Weekend getaway itinerary ideas for Columbus?

Looking for an exciting weekend adventure? Columbus, Ohio is the perfect spot. This city is full of interesting historical sites, beautiful parks, and great food spots. We’ll show you the top itinerary ideas for Columbus to find the hidden treasures.

When you visit Columbus, get ready for lots of fun and relaxation options. It doesn’t matter if you love history, nature, or food – Columbus has it all. Let’s make unforgettable memories in this amazing city!

In this guide, we’re going to point you to the best places in Columbus. We’ll help you find the perfect places to eat and stay so your weekend is amazing every step of the way.

Excited to explore Columbus’s deep history, stunning nature, and delicious food? Let’s go on an unforgettable weekend adventure!

Day 1: Exploring Downtown Columbus

Start your weekend in Columbus in the lively downtown area. You’ll discover many fun things to do and see. Visit famous sites and interesting museums. There’s lots to love here.

Iconic Landmarks

Take a walk in downtown Columbus and admire its well-known landmarks. The LeVeque Tower, now beautifully restored, gives amazing views. You can also see statues at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum. They honor our service members.

Museums and Galleries

Explore Columbus’s art and culture with visits to its top museums and galleries. At the Columbus Museum of Art, see great art from the past and today. Have fun at the COSI Science Center with its hands-on science and cool exhibits.

Culinary Delights

Don’t miss the chance to try yummy food in downtown Columbus. Head to the North Market, an indoor market with lots of food stands. You can taste dishes made with local ingredients. It’s a great way to learn about the city’s food culture.

“Downtown Columbus is a dynamic mix of history, art, and gastronomy that will leave you inspired and craving for more. It’s the perfect way to kick off your weekend adventure in Columbus.”

Iconic Landmarks Museums and Galleries Culinary Delights
LeVeque Tower Columbus Museum of Art North Market
National Veterans Memorial and Museum COSI Science Center

With its famous sights, top museums, and great food scene, downtown Columbus is a fantastic first stop. Enjoy the city’s heart and its lively vibe.

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Columbus downtown skyline

Morning: Discovering Ohio Statehouse and Ohio Theatre

Begin your day in Columbus by diving into the city’s rich history and culture. Visit the Ohio Statehouse, a symbol of Ohio’s political past and a stunning structure.

Learn about Ohio’s political journey and its impact on the USA as you tour the Statehouse. Admire its architecture and the beauty of the Statehouse Rotunda.

Next, head to the Ohio Theatre, loved for its gorgeous design and history. This theater, with its rich past, hosts many types of shows for everyone to enjoy.

You might see a live show, like a Broadway play or a famous musician’s concert. The theater’s beautiful design will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

If no shows are on, join a guided tour to learn more. You’ll hear interesting stories and facts from the guides, making your visit special.

Both the Ohio Statehouse and Ohio Theatre are in Columbus’s heart, easy to get to. After visiting, you’ll appreciate the city’s history and art even more.

Columbus Statehouse and Ohio Theatre

Quick Facts:

  • The Ohio Statehouse is open for guided tours Monday through Saturday.
  • The Ohio Theatre offers a range of performances, including Broadway shows, ballet, and live concerts.
  • Both attractions are located in downtown Columbus, within walking distance of each other.

Attraction Location Opening Hours Website
Ohio Statehouse 1 Capitol Square, Columbus Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 3 PM ohiostatehouse.org
Ohio Theatre 39 E State St, Columbus Varies depending on performances capa.com/ohio-theatre

Afternoon: Exploring The Scioto Mile and Columbus Museum of Art

After your morning fun, spend the afternoon at The Scioto Mile. It’s a beautiful park next to the scenic Scioto River. Take a peaceful walk and enjoy Columbus’s natural wonders. Many people, both locals and tourists, love this spot for its calm away from the city rush.

On your walk, you’ll see cool things like fountains, gardens, and art you can interact with. Enjoy the scenery and snap some great photos. This place is perfect for chilling and getting close to nature.

Don’t miss the famous Columbus Museum of Art while you’re here. It’s a short walk away. Here, you’ll find a huge mix of artwork from different times and styles. Whether you like classic art or modern pieces, you’ll find something you love.

Step into a world of creativity at the museum. See all kinds of art, from paintings to sculptures to big installations. You’ll get to see work from people all over the world. It’s an amazing experience in the art world.

If you love art or just enjoy beautiful things, the museum is a top spot in Columbus. Make sure to put it on your to-do list during your trip. You won’t regret it.

Columbus Museum of Art - Explore the extensive collection of artwork

Evening: Dining at The Short North Arts District

After exploring all day, enjoy dinner at The Short North Arts District. This lively area is full of amazing food from around the world. It has everything from modern meals to classic American dishes.

