Best neighborhoods to stay in for a Columbus visit?

Planning a trip to Columbus, Ohio? The neighborhood you pick can really change how you enjoy your visit. There are lots of areas with unique vibes and things to do. So, how do you choose where to stay? You might like the busy feel of downtown, the cool art scene of Short North, or the old-world charm of German Village. You could also find a spot you didn’t know about.

Are you stuck on where to stay in Columbus? Or where to find the perfect place to rest? No worries. This article will guide you through the best neighborhoods in Columbus. It highlights the variety of areas for different tastes, ensuring you make a smart choice for your trip’s stay in the city. Let’s have a look at the top picks!

Downtown Columbus – The Heart of the City

Downtown Columbus is the busy center of the city. It has historical landmarks and a lively arts scene. Plus, there’s a wide range of places to stay. No matter why you’re here, there’s something you’ll enjoy.

Best neighborhoods to stay in for a Columbus visit

Explore the Cultural Gems

Begin your visit by diving into Columbus’ rich history and culture. See the Ohio Statehouse’s beautiful Greek Revival architecture. You can join a tour and learn about the state’s pasts.

Then, head to the Columbus Museum of Art. It showcases both classic and modern art. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves art.

Don’t miss Columbus Commons, either. It’s a park that hosts events and concerts. You can walk around or have a picnic. The views are lovely.

Experience the Vibrant Arts Scene

If you love art, downtown Columbus is perfect. The Short North Arts District is full of galleries and shops. Walking down High Street is a treat.

Discover the best hotels and lodging options in this vibrant neighborhood.

Find Your Perfect Accommodation

Downtown Columbus has many places to stay. You can pick from luxury hotels to smaller boutiques. It’s easy to find a great place to sleep.

Hotel Name Rating Price Range
The Westin Columbus 4.5/5 $150 – $250
Hilton Columbus Downtown 4/5 $200 – $300
Hotel LeVeque 4.8/5 $250 – $400
Courtyard Columbus Downtown 4.3/5 $100 – $200

Here are some top hotels in downtown Columbus Ohio. They each offer something special. Think about what you need and what you can spend.

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No matter if you’re here for work or fun, downtown Columbus is a great place to stay. It’s close to the best parts of the city. Dive into Columbus and have a great time.

Short North – Artistic and Trendy

Short North, in Columbus, is a key spot for enjoying art and trends. It’s just north of the city center. This area is full of art galleries, unique stores, and cool places to eat. If you love art or just want to be where the action is, you should check it out.

Begin your visit with a walk along High Street. This street is at the heart of the Short North. You can see lots of art from nearby and distant places. This is a chance to see all sorts of art in one walk.

If you love shopping, you’ll enjoy Short North too. There are many small stores here. They sell unique clothes, handmade items, and more. By shopping here, you’re helping local people and finding special things.

The Short North neighborhood in Columbus blends art and fashion into a trendy mix. It’s a favorite with those who love galleries, unusual shops, and stylish places to eat. Many come to visit this vibrant spot, from both near and far.

Wrap up your day by grabbing a bite at one of Short North’s cool restaurants. Here, you can find everything from casual food to fancy dinners. Many places use foods from the area. You can also taste new twists on old favorites.

When it’s time to relax, Short North has places to stay that fit every visitor. You can pick from small hotels, modern apartments, or cozy inns. All are close to everything this area has to offer. So, you’ll be both comfortable and close to the action during your Columbus stay.

For those who enjoy art, fashion, or just a lively place, Short North is ideal. Dive into the buzz and creativity all around. You’ll see why this area is a hit with everyone who comes, from locals to faraway travelers.

Best neighborhoods to stay in for a Columbus visit

Explore Short North:

  • Visit the renowned Wexner Center for the Arts, showcasing contemporary art and new works by emerging and established artists.
  • Check out the North Market, a bustling public market offering a wide array of local produce, gourmet food, and artisanal products.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of Short North, with its trendy bars, live music venues, and exciting entertainment options.

German Village – Historic Charm

Imagine yourself in German Village, surrounded by Columbus’s history and beauty. The cobblestone streets take you to a time long ago. It’s an enchanting journey through history.

