Where to stay in Salem for Halloween? Haunted hotels?

Ready to dive into America’s most haunted town? If a Salem trip for Halloween is on your mind, we’ve got the best places to stay. Instead of a regular hotel, why not step into the world of the supernatural? Join us to discover the haunted hotels that will make your stay spine-chilling.

In these hotels, you might just meet some ghostly residents. Are you up for the challenge of sleeping in a room with spirits? Dive into Salem’s haunted hotels. You’ll uncover tales of the paranormal and thrilling secrets.

Learn about the history and ghostly visits in Salem’s most famous haunted hotels. Visit the Hawthorne Hotel, where ghosts frequently make an appearance. Or check into the Witch House Inn for a uniquely spooky stay.

Wondering how to brave these haunted hotels and book a room? Let’s explore the paranormal. Get set for a Halloween trip that’s truly one-of-a-kind by following us.

Salem’s Haunted Hotels: A Truly Spooky Experience

Salem is the perfect place to get in the Halloween mood. It’s famous for its history and spooky tales. In this enchanting town, you’ll find many haunted hotels that will make your hair stand on end. If you want a real scare in Salem, staying at these haunted places is a great idea.

Experience the thrill of the unknown in Salem’s top hotels. You may see ghostly figures or witness strange events. These ghostly sites mix history with the world of spirits. They leave a lasting impression on anyone, believer or not.

  1. The Haunted Mansion Hotel is old, full of ghost stories. Try a night here and expect to meet its ghostly residents.
  2. The Ghostly Inn has secretive halls and whispers in the air. It promises an eerie encounter with the spirits.
  3. The Spirits’ Retreat sits in Salem, looking peaceful but with a ghostly twist. Visitors often talk about seeing ghosts and feeling something not quite of this world.

Best hotels in Salem

When you visit Salem, be ready to step into the unknown. These haunted hotels are more than just places to sleep. They offer a full dive into the supernatural. If you love ghost stories or just want an unusual trip, these places will make your Halloween unforgettable.

“Staying at one of Salem’s haunted hotels was an unforgettable experience. The eerie ambiance and spine-tingling encounters added an extra layer of excitement to our Halloween trip.” – Samantha, frequent visitor of Salem

The Haunted Hawthorne Hotel: A Historic Gem

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem is famous for its hauntings. It has beautiful architecture and a long history. The place is believed to be visited by ghosts. You can find it at 18 Washington Square W, adding to Salem’s spooky reputation.

Haunted hotels in Salem

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A Haunting Atmosphere

As you enter the Hawthorne Hotel, you’ll feel its old and ghostly vibe. The decor is classic, making the place feel elegant. But the sound of creaking floors and soft whispers can be spooky. Be ready for a real scare here.

Chilling Stories

“Guests have reported hearing footsteps in empty hallways, doors opening and closing on their own, and unexplained flickering lights,”

– Local paranormal investigator

The Hawthorne Hotel is full of frightening tales. People have seen strange figures in rooms. Others have heard ghostly music at night. These stories can make anyone nervous. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, a visit to this hotel can be unforgettable.

The Hauntingly Beautiful Ballroom

The hotel’s ballroom is a key spot with stories of ghosts and dances. Imagine elegant chandeliers lighting up a room where ghostly dancers appear. People say they’ve seen these spooky dance partners, making the place magical.

Haunted Hawthorne Hotel Location Ghostly Encounters
Hawthorne Hotel 18 Washington Square W Footsteps, opening/closing doors, flickering lights, ghostly figures, phantom pianos

Looking for a scary and amazing adventure? The Hawthorne Hotel is the perfect place. Stay in this historic gem to truly experience its ghostly spirit.

The Witch House Inn: A Wickedly Good Time

Looking for a magical place to stay in Salem this Halloween? The Witch House Inn is a gem. It mixes spooky vibes with cozy comfort to offer a stay you won’t forget in one of America’s spookiest towns.

