Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard?

Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard, the perfect spot for family fun! This island is near Massachusetts and is full of great things to do. It’s no wonder families love visiting here.

What’s so special about Martha’s Vineyard for families? There are beautiful beaches, fun nature adventures, and exciting cultural events. You’ll see why Martha’s Vineyard is an amazing choice for your next family vacation by reading this guide.

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard with Kids

Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect family getaway. It offers a wide range of activities for all ages. These include fun adventures, learning experiences, and great family bonding time. You will surely make amazing memories here.

Love the outdoors? Martha’s Vineyard has so much for you. Take scenic hikes, bike in beautiful settings, and visit nature reserves. At Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, you can enjoy nature walks and see different birds and animals.

Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard

If your kids are into history, they’ll have a blast here. Learn about the island’s past at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. You can also delve into Native American culture at the Aquinnah Cultural Center.

Beaches are a must on this island. Spend your days building sandcastles and swimming. Inkwell Beach is a great spot in Oak Bluffs for families, with calm waters and shade.

Exploring nearby islands can be a fun adventure. Take a ferry to Chappaquiddick Island or Nantucket. Chappaquiddick Island offers nature at its best. Nantucket has quaint villages and scenic lighthouses.

Make sure to look at the island’s event calendar. From festivals to cultural events, there’s always something for families. Don’t miss the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair for fun and entertainment.

When it’s time to eat, the island has many family-friendly dining spots. Whether you like casual meals by the beach or fine dining, you’ll find great food. Try the fresh seafood, which is a local favorite here.

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Top Family-Friendly Activities on Martha’s Vineyard

Activity Description
Beach Exploration Enjoy a day of sun and surf at one of Martha’s Vineyard’s pristine beaches, such as South Beach or Menemsha Beach.
Island Bike Ride Rent bikes and explore the island’s scenic bike trails, taking in breathtaking views along the way.
Aquinnah Cliffs Marvel at the vibrant clay cliffs of Aquinnah, a remarkable geological wonder that will captivate the entire family.
The Flying Horses Carousel Step back in time and enjoy a ride on America’s oldest operating carousel in Oak Bluffs.
Martha’s Vineyard Children’s Theatre Immerse your kids in the world of performing arts with a visit to the Martha’s Vineyard Children’s Theatre.

Beach Fun for the Whole Family

Martha’s Vineyard’s stunning beaches are the ideal place for family outings. They boast clear waters, soft sands, and magnificent views. These beaches are full of adventure for everyone.

Top Beaches for Family-Friendly Activities

The beaches at Martha’s Vineyard are perfect for family fun. They are great places to spend time with your loved ones. Here are some top picks for family adventures:

  • South Beach: This beach in Edgartown is famous for its wide shore and big waves. Families love to swim, build castles, and play games here.
  • State Beach: Found between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, State Beach has calm waters. It’s perfect for families with little ones. You can walk by the shore or paddleboard.
  • Joseph Sylvia State Beach: Near Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, this beach is beloved by families. The water is warm and great for swimming. It has picnic spots and restrooms too.
  • Menemsha Beach: In Menemsha’s quaint fishing village, this beach is quiet with beautiful sunsets. Children can look at tide pools or go fishing with their families.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Martha’s Vineyard beaches offer much more than swimming and sandcastles. Here are some activities everyone can enjoy:

  1. Explore the coast on a kayak and see sea wildlife in the coves.
  2. Experience surfing or boogie boarding at special beaches with good waves.
  3. Have fun playing volleyball or Frisbee on the sand.
  4. Take a beach yoga class to stretch and relax by the sea.
  5. Play a beach scavenger hunt to find shells and other shore treasures.

Family enjoying beach fun

Don’t forget to stay safe at the beach. Watch the kids, listen to lifeguards, and bring sunscreen, water, and snacks. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day.

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard’s Nature and Wildlife

Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for families who love nature and wild animals. This island is full of beautiful places and interesting creatures. It’s great for anyone who likes to be outside or admire nature. You can find many activities suitable for all age groups here.

For those who love nature, a visit to the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown is a must. It covers 194 acres with different environments like forests and meadows. The sanctuary is perfect for birdwatching. You can see ospreys and great blue herons. In summer, they have guided walks and programs for families.

For a more exciting adventure, try kayaking around the island. Island Spirit Kayak offers tours where you can see the island’s beautiful shores and sea life. You’ll see seals and learn about the island from experts. It’s a fun way to explore.

