Unique things to do on Martha's Vineyard besides beaches?

When thinking about Martha’s Vineyard, beautiful beaches might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there’s much more to this magical island than just the coast. Are you ready to discover unique experiences, hidden gems, and amazing adventures that will enhance your visit?

Ready to look beyond the beaches and find Martha’s Vineyard’s secrets? We’re about to explore lesser-known activities, attractions, and travel advice that make this destination truly special.

Visit Charming Vineyard Haven

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard? Don’t miss out on Vineyard Haven. It’s a delightful town that will captivate you with lots to do.

Vineyard Haven stands out for its lovely streets. These roads are filled with art galleries, boutiques, and charming shops. You can buy unique handmade things, stylish clothes, or special art pieces here.

Looking for great food? Vineyard Haven has top restaurants and cafes. They offer fresh seafood, dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, and amazing desserts.

Walking around Vineyard Haven is a joy. The harbor views are stunning, and the atmosphere is lively. A stroll by the waterfront lets you enjoy the local beauty and feel the town’s peaceful vibes.

Vineyard Haven

Want unique shopping, delicious food, or peace and quiet on Martha’s Vineyard? Vineyard Haven’s your go-to spot on the island.

Immerse Yourself in Island History at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum

At the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, you can dive into the island’s past. It shows off the island’s rich heritage in amazing ways. You’ll see things about the island’s sea history, Native American life, and the whaling business.

Start by checking out the section about the sea. Learn how important the whaling industry was to the island’s history. See the tools and hear the stories of sailors who risked it all hunting whales.

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Then, head to the area about Native Americans. You’ll learn a lot about the Wampanoag people who have lived there for thousands of years. They share their stories through cool displays.

Martha's Vineyard Museum

Another cool part is the focus on buildings and lighthouses. You’ll get to see the old lighthouses that helped sailors long ago. Not to mention, the historic houses that show the island’s deep past.

“The Martha’s Vineyard Museum is your gateway to the island’s awesome history. It talks about everything from sea life to Native American traditions. It’s a deep dive into what made Martha’s Vineyard so special over the years.”

As you go through the museum, take your time. You’ll really soak in the island’s story. It’s more than just history lessons; it’s a tribute to the spirit of the island. No matter if you love history or just want to know more, this museum is for you.

Highlights of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Exhibit Description
Maritime Heritage Explore the island’s deep connection to the sea and the whaling industry that shaped Martha’s Vineyard’s economy and culture.
Native American Culture Learn about the vibrant history and traditions of the Wampanoag people, the indigenous inhabitants of Martha’s Vineyard.
Architecture and Historical Structures Discover the iconic lighthouses and historical homes that reflect the unique architectural heritage of the island.

Explore the Edgartown Village

Edgartown is on Martha’s Vineyard and is famous for its gorgeous design and old houses. It’s a charming place with beautiful streets where you can see the classic look of New England.

The village’s harbor is stunning. You can walk around, enjoy the view of the ocean, and take it easy. Don’t forget your camera for all the pretty pictures.

Edgartown has old lighthouses along its coast that are quite famous. They’re not just pretty landmarks. They also let you see some amazing views of the sea and the village’s harbor.

If you like old buildings, Edgartown is the place for you. It has all kinds of architecture to see, from big, colonial mansions to sweet, little Victorian houses. Walking around, you can feel the island’s deep history and charm.

Edgartown Harbor

Make sure to see the harbor, check out the pretty buildings, and visit the lighthouses to have a memorable time on Martha’s Vineyard.

Edgartown Highlights

Attraction Description
Edgartown Harbor A picturesque harbor offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Edgartown Lighthouses Historic lighthouses that provide panoramic views of the coastline.
Quaint Streets Charming streets lined with preserved architectural gems.

Discover the Aquinnah Cliffs

See the stunning Aquinnah Cliffs on Martha’s Vineyard, also known as Gay Head cliffs. They feature brilliant colors of red, orange, and white clay. These layers have built up over time to create a stunning show of colors. The cliffs are a true mark of the island’s amazing nature.

Martha's Vineyard Aquinnah Cliffs

These cliffs stand about 150 feet high and offer amazing views. They have been carved by the sea and time. The bright colors, especially at sunrise and sunset, make this place magical.

The Aquinnah Cliffs are a testament to the raw beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. The vibrant colors, combined with the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, create a truly unforgettable experience.

Besides being beautiful, the Aquinnah Cliffs are also deeply cultural. The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah sees them as very special. The cliffs tell stories of the island’s Native American past and are a key part of its history.

Exploring the Aquinnah Cliffs and the Nearby Lighthouse

Don’t miss the Aquinnah Lighthouse when at the cliffs. Dating back to 1799, it’s a symbol of Martha’s Vineyard’s seafaring past. Walk around the area and enjoy the views of the coast.

Nearby, there’s a cultural center and artisan market. Here, you can learn about the Wampanoag people through their arts and crafts. It’s a chance to dive into the island’s rich culture.

Exploring the Aquinnah Cliffs is a great way to see Martha’s Vineyard’s beauty and history. It’s a place that shows off both the island’s natural marvels and its deep roots.