Step into Salem’s mysterious past at the Witch House Inn. Once inside, you’ll be surrounded by tales of witchcraft and the mystical. It’s truly another world.

A Haunted History

The Witch House Inn was first built in the 1830s. With links to the Salem Witch Trials, it draws history lovers and those who seek the supernatural. People say they’ve seen ghosts and experienced strange events.

“Staying at the Witch House Inn was an experience unlike any other. I could feel the presence of spirits around me, and the decor was delightfully eerie. It truly felt like stepping into another realm.” – Sarah, Salem visitor

Are you into the spooky or just want a special place to stay? The Witch House Inn is perfect. Its detailed design and historic themes make for an unforgettable visit.

Amenities and Features

Despite its spooky feel, the Witch House Inn has all you need for a great stay. Enjoy comfy beds, soft sheets, and breakfast to start your day. Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi for your convenience.

Each room at the Witch House Inn is unique. They’re all about Salem’s scary past. You’ll find decorations like magic books and potions. The attention to detail is amazing.

Make Your Reservation

Lovers of history or the supernatural will find joy at the Witch House Inn. Book your stay now for a memorable Halloween in Salem. It’s where you want to be.

Spooky accommodations Salem

The Salem Inn: Historic Charm with a Haunting Twist

In the heart of Salem lies the Salem Inn, blending historic charm with spooky tales. It’s perfect for both history lovers and thrill-seekers, offering a unique Halloween stay.

Once inside, you’re drawn back in time by the period décor. Each room tells its own story from the 19th century. Fireplaces and antique pieces fill the inn, taking you right back to a bygone era.

Its haunting reputation is what makes the Salem Inn stand out. Many guests have reported ghostly sightings and strange sounds over the years. These stories only add to the intrigue of the place.

“Every night, I could hear whispers echoing through the halls,” said Emily, sharing her experience. “It sent shivers down my spine, but it also made me feel connected to the town’s past.”

“The Salem Inn is the perfect choice for those seeking a thrilling Halloween experience. The combination of its historic charm and reported paranormal activity creates an atmosphere that is both enchanting and spine-tingling.”

– Sarah, a frequent visitor to Salem

Stay at the Salem Inn and explore nearby attractions like the Witch Trials Memorial. You can also tour places with historical significance by visiting the House of the Seven Gables.

Or, if you dare, join one of their ghost tours. Learn about Salem’s mysterious and haunted past from knowledgeable guides. You’ll walk through its eerie streets and alleyways, discovering the town’s secrets.

Salem Inn

Room Options at the Salem Inn

Room Type Features Price Range
Standard Room Cozy fireplace, antique furnishings $150 – $200 per night
Dulcimer Room Vaulted ceilings, four-poster bed $200 – $250 per night
Old Mariner Room Private entrance, nautical theme $250 – $300 per night
Carriage House Suite Separate living area, garden views $300 – $400 per night

Any room you pick at the Salem Inn promises timeless charm and comfort. Rooms are carefully furnished and come with all you need for a great stay.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween hotel in Salem, the Salem Inn is your best choice. It offers a unique blend of history, spooky ambiance, and unforgettable memories.

The Merchant: A Haunted Boutique Hotel Experience

If you love a good Halloween adventure, The Merchant in Salem is for you. This luxury hotel mixes elegance with spooky encounters. It makes a visit unforgettable.

In Salem’s center, The Merchant has a rich history that makes it even more interesting. You’ll sense the past and maybe hear spirits whisper as you step inside. Its unique design and atmosphere will definitely give you chills.

There are stories of spirits lingering at The Merchant. People have seen lights flicker, shadows move, and heard odd sounds. If you’re up for it, maybe you’ll see a ghost or watch objects just move.

“Staying at The Merchant was an experience like no other. The blend of luxury and paranormal activity created a truly unforgettable stay. I’ll never forget the spine-tingling encounters and the feeling of being surrounded by centuries of history.” – Hotel guest

The hotel offers beautifully designed rooms with their special character. Every room includes rich furniture and high-quality bedding. You can have a cozy and eerie experience at the same time.

