Savannah historic mansions tour

Savannah, Georgia boasts over 1,700 historic buildings. This makes it a leading urban historic district in the U.S. These buildings are part of why many people enjoy the Savannah historic mansions tour.

Step back in time as you visit the grand historic mansions in Savannah. You’ll see old antebellum homes and beautiful Victorian houses. Each one shows a different part of Savannah’s interesting history.

Discover the secrets of Savannah on this unique tour. Let us show you the stunning architecture and deep history of this area. Get ready for an unforgettable experience on the Savannah historic mansions tour.

Discover Savannah’s Architectural Gems

Get lost in the beauty of Savannah’s historic mansions. See the detailed designs that make them special. Each mansion tells a story about the city’s past.

On a tour, you’ll love the grand exteriors. They show different styles like Greek Revival and Victorian. Look at the columns and fancy details that show old-time skills.

Inside, you’ll feel like you’re in the past. The fancy rooms have beautiful furniture and chandeliers. From big ballrooms to small sitting areas, you’ll see their old charm.

Savannah historic mansions tour

Discover the families who lived in these mansions. Many wealthy and powerful people have been here. The mansions saw big moments in history and famous guests.

“Savannah’s historic mansions are a testament to the city’s rich history and enduring architectural legacy. Exploring these homes allows you to step back in time and experience the grandeur of a bygone era.” – Savannah Historic Preservation Society

Architecture fan, history lover, or just enjoy beautiful homes? The Savannah mansions tour is for you. Walk through rooms, see old items, and dream of their past owners.

Uncovering Hidden Stories

Each mansion shares a special story. They talk about love, success, and hard times. Dive into these tales to understand Savannah better.

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Walking the halls, you’ll feel like you’re in another time. The tour shows Savannah’s old upper-class life. It’s a peek into their customs and dreams.

Preserving Savannah’s Heritage

The city works hard to keep these homes alive. Groups like the Savannah Historic Foundation help. They keep the mansions open so we can learn and enjoy them.

Visiting the mansions helps keep history alive. Your support helps with fixing and caring for the buildings. This way, everyone can enjoy their beauty for the future.

Guided Historic Mansion Tours in Savannah

Exploring Savannah’s historic mansions with a guide is unbeatable. You get to dive into the city’s past and hear stories about the people who lived there. This makes the experience rich and fascinating.

The guides on these tours are experts and love sharing Savannah’s history. They know a lot about the mansions’ history and design. They’ll guide you through time with detailed knowledge and engaging stories.

Choosing a top historic mansion tour company in Savannah ensures you see the best. They highlight the most significant mansions. You can see beautiful interiors, amazing craftsmanship, and the grand style of these buildings.

On your tour, you can ask questions and talk to the guide. This helps you understand more about Savannah’s past. You’ll learn stories of past residents and the culture that influenced the mansions.

If getting deep into Savannah’s history and visiting its grand mansions is your goal, try a guided tour. Expert guides will show you around and reveal the incredible histories of these places.

guided historic mansion tours Savannah

Your Journey Through Time

  1. Learn about each mansion’s historical significance
  2. Uncover captivating stories about the former inhabitants
  3. Admire the stunning architecture and intricate details
  4. Understand the cultural influences that shaped Savannah’s mansions
  5. Ask questions and interact with knowledgeable guides

Walking Through Savannah’s Mansion District

Get ready to explore the Savannah mansion district on foot. You’ll walk among grand homes that stand along beautiful streets. These mansions hold stories and architectural beauty.

Go at your own pace to soak in the grand facades and lush gardens. Guides will add depth, sharing about the building styles and histories of these homes.

“Walking through Savannah’s mansion district offers a truly immersive experience. It’s like stepping back in time, surrounded by the elegance and grandeur of these remarkable homes.” – Helen, Savannah history enthusiast

Discover the Hidden Stories

Look beyond the outer beauty to find the tales these mansions hold. You’ll learn about wealthy merchants and rich cultural histories within these walls.

Each mansion is unique, with architectural touches from Greek Revival and Gothic styles. Hear about the families who lived there and Savannah’s growth because of them.

Plan Your Historic House Tour in Savannah GA

If you love history or architecture, a mansion tour in Savannah is perfect for you. Uncover the stories of these elegant homes with a guide.

Consider going with well-known tour firms in Savannah for great experiences:

  • Savannah Historic Tours
  • Historic Savannah Foundation
  • Architectural Tours of Savannah

Don’t miss out on this chance to explore Savannah’s history. Book your tour and step into the world of these fascinating mansions.

Tour Company Tour Duration Highlights
Savannah Historic Tours 2 hours Expert guides, in-depth historical knowledge
Historic Savannah Foundation 1.5 hours Focus on architectural preservation
Architectural Tours of Savannah 3 hours Specialized tour with emphasis on architectural styles

Savannah mansion walking tour

The Best Historic Mansion Tours in Savannah

Discover top-notch tours of historic mansions in Savannah. These tours show off the best places and come with guides. The guides help you learn a lot about Savannah’s history.

