How do I get to Nantucket by ferry or plane?

How to get to Nantucket? When you plan your visit to this lovely island, you might wonder about the best way. Should you enjoy a slow trip on the ferry, watching the water go by? Or choose a faster flight? Let’s discover the different Nantucket transportation options. We’ll help you with the best way to reach Nantucket.

Traveling to Nantucket by Ferry

Planning a trip to Nantucket? Consider traveling by ferry. It’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful journey. You’ll see the ocean’s beauty as you get closer to the island. We have tips and info on the ferry routes to make your trip smooth.

Getting to Nantucket from mainland

Benefits of Traveling to Nantucket by Ferry

Taking the ferry to Nantucket has lots of perks. You can bring your car, so you’re free to explore as you like. Plus, it offers a special way to arrive, right in the downtown area. This lets you start enjoying the island’s charm as soon as you step off the boat.

Traveling to Nantucket by ferry allows you to breathe in the salty sea breeze, relax on deck, and feel the excitement as you near this beautiful island.

Nantucket Ferry Routes

Nantucket is connected by ferry to places like Cape Cod and New York. The Hyannis to Nantucket route is popular. It takes about an hour. There’s also the Harwich to Nantucket ferry for those from the mainland.

From New York, you can take a high-speed ferry to Nantucket. It’s a quick way to get there, with trips under five hours.

Planning Your Ferry Trip to Nantucket

Getting ready for your ferry trip is key. Here are some tips:

  • Check the ferry schedules and book your tickets early.
  • Get to the terminal with enough time for parking and boarding.
  • Bring essential items like sunscreen and comfortable clothes.
  • Know what the ferry offers, including food and restrooms.
  • Prepare for different weather with extra clothing.

Traveling by ferry to Nantucket is both fun and scenic. It adds to the adventure of visiting this special island. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been before, the ferry to Nantucket is an experience to enjoy.

Ferry Route Departure Location Travel Time
Hyannis to Nantucket Hyannis, Massachusetts Approximately 1 hour
Harwich to Nantucket Harwich Port, Massachusetts Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes
New York City to Nantucket New York City, New York Approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes

Taking a Plane to Nantucket

Want to fly to Nantucket? There are plenty of options to get you there. Whether you’re close by or flying direct, Nantucket is within easy reach. Keep reading for everything you need to know about flying to Nantucket.

1. Nearby Airports

Not flying directly to Nantucket? Don’t worry, there are many airports nearby. You can fly to Nantucket from places like:

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  • T.F. Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Boston Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts

From these hubs, it’s a short flight to Nantucket. This shortens your overall travel time.

2. Airlines Offering Direct Flights

Better yet, many airlines offer direct flights to Nantucket. Here are a few that fly straight there:

  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Cape Air

Choosing a direct flight is quick and easy. It speeds up your Nantucket travel time without the hassle.

Flying to Nantucket options

3. Flight Tips

Here are some tips for an easy flight to Nantucket:

  1. Buy your tickets early for the best deals and seats.
  2. Know your airline’s baggage rules before you pack.
  3. Get to the airport with plenty of time for check-in and security.
  4. Think about your parking or how you’ll get to/from the airport ahead of time.

“Flying to Nantucket provides a convenient and time-saving option for travelers looking to reach this beautiful island.”

Flying to Nantucket is a smart choice with many airports and direct flights available. Enjoy a smoother and more convenient journey to this island paradise.

Ferry vs. Plane: Pros and Cons

When deciding how to get to Nantucket, you’ll need to choose between the ferry and the plane. Each has its own perks and things to think about. Let’s look at what’s good and not so good about each way of traveling.

Travel to Nantucket by Ferry

Choosing the ferry takes you on a beautiful trip across the sea. You get to see the shoreline and enjoy the ocean’s beauty. It’s a nice, relaxing way to kick off your Nantucket adventure.

The ferry is great if you want to take your car or bike. This way, you can explore Nantucket on your own terms. You’re not limited by transportation options when you arrive.

By ferry, you see the sea’s beauty and take your vehicle with you for extra convenience.

But, keep in mind that ferry rides can be affected by the weather. This might lead to delays or even trip cancellations. Check the schedules early and be ready to adjust your plans if needed.

Taking a Plane to Nantucket

Flying to Nantucket is quick and easy, with several airlines offering direct flights. It means you’ll get to the island fast, which is great for short trips. You won’t spend a lot of time traveling to your destination.

Flying also means avoiding some of the weather issues that ferries face. Air travel is less disrupted by bad weather, helping you stay on track. This can reduce the chance of delays impacting your plans.

