Salem day trip from Boston: How to get there and what to see?

Ready to step back in time? Take a day trip to Salem from Boston. This city is full of history and mystery. Dive into the stories of the Salem Witch Trials. Enjoy the city’s maritime past and its rich culture. With easy ways to get there and so much to see, you’ll have an amazing adventure.

Wondering how to plan your day? This guide has all you need. It covers how to travel, what to see, and tips for your visit. Your trip to Salem will be memorable. You’ll see why it’s an outstanding place to visit.

Are you excited to explore Salem’s history and charm? Join us as we discover Salem’s top sights. You’re about to experience an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to be amazed by this city’s fascinating stories and sights.

How to Get to Salem from Boston

When you plan a day trip from Boston to Salem, you have many ways to travel. There are some great transport choices to get to Salem from Boston.


Take a ferry from Boston to Salem for a scenic trip. The ferry runs from May to October, and you can see the beautiful coastline on your way.


Ride the train from Boston’s North Station for a quick trip to Salem. It’s a comfortable journey where you can relax and still enjoy the view.


Travel on a bus from Boston to Salem for a cost-effective option. Buses give you flexibility and savings on your trip. They’re good for budget travelers.

Pro Tip: Combine transport modes for an interesting day trip. For instance, take a ferry to Salem and come back to Boston by train or bus. This way, you get the best of both ways.

Whatever transport you choose, make sure to look up the schedules and prices early. Plan your trip well, including how long it will take to get to Salem and what you want to do there.

Salem day trip transportation

Getting to Salem from Boston is easy with many transport options. Pick the one that fits your style and start your adventure to Salem today!

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Exploring Salem’s Historic Sites

Explore Salem’s top historic sites to dive into its rich history. This coastal city has a fascinating past. Its landmarks share stories from the colonial era and its maritime past.

Witch House

The Witch House in Salem is famous. It’s also called the Jonathan Corwin House. Judge Jonathan Corwin lived there in the 17th century. He was a key figure in the Salem Witch Trials.

Visiting the Witch House lets you see old furniture. You can also learn what happened during the witch trials. The museum shows how the trials affected people and Salem alike.

Salem Maritime National Historic Site

For more on Salem’s seafaring history, visit the Maritime National Historic Site. It includes the Custom House, Derby Wharf, and Friendship of Salem. The last one is a copy of a 1797 merchant ship.

See the showcases, watch maritime demos, and stroll Derby Wharf. Enjoy the lovely Salem Harbor views.

Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum tells the spooky story of the witch trials. It uses life-like exhibits and a dramatic setup. This makes the trials come to life in a thought-provoking way.

You’ll learn about the history, the accused, and why the events in Salem happened. It’s a deep dive into the late 17th century hysteria.

Salem day trip attractions

Attraction Description
Witch House A 17th-century house associated with the Salem Witch Trials. It is now a museum that showcases the events of the trials and the life of Judge Jonathan Corwin.
Salem Maritime National Historic Site A collection of historic buildings and attractions that highlight Salem’s maritime history. Explore the Custom House, Derby Wharf, and the Friendship of Salem.
Salem Witch Museum An immersive museum that reveals the story of the Salem Witch Trials through exhibits and narrations. Learn about the accused, the trials, and the historical context.

Salem’s Museum Scene

Dive into Salem’s unique museum world and explore its varied exhibits. You’ll find everything from stories of the sea to the Salem witch trials and local artwork. These museums are top spots to fill your Salem visit with culture.

Peabody Essex Museum

Discover the famous Peabody Essex Museum, home to amazing art, culture, and history pieces. See art from Asia, the U.S., and more. This museum offers fun exhibits and rich experiences, making it a highlight for culture lovers.

Salem Wax Museum

Visit the Salem Wax Museum for a journey back to the Salem Witch Trials. Encounter realistic wax figures presenting key scenes from this time. This experience gives you a look into the lives of those accused and the town’s panic.

Other Museums in Salem

Don’t miss out on other interesting Salem museums. The Salem Museum of Witchcraft tells the story of Salem’s dark past. The Salem Maritime National Historic Site offers hands-on exhibits and tours about the city’s sailing history.

“Salem’s museum scene is truly captivating, showcasing the city’s rich history and artistic diversity. From the Peabody Essex Museum to the Salem Museum of Witchcraft, there’s a museum for every interest and a chance to delve deeper into Salem’s intriguing past and cultural heritage.”

Museum Highlights
Peabody Essex Museum Extensive collection of art, culture, and history from around the world
Salem Wax Museum Life-like wax figures depicting the Salem Witch Trials
Salem Museum of Witchcraft Insights into the history and mythology of witchcraft in Salem
Salem Maritime National Historic Site Interactive exhibits and guided tours exploring Salem’s seafaring past

Salem Museum Scene

Witch Trials Memorial and Historic Cemeteries

On your Salem day trip, stop by the Witch Trials Memorial to honor the past. This memorial is a sad reminder of the lives lost in the Salem Witch Trials. It’s a place to think about the wrongs done and those who were hurt during that time.