The streets are full of quaint brick houses. Each one tells a story, adding to the area’s colorful past. From grand Victorian homes to cozy cottages, every structure is impressive.

Don’t miss the beautiful gardens of German Village. They’re perfect for a peaceful walk, with flowers and greens everywhere. The gardens are a lovely place to relax and enjoy nature.

“German Village is like stepping into a fairytale. The picturesque streets and charming houses make it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic and historic experience in Columbus.”

For those staying, German Village has many choices. You can pick a cozy bed and breakfast or a historic yet modern vacation rental. Every option ensures a comfortable stay in Columbus.

Walking around, eating at local restaurants, or enjoying a coffee – German Village offers it all. It’s a place that truly stands out and invites exploration.

German Village Quick Facts

Location South of downtown Columbus
Main Attractions
  • Topiary Park
  • The Book Loft
  • Schiller Park
Accommodation Options
  • Charming bed and breakfasts
  • Historic vacation rentals
  • Boutique hotels
Notable Features
  • Historic brick houses
  • Cobblestone streets
  • Exquisite gardens

Cobblestone street in German Village

Visit German Village and be charmed by its history and beauty. It’s a place that appeals to anyone, from architecture fans to those who love a good story.

Victorian Village – Architectural Delights

Step into the historical heart of Victorian Village. Here, the streets boast stunning examples of Victorian-era architecture. This area captivates architecture fans and offers a one-of-a-kind stay in Columbus.

Victorian Village - Architectural Delights

Walking through Victorian Village, prepare to be amazed by detailed homes. You’ll see lovely stained glass windows and carefully crafted woodwork. Enjoy a leisurely walk on shaded lanes, soaking in the historic ambiance.

If you’re seeking tranquility, visit one of the many parks in the area. Goodale Park is a standout, with its tranquil lake, lush grass grounds, and scenic trails. It’s an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the calm.

“Victorian Village is a true gem. The architecture alone is worth the visit. It’s like stepping back in time.”

– Emily, Architecture Enthusiast

Looking for a place to stay? Victorian Village has various options to meet your needs. Opt for a cozy bed and breakfast to enjoy the warmth and local vibe firsthand. These places merge old-world charm with present-day comforts.

To sum it up, Victorian Village charms with its architecture and placid vibe. Whether you admire architecture or are looking for a scenic stay, this place will impress you.

Victorian Village Highlights:

  • Architectural Beauty: Witness the grand Victorian-era houses that adorn the streets.
  • Park Retreats: Relax in the expansive green spaces and walkways of Goodale Park.
  • Cozy Bed and Breakfasts: Choose from various quaint B&Bs for a charming experience.
Accommodation Features Price Range
Victorian Village Guesthouse Charming rooms, complimentary breakfast $150 – $250 per night
The Lofts at Victorian Village Spacious loft-style apartments, modern amenities $200 – $300 per night
The Timbrook Guesthouse Cozy rooms, historic ambiance $100 – $150 per night

Arena District – Entertainment Hub

The Arena District is perfect for sports fans and those who love entertainment. Located in Columbus, it offers many places to stay. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for fun.

The District is a top pick for visitors to Columbus. It’s close to major sports locations and has a lively vibe. The area is full of fun activities, making it ideal for a great time.

Choosing a hotel in the Arena District puts you at the center of excitement. You can easily get to events at Nationwide Arena or enjoy a night out. There are many hotels to pick from, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The District also has many dining spots. You can check out fancy steakhouses or try local dishes. There’s something for everyone’s taste here.

Experience the vibrant energy of the Arena District as you immerse yourself in the city’s sports culture and entertainment scene.

“The Arena District is the perfect neighborhood to stay in for a Columbus visit. With its proximity to sports venues, concerts, and a wide range of dining options, you’ll have all the entertainment you need right at your doorstep.” – Traveler’s Review

If you love sports, the Arena District is a great place. You can watch baseball at Huntington Park or soccer at Field. It’s perfect for sports fans because of its closeness to these venues.