Indulge in Culinary Delights at Local Farms and Vineyards

Martha’s Vineyard is famous for its farms and vineyards. You can see the farm-to-table idea in action when you visit.

Martha’s Vineyard farms are full of green fields. You can see how they use eco-friendly methods to grow food. This includes crops, dairy, and honey. Try their fresh food and be a part of supporting local growers.

Wine lovers will adore Martha’s Vineyard vineyards. Join a wine tasting to enjoy local wines. You also get to learn how wine is made, from the vine to the bottle. Cheers to the people who make these great wines.

Walk through beautiful vineyards between the grapevines. The vineyards also host events with food and music. It’s a fun place for anyone, whether you love wine or just exploring.

Tasting Freshness

Visiting the farms and vineyards is both fun and educational. Farms can show you around and let you pick your own food. This is a great way to learn about farming.

Vineyard tours teach you about the island’s grapes and wines. Taste a range of wines guided by experts. This helps you really understand and enjoy their wine.

“Visiting Martha’s Vineyard farms and vineyards is a sensory experience that allows you to connect with the land, the people, and the rich flavors that define this island paradise.” – Martha’s Vineyard Magazine

Try freshly picked food and top-rated wines at the farms and vineyards. It’s a special way to enjoy and support local efforts.

Make sure to see Martha’s Vineyard’s farms and vineyards. You’ll love the delicious and sustainable food and drinks they offer.

Benefits of Visiting Martha’s Vineyard Farms and Vineyards:
1. Taste fresh, locally grown produce
2. Sample locally-made wines
3. Learn about sustainable agricultural practices
4. Connect with the local community
5. Discover the farm-to-table movement

Martha's Vineyard farms

Embark on a Cycling Adventure

Explore Martha’s Vineyard by bike for a fun adventure. Enjoy the island’s scenic trails through lovely towns and hidden spots. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the pretty sights on your ride.

Martha's Vineyard landscape

The island boasts many bike trails for all levels of cyclists. You can choose paths that match your skills and interests. These trails let you see the island’s beautiful nature and varied landscape up close.

Martha’s Vineyard Cycling Trails

Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for those who love to bike. It has flat and rolling paths that show off its most beautiful spots.

  1. State Forest Bike Path: This trail goes through Martha’s Vineyard State Forest. It is shady with tall trees and rich with wildlife.
  2. Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road: This road offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. It connects two lovely towns, Edgartown and Vineyard Haven.
  3. Vineyard Winds: Cycle through West Tisbury’s pretty farms and vineyards on this trail. It’s a beautiful route to take.
  4. Chappaquiddick Loop: This trail offers a more challenging ride. It shows off Chappaquiddick Island’s beautiful beaches and marshes.

Martha’s Vineyard loves cycling, so you’ll find many bike rental spots. You can easily explore the island’s beauty on a rented bike or your own.

“Cycling through Martha’s Vineyard lets you see its hidden beauty. The trails show off each town’s special charm.” – Local cycling enthusiast

So, put on your helmet and start biking around Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you want a fun ride or a bigger adventure, the island has trails for everyone. You’ll see amazing sights and make great memories along the way.

Engage in Water Activities

Martha’s Vineyard is more than just its sandy beaches. It’s a paradise for water lovers. Here, you can find thrilling activities for everyone. If you love fishing, boating, or any water sport, this place is perfect for you.

Dive into the Martha’s Vineyard fishing scene

Martha’s Vineyard is a fisherman’s dream. It’s known for its rich marine life and great fishing spots. You can charter a boat and head out to catch some amazing fish.

There are fishing trips for both pros and newbies. Local guides will show you where to find fish like striped bass and bluefish. Make sure to bring a camera to capture the fun and the stunning views.

Get ready to sail and explore Martha’s Vineyard

See the island from the sea by boating. Rent a boat and sail by beautiful coasts. You can explore hidden spots and enjoy the breeze and sun.

For more adventure, kayak or paddleboard. You’ll see beautiful nature and might even meet seals or dolphins. It’s a great way to experience the island’s wild side.

Uncover the underwater world through snorkeling and scuba diving

Want to get up close with sea life? Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can see colorful fish and amazing underwater scenes.

Snorkel to see shallow-water life up close. If you’re a skilled diver, go deeper to find shipwrecks and exotic creatures. It’s a unique adventure under the sea.

Water Activity Details
Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Charter a fishing boat to catch striped bass, bluefish, and more
Martha’s Vineyard Boating Rent a boat to explore the coastline and hidden coves
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Discover vibrant marine life and underwater landscapes

Martha’s Vineyard has a lot of water activities for you to enjoy. Whether you want to relax, go on an adventure, or fish, there’s something for everyone.

Martha's Vineyard water sports


Martha’s Vineyard is more than stunning beaches—it’s about unique and offbeat experiences. You will be enchanted by its charm. Whether in the towns, the history, or the food, there’s something for all.

From the pretty streets of Edgartown to the colorful Aquinnah Cliffs, this island has much to offer. Visit the Martha’s Vineyard Museum to learn about its culture. Or, take a bike through its beautiful scenes. Try fishing or boating and enjoy the clear waters.

So, go beyond the beaches and explore Martha’s Vineyard’s soul. This guide will help you find its hidden gems and create unforgettable memories. Pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime on Martha’s Vineyard!

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