Walk through the busy streets and see unique art and shops. The district comes to life at night, with great spots to eat everywhere.

Go to The Guild House for a special meal made with local Ohio ingredients. It’s a perfect place for a romantic night out.

Craving Asian flavors? Visit Green Papaya. They mix classic Asian dishes with new tastes for a fresh dining experience.

Want a fun spot to eat and drink? Try Standard Hall. It’s a relaxed place with good burgers, beers, and cocktails. The atmosphere is always buzzing.

After dinner, look around the unique shops and art galleries. You’ll find original artwork, boutique clothes, and cute cafes. The district is a must-visit for art lovers.

The Short North Arts District is the ideal way to finish your Columbus day. It’s filled with good food, a fun atmosphere, and lots of art.

Day 2: Outdoor Adventures in Columbus

Make your second day in Columbus special by enjoying its natural beauty. This city is filled with parks and gardens that welcome visitors of all ages.

Explore the Parks

Begin your day with the tranquil parks of Columbus. They’re known for their wide open spaces and beautiful scenery. These areas are perfect for a peaceful walk, a picnic, or more active fun.

  • Head to Goodale Park, the city’s oldest park. It’s loved for its tree-lined paths and lovely views. Enjoy a walk or have a relaxing picnic here.
  • Looking for a nature-filled day? Go to Highbanks Metro Park. It’s perfect for hiking, wildlife spotting, and has amazing views of the river.
  • If kids are with you, don’t miss Whittier Peninsula. This park has a playground and a splash pad for some family fun.

Discover Botanical Gardens

Take a trip to Columbus’ botanical gardens to see its beautiful plant life. These gardens are a peaceful paradise in the midst of the city.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a key spot for those who love nature. You can explore different gardens and smell the amazing flowers. Visit the Glasshouse to see rare plants from around the world.

Exploring these lovely spots is great for making memories and finding joy in nature. Enjoy Columbus’ nature offerings for an unforgettable experience.

Columbus outdoor adventures

Morning: Exploring Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Begin your day at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. It’s in Columbus, offering nature’s beauty. This spot is perfect for anyone who loves gardens or nature.

Columbus weekend travel plan

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of plants and flowers. While walking, you’ll see bright flowers, rich plants, and amazing landscapes.

Don’t miss the exhibitions. They show plants from all over the world. You’ll see things from the tropics and the desert, learning a lot.

Highlights of Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens:

  • The iconic Glasshouse, a stunning architectural masterpiece filled with exotic plants and colorful butterflies.
  • The Chihuly Collection, featuring mesmerizing glass sculptures by renowned artist Dale Chihuly.
  • The Discover the Gardens Tour, where knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the botanical wonders on display.
  • The Children’s Garden, a playful and interactive space designed to engage young visitors.

Looking for peace, inspiration, or a spot to relax? Franklin Park is great. Its rich plant life, amazing exhibits, and learning chances make it a top pick for all.

Opening Hours:

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is open every day. It opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM.

Day Opening Hours
Monday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Remember to plan your visit to fit everything in at this magical place.

Afternoon: Discovering The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Head over to The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for a thrilling afternoon. It’s filled with animals from all over the globe. The zoo lets you explore up close and see rare creatures. Also, there are shows that are fun for everyone.

You will see amazing animals like lions, giraffes, and gorillas. The zoo works hard to save these animals from disappearing. You can learn all about their important mission.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Make sure to join in on feeding the animals and meeting them up close. Experts will teach you all sorts of cool facts. You’ll leave knowing more about these awesome creatures.

After your animal adventure, stop for a tasty meal at one of the places to eat here. You can choose from many different types of food. There’s something delicious for everyone.

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop before you go. You can buy stuffed animals, shirts, and other neat things. Your purchase helps the zoo continue its work protecting animals.

Highlights at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium:

  • Explore diverse habitats and encounter a wide range of animal species.
  • Witness captivating live shows and educational presentations.
  • Participate in feeding sessions and animal encounters for a hands-on experience.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the zoo’s dining options.
  • Shop for unique souvenirs and support the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Visiting Information:

Location: 4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065

Opening Hours: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has different hours based on the season. Look at their website to find the most current times.

Website: https://www.columbuszoo.org/

Admission Prices:

Ticket Type Price (Adult) Price (Child, ages 3-9)
General Admission $21.99 $16.99
Zoo-It-All Package $34.99 $29.99

Plan to visit The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium when you’re in Columbus. You’ll have unforgettable fun and learn a lot about Earth’s amazing life.

Evening: Brewery and Distillery Tour in Columbus

After exploring Columbus all day, it’s time to relax. Join a brewery and distillery tour. Learn about local beers and spirits. Feel the city’s drink vibes and history.

You’ll taste many drinks while learning their stories. Try local beers and spirits that show Columbus’ excellence. There’s a flavor for every taste.