Encounter Marine Life at the Biomes Marine Biology Center

The Biomes Marine Biology Center in North Kingstown is not far from Martha’s Vineyard. It’s worth a visit. Here, families can see many marine animals, from seahorses to lobsters. They also have touch tanks that let you interact with sea life.

If you love taking pictures of wildlife, the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank properties are great. They protect over 3,000 acres of nature on the island. You can see deer, turkeys, and birds in their natural habitat. Make sure your camera is ready when you visit places like the Menemsha Hills Reservation.

Martha’s Vineyard is known for its natural beauty and wildlife. It’s a great place for families. You can enjoy quiet walks in nature or fun kayak trips.

For a deeper look into the island’s wildlife, visit the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Vineyard Haven. It tells the story of the island’s nature and marine life. You’ll see cool artifacts and learn lots. It’s interesting for everyone.

Don’t forget to take photos as you explore Martha’s Vineyard. These will be great memories of your time with nature. Share your pictures with loved ones. They’ll love seeing the wildlife.

Family adventures in Martha's Vineyard's nature and wildlife

Family-Friendly Nature and Wildlife Activities on Martha’s Vineyard
Activity Description
Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary Explore diverse habitats, observe bird species, and participate in guided walks and educational programs.
Kayaking Excursion Paddle around the island’s coastline, spot seals, and learn about the island’s ecology.
Biomes Marine Biology Center Visit a nearby marine biology center to discover a variety of marine creatures and interactive touch tanks.
Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Properties Explore protected areas to observe native wildlife, such as deer, turkeys, and bird species.
Martha’s Vineyard Museum Learn about the island’s natural history and marine ecosystems through exhibits and educational programs.

Educational and Cultural Experiences for Families

Martha’s Vineyard is a great place for families. You can dive into its rich history and vibrant culture. It’s perfect for all ages, with many educational and cultural spots to visit.

Step into the past with guided tours and interactive exhibits. Follow the early settlers’ paths and learn about their lives. Don’t skip the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, which tells the island’s story through history, art, and nature.

Historical Walking Tours

On a walking tour, explore the island’s beautiful towns and villages. Learn about unique buildings, landmarks, and stories. Your guide will share interesting facts and stories, showing you the island’s history.

“Martha’s Vineyard is full of history. Each town, from Edgartown’s Victorian homes to Oak Bluffs’ gingerbread cottages, has its own special story.” – Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society

Local Museums and Art Galleries

Visit museums and galleries to expand your cultural world. See local and global artists’ works.

At the Featherstone Center for the Arts, enjoy local art. Kids can join art workshops to get creative.

Go to the Vineyard Haven Harbor Cultural District for a special visit. See local craft and art at the Village Craftsmen. Watch artisans at work, creating amazing pieces.

Agricultural Fairs and Festivals

Join in on the island’s culture with fairs and festivals. These events are filled with music, food, and traditions.

In August, go to the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair. It has shows, competitions, music, and great food for the family.

Event Date Description
Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair August A celebration of the island’s agricultural heritage with livestock shows, competitions, music, and food.
Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival August A showcase of films that celebrate African American culture and highlight issues faced by the community.
Aquinnah Wampanoag Powwow September A cultural gathering of the Wampanoag Tribe, featuring traditional dances, storytelling, and crafts.

Check the events calendar when planning your visit. There are festivals year-round, showing the island’s lively culture.

Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard

Bring your family to Martha’s Vineyard to explore its history and culture. Enjoy walks, museum visits, and local celebrations. It’s a great place for family trips.

Outdoor Adventures for the Adventurous Family

Searching for a family thrill-packed vacation? Martha’s Vineyard is just right for you. It’s jam-packed with outdoor fun that will tickle the fancy of anyone looking for excitement. Be it in the water or on solid ground, there’s something thrilling for all.

Water Sports for All Ages

At Martha’s Vineyard, water activities are a family hit. It’s not just for the pros; even beginners can ride the waves thanks to the great beach conditions. And, if you want to paddle or kayak, the stunning coastline awaits, offering peaceful encounters with the sea.

Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard

Thrills on Land

If solid ground is more your thing, Martha’s Vineyard won’t disappoint. Hike or bike through its scenic trails and stunning views. Ziplining above the treetops lets you see the island in a thrilling new light, literally.

For something unique, a horseback riding tour offers an immersive view of the island. It combines nature’s beauty with the companionship of calm, well-trained horses.