Choosing a plane means a fast trip without worry about weather delays.

However, flying doesn’t offer the same scenic experience as the ferry. If seeing the beautiful coastal views is important to you, consider this. You might miss out on some of the sights during your journey by air.

Transportation Mode Pros Cons
  • Scenic sea journey
  • Flexibility to transport vehicles
  • Opportunity for relaxation
  • Weather-related delays or cancellations
  • Limited availability of ferry schedules
  • Convenience and time-saving
  • Multiple airlines offer direct flights
  • Less affected by adverse weather conditions
  • Lack of scenic coastal views
  • No opportunity to transport vehicles

The choice between a ferry and a plane to Nantucket depends on what matters most to you. If you love the views and want to bring your vehicle, go by ferry. For those who value easy travel and avoiding weather issues, flying is a good option.

Think about your priorities and plan your trip accordingly. This will help make your journey to Nantucket as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Travel to Nantucket by ferry

Nantucket Ferry Tips

If you’re thinking about taking the ferry to Nantucket, we’ve got your back. Let’s go over some key tips. This info will help make your trip smoother.

Ferry Schedules and Routes

First things first, know your ferry options to Nantucket. We’ve got companies like Steamship Authority, Hy-Line Cruises, and Seastreak. They all run different routes and schedules. So, check online or give them a call for the latest info. This will help you plan right and avoid missing your ferry.

Ticket Prices and Reservations

Buying your tickets early is a good idea, especially in busy times. This can save you both a spot and some cash. Many companies let you book online, which is easy. And, it pays to shop around for the best deal.

Parking and Transportation

If you’re bringing your car, sort your parking out early. Nantucket has limited spots, so reserve ahead. Some ferries offer parking, or they might suggest spots nearby. Talk to your ferry pick for the best advice.

Boarding and Amenities

Getting to the terminal on time is key for a smooth start. Each company has its own boarding rules, so know them. And don’t forget about onboard perks like snacks, comfy spots, and bathrooms. Knowing what’s available can make your trip nicer.

Weather and Cancellation Policies

The weather can mess with ferry plans, so stay in the know. Companies have plans for bad weather, like refunds or rebookings. Keep an eye on the forecast and be ready to change your plans if needed.

Nantucket Ferry Tips Table

Ferry Tips Description
Check ferry schedules and routes Familiarize yourself with the different ferry companies, routes, and schedules.
Book ferry tickets in advance Reserve your tickets ahead of time, especially during peak season.
Plan parking in advance If traveling with a car, make parking reservations ahead of time.
Arrive at the ferry terminal on time Be punctual to ensure a smooth boarding process.
Check onboard amenities Take advantage of available amenities, such as food, seating areas, and restrooms.
Stay updated on weather conditions Monitor weather forecasts and be prepared for potential disruptions.

With these ferry tips, you’ll be set for an awesome trip to Nantucket. From schedules to tickets and parking, these steps will help things run smoothly. It’s all about preparation for a great journey.

Nantucket ferry routes

Flying to Nantucket: What You Need to Know

If you plan on flying to Nantucket, there are key things to remember. You should check nearby airport options and baggage rules. This knowledge will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Nearby Airports

There are a few airports close to Nantucket you might fly into. Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) and Hyannis Airport (HYA) are the Island’s main entry points. They are well connected to cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. But you might need a connecting flight from other places.


Various airlines can take you to Nantucket, each with its benefits and prices. You can choose from companies like Cape Air, JetBlue, or American Airlines. It’s smart to check their websites or call them for details on flights and costs.

Baggage Restrictions

Every airline has its own rules for baggage, so it’s smart to know these before you pack. You might face weight limits or extra fees on checked or big bags. Knowing the rules early helps avoid issues at the airport.

Also, make sure your luggage has clear tags with your name, phone, and address. This makes it easier to find your bags if they get lost.

Tip: Keep important items like medicines and documents in your carry-on. This ensures you’re okay even if your checked bag is late or lost.

Ground Transportation

After landing at Nantucket Memorial Airport, you can choose from various ways to move about. You have the option of rental cars, taxis, or rideshares. Pre-booking these options is a good idea for a smooth journey to your stay.

Airlines Flying to Nantucket

Airline Website Contact
Cape Air 1-800-CAPE-AIR
JetBlue 1-800-JETBLUE
American Airlines 1-800-433-7300

Going to Nantucket is great for both the ease of travel and the amazing views from the plane. Knowing about nearby airports, airlines, baggage rules, and transport options is vital. This knowledge makes your trip less stressful. After landing, you’re set to start your Nantucket adventure and create wonderful memories.

