How much does a trip to Belgrade cost?

Planning a trip to Belgrade, Serbia? You need to carefully budget. This way, you can enjoy the vibrant city without overspending. Everywhere you turn, there’s history to see and delicious Balkan meals to try. But, what costs should you expect? How much do Belgrade travel expenses add up to? Read on for a complete Belgrade trip budget guide. It will help you plan your visit wisely.

We’ll look at how your Belgrade costs are shaped. This includes places to stay, eat, travel, and sites to see. If you like saving money or enjoy luxury, knowing the cost of visiting Belgrade helps. It lets you pick what fits your Belgrade vacation spending the best.

Let’s journey through the Belgrade travel cost breakdown. Discover how to budget smartly. Learn about prices, budget-friendly choices, and tips to save while still enjoying your trip. Ready to start?

Accommodation Expenses in Belgrade

When planning a trip to Belgrade, picking the right place to stay is key. The cost of where you stay can go from high to low. You can pick from hotels, hostels, or even rentals. We’ll dive into the costs and share how to find places that don’t break the bank.


Belgrade has a hotel for every budget. For cheaper options, expect to pay at least $50 a night. If you want something more comfy, it’s between $70 to $120 per night. And for real luxury, you could pay over $150 a night. These top places come with extra special perks and views.


If you’re looking to save money or like meeting new people, hostels are a good bet. You can choose a bed in a shared room for as little as $10 a night. Or, you can have a private room, which costs from $20 to $50. Price changes vary by location and what’s included.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are perfect if you want a more personal touch or are traveling with friends. You can rent apartments or homes for a short stay. The price depends on size, location, and added features. On average, you can find rentals between $40 and $150 each night.

Knowing how much accommodation in Belgrade costs, here are some ways to save:

  1. Staying a bit further from the city center can save you money. Check out places beyond the city’s heart for better prices.
  2. Look out for special offers. Often places will give discounts in quieter times. Make sure to compare prices to catch the best deal.
  3. Think outside the box for where to stay. Besides the usual spots, there are also guesthouses and special hotels. They might be the perfect find and fit your budget too.

Make sure to book early to snag the best spots and prices. With a little planning, you can make the best of your accommodation budget in Belgrade.

Belgrade accommodation costs

Dining Costs in Belgrade

Belgrade has a lot to offer when it comes to food. You can choose from traditional Serbian meals to international dishes. Make sure you think about food costs when planning your trip. This way, you can enjoy the food without worrying about your budget.

Average Prices

Prices for eating out in Belgrade vary. It can range from $5 to $30 per person. This cost depends on where you choose to eat and what you like to have. Places like food stalls and casual cafes often have cheaper options that taste great.

A meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost between $20 to $25. But if you want something fancier, there are high-end places too. These more expensive places can cost $30 or more per person.

Budget-Friendly Options

Eating street food is a good way to save money. In Belgrade, you can find tasty local dishes like ćevapi and burek for $2 to $5.

Many places also have special lunch deals. For $6 to $10, you can get a full meal with a drink. This is a great way to fill up without spending a lot.

Popular Restaurants

Belgrade is full of great places to eat. Here are some recommended spots:

  1. Ambar – This fancy restaurant puts a new spin on traditional Balkan food. It costs between $20 to $30 per person.
  2. Samantha’s Restaurant – A cozy, family-run place known for its Serbian meals. Eating there costs around $15 per person.
  3. Manufaktura – A stylish restaurant in the city center. Meals are between $25 to $30 per person.
  4. Skadarlija – A Serbian eatery in a historic area, with live music. It’s about $15 to $20 per person.

Belgrade food prices


There’s something for every budget in Belgrade, from street food to fine dining. By mixing street food with lunch deals and the occasional visit to a high-rated restaurant, you can have a great food experience. Just be sure to plan for food costs in your travel budget for a tasty trip to Belgrade.

Transportation Expenses in Belgrade

Exploring Belgrade is key during your visit. The city has many ways to get around that won’t break the bank. Knowing the costs helps you budget and enjoy your time in this lively place.

Public Transport

Belgrade’s public transport is both cheap and efficient. It includes buses, trams, and trolleybuses that go everywhere. This makes it easy to see the city’s top spots.


Using public transport in Belgrade is quite affordable. For 89 Serbian Dinars (RSD), you can ride for 90 minutes on any bus, tram, or trolleybus. For more savings, get a daily or weekly pass for unlimited travel.


Taxis are a quick way to move around Belgrade. Their rates are lower than in many other parts of Europe.

Belgrade’s taxi prices change with the distance and time of day. Expect a starting fare of 170 RSD, plus a fee for each kilometer. Make sure to pick a licensed taxi and that the meter is on to avoid paying too much.

Bicycles and Scooters

For those who like to bike or scoot, there are many rentals in Belgrade. You can find them all over the city.

Renting a bike or scooter can be a cheap and enjoyable way to see Belgrade. Prices start at 250 RSD per hour. A full day could cost you up to 1000 RSD, depending on what you choose.


Belgrade is great for walking, with attractions close by. It saves you money and lets you fully experience the city.

Recommended Budget for Transportation in Belgrade

It’s smart to budget for transportation when planning your trip to Belgrade. Here’s an estimate of what you might spend, based on current prices:

Transportation Option Average Cost
Single ride public transport ticket 89 RSD
Daily public transport pass 250-280 RSD
Weekly public transport pass 1000 RSD
Taxi starting fare 170 RSD
Taxi charge per kilometer 69-91 RSD
Bicycle/scooter rental (per hour) 250-300 RSD
Bicycle/scooter rental (full day) 1000 RSD

Remember, these are average costs. They could change based on where you are, time of day, or how long you rent a bike or scooter. Always have a little extra cash for unplanned needs or other transport options.

With the right plan for Belgrade travel expenses, you’ll have a smooth journey. This way, you can see everything Belgrade offers without worrying about money.

Belgrade transportation costs

Attractions and Activities in Belgrade

Belgrade has lots to see and do, from history to culture, and vibrant streets. Let’s dive into what’s available and how much they may cost.

1. Belgrade Fortress

The Belgrade Fortress shouldn’t be missed. It offers stunning city views and a peek into the past. The fortress and nearby Kalemegdan Park are free to enter. But, the Military Museum inside charges $5 per person.

2. Saint Sava Temple

Don’t forget the Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade. It’s a huge Orthodox church with impressive Byzantine design. You can go in for free, but they appreciate any donations.

3. Nikola Tesla Museum

Visit the Nikola Tesla Museum to honor his work. You’ll learn about his important inventions and see some of them. The cost for adults is $7, and for students, it’s $4.

4. Boat Cruise on the Danube River

See Belgrade from the Danube River with a cruise. You’ll get great views of the city while sailing. Prices start at $15, depending on the trip length and what’s included.

5. Skadarlija Street

Experience Belgrade’s bohemian feel on Skadarlija Street. It’s a quaint area with food, music, and art. Costs for food and drinks vary by place.

6. Ada Ciganlija

For some beach fun, head to Ada Ciganlija. It’s a river island with a beach and activities like water sports. Entry is free, but you might pay extra for certain gear or activities.

7. Museum of Yugoslav History

Explore Yugoslavia’s story at this museum. It celebrates its past with exhibits on its president, Josip Broz Tito, and more. The fee is $6 for adults and $3 for students.

8. Walking Tour of Belgrade

Discover Belgrade’s secrets on a walking tour. A guide will tell you interesting facts and stories. These tours cost between $10 to $20.

There is so much more to see and do in Belgrade beyond these examples. Always check the latest prices and details before visiting. Enjoy the city’s wide range of activities for lasting memories.

Belgrade Attractions

Attraction Entrance Fee
Belgrade Fortress Free
Saint Sava Temple Free (donations welcome)
Nikola Tesla Museum $7 (adults)
$4 (students)
Boat Cruise on the Danube River Starting from $15 per person
Skadarlija Street Cost of dining varies
Ada Ciganlija Free (additional charges for equipment rental)
Museum of Yugoslav History $6 (adults)
$3 (students)
Walking Tour of Belgrade $10 – $20 per person

Shopping Expenses in Belgrade

If you love shopping, Belgrade is the place to be. It caters to all budgets with its variety of stores. You can check out trendy boutiques and vibrant markets. Each offers unique things to buy. We’ll guide you through the city’s shopping scene, focusing on clothing, souvenirs, and more. And we’ll show you where to get the best deals.

Clothing Prices in Belgrade

Belgrade is a fashion hub with lots of stores selling stylish clothes. There’s something for everyone, ranging from local names to international brands. Here’s what you might spend on various clothing items:

Item Average Price Range (USD)
T-shirts $10 – $30
Dresses $30 – $80
Jeans $40 – $100
Shoes $40 – $120

For a different shopping experience, check out the markets. They are great places to find affordable, unique clothes. Skadarlija Market is known for vintage pieces. Meanwhile, Kaleniceva Market has a lot of budget-friendly options.

Souvenir Prices in Belgrade

Belgrade is rich in souvenir options. You can find traditional Serbian crafts or fun mementos throughout the city. Here’s what souvenirs might cost you:

Item Average Price Range (USD)
Keychains $2 – $5
Magnets $3 – $8
Traditional Handicrafts $10 – $30
T-shirts $10 – $20

If you’re on a budget, Knez Mihailova Street is a great place for souvenirs. It’s a pedestrian street well-packed with shops. You’ll find all sorts of mementos there.

Don’t forget the local markets like Zeleni Venac. They offer unique crafts and products at good prices. You may discover something truly special there.

Belgrade shopping prices

This guide will help you enjoy shopping in Belgrade without overspending. Prices can change based on where you shop and what you buy. Have a great time shopping!

Nightlife Costs in Belgrade

Belgrade is known for its lively nightlife. You’ll find everything from cool bars to hot clubs. It’s good to know the prices before you hit the scene. We’ll show you the average cost of drinks, door fees, and popular places in Belgrade.

Drink Prices

Drinks in Belgrade won’t cost you a lot. A pint of local beer is between $2 and $4. Cocktails start at $6, going up to $12. The price depends on the drink and where you are.

Wine fans will pay $4 to $8 for a glass. That’s pretty good value.

Entrance Fees

Belgrade has all types of nightlife spots. Some clubs need a cover charge. But, many are free early in the week.

For bigger clubs or weekends, expect to pay $5 to $20 to get in. The price depends on how popular the place is.

Popular Nightlife Spots

Belgrade’s nightlife keeps growing. Here are some cool spots:

  • Savamala District: This area is arty and full of life. It has bars, clubs, and live music.
  • Ada Ciganlija: An island by the river, it has beach clubs and bars. It’s a unique place to party.
  • Skadarlija Street: A historic street with traditional restaurants and live music. It’s like stepping back in time.

Every place in Belgrade has a fun vibe worth checking out.

Belgrade’s nightlife fits any budget. You can have a chill night or dance until morning. Just plan your money well. Then, enjoy the lively nights of Belgrade.

Belgrade nightlife prices

Currency Exchange and Payment Options in Belgrade

Before you go to Belgrade, it’s key to know about currency exchange and payments. This info will help you spend wisely and without trouble.

Currency Exchange

In Belgrade, you’ll use the Serbian Dinar (RSD). It’s smart to change your money to dinars when you arrive. You can do this at banks, exchange offices, and some hotels. Make sure to compare rates to find the best one. But, watch out for exchange places not approved. They might not give you a good deal.

Look for exchanging money at trusted banks like JUBMES Banka, Banca Intesa, or AIK Banka. They’re all around the city and offer safe deals.

Belgrade Currency Exchange

Payment Options

In Belgrade, cash is king for small buys and markets. But, you can also use cards in many places, like hotels, restaurants, and big stores. Most often, they take Visa and Mastercard. American Express and Diners Club are accepted too, but less so in some spots.

ATMs are easy to find across the city for cash needs. It’s wise to talk to your local bank about fees and let them know you’re traveling. This could help avoid problems with withdrawing money.

Pro Tip: Have both cash and cards with you. This gives you options for all purchases.

Now, more places in Belgrade are using mobile payment apps, like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This is especially true for big shops that often welcome these types of payments.

But, at eateries or smaller shops, it’s still best to have some cash. Some might not take cards or only take a certain type.

Payment Method Accepted
Cash (Serbian Dinar) Widely accepted
Credit/Debit Cards Accepted in most establishments
Mobile Payment Apps Increasing acceptance

Tips for Saving Money in Belgrade

When you plan your trip to Belgrade, consider your budget wisely. Knowing how to save money can enhance your experience. Here are tips to cut costs without missing out on fun.

Eat Like a Local

Save cash by eating at local spots in Belgrade. Skip pricey tourist places for eateries and street vendors. You’ll taste real Serbian food and spend less. Try burek, kafana meals, and rakija, a popular drink.

Utilize Public Transportation

Belgrade offers buses, trams, and trolleybuses for getting around. Using these instead of taxis saves a lot. Get a BusPlus card to pay less for rides. Walking or biking in the city center is also a good option.

Take Advantage of Free Attractions

Many of Belgrade’s best spots don’t cost a thing. Explore Kalemegdan Fortress or visit the Nikola Tesla Museum for free. Discover the Skadarlija area to enjoy the city culture without spending money.

Shop at Local Markets

Enjoy Belgrade’s markets for fresh food and special finds. The Kalenić or Zeleni Venac Markets are great places to shop. You can haggle for better prices, adding to your savings.

Use Free Wi-Fi and Messaging Apps

Avoid high roaming charges by using free Wi-Fi and messaging apps. These are available in many places in Belgrade. Apps like WhatsApp let you stay in touch with loved ones without extra fees.

Belgrade travel expenses

By taking these tips to heart, you can enjoy Belgrade without overspending. Smart money practices will open up the city’s delights while staying on a budget.


This guide has detailed the costs of a trip to Belgrade. Knowing how much to budget for can help you enjoy the city more. It covers Belgrade travel expenses and Belgrade trip budget.

Now, you know what accommodation expenses, dining costs, and transportation expenses are. You understand the cost of visiting Belgrade and how to save money in Belgrade. This helps keep your experience great without overspending.

This breakdown is useful whether you’re saving or spending more. Use it to plan your trip and make a budget. Have a great time in Belgrade and a safe journey!