Next, explore Salem’s historic cemeteries to feel the whispers of the past. The Old Burying Point Cemetery is worth a visit. It’s home to figures from the Witch Trials, like Judge John Hathorne. As you walk past the graves, you’ll learn more about their stories.

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

The Witch Trials Memorial

“Take a moment to reflect on the devastating consequences of the Salem Witch Trials at the Witch Trials Memorial. This solemn and thought-provoking tribute serves as a reminder of the importance of justice, tolerance, and compassion.”

The Old Burying Point Cemetery

“Wander through the Old Burying Point Cemetery, where the souls of Salem’s past find eternal rest. Discover the gravesites of notable figures from the Witch Trials era, and immerse yourself in the haunting history of this remarkable city.”

Haunted Happenings in Salem

Salem’s Haunted Happenings will take you into the city’s eerie tales. It’s a month-long event filled with supernatural stories and thrilling activities. This celebration welcomes all, from ghost hunters to adventure seekers.

Salem day trip attractions

Take a walk through Salem’s historic streets with a guided tour. Here, you’ll hear scary stories and learn about the city’s haunted history. It’s a chance to see Salem’s spooky side up close.

Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Investigations

Feel bold? Join a ghost hunt or paranormal investigation in Salem. Working with experts, you’ll use special gear to reach out to spirits. This is your chance to explore the city’s most haunted spots.

“Salem’s Haunted Happenings is an unforgettable experience for those seeking the thrill of the supernatural. Join the festivities and explore the paranormal side of this historic city!”

Spooky Performances and Events

Salem is alive with spooky shows and events during Haunted Happenings. Get ready for scary ghost tales, theater, and eerie songs. You’re sure to feel the chill in the air.

Dare to witness the Witch’s Circle, featuring live rituals and insights into modern witchcraft. This lets you learn more about Salem’s spiritual community and its culture.

Witch Trials Remembrance

Don’t forget to honor the Salem Witch Trials victims at Haunted Happenings. Attend ceremonies and gatherings that remember their lives and teachings. It’s an emotional, meaningful part of the event.

Get fully into the spirit of Salem’s Haunted Happenings. Enjoy creepy encounters and performances. This celebration promises unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

Salem’s Maritime Heritage

When in Salem, don’t miss out on its maritime history. It’s a key seaport with a lot to offer. Whether you love history or enjoy the water, there’s something for everyone.

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site is a must-see for those into maritime history. It keeps Salem’s past alive with old buildings and ships. Join a tour to dive into the city’s sailing days and see artifacts from its past.

Harbor Cruises

To see Salem from the water, take a harbor cruise. While you sail, you’ll hear about the city’s maritime traditions. It’s a great way to learn and enjoy the views.

Waterfront Stroll

If you prefer land, a walk along the waterfront is perfect. You can see sailboats, fishermen, and old buildings. This area shows off Salem’s beauty and history.

“Salem’s maritime heritage is key to its identity. It has deeply influenced the city’s culture and look.” – local historian

Maritime Attractions in Salem

Attraction Description
Salem Maritime National Historic Site Learn about Salem’s maritime past at this site with old buildings and ships.
Harbor Cruises Get on a boat to see Salem’s coast, hear its stories, and view the city from the water.
Waterfront Stroll Enjoy a relaxed walk by the water, checking out sailboats, history, and beautiful sights.

Explore Salem’s marine history to see its seaport significance. Visit the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, go on a cruise, or take a walk by the water. You’ll learn a lot about Salem’s bond with the ocean.

Shopping and Dining in Salem

Enjoy shopping and eating in Salem’s downtown. It’s perfect for both shopaholics and food lovers. You’ll find lovely boutiques, shops, and eateries to explore.

Boutiques for Unique Finds

Stroll through Salem to find unique boutiques. They offer everything from vintage clothes to handmade jewelry. Make sure to visit Essex Street for its unique shops.

Eclectic Shops for Every Taste

Salem has many cool and unique shops. Look for mystical items like crystals and tarot cards. Or check out local art and unique home decorations.

Visit HausWitch Home + Healing for witchy items. This special shop has candles, crystals, and more. It truly captures Salem’s magical vibe.

Delicious Seafood and Local Cuisine

After shopping, enjoy Salem’s great food. The city is known for its fresh seafood. Try lobster rolls, fish and chips, or clam chowder at the local spots.

Don’t miss the local cuisine. Salem offers Indian spices and classic American dishes. You’ll love the variety of food available.

Try The Lobster Shanty for amazing seafood. Dishes like lobster bisque and seafood paella are a treat. Plus, the restaurant has great city views.