At night, the District is full of life. You can enjoy live music or have a drink at the bars. There’s plenty to do, ensuring you a fun night out.

When picking a place to stay in Columbus, think about the Arena District. It offers a great location, diverse places to stay, and lots of entertainment. This makes it a top choice for an amazing visit.

Accommodations Highlights
Hotels – Convenient access to sports venues
– Proximity to live entertainment
– Vibrant atmosphere
Dining – Upscale restaurants
– Local culinary experiences
– Diverse gastronomic delights
Sports Venues – Nationwide Arena
– Huntington Park
– Field
Nightlife – Live music performances
– Comedy shows
– Bars and breweries

University District – Vibrant and Youthful

The University District is a lively neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. It’s home to The Ohio State University. This brings in a lot of energy and excitement, making it a fun place to visit.

There are many places to stay here, from budget hostels to cozy bed and breakfasts. So, finding the perfect spot for your visit won’t be hard in this area.

It’s not just about the university. There are museums like the Natural History Museum where you can see interesting exhibits. You can also walk in the Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens to enjoy nature.

Don’t forget to see a Buckeye football game at Ohio Stadium. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss. The University District has so much to offer, no matter what you like to do.

Why Choose the University District?

The University District is exciting, with a lot of young energy. It’s close to The Ohio State University and has many places to stay. So, it’s easy to enjoy campus life and the city’s attractions.

If you’re looking for a place with lots of energy, this is it. The University District is perfect, whether you’re a student, a teacher, or just want to feel young at heart. You’ll love the mix of energy, culture, and learning.

Columbus travel accommodations

Accommodations in the University District Amenities Starting Price per Night
University Inn Free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, on-site parking $89
Graduate Columbus Restaurant, fitness center, pet-friendly $129
Blackwell Inn On-campus location, restaurant, business center $159
Short North Bed and Breakfast Home-cooked breakfast, free parking, garden $129

There are many places to stay in the University District. You can pick from on-campus options or a cozy bed and breakfast nearby. This lets you fully enjoy the lively and youthful spirit of Columbus.

Franklinton – Up-and-Coming Arts Scene

Franklinton is becoming a must-see place in Columbus, especially for art lovers. It’s full of galleries, artist spaces, and cool places to stay. It’s the best spot for anyone looking for art and culture.

As you walk around Franklinton, you can’t miss the stunning murals and art on the walls. This art is a way for local artists to share their stories and skills. Make sure to see it all, find the best pieces, and help the artists.

Art Galleries and Studios

In Franklinton, there are many places to see awesome art up close. You can see a mix of modern art and creative installations. Be sure to chat with the artists too.

Unique Accommodations

Living here for a bit can be a unique experience, reflecting the area’s love for art. You can stay in a place with unique artwork or in a space where artists work. Both options let you really feel Franklinton’s creativity.

Looking for a real taste of Columbus’ culture? Franklinton is the place to be. Dive into its growing art scene, meet great artists, and get inspired every step of the way.

Franklinton - Up-and-Coming Arts Scene

Things to Do in Franklinton Stay in Franklinton
Visit art galleries and studios Boutique hotels with curated artwork
Explore colorful murals and street art Artist lofts and studios
Attend local art events and exhibitions Unique accommodations reflecting the artistic spirit
Support local artists and purchase artwork Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and creativity

Italian Village – Hip and Eclectic

Italian Village is in Columbus, Ohio. It’s known for blending old-world charm with modern vibes. This area is perfect for a visit for those who want a vibrant and trendy experience.

Columbus vacation rentals

In Italian Village, you’ll find many trendy places to visit. This includes bars, restaurants, and boutique shops. There’s something for everyone, from cozy spots for craft cocktails to stylish eateries with unique foods.

Italian Village is great for travelers who love something unique. Its mix of old charm and new vibes is captivating and attracts many different people.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Italian Village, check out the boutique hotels. They offer a personal touch and fit right with the area’s trendy, artsy feel. It’s a great way to relax and feel at home.

Why Choose Italian Village?

