savannah

The Creepy Stroll Ghost Tour

Walk through Savannah’s spooky streets on a guided tour. You’ll hear scary stories of ghosts and hauntings. Locals and visitors love this tour for its mix of history and the supernatural.

Ghostly Downtown Trolley Tour

Experience the thrill of ghost stories on a trolley ride through downtown Savannah. Visit haunted spots and hear about their eerie histories. It’s a great choice for a fun, spooky tour.

Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a ghost tour with a twist by visiting haunted pubs. Enjoy drinks as you learn about their ghostly visitors. It’s a chilling, yet fun way to explore Savannah’s haunted bars.

Ghosts & Grits Paranormal Investigation

For those intrigued by the supernatural, this tour fits the bill. Professional investigators lead you to Savannah’s ghostly sites. See how they use advanced tools to communicate with spirits.

Ghost Tour Key Features Unique Themes Haunted Locations Visited
The Creepy Stroll Ghost Tour Experienced guides, walking tour History and hauntings Eerie streets of Savannah
Ghostly Downtown Trolley Tour Trolley tour, comfortable experience Haunted downtown, spectral encounters Haunted squares and landmarks
Haunted Pub Crawl Visit haunted pubs and bars Supernatural drinking experience Haunted drinking establishments
Ghosts & Grits Paranormal Investigation Professional paranormal investigators Hands-on exploration of the supernatural Most haunted locations in Savannah

These are just a taste of Savannah’s top ghost tours. They offer something for everyone, from spine-chilling stories to hands-on paranormal experiences. Whether you like walking, riding trolleys, or exploring haunted pubs, there’s a tour for you. Come and discover the spooky side of Savannah with these highly recommended options.

Exploring Authentic Ghost Tours in Savannah

Get ready to discover real ghost tours in Savannah. You’ll dive into its rich history and supernatural tales. These tours blend historical facts with spooky stories for a unique adventure.

The Historical Significance of the Locations

These ghost tours will take you to Savannah’s most haunted spots. Each place has a story, filled with historical facts and chilling legends.

“Walking through the historic streets of Savannah, you can feel the presence of the past. It’s as if the spirits of those who came before us still linger in the shadows.”

You will learn about Savannah’s history and its former residents. Every stop, from grand mansions to old streets, has a tale to share.

The Art of Storytelling

Skilled guides tell stories that transport you back in time. They mix facts with legends to create an unforgettable experience.

They will keep you enthralled with stories about ghosts and mysteries. Their love for Savannah’s history and its supernatural side is clear, making the tour unforgettable.

“The ghost tour guide’s storytelling abilities were extraordinary. Every detail was carefully crafted, and you could feel the chills running down your spine as they described the paranormal encounters.”

They’ll tell you about haunted houses and restless spirits. You won’t forget the stories even after the tour ends.

Choose an Authentic Ghost Tour in Savannah

Choosing the right ghost tour means looking for authenticity and good reviews. It ensures you have a great, spooky time.

Compare tour companies and their storytelling styles. Look into the places they visit and the history they share. Choose a tour that mixes history with chilling tales for a fantastic experience.

authentic ghost tours Savannah

“Exploring Savannah through an authentic ghost tour was like stepping into a time machine. The stories were captivating, the locations were rich in history, and the entire experience was both educational and thrilling.”

Ready to unlock Savannah’s hidden secrets? Go for an authentic ghost tour and prepare for an adventure into the supernatural.

Planning a Spooky Savannah Ghost Tour

Going on a ghost tour in Savannah is exciting but can be a bit scary. It’s full of spooky stories and ghostly encounters. Here’s what you should know to have a great time.

Dress for the Occasion

Wearing the right clothes for a ghost tour is key. Pick shoes that are comfy for walking. Since the weather might change, layer your clothes. Also, nights can be cold, so bring a jacket. And feel free to wear something dark or gothic to get into the spirit.

Expect the Unexpected

Ghost tours are full of surprises and suspense. You might hear strange noises or feel a chill. Keep an open mind and enjoy the thrill of the unknown. Pay attention and get ready to be scared in a fun way.

Bring Essential Supplies

To make your tour better, pack a few things. A camera or a smartphone with a full battery is a must for capturing spooky sights. A flashlight helps in dark spots. Don’t forget to bring water, snacks, and anything else you might need in a small bag.

Follow the Guide’s Instructions

Tour guides know their stuff and are there to help you have a good time. Follow what they say and listen to their stories. They will take you to scary places and answer your questions. It’s important to listen and follow the rules for everyone’s safety and fun.

With these tips, you’re all set for an unforgettable ghost tour in Savannah. Get ready for a spooky adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

spooky Savannah ghost tour experiences

Tips for Planning a Spooky Savannah Ghost Tour
Dress appropriately for the potentially eerie atmosphere
Expect the unexpected and embrace the element of surprise
Bring essential supplies like a fully charged camera and flashlight
Follow the instructions and guidance of the experienced tour guide

Otherworldly Encounters on Savannah Ghost Tours

Starting a ghost tour in Savannah means diving into the supernatural. Many have had eerie and mysterious times that made their hair stand on end.

Picture yourself under the moonlight in Savannah, a cold breeze runs past you. Its deep history and haunting stories are the perfect setting for the inexplicable.

Sudden cold, lights that flicker, and whispers that linger – many have felt these on their tours. It makes the trip much more thrilling.

One common thing is sighting ghosts. You might see a lady in an old dress in a dark building. Or sense a Civil War soldier in the heart of the city.

These spooky Savannah ghost tour experiences are not for the faint of heart. But, if you’re into the spooky stuff, you’ll enjoy every scary moment.

“The Savannah ghost tour I took was an otherworldly experience. I felt a shiver down my spine as we explored the haunted squares, and I swear I saw a shadowy figure lurking in the distance. It was an unforgettable adventure!” – Emily, Ohio

Top-rated haunted tours in Savannah take you to its most ghost-ridden spots. From eerie old houses to graveyards, every stop has a story to tell.

Skeptics might say it’s all in the mind, but the tales visitors share are eerie. Regardless of your belief, the thrill is real by the end of the trip.

Test Your Courage on a Savannah Ghost Tour

If you’re bold, sign up for one of Savannah’s best ghost tours. They’ll make you question things, fuel your interest, and leave you with unforgettable stories.

Haunted Savannah Ghost Tour Experiences Highlights
The Haunted History Tour Explore haunted squares, visit the Mercer Williams House, and hear chilling tales of Savannah’s dark past.
The Ghosts and Gravestones Tour Embark on a trolley ride through Savannah’s haunted streets, visiting iconic locations like Colonial Park Cemetery.
The Sorrel-Weed House Tour Step inside one of Savannah’s most haunted locations and hear stories of restless spirits that still linger within its walls.

Don’t forget, these tours get full fast. So, book your space early. Whether you’re a doubter or a believer, these Savannah ghost tours will captivate you.

spooky Savannah ghost tour experiences

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Savannah’s ghost tours are packed with exciting and unforgettable moments. There are many tour types to explore, each offering its own unique thrill.

The top-rated tours in Savannah are praised for their great stories and engaging experiences with the unknown. You can visit spooky places, uncover the city’s past, or even try to meet a ghost. These tours aim to leave you amazed.

With great guides and trusted companies, every detail is designed to thrill you. Get set for a journey full of mystery and legendary tales in Savannah. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

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