Best neighborhoods Tallinn

Ready to discover Tallinn’s top neighborhoods? Are you looking for the perfect place to call home? Whether you love the quiet life or the buzz of the city, we’ve got you covered. Our guide will help you find your dream spot.

Tallinn is full of unique neighborhoods. Each one has something special to offer. If you’re looking for the best spots in the city, you’re in the right place.

What makes a neighborhood great? It’s a good question to ask before starting your search. By understanding what you’re looking for, you can pick the best place to live.

Let’s explore Tallinn’s incredible neighborhoods. From the historic Old Town to the artsy Kalamaja, each area has its own charm. We’ll also check out places like Kadriorg, Pirita, Mustamä and Õismäe. They all add to what makes Tallinn a great city to live in.

Get ready to be impressed by the beauty and culture of each area. Let’s start our search for Tallinn’s best neighborhoods together.

Understanding Tallinn’s Neighborhoods

Let’s first explore how Tallinn’s neighborhoods work and what makes them a great place to live. Neighborhoods in Tallinn stand out for their sense of community, safety, and how they compare with others. These aspects are important when you’re picking the best place to live in Tallinn.

Community Living in Tallinn

Tallinn’s charm is its closeness and strong community spirit. Here, people easily connect through various events, clubs, and community centers. This is key for those looking to feel at home and find support in their neighbors.

Tallinn Suburb Rankings

Suburbs in Tallinn shine in different ways, depending on what you’re looking for. They earn points for being close to the city, safe, and affordable. Knowing these rankings can guide you to the perfect place that fits your lifestyle.

Neighborhood Comparison in Tallinn

Looking at neighborhoods in Tallinn, it’s important to think about what you need. Things like how close it is to schools, parks, and if it fits your personal style all matter. Tallinn has something for everyone, whether you love history, art, or want a spot for the family.

To better illustrate the different factors mentioned above, here is a comparative table that ranks Tallinn’s neighborhoods based on community living, suburb rankings, and neighborhood comparison.

Neighborhood Community Living Suburb Rankings Neighborhood Comparison
Old Town High 3 4
Kalamaja Medium 5 3
Kadriorg High 1 2
Pirita Medium 4 1
Mustamäe Medium 6 6
Õismäe High 2 5
Kristiine High 7 7
Nõmme Medium 8 8

Tallinn neighborhood comparison

From the table, you can see each Tallinn neighborhood has its own perks. Choose what matters most to you. This will help you find your perfect spot in Tallinn.

Old Town: Historical Charm in the Heart of Tallinn

Old Town in Tallinn is a sought-after area. It’s loved for its old-fashioned streets, medieval buildings, and welcoming vibe. If you love history or just adore the past, Old Town is perfect in Tallinn.

Living in Old Town is like blending the past with today’s ease. You can choose from small apartments in old buildings to new townhouses. These townhouses mix the classical look with modern features.

Living in Old Town is like stepping back in time. The narrow streets lined with colorful merchant houses and ancient churches create a magical atmosphere that is hard to replicate.

Old Town sees a high demand for homes. It’s a hot spot for property, appealing to locals and those from abroad. Its mix of old architecture, lively culture, and nearby services draw in many investors.

You’ll find charming cafes, buzzing eateries, and places to shop just steps away. Old Town’s spot in the city means you can get everywhere easily. This makes it great for both work and city adventures.

top places to live in Tallinn

Benefits of Living in Old Town: Drawbacks of Living in Old Town:
  • Immersive historical experience
  • Charming architecture
  • Proximity to amenities
  • Vibrant cultural scene
  • Higher property prices
  • Availability of parking
  • Tourist crowds
  • Limited green spaces

Despite pricey homes and less green, many find Old Town great. Its unique vibe and history are a powerful draw. It’s perfect for those who love Tallinn’s culture and sights.

Looking for a place full of history and where real estate is on the rise? Put Old Town on your must-see list in Tallinn.

Kalamaja: Bohemian Vibes and Creative Community

Kalamaja is a lively neighborhood in Tallinn’s heart, loved by both locals and visitors. It’s known for its bohemian spirit, creative locals, and cool cafes. Living here is a source of unique inspiration.


This area offers a lot when it comes to finding a place to live. You can choose from cute wooden houses to sleek modern apartments. Everyone can find their perfect home in Kalamaja.

Kalamaja stands out because of its strong community feel. People here are friendly and inclusive, which makes it easy to make friends. This welcoming vibe is a big part of why it’s a top pick in Tallinn.

This neighborhood is full of cultural spots. You’ll find art galleries, studios, and places where artists showcase their work. Whether you love art or just enjoy creative vibes, Kalamaja is sure to impress you.

There’s no shortage of great places to eat here either. Kalamaja has plenty of trendy cafes and restaurants. You can enjoy everything from a cozy brunch to a cup of artisan coffee.

In short, Kalamaja is great for anyone looking for a place with creative energy and lots of life. It’s perfect for artists, foodies, and people who enjoy unique experiences. Living here promises to be exciting and fulfilling.

Residential Options in Kalamaja

Thinking about living in Kalamaja? Here are some options you might like:

Residential Option Description
Charming Wooden Houses These wooden houses are full of history and charm. They offer a warm and nostalgic place to live.
Modern Apartments If modern is more your style, Kalamaja has sleek apartments. They come with all the latest amenities.
Converted Industrial Buildings Some of Kalamaja’s old industrial buildings have been turned into stylish lofts. These spaces combine old and new in a unique way.

Whatever type of home you choose in Kalamaja, you’ll find a mix of creativity, community, and convenience.

Ideal Neighborhoods in Tallinn

Kadriorg: Serenity and Green Spaces

Kadriorg is perfect if you love peace and green views. It has the beautiful Kadriorg Park and the Presidential Palace. Here, you’ll find a calm place with plenty of nature.

There are many types of homes in Kadriorg. From old, charming houses to new apartments, you’ll find what fits you. The neighborhood’s buildings and roads show its long history. They add a special charm to the area. So, whether you want a big family house or a cozy apartment, Kadriorg has it all. Plus, there are options that fit different budgets.

Living here means you’re close to lots of fun outdoors. Kadriorg Park is big and full of pretty gardens. It’s a great place for a walk or simply to relax. The park also has museums, such as the Kadriorg Art Museum. You can see lots of beautiful European art there.

“Kadriorg is a mix of old charm and natural beauty. It’s a top spot for a quiet life near nature.”

Residential options in Kadriorg:

  1. Historic houses and villas:
  • Affordable: Charming historic homes that have been renovated and modernized.
  • Luxury: Spacious and elegant villas with exquisite architectural details.
  • Apartment complexes:
    • Budget-friendly: Cozy apartments with modern amenities.
    • Premium: High-end apartments with luxurious features and panoramic views.

    Kadriorg is among the finest in Tallinn for quiet living near nature. It balances green areas, culture, and charm well. This serene and well-placed neighborhood is a dream for many looking for a peaceful home. In Tallinn, Kadriorg is a top choice for a calming and picturesque life.

    Tallinn residential areas

    Pirita: Coastal Living and Outdoor Activities

    Pirita is a lovely coastal neighborhood in Tallinn. It mixes coastal living with lots of outdoor fun. It’s right by the beautiful shores of the Bay of Tallinn. This makes it a great spot for sea lovers and those who enjoy activities.

    Tallinn residential areas

    In Pirita, you’ll wake up to stunning sea views every morning. It’s peaceful, away from the city’s noise. This makes it perfect for those wanting to live by the sea without the city’s rush.

    The sandy beach in Pirita is a big hit, running for miles. Here, you can sunbathe, take walks, or try water sports. It’s the best place to relax, reenergize, and enjoy coastal living.

    Pirita also has the Pirita River, great for outdoor lovers. You can paddle a kayak or canoe there. And, if you like fishing, you’ll find many kinds of fish in its waters.

    Love sailing or want to learn? Pirita is a sailing hub. The Pirita Yachting Center, a key spot at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, offers lessons and boats to rent. It’s a thrilling place for water sports.

    “Living in Pirita gives you both coastal life and plenty of outdoor activities. The sea, sandy beaches, calm river, and sailing options make it a green haven.”

    Residential Options in Pirita

    Pirita has many homes to choose from, fitting various needs and lifestyles. You can pick from modern apartments or family houses close to nature. There’s something for everyone in Pirita.

    Some well-known places in Pirita are:

    • Pirita Top
    • Pirita Velodroomi Elamu
    • Pirita Tee Residence

    These spaces have gyms, shared areas, and parking. They make living easy and comfy.

    Looking for more room? Pirita has big single houses and villas. Many have big gardens. This lets you make your own outdoor paradise.

    Why Pirita is an Ideal Neighborhood in Tallinn

    Pirita is popular because it has a unique mix of beach life and activities. It’s peaceful yet close to everything you need.

    With its amazing views and sandy beaches, living in Pirita is relaxing. There’s always something to do for those who love nature. From river trips to sailing and fishing, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

    Advantages Disadvantages
    1. Coastal living with breathtaking views 1. Relatively higher property prices
    2. Abundance of outdoor activities 2. Some areas can be more secluded
    3. Peaceful and tranquil atmosphere 3. Limited options for public transportation
    4. Proximity to essential amenities 4. Some properties may require renovation

    Overall, Pirita is a special place that marries sea-life with fun activities. It’s perfect for nature fans, water lovers, or anyone who enjoys a peaceful sea view. Pirita stands out as one of Tallinn’s best neighborhoods.

    Mustamäe: Affordable Living and Education Opportunities

    Mustamäe is a top choice in Tallinn for those wanting low-cost living and great schools. It’s located southwest of the city center. Here, you’ll find peace alongside useful services.

    Tallinn residential areas

    Living in Mustamäe offers many housing types at budget-friendly rates. You can pick from small flats to big family homes. There’s something for everyone, making it a perfect place to live.

    ideal neighborhoods in Tallinn

    Mustamäe’s closeness to universities is another plus. Students have the Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian University of Life Sciences nearby. This is great for those chasing a higher education.

    Tallinn residential areas

    Families love Mustamäe for its top schools and kindergartens. Kids get a great education, which adds to the area’s family-friendly feel. It’s a bonus for parents looking for a quality life for their children.

    The area also has great public transport. Buses and trams link Mustamäe to the city center and beyond. This makes it easy for anyone to get to work or enjoy free time without a car.

    Key Highlights of Mustamäe

    • Affordable housing options
    • Proximity to educational institutions
    • Excellent transport connections
    • Vibrant community atmosphere

    Real Estate Statistics in Mustamäe

    Property Type Average Price
    Apartment (1 bedroom) $120,000
    Apartment (2 bedrooms) $180,000
    House (3 bedrooms) $250,000

    If you’re a student, professional, or a family, Mustamäe is just right. It has all you need: great schools, easy transport, and different homes to choose from. Mustamäe truly is one of the best places in Tallinn.

    Affordable Living in Mustamäe

    Õismäe: Family-Friendly Environment and Convenience

    Õismäe is a wonderful neighborhood in Tallinn. It’s perfect for families and packed with handy amenities. Many families choose to live here in Estonia’s capital.

    Õismäe stands out for being safe and inviting. It has beautiful parks and playgrounds where kids can have fun. Families often spend quality time outside, sharing picnics and bike rides.

    Living in Õismäe means quick access to things families need. You’ll find plenty of shops and supermarkets nearby. And there are also schools, kindergartens, and health centers close by, which is great for families with kids.

    In terms of homes, Õismäe has a lot to offer. You can choose from big single-family houses to modern apartments. The neighborhood mixes old and new architectural styles, adding to its charm.

    Õismäe Residential Options:

    Property Type Average Price Number of Bedrooms
    Single-Family Home $350,000 3-4
    Apartment $200,000 1-2
    Townhouse $300,000 3-4

    Looking to buy a home for the first time, or need more space? Õismäe has affordable options for many budgets. Its great location and family-friendly vibe make it a top choice for those wanting a great community for their kids.

    If you want a family-friendly place with lots of perks, Õismäe has it all. From amenities to different types of homes, it’s no surprise it’s a top place to live in Tallinn.

    Tallinn residential areas

    Kristiine: Urban Living and Shopping Centers

    Kristiine is a bustling part of Tallinn. It’s perfect for those who love city living and shopping. This area blends city life with nearby retail stores, making it wonderful for anyone needing their retail fix.

    This place offers both apartments and houses. So whether you’re a young pro wanting a new apartment or a family looking for a big home, Kristiine has great options.

    Kristiine is close to many shopping centers. Kristiine Keskus is one of the top spots, with many shops, places to eat, and entertainment. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or a movie night is all within reach.

    Kristiine is also big on parks and green spaces. Nearby, there’s Stroomi beach for a walk and Tondi Park for a picnic. It’s perfect for those who love nature and quiet places.

    Benefits of Living in Kristiine:

    • Convenient access to shopping centers
    • Diverse housing options
    • Proximity to parks and recreational areas
    • Bustling urban environment
    • Close-knit community

    In summary, Kristiine is a top spot in Tallinn. It’s great for an urban lifestyle with easy access to what you need and plenty of shopping. With city living and green spaces combined, it’s a hit for everyone from singles to families.

    Tallinn residential areas

    Nõmme: Tranquility and Nature

    Nõmme is a peaceful area in Tallinn, perfect for those wanting a break from city life. It’s known for its beautiful scenery and great hiking paths. This place offers the perfect mix of city living and nature, making it a great spot for a new home.

    Living in Nõmme means being surrounded by beauty while still being close to everything in Tallinn. You can choose from cozy homes in green settings to modern apartments that fit right in with the area’s natural beauty.

    Tallinn residential areas

    In Nõmme, there are plenty of parks, forests, and lakes for nature lovers. You can hike through lovely forests or enjoy a peaceful walk by Lake Harku. It’s the perfect place for outdoor activities and relaxing.

    Why Choose Nõmme?

    Nõmme is a great combination of peace and convenience. It’s known for:

    • Peaceful surroundings: Nõmme offers a quiet place to relax away from the city’s hustle. It’s a calm area for a slower life pace.
    • Nature at your doorstep: With many green spaces like Harku Forest, you’ll find lots to do outside. It’s great for walking, cycling, and having picnics.
    • Excellent amenities: Even though it’s peaceful, Nõmme has everything you need close by. Shops, supermarkets, and restaurants are all within reach.
    • Strong sense of community: Nõmme is famous for its community events, which brings neighbors together. It’s a place for making friends and feeling at home.
    • Transportation accessibility: Getting around from Nõmme is easy. Buses and trains are reliable and make it simple to reach the city and beyond.

    If you love nature, peace, or a balanced lifestyle, Nõmme is a top pick in Tallinn. It’s a place to enjoy quiet and natural beauty, ideal for your next home.

    Advantages of Living in Nõmme Disadvantages of Living in Nõmme
    Peaceful and serene environment May be further from the city center
    Beautiful natural landscapes and hiking trails Limited nightlife and entertainment options
    Strong sense of community Some areas may have limited public transportation options
    Convenient access to amenities May have fewer shopping and dining choices compared to city center neighborhoods


    After exploring Tallinn’s top neighborhoods, you’ve seen the variety the city offers. From historic Old Town to artsy Kalamaja, each area has its own vibe. Whether you love the past, art, peace, or city life, you’ll find what you need in Tallinn.

    Old Town’s charm and Kalamaja’s creativity stand out. Kadriorg and Nõmme, quiet and green, are perfect if you want peace. But if you prefer coastal views, look to Pirita and Mustamäe for value by the sea.

    Interested in city bustle? Choose Kristiine for urban life and shops. For a family feel, Õismäe is a great choice. No matter what you like, Tallinn has a place that suits you. Happy hunting for your new home!