Meet experts who share how drinks are made. Hear about choosing ingredients, brewing, and aging. Discover the craft behind your favorite drinks.

Columbus weekend excursion activities

Visit local spots and talk to brewers and distillers. They’re passionate about their work. Learn more about the making of exceptional drinks. Discuss the traditions and new ideas that shape each sip.

“The brewery and distillery tour in Columbus was a trip highlight for me. I loved tasting amazing drinks and learning about their creation. The experience capped off my weekend perfectly!”

– Sarah, Beer Enthusiast

If you love beer, whiskey, or just a good time, this tour is for you. It’s an exciting way to spend your evening in Columbus. Enjoy a memorable time in Ohio!

Additional Columbus Attractions to Consider

If you have extra time in Columbus, consider visiting these spots. They provide unique chances to see more of the city. Here are some great picks:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is perfect for nature lovers and families. It’s filled with animals from all over the globe. You can not only see them but also get close to them. Don’t miss spots like Heart of Africa, Polar Frontier, and the Australia areas.

COSI Science Center

COSI Science Center is a must for anyone passionate about science. It’s a museum with lots of hands-on activities, live shows, and more. You can have fun and learn about space, energy, and technology. It’s a real eye-opener, no matter your age.

German Village

German Village is a place where history and charm meet. It’s famous for its 19th-century brick houses. As you walk the cobblestone streets, you’ll find shops and restaurants. This area breathes old German culture and architecture.

Add these attractions to your Columbus plan to make it even better. Visiting all of them gives you a complete picture of the city.

Make sure to plan your schedule well to enjoy Columbus to the fullest. You’ll take home some amazing memories from this visit.

Columbus attractions

Attraction Description
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Discover a wide variety of animals and enjoy interactive exhibits at this renowned zoo and aquarium.
COSI Science Center Embark on a scientific journey of discovery through interactive exhibits and engaging activities.
German Village Explore the charming neighborhood with well-preserved 19th-century brick houses and immerse yourself in German heritage.

Accommodation and Dining Recommendations in Columbus

Finding the best stay and food in Columbus is key for your weekend escape. Fortunately, Columbus is packed with choices for all kinds of travelers. There’s something for those who prefer luxury spots, quaint boutique stays, or homely bed and breakfasts. All in the heart of Columbus.

Recommended Accommodations

Check out these top spots in Columbus for a comfy and unforgettable visit:

Hotel Location Rating Price Range
The Joseph, a Luxury Collection Hotel Downtown Columbus 5 stars $$$
Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph Short North Arts District 4.5 stars $$
The Westin Great Southern Columbus Downtown Columbus 4 stars $$
German Village Guest House German Village 4 stars $$
Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square Downtown Columbus 3.5 stars $

These places are close to fun spots and packed with great things to enjoy. This makes your weekend in Columbus even better.

Recommended Dining Options

After exploring, grab a meal in Columbus for a lasting food memory. The city has a mix of flavors, perfect for every taste. Here are some of the best places to eat:

  1. The Keep Kitchen & Liquor Bar: This fancy restaurant in the LeVeque Tower serves top-notch food and drinks. Expect fresh ingredients and cool cocktails.
  2. Northstar Cafe: It’s a crowd-pleaser, offering healthy, tasty food made with local, organic stuff. Try their signature Northstar Burger.
  3. Lincoln Social Rooftop: This rooftop spot lets you take in Columbus’ skyline as you sip creative drinks and savor shareable dishes and meals.
  4. Marcella’s Italian Kitchen: For those into Italian fare, Marcella’s cooks up traditional meals with a warm family-style vibe. It’s inviting and delicious.
  5. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing: Beer fans will enjoy the large beer collection and great eats at this brewpub.

These spots are just the beginning of what Columbus’ food scene has to offer. You’ll find many other great places to eat around the city.

Columbus Weekend Trip Suggestions

With our stay and food tips, your Columbus weekend plans are set. Whether it’s luxury you seek, comfort, or a unique food adventure, Columbus welcomes all travelers.


Columbus is full of fun things to do for a great weekend. It’s perfect for anyone who loves art, history, or nature. Visit the Ohio Statehouse to learn about its past. While at the Ohio Theatre, enjoy its cultural shows.

Walk around The Scioto Mile and the Franklin Park to see beautiful gardens. For animal lovers, the Columbus Zoo is a must-visit spot.

Don’t miss the chance to eat local food and see the lively Short North area. Columbus also has tours of breweries and distilleries. It’s a city ready for you to explore and enjoy.

Columbus welcomes all with its many attractions and friendly feel. It’s ideal for a quick getaway. So, pack your things, find a place to stay, and dive into the fun. Columbus’s excitement will make you return for more. Book your trip to Columbus today and get ready for your adventure!

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