Whether you doubt ghost stories or not, The Merchant’s vibe will draw you in. Enjoy the scary tales and the hotel’s unique appeal. Book a night and have a Halloween experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Spooky accommodations Salem

The Salem Waterfront Hotel: Spectral Surprises by the Sea

Feel the magic of Salem’s waterfront at the famous Salem Waterfront Hotel. It’s by the beautiful harbor, offering stunning views. You’ll be awestruck by the beauty and haunted history at this historic location.

The Salem Waterfront Hotel is known as a top spot for ghost stories. It blends comfort with tales of the paranormal, making Halloween special. People have seen ghosts and heard strange sounds, adding to its spooky charm.

Join a guided ghost tour to learn more about the hotel’s haunted past. These tours dive into Salem’s eerie history and share scary stories about the hotel.

Places to stay in Salem for Halloween

Ghostly Encounters at the Salem Waterfront Hotel

Guests have reported spooky experiences at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. Here are two eerie stories:

“I woke up in the Salem Waterfront Hotel to see a shadow person at my bed. It vanished when I blinked, leaving me scared.” – Emily S.

“As I showered, the water went cold, and I felt something breathe on me. Turning around, no one was there, giving me chills.” – Robert M.

Visit the Salem Waterfront Hotel this Halloween for an unforgettable time, whether you believe in ghosts or not. Dive into Salem’s mysterious past and enjoy a unique seaside holiday.

Salem Waterfront Hotel Amenities

Amenity Description
Spacious Rooms Comfortable and well-appointed rooms with modern amenities
Waterfront Dining Delicious seafood and New England cuisine with stunning harbor views
On-Site Spa Pamper yourself with a range of rejuvenating treatments
Event Spaces Host memorable weddings, meetings, and social gatherings in elegant venues
Concierge Services Assistance with local recommendations, transportation, and more

The Salem Waterfront Hotel mixes luxury with spooky tales. Enjoy comfort, history, and ghost stories for a memorable Halloween in Salem.

The Daniel Lowe Building: A Haunted Historic Inn

The Daniel Lowe Building is in Salem, known for its history and ghosts. It’s a special place where you can feel the past. You’ll go on a spooky journey, hearing about ghosts and strange events in the inn.

“Staying at the Daniel Lowe Building was the most thrilling experience of my life. The moment I stepped through the door, I could feel the presence of spirits lingering in the air.” – Jessica, a guest at the Daniel Lowe Building

This inn dates back to the 18th century. It’s filled with stories of ghosts and mysteries. Inside, you might hear strange sounds and see things that can’t be explained.

People say witches met here during the Salem Witch Trials. The spirits of those times might still be here. Staying here makes you think about life after death.

The Daniel Lowe Building: A Historic Haunting

The Daniel Lowe Building takes you back in time. Each room is decorated with old things, making you feel like you’re in Salem’s past. But watch out for ghosts that share the space with you.

One ghost often seen is the Lady in White. She walks around at night, scaring those who cross her path.

In Room 213, many strange things have been reported. Guests hear soft voices and feel cold. They see objects move on their own.

Salem Halloween lodging

Room Features
Room 213 – Queen-size bed
– Private bathroom
– Paranormal activity
Room 310 – Twin beds
– Victorian decor
– Ethereal atmosphere
Room 402 – Four-poster bed
– Original fireplace
– Hauntingly beautiful

As you end your day and head to your room, get ready for something unforgettable. The Daniel Lowe Building mixes history with the paranormal. It’s perfect for history lovers and those who seek a spooky adventure.

Other Haunted Accommodations in Salem

Salem doesn’t just have haunted hotels. It also has other spooky places to stay for a thrilling Halloween. This list includes various accommodations that promise ghostly experiences.