Immerse Yourself in Salem’s Shopping and Dining Scene

Experience Salem’s shops and restaurants. It’s a mix of fun shopping and tasty food. Have a great time in this charming city.

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Seasonal Events and Festivals

Don’t forget to look into Salem’s seasonal events and festivals during your visit. This city is always buzzing with activities, from cultural festivities to spooky gatherings. Dive into Salem’s traditions and enjoy the lively atmosphere at these special times. Here are some key events not to miss:

Halloween in Salem

In October, Salem transforms into a Halloween wonderland. You’ll find haunted houses, parades, ghost tours, and more. It’s a chance to be part of the famous spooky vibe of Salem.

Salem Arts Festival

The Salem Arts Festival takes place in June. It’s a time when local artists share their work and talents. The festival includes music, dance, art exhibitions, and interactive workshops. It’s perfect for art fans and anyone wanting to explore Salem’s culture.

Salem Maritime Festival

In August, celebrate Salem’s maritime roots at the Salem Maritime Festival. Enjoy live music, see nautical skills, watch historical plays, and sample local foods. It’s a great family day out focused on Salem’s historic connection to the sea.

These events are just a glimpse of what Salem has to offer. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s history, art, or just having a good time. Plan your day trip to Salem around these events, and you’ll get a taste of the city’s vibrant culture.

Salem Day Trip Attractions

Day Trip Itinerary Suggestions

Planning a day trip from Boston to Salem? Dive into the magic of Salem with these day trip ideas. Whether you’re into history, art, or the supernatural, Salem has something you’ll love.

History-Focused Itinerary

If you love Salem’s history, this plan is for you. Start at the Witch House, Judge Jonathan Corwin’s former home. Learn about the Salem Witch Trials here. Then, head to the Salem Maritime National Historic Site to see the city’s maritime story.

“Salem’s historical landmarks provide a glimpse into the city’s captivating past and the events that shaped its identity.” – Local historian

Lunch at Ye Olde Pepper Companie, America’s oldest candy store, for tasty treats. Visit the Salem Witch Museum next to learn more about the witch trials.

Mix of Activities Itinerary

This itinerary offers a mix of things to do. Visit the Peabody Essex Museum in the morning. It has great art and cultural exhibits.

Enjoy lunch at Turner’s Seafood, famous for fresh seafood. Join a Salem Historical Tours for tales about the city’s ghosts after.

Paranormal Enthusiast Itinerary

Love the supernatural? Start with a ghost tour by Salem Night Tour. Explore eerie sites and hear haunting stories.

Next, go to The Salem Witch Trials Memorial to remember the trials. For lunch, try Life Alive for healthy food.

Salem Day Trip Itinerary

In the afternoon, get a Psychic and Tarot Reading for fun or truth. Or visit the Salem Witch Village to get a spooky experience. End your day shopping at mystical stores for unique souvenirs.

Salem is rich in history, full of fun, or eerie places to visit. Plan a visit now. Enjoy the enchanting Salem on a memorable day trip!

Tips and Recommendations for a Memorable Day Trip

Make the most of Salem by following these tips. You can explore old sites, visit museums, and get into the spooky spirit. These ideas will help you enjoy your visit and remember it well.

Best Time to Visit Salem

For a quieter time, visit Salem on a weekday or in the spring or fall. It’s less crowded then. But, if you love spooky things, October is perfect for the Halloween vibe.

Parking in Salem

It’s best to park in public lots or garages near the center. Parking can be hard in busy times. Consider coming early or using public transport to avoid stress.

Don’t Miss These Attractions

  • The Witch House – See the only standing building tied to the Witch Trials.
  • Peabody Essex Museum – Dive into art and history at a top museum.
  • Salem Witch Museum – Learn about the Witch Trials with cool exhibits.
  • Salem Maritime National Historic Site – Explore Salem’s sea heritage.
  • Haunted Happenings – Join in on Salem’s spooky fun with tours and hunts.

“Salem combines history, culture, and spooky stories. Enjoy its unique vibe and check out all the cool places.”

– Travel Enthusiast Magazine

Salem day trip recommendations

Transportation Options Pros Cons
Ferry Offers scenic views of the coast Availability may be limited during off-peak seasons
Train Convenient and comfortable Less frequent schedule compared to other options
Bus Affordable and frequent service May experience traffic delays during peak travel times

Choose the transport that fits your trip best. Think about cost and convenience.

These tips will help you enjoy Salem and get the most out of your visit. Have fun exploring the city’s history and culture.


A trip from Boston to Salem is a great chance to explore its interesting history and culture. You can easily get to Salem and enjoy a journey through time.

Salem offers a mix of historic sites, museums, and events like the Salem Witch Trials. You can also check out its maritime history or just shop and eat. There’s something for everyone in this city.

Plan a visit to Salem today. You’ll find a lot of history, culture, and fun waiting for you. Don’t miss this chance to learn and make memories in Salem.

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