Explore the Gems of Savannah

Take a great trip through time with Savannah’s historic mansions. These beautiful buildings reflect the city’s exciting past. They give you a peek into the lives of people who made its history.

Join a historic mansion tour to learn about their rich heritage. Guides will share cool stories and insights with you. It’s a great way to understand each mansion better.

“Historic mansion tours in Savannah are amazing. Guides make the mansions come alive with stories and details.” – Savannah Tourist Magazine

Uncover Hidden Treasures

These top tours go beyond the usual sights. They show you hidden and lesser-known mansions. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful homes and the details in them.

Feel like you’ve stepped into the past in grand halls and gardens. These tours offer a special look at each mansion’s history. You’ll get to know more about Savannah’s culture this way.

Booking Your Historic Mansion Tour

Ready for a memorable journey through Savannah’s past? Be sure to book your tour early. Great tours like these get filled fast, so don’t miss out.

  1. Look into the different tour options.
  2. Choose one that interests you and fits your schedule.
  3. Book online or through the tour company’s site.
Tour Company Duration Highlights
Savannah Historic Tours 2 hours
  • Visits to iconic mansions
  • Expert guides sharing historical anecdotes
  • Opportunity to explore beautifully preserved gardens
Southern Heritage Tours 3 hours
  • Exclusive access to private mansions
  • Insightful narratives about Savannah’s elite families
  • Chance to see rare artifacts and antiques
Historic Savannah Excursions 4 hours
  • In-depth exploration of lesser-known mansions
  • Guided tours through hidden courtyards
  • Engaging stories about Savannah’s historic neighborhoods

Start planning your visit to Savannah’s great historic mansions today. Discover the city’s fascinating history and amazing buildings.

best historic mansion tours in Savannah

Explore Historic Homes in Savannah

Step past the grand facades to uncover Savannah’s hidden gems. These homes, from small cottages to grand estates, show the lives of the past. Dive into history by exploring the rich stories held within.

Take in the charm of the smaller cottages, showcasing various architectural styles. Admire the detailed craftsmanship of these timeless structures.

For a look at grander times, visit the homes of Savannah’s elite. Enter and witness the grand interiors, filled with stories of wealth and power.

Joining a historic mansion tour can enrich your journey. It offers in-depth insights from knowledgeable guides. They’ll enhance your understanding and enjoyment of these historic treasures.

“The beauty and history of Savannah’s historic homes are truly captivating. Walking through these homes offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and witness the legacy of the city’s past residents.” – Local Architect

Feel the past come alive in these homes. Admire their design, art, and artifacts. It’s a journey for anyone interested in architecture or history, leaving visitors with a deeper love for the city’s story.

must-see Savannah historic homes

Comparing Key Features of Historic Homes in Savannah

Property Architectural Style Historical Significance Guided Tours Available
1. Owens-Thomas House Regency-style mansion One of the finest examples of English Regency architecture in the country Yes
2. Davenport House Federal-style residence Significant in the preservation movement of Savannah’s historic district Yes
3. Green-Meldrim House Gothic Revival mansion Served as General Sherman’s headquarters during his occupation of Savannah No
4. Mercer-Williams House Italianate-style villa Known for its association with the murder-mystery novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” Yes

Every home in Savannah tells a unique story through its design and history. Pick the ones that draw you most for an amazing journey through the city’s past.

For a memorable trip filled with awe-inspiring architecture and rich history, Savannah’s historic homes are a must. Include them in your plans for an unforgettable experience.

Delving into Savannah’s Historic District

The Savannah historic district is a gem filled with history and stunning architecture. Take a tour to dive into its culture and see its grand mansions up close.

Walking through its streets will feel like stepping back in time. You’ll see buildings from different periods, like Georgian and Victorian, all telling stories of Savannah’s rich past.

On a tour, you’ll learn why this area is so important. You’ll hear about the people who lived in these mansions, their impact on Savannah, and the tales that make the district special.

“Exploring Savannah’s historic district is like stepping into a living history book. The tours offered in this area allow visitors to relish in the grandeur of the mansions while unraveling the tales of the past. It’s an experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for the city’s rich heritage.” – Savannah Historical Tours

Seeing the fine details of the mansions is a tour highlight. You’ll admire the ornate ironwork and elegant designs that are so unique.

Visiting inside these beautiful homes is a rare chance. You’ll see luxurious furnishings, art, and craftwork from the past, showing the wealth and style of that time.

Don’t forget to visit famous places like Forsyth Park and the Mercer Williams House from the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” They add to the district’s charm.