Flying to Nantucket

Nantucket Transportation Routes and Connections

When planning a trip to Nantucket, consider different ways to get there. You might come from the mainland or nearby. Knowing how to reach the island makes your journey better.

Nantucket Transportation Options

Many ways exist to travel to Nantucket. Each way is special. The main ones include:

  • By Ferry: A ferry ride is scenic and fun. Ferries go from Hyannis, Falmouth, and New Bedford. Be sure to check schedules and book ahead.
  • By Plane: Flying is faster and more convenient. Airlines fly directly from places like Boston, New York, and Providence. Remember, routes can change with the season.
  • By Private Boat: Sailing to Nantucket is thrilling if you have your own boat. Nantucket’s marinas offer places to dock and explore.

Whichever way you choose, it’s key to check availability and make reservations early. This is especially true during busy travel times.

Getting to Nantucket from the Mainland

From the mainland, ferry and plane are top choices. Here’s how long each journey can take:

Mainland Departure Point Transportation Option Travel Time
Hyannis, MA Ferry Approximately 2 hours
Falmouth, MA Ferry Approximately 1 hour
New Bedford, MA Ferry Approximately 1.5 hours
Boston, MA Plane Approximately 1 hour
New York, NY Plane Approximately 1.5 hours
Providence, RI Plane Approximately 1 hour

Nantucket Transportation Routes and Connections

“Nantucket offers a variety of transportation options, allowing travelers to choose the method that best suits their preferences and needs. Whether you opt for a leisurely ferry ride or a quick flight, the journey to Nantucket will be part of the memorable experience.”

Upon reaching Nantucket, you’ll find taxis, rental cars, and bikes. These let you explore at your own pace. The island’s charm is great for short escapes or long vacations, welcoming every visitor.

Exploring Nantucket: Things to Do and See

Now that you’re in Nantucket, let’s explore its charm. This island has beautiful beaches and historic sites for all to enjoy. Whether you want to relax, have fun, or learn about culture, this guide is for you.

1. Enjoy the Pristine Beaches

Nantucket is famous for its beautiful beaches. Places like Cisco Beach and Surfside Beach are perfect for swimming and relaxing. You can also try surfing or paddleboarding.

2. Explore the Whaling Museum

Visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum for a look at the island’s past. You’ll see how the whaling trade shaped Nantucket. The museum has cool exhibits and artifacts from the 19th century.

3. Stroll Through Nantucket Town

Nantucket Town is a gem to discover. Walk its cobblestone streets to find historic homes, shops, and cafes. Stop by Brant Point Lighthouse for amazing harbor views.

4. Visit Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Don’t miss Sankaty Head Lighthouse, a key Nantucket spot. Take a tour to learn about its past and enjoy the views. It’s a great place for photos.

5. Indulge in Fresh Seafood

Nantucket treats seafood lovers right. Try oysters, lobster rolls, and clam chowder at local seafood places. Dine by the water for a true taste of the island.

6. Explore Nantucket’s Nature Reserves

Nantucket has nature reserves for outdoor lovers. Check out Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge for hiking and wildlife spotting. You can also go bird-watching or fishing there.

Nantucket Travel Guide

7. Discover Nantucket’s Cultural Heritage

Learn about Nantucket’s culture at the Maria Mitchell Association or African Meeting House. See art, watch performances, and go to festivals for a cultural experience.

8. Take a Bike Ride Along the Nantucket Bike Paths

Explore Nantucket by bike on its many paths. Enjoy the scenic views as you bike around. It’s a fun way to see the island.

9. Shop at the Nantucket Farmers Market

Visit the Nantucket Farmers Market for local goods. You’ll find fresh produce, crafts, and more. It’s a great way to experience the local community.

10. Attend the Nantucket Film Festival

In June, check out the Nantucket Film Festival. It features indie films and discussions with filmmakers. Join for a cinema-filled time.

Nantucket is full of beauty, history, and culture. There’s a lot to enjoy on your trip. This guide shares just some of the highlights.


This article has shared lots of info on how to get to Nantucket. You can pick a scenic ferry or a quick flight. There are several ways to reach this beautiful island.

To figure out the best way to reach Nantucket, check out the details in this guide. We’ve included ferry times, ticket costs, and even nearby airports with direct flights. This info will help you plan your trip well.

Once in Nantucket, our Nantucket travel guide will help you find fun things to do. Like relaxing on lovely beaches or visiting historic spots. You’ll love your time in this magical place.

Decide on a ferry or a flight, and use the advice in this guide to make your Nantucket trip special. Have a great time exploring this charming island!

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