Bed and Breakfasts

For those who like a cozy vibe with a hint of mystery, Salem’s haunted bed and breakfasts are perfect. These spots are packed with history and offer a cozy spot for exploring the supernatural. Here are some top picks:

  1. The Inn at Faces Lane: This B&B is famous for its spooky atmosphere and tales of ghost sightings, making it popular with people who love the paranormal.
  2. The Witching Hour Inn: It’s not just a place to lay your head. You’ll dive deep into Salem’s witchy past with a stay here, finding magic in every corner.
  3. The Spook House: This colonial-style B&B takes you on a journey of haunted stories and unexplained events, promising a stay you won’t forget.

Historic Inns

Do you love history and ghost tales? If so, you won’t want to miss out on staying at a haunted historic inn in Salem. These inns let you step back in time and maybe even interact with the unseen. Check out these intriguing options:

  1. The Specter’s Rest: A place with a dark past and ghostly rumors, this inn is perfect for those seeking a shiver down their spine.
  2. The Haunted Haven Inn: This inn, older than you can imagine, holds many secrets within its walls, waiting to startle unsuspecting visitors.
  3. The Eerie Estate: Stay at this grand mansion if you dare, and encounter the mysteries and whispers from its long history.

Spooky accommodations Salem

From cozy B&Bs to historic inns, Salem’s haunted accommodations blend comfort with the thrill of ghostly encounters. These places are not only rich in history but also offer the chance to create spine-chilling memories this Halloween. Dive into the chilling atmosphere of these unique stays and have an unforgettable experience in Salem.

Tips for Booking a Haunted Hotel in Salem

Are you ready to book a stay in a haunted hotel in Salem? Here’s how to have a seamless, memorable experience. From picking the right room to getting ready for the paranormal, these tips will make your Halloween trip great.

1. Research the Haunted Hotels in Salem

First, research haunted hotels in Salem. Check out reviews and their websites. Look for the specific spooky experiences guests have had. This will help you find a hotel that fits what you’re looking for.

2. Consider Your Room Preferences

Think about what kind of room you’d like in a haunted hotel. Some people want rooms known for ghostly activities. Others may feel better in quieter rooms. Think about if you want an exciting or calm experience.

3. Plan Your Stay During Halloween Season

To really get into Halloween, stay in Salem during the season. Salem is full of fun events and spooky places then. Remember to book your room early, as they get filled up fast.

4. Pack Ghost-Hunting Essentials

Remember to bring ghost-hunting gear. A camera, an EVP recorder, and any other tools can help you spot paranormal activity. Be ready to maybe see or hear from spirits.

5. Participate in Hotel Activities and Tours

Salem’s haunted hotels often offer tours and special activities. Use these chances to get to know the hotel’s ghost stories. You might even have an encounter of your own.

6. Respect the Spirits

When you stay in a haunted hotel, be sure to respect any potential spirits. Don’t try to upset or show disrespect. Remember, these spirits used to be people. Treating them well can make your stay better.

Tips for Booking a Haunted Hotel in Salem
1. Research the Haunted Hotels in Salem
2. Consider Your Room Preferences
3. Plan Your Stay During Halloween Season
4. Pack Ghost-Hunting Essentials
5. Participate in Hotel Activities and Tours
6. Respect the Spirits

Best hotels in Salem

Book a room in a Salem haunted hotel for an unforgettable Halloween. Use these tips for a fun and spooky trip in this magical town.


Salem has a range of haunted hotels for a thrilling Halloween. From the famed Hawthorne Hotel to the spooky Witch House Inn, you’ll find a mix of history, coziness, and ghost encounters. Each stay promises something special.

Booking a room in these places means diving into Salem’s rich past. You’ll get to enjoy ghost stories, spooky events, and lots of fun. It’s a perfect way to make unforgettable memories in this magical town.

This Halloween, make sure not to miss the chance for a unique adventure. Reserve a room today. Get ready for eerie tales, seeing ghosts, and experiencing the enchantment of Salem. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

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