Experience Wildlife Encounters

Martha’s Vineyard boasts diverse wildlife, waiting for you to discover. Join a whale-watching trip for a chance to see these majestic beings up close. It’s not just an activity; it’s a chance to witness nature’s majesty together.

Don’t miss out on wildlife sanctuaries either. They’re perfect for seeing local animals up close and learning about conservation. Guides there are eager to teach about habitats and behaviors.

Outdoor Adventure Options

Activity Description
Surfing Ride the waves along Martha’s Vineyard’s stunning coastline.
Paddleboarding Enjoy a peaceful paddle along the calm waters of the island.
Kayaking Explore the coastline and discover hidden coves and beaches.
Hiking Discover the island’s scenic trails and breathtaking landscapes.
Biking Explore Martha’s Vineyard on two wheels, taking in the sights and sounds of the island.
Ziplining Soar through the treetops and experience an adrenaline rush like no other.
Horseback Riding Embark on a guided tour, exploring the island’s beauty on horseback.
Whale Watching Observe majestic whales in their natural habitat during a thrilling boat excursion.
Wildlife Sanctuaries Visit nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries to observe local animals and learn about conservation.

There’s an outdoor adventure for each family member at Martha’s Vineyard. This island guarantees unforgettable moments. Get set to make memories full of joy and connection amidst breathtaking natural scenes.

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard’s Unique Towns and Villages

Step into Martha’s Vineyard’s charming towns and villages and find lots of fun for the family. Each place has its own special feel, making everyone happy. You’re sure to have an unforgettable vacation here.


Begin in the pretty town of Edgartown, famous for its old homes and quiet streets. Walk down Main Street to see the interesting shops. Make sure to visit the Edgartown lighthouse for great harbor views. Then, try a relaxing ride in a horse-drawn carriage around town with your family.

Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Haven is the island’s busy center and main port. You can rent bikes and cycle along the pretty paths, exploring nature. The Martha’s Vineyard Museum is a great place to see the island’s history and culture. After, treat yourself to ice cream and a walk by the water.

Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs stands out with its bright, gingerbread cottages. At the Camp Meeting Association, check out the old-style cottages. The Flying Horses Carousel, from 1876, is fun for kids. Circuit Avenue is full of shops and places to eat, perfect for the family.

Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard


Menemsha is a quiet fishing village that’s perfect for relaxing. It’s known for beautiful sunsets and is great for a beach picnic with your family. Watch the fishermen and try fresh seafood from a local spot. Also, walk the nature trails and spot the birds.


Chilmark is where you can see hills, farms, and nice beaches coming together. Walk with your family on the Menemsha Hills’ trails or at Lucy Vincent Beach. The Grey Barn Farm lets you meet cute animals and learn about eco-friendly farming.

In Martha’s Vineyard, you’ll discover family-friendly fun everywhere you go. Learn about the island’s culture, enjoy its beautiful nature, and make special memories with your family.

On-Island Farms and Animal Encounters

Take your family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to another level by visiting its charming farms. Enjoy up-close experiences with animals. This is a great chance for all ages to meet animals in beautiful settings.

The island has many welcoming farms. You can learn about farming, pick fresh food, or just relax. There’s something enjoyable for each family member.

These farms are ideal for family fun. Kids love feeding and meeting friendly animals like sheep, goats, and alpacas. They also get to learn about taking care of animals.

Kids enjoy feeding and meeting animals, like sheep, goats, chickens, and alpaca s. They learn how to look after animals. The friendly staff make sure they have a great time.

“Visiting Martha’s Vineyard farms was a top moment in our family vacation. Our kids loved meeting animals and taking part in fun activities. It mixed learning with fun, creating lasting memories.” – The Johnson Family

At these farms, you’ll also learn about important things like sustainable farming. It’s a great way to teach kids about taking care of the earth. You’ll have fun and learn a lot together.

When you plan your family trip, be sure to include a farm visit. Spend the day at one farm or see more. It will be a memorable and educational adventure for your family.

Farm Location Activities
Blackwater Farm Edgartown Animal feeding, pony rides, farm tours
Whippoorwill Farm West Tisbury Farm animals, pick-your-own produce, hayrides
The FARM Institute Edgartown Livestock interactions, farm-to-table workshops, summer programs
Grey Barn and Farm Chilmark Farm tours, cheese-making demonstrations, tasting

Don’t forget to check farm websites for activity info and hours. They might have special events during your visit, too.