Italian Village is a top pick in Columbus for many reasons:

  • Exciting nightlife with bars and live music
  • Many dining options, from fancy to casual
  • Its artistic and vibrant vibe for creative folks
  • Close to attractions and downtown
  • Unique and stylish boutique hotels

Italian Village Accommodations

Looking for a place to stay in Italian Village? Boutique hotels there focus on comfort and style. They provide unique designs, modern amenities, and a personalized experience. This ensures a memorable time in this cool neighborhood.

Below is a table of some top boutique hotels in Italian Village:

Hotel Name Features Rating
The Artisan Art-inspired decor, rooftop bar, complimentary breakfast 4.5 stars
The Mod House Mid-century modern design, on-site restaurant, pet-friendly 4 stars
The Style Loft Trendy loft-style rooms, in-room spa services, fitness center 4 stars

Staying at these stylish places lets you fully enjoy the Italian Village’s creative and lively ambiance during your visit to Columbus.

Grandview Heights – Suburban Charm

Escape the city’s hustle and find peace in Grandview Heights. It’s a short drive from Columbus, offering quiet streets and a cozy vibe. Its tree-lined roads and welcoming atmosphere make it a unique place.

Grandview Heights has options for every type of traveler. You can stay in a charming bed and breakfast, a large rental home, or a comfy hotel. This neighborhood welcomes everyone with open arms.

The area’s stunning beauty is a major draw. While walking, enjoy the sights of well-kept houses and gardens. Don’t forget about the local parks. You’ll love McKinley Field Park and Pierce Field for picnics or fun outdoors.

Grandview Avenue is perfect for shopping and eating out. You’ll find unique stores, friendly cafes, and diverse restaurants there. It’s the ideal spot for those looking to try new foods or just relax with a drink.

And don’t miss downtown Columbus’ attractions, which are very close. You can visit the art museum, see a game, or shop till you drop at Easton Town Center. These adventures are only a quick drive away.

If you want a peaceful spot near Columbus, Grandview Heights is a top pick. It blends suburban calm with close city access. This balance makes for a stay that’s both enjoyable and stress-free.

Columbus accommodations

Accommodation Options Highlights
Bed and Breakfasts Cozy and charming accommodations in historic homes
Vacation Rentals Spacious and private homes for a comfortable stay
Hotels Convenient and modern accommodations for all budgets

Clintonville – Peaceful and Quaint

Clintonville is the ideal escape in Columbus. It’s famous for its lovely parks, small shops, and welcoming B&Bs. For a quiet stay in Columbus, choose Clintonville.

This neighborhood is filled with greenery, giving a break from city life. Its parks like Whetstone Park of Roses invite you to enjoy nature. You can walk and relax on the nature trails.

Clintonville also shines with its unique shops. You can find everything from local artworks to ancient treasures. Shopping here is a special part of your Columbus experience.

Staying in Clintonville means cozy B&Bs and friendly service. You’ll feel at home with the personalized touches and comforts offered.

“Clintonville is a hidden gem in Columbus, offering a peaceful escape with its serene parks and charming shops. It’s the ideal neighborhood to unwind and reconnect with nature.”

Top Attractions in Clintonville:

  • Whetstone Park of Roses
  • Indianola Informal Garden
  • Clintonville Farmers’ Market
  • Clintonville Community Market
  • Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse

Columbus vacation rentals

Clintonville is a top pick for a calm Columbus visit. Enjoy nature, explore the lovely shops, and stay in a welcoming B&B. Your quiet escape in Columbus starts here.


Now you’ve seen the best Columbus has to offer in neighborhoods. It’s time to pick where you want to stay. Maybe you love the excitement of downtown, the art in Short North, or the old-world feel of German Village. Columbus has just the right spot for you. You can pick from various places to stay, like hotels or vacation rentals, to make your visit perfect.

Each area in Columbus has its own special feeling and things to do. You will create lasting memories in Ohio’s capital. From art galleries and entertainment to quiet parks, Columbus has everything you need for a great time.

So, plan smartly to enjoy all of Columbus. Find the perfect place to stay, check out the scene, and really get to know this lively city. No matter your reason for visiting, Columbus offers places to stay that are comfy and enjoyable.

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