15 Best Countries to Visit in Europe

Did you know Europe attracts over 670 million international tourists yearly? This number shows Europe’s allure as a top European travel destination. As a savvy traveler, you’ll explore Europe’s hidden treasures and famous spots with this Europe travel guide. Each place visited uncovers Europe’s endless charm and rich history.

Discover the Charm of Italy: Lago Di Garda

Lago Di Garda is one of the best European countries for tourism. It’s a tranquil escape into Italian magnificence. You’ll discover a mix of culture and relaxation. This creates a perfect Italian summer retreat.

Lago Di Garda Scenery

In this must-visit European country, Lago Di Garda’s calm shores offer something for everyone. Adventure seekers and peace lovers will find joy here. It’s a place where you can enjoy Italian culture or just relax by the lake.

A Sweeping Landscape of Serenity and Italian Culture

Lago Di Garda’s charm is enhanced by its beautiful towns. These towns showcase the lovely blend of nature and Italian lifestyle. The serene waters and tasty Italian dishes offer a refreshing experience.

Where to Stay in Lago di Garda: Malcesine’s Allure

Malcesine, in the north of the lake, is a charming town. It shows the true essence of Italian hospitality. You’ll find cozy places to stay with gorgeous views. It’s the best place for enjoying authentic Italian food.

Must-Do Activities: Beyond the Dolce Vita

Lago Di Garda isn’t just for relaxing. It offers many activities in this must-visit European country. You can swim, windsurf, paraglide, or paddleboard. Each activity gives a unique way to see Garda’s beauty.

After being active, enjoy a candlelit dinner by the lake. The local meals and romantic atmosphere make for an unforgettable evening. Lago Di Garda represents the dolce vita. Every moment here is worth celebrating.

Barcelona: Cultural Jewel of Spain

Barcelona is a top vacation spot in Europe. It shows off Spanish culture, where art and architecture fill the streets. This Europe travel guide will show you the city’s best sights. It gives a taste of local life too.

Gaudi’s Architectural Masterpieces and Gothic Quarters

Start your morning with Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical designs. See the tall spires of La Sagrada Familia. Explore Park Güell’s mosaic beauty. Gaudí’s work is a fun dive into architectural innovation.

Then, walk through the Gothic Quarter’s narrow alleys. Here, every corner whispers stories of history.

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Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Summer Escapade: Beaches and Markets of Barcelona

When the sun is high, Barceloneta Beach offers golden sands for relaxing. Looking for action? Dive into Mercado de La Boqueria’s buzz. The market’s smells of fresh food and local eats showcase Spanish flavors.

Stay Like a Local: Authentic Farm Experience Near Barcelona

Leave the city’s noise for peace on a traditional finca. This farm stay in the Catalan countryside lets you live like a local. It’s a great change from Barcelona’s busy life.

Embrace the city’s infectious energy—there’s always a discovery waiting around every Gaudí-adorned corner.

Sicily: Italy’s Island of Ancient Beauty

Sicily shines as a must-see in Europe with its old-world charm and lively culture. As a top destination, it invites you to dive into its history and delicious food. Its beaches and waterfronts offer warmth and soothing views. History enthusiasts will love its rich landmarks, from beautiful churches to the famous Cefalu.

Best European Countries for Tourism

Sicilian food is a treat for the senses. You’ll love the crunchy arancini and sweet cannoli. Don’t miss the unique pasta with squid ink, showing the creativity of local dishes.

Climbing Mount Etna is an adventure you’ll never forget. This active volcano offers stunning views for those brave enough to reach the top. The climb is a memorable part of visiting Sicily.

In Sicily, every step is a journey through time, blending past and future in an enchanting dance.

To plan your trip, here’s a table of what Sicily has to offer. It ensures your experience is as rich and diverse as the island’s history.

DestinationHighlightsCulinary SpecialtiesActivities
CefaluMedieval town, Cathedral, BeachesSeafood, Pasta alla NormaBeach activities, Cultural tours
PalermoCapital city, Rich history, MarketsPanelle, SfincioneCity tours, Historical sites
TaorminaAncient Greek theater, Isola BellaGranita, Pesto alla TrapaneseBoat excursions, Snorkeling
Mount EtnaActive volcano, Unique ecosystemPistachio products, HoneyVolcano trekking, Nature hikes

Sicily is a place where ancient beauty, tasty food, and nature mix together. It’s a must-see in Europe. Let Sicily be on your travel list, as it stands out among the best destinations.

Provence, France: A Summer Canvas of Lavender Fields

Imagine a summer getaway painted with purple and yellow strokes. Provence in summer is a slice of European heaven. Its lavender fields and sun-kissed villages make it a top pick in Europe travel guides. Let’s explore this stunning area together, a place that’s captivated many hearts.