Top Mansions to Visit in the Savannah Historic District

Mansion Architectural Style Historical Significance
Green-Meldrim House Gothic Revival – Served as General Sherman’s headquarters during the Civil War
– Hosted a dinner for President Lincoln
Owens-Thomas House Regency-Style – Designed by William Jay, one of America’s first professional architects
– Showcases stunning decorative arts collection
Davenport House Federal-Style – Saved from demolition, sparking the city’s historic preservation movement
– Offers insights into the challenges of urban living in the early 19th century

Exploring Savannah’s historic district is a must. Join a special tour to uncover the fascinating stories of its mansions. You’ll leave with a greater love for Savannah’s past and present.

Savannah historic district tours

Unveiling Savannah’s Rich Past

Exploring Savannah’s historic mansions is more than seeing beautiful homes. It’s a journey through the city’s history. Each step you take shows a part of Savannah’s wonderful story.

“Savannah’s historic mansions are more than architectural wonders. They tell the stories of important events and people. Exploring these mansions lets us visit the past and understand Savannah’s heritage.” – Jane Thompson, Historian

On a tour, you will learn about the people who lived in these grand places. Visit the Mercer-Williams House to learn about Jim Williams and Savannah’s past. The Owens-Thomas House shows off 19th-century architecture at its best.

Experience the Lives of Savannah’s Influential Figures

Visiting the mansions lets you step into the lives of Savannah’s famous residents. Enjoy the beautiful decorations and art. You’ll learn about writers, politicians, and business leaders as you explore.

  1. Explore Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace to see where she lived. Learn about her work with the Girl Scouts.
  2. See the Green-Meldrim House, where General Sherman stayed in the Civil War. Understand its impact on Savannah’s history.
  3. Visit Flannery O’Connor’s Childhood Home to feel her inspiration. Dive into her world of literature.

Each mansion shares Savannah’s past with you. You’ll understand the city’s culture and meet its key people. These tours deeply connect you with Savannah’s history.

Savannah Historic Mansions Tour

Mansion Historical Significance
Mercer-Williams House Showcases the intriguing story of Jim Williams and offers insights into Savannah’s captivating past.
Owens-Thomas House Reflects the architectural brilliance of Savannah’s early 19th-century prosperity.
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace Provides a glimpse into the life and legacy of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA.
Green-Meldrim House Known for hosting Union General Sherman during the Civil War and its pivotal role in Savannah’s history.
Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home Offers a glimpse into the childhood and literary inspiration of renowned author Flannery O’Connor.

Discover the beauty of Savannah’s past through its mansions. Learn about important people, see stunning architecture, and appreciate the city’s history even more.

Planning Your Savannah Historic Mansions Tour

Are you gearing up for a tour of Savannah’s historic mansions? Great idea, but make sure to plan. Start by looking up tours and finding one that excites you. Then, lock in your ticket to stumble upon the city’s hidden gems.

Keep these tips in mind as you plan your Savannah historic mansions visit:

  • Start with some research. Look into different tour options and find ones with well-informed guides. These experts will tell you all about the history and design of the mansions.
  • Next, see if the tours you like are available. It’s wise to book ahead, especially in busy seasons. Early booking means you won’t miss your chance to see these stunning places.
  • Think about how long you’d like the tour to be. There are both short and long options. Pick the one that fits best with your schedule and interests.
  • If you or anyone you’re with has trouble moving around, ask about accessibility. Knowing the tour can accommodate you makes for a better trip.

Why Book a Guided Historic Mansion Tour?

Guided tours of Savannah’s historic mansions have lots of perks. You’ll learn a ton from expert guides about the mansions and the people who lived in them. These tours are designed to make your visit great. Here’s why they’re worth it:

  1. You get to learn from guides filled with interesting info. They add layers to your tour with stories and facts about the mansions.
  2. Guided tours handle everything, like how you get there and entry fees. That means less stress for you.
  3. The stories the guides tell make the mansions’ history come alive. It’s fun and educational for visitors of every age.

Ready to soak up Savannah’s history through its mansions? Now’s the time to start planning. Look into well-reviewed tours, check their availability, and book early for an unforgettable journey.

Savannah historic mansions tour

Sample Table (Optional)

Tour Company Tour Duration Price
Savannah Historic Tours 2 hours $40
Old Savannah Tours 3 hours $55
Southern Belle Tours 1.5 hours $35

Disclaimer: The table above is for illustration purposes only and does not represent an endorsement of any specific tour company or its prices. Prices and availability are subject to change. Please visit the respective tour company’s website for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, a Savannah historic mansions tour is a thrilling trip through the city’s rich history and stunning architecture. Exploring these historic homes lets you dive into the past and appreciate Savannah’s beauty.

To deeply connect with this lovely city’s heritage, booking your tour is a must. Get ready for an experience you won’t forget.

The grand mansions and their tales make a Savannah tour vital. It’s a chance to find the city’s hidden treasures and charm. So, step back in time and explore Savannah’s extraordinary history.

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