A visit to Martha’s Vineyard farms is a lasting memory for your family. Come enjoy the fun and learning together. There’s no better place for family fun on Martha’s Vineyard!

Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard

Family-Friendly Events and Festivals

Make your trip to Martha’s Vineyard more fun by joining family-friendly events and festivals. They happen all year round and are great for everyone. Plus, they’ll make memories that last a lifetime.

Enjoy parades, music shows, and much more. These activities are loved by both kids and adults. They are a great way to experience the island’s rich culture with your family.

“We loved the Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Festival on our family trip. We tried yummy local foods and saw cooking tips. Plus, we had fun together in family events. It was a perfect bonding experience with new treats!” – The Smith Family

Whether you’re into art, sports, or history, Martha’s Vineyard has the perfect event for you. Enjoy fireworks on the 4th of July or visit the Agricultural Fair in West Tisbury. There is always something exciting happening.

Scroll down to see the variety of events and festivals available:

Event/Festival Date
Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival March
Martha’s Vineyard Jazz & Blues Summerfest June
Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival August
Taste of the Vineyard June
Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair August

Here are just a few examples of the events on Martha’s Vineyard. You can find many more throughout the year. Make sure to look at the event calendar for when you’ll be visiting. This way, you won’t miss any fun activities.

Dancing at a music festival, trying amazing foods and wines, or enjoying local art – these experiences make for unforgettable family times. Martha’s Vineyard events are perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Family-Friendly Dining and Culinary Experiences

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard? Dive into the island’s tasty dishes made for the whole family. You’ll discover family-friendly spots everywhere, from laid-back to fancy. They all promise a great time for all.

Into New England’s famed seafood? Check out Larsen’s Fish Market at Menemsha Harbor. Their lobster rolls and clam chowder are top-notch. It’s a perfect place for a family feast.

Looking for a snug cafe with a great vibe? Behind the Bookstore fits the bill. They offer tasty coffee, homemade treats, and fresh bread. Plus, there’s a bookstore to browse. Ideal for family meals or a snack break.

Creative Cuisine for All Ages

Seeking unique and delicious food? Beetlebung is your spot. This Oak Bluffs farm-to-table gem uses local ingredients for amazing meals. Try their burgers and fries – they’re famous!

Craving hearty Italian food in a family-friendly setting? L’Orcio Kitchen in Edgartown is perfect. They serve up homemade pasta and pizzas in a cozy atmosphere. A great place for the whole family.

“Martha’s Vineyard offers family spots for every taste – from seafood to cafes and more. There’s something for everyone, making family dining a joy.”

Family-friendly dining on Martha's Vineyard

Shopping and Souvenir Hunting for Families

Martha’s Vineyard is known for a unique shopping scene. Families can find souvenirs in quaint boutiques and local artisan shops. It’s the perfect place to find something special from your trip.

Head to Edgartown for a great shopping experience. It’s a historic town with charming shops. You’ll see local artwork, stylish clothes, and more while walking down Main Street. Don’t forget to visit Murdick’s Fudge for a treat.

Oak Bluffs is another must-visit spot for family fun. It’s famous for its colorful cottages and a historic carousel. Here, you can shop for unique gifts in art galleries and stores. Enjoy finding treasures with the family.

Don’t miss the West Tisbury Farmers Market for local culture. It happens on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the summer. This market is a chance to see local produce, crafts, and more. It’s a great way to support the island’s local businesses.

Shopping Tips

Make your shopping visit better with these tips:

  • Weekdays are less crowded. It’s better for exploring the shops.
  • Use a reusable tote bag to shop eco-friendly.
  • Talk to shop owners. They love to share stories and tips.
  • Check prices and quality. Some shops offer the same items but at different prices.
  • Buy local products for authentic souvenirs. It supports the community.

Shopping on Martha’s Vineyard is special. It’s more than buying souvenirs. It’s about experiencing the island’s culture and helping local businesses.

Family-friendly activities on Martha's Vineyard

Explore the island’s shops with the family. Martha’s Vineyard has many charming stores. It’s a great way to spend your family vacation and make lasting memories.


Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for a family vacation. It’s filled with fun activities for everyone. You can relax on the beach, explore nature, enjoy culture, and try delicious food.

Have a great time with your family by making sandcastles or going on outdoor adventures. You can also join educational activities that are fun and memorable. The island’s events and festivals make your visit even more joyful.

Martha’s Vineyard welcomes families with open arms. It’s a top choice for a memorable vacation. So, get ready to make lasting memories with your family on this incredible island.

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