In Valensole, you’ll see endless lavender rows. The best time to visit is in early to mid-July, when it’s fully bloomed. This breathtaking sight is perfect for photographers, especially at dawn.

“The soulful essence of Provence is best experienced amidst the sea of lavender that dances in the summer breeze. There’s no substitute for the shade of purple that adorns these fields.” – A testament to the allure of Provence’s lavender fields.

The village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is a hidden treasure. It’s set in Provence’s heart, with a waterfall that adds to its charm. Watching the sunset over its lavender fields is unforgettable. It truly shows the peaceful beauty of Provence, a gem for any Europe travel guide.

Besides lavender fields, explore local villages. This is where Provence’s rustic charm shines, through its history, culture, and food. Provence is more than a place; it’s a sensory celebration, ranking it high among Europe’s top vacation spots.

Lavender Fields of Provence
  • Witness Lavender in Full Bloom
  • Explore Moustiers-Sainte-Marie
  • Discover Rustic French Villages
  • Indulge in Local Gastronomy

Your trip to Provence is a journey through time and nature’s gallery. So, get ready for Provence. It promises a sensory journey found only in the heart of Europe’s summer.

Ibiza: More Than Just a Party Haven

Ibiza is known worldwide for its lively clubs. It’s considered one of the best European countries for tourism because of its famous nightlife. But, this Balearic island has more to offer beyond parties. Ibiza is also a place of cultural richness and peaceful spots, making it one of the top European travel destinations.

Dalt Vila: A Blend of Old World Charm and Contemporary Luxury

The heart of Ibiza beats in the ancient town of Dalt Vila. This place mixes history with modern luxury. You can walk through old streets with stylish shops and medieval buildings. Ibiza Castle, overlooking the town, offers stunning views that show off the island’s beauty.

Historic Dalt Vila, Ibiza

Beach Escapes: Family-Friendly Shores and Crystal Waters

Ibiza’s beaches are perfect for relaxing. Cala Tarida and Cala Llonga have calm waters ideal for families. The rock Es Vedra adds mystery to the sea view, making the beaches more enchanting.

Boat CruiseCala LlongaTake to the sea for a unique view of Ibiza’s coast, including a glimpse of the majestic Es Vedra.
WindsurfingCala TaridaChallenge the waves with this thrilling sport, accessible to both beginners and pros.
Horseback RidingIbiza CountrysideExplore the island’s natural beauty on horseback, riding through trails that offer a different kind of island experience.
Historical TourDalt VilaDiscover the stories and legends of Ibiza’s old town with a guided walking tour.

Ibiza has something for everyone. Whether you love water sports, learning history, or enjoying quiet beaches, it’s a top choice. This island shows there’s much more to see than just parties, making it a truly diverse destination.

Porto, Portugal: A Potpourri of Architectural Wonders

When your wanderlust takes you towards Iberia’s charm, you’ll see that top vacation spots in Europe aren’t just about places like Paris or Greece. Porto, Portugal stands out with its mix of culture, taste, and beauty. Your europe travel guide might not have shown it as a main highlight yet.

In Portugal’s second city, history and culture blend beautifully. It offers more than just its famous wine. Here, the tasty Pastéis de Nata meets its match in Francesinha, a hearty local sandwich. The city’s beaches, such as Praia da Luz, offer a break with soft waves and the sound of coffee cups in cafes.

Staying in places like the Travel & Live Hostel makes exploring Porto’s architecture even better. It combines convenience and comfort. Here, you can truly connect with Porto’s soul and see why it’s a must-visit according to europe travel guide’s must-see destinations.

Porto is not just a quick stop. It invites you to immerse yourself in its rich history. See ancient streets and buildings like São Bento train station with its beautiful tiles. The city’s terracotta rooftops challenge cameras to capture what you see with your own eyes.

Start your journey at the Capela das Almas de Santa Catarina, known for its blue and white tiles. Then, head down to the Ribeira district. There, the Douro River adds to Porto’s melody, with boats and lively taverns adding to the charm.

Captivating Porto cityscape

In Porto, every corner and view tells a new story. Your search for top vacation spots in Europe ends with unforgettable experiences. As the sun sets over Dom Luís I Bridge, the city’s beauty calls you to explore more and remember every moment.

Ready to see the real Porto beyond the tourist sights? Whether it’s medieval sights or stunning views, make sure to check out these must-visit spots:

  1. Livraria Lello: A haven for book lovers, ornate and full of history.
  2. Palácio da Bolsa: A testament to Porto’s rich past, neoclassical beauty.
  3. Casa da Música: A modern home for the arts.
  4. Ponte de Dom Luís I: More than a bridge, a place to enjoy the view.

As highlighted by europe travel guide, Porto is a city with many layers. It invites you to uncover its cultural, architectural, and culinary treasures. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or new to exploring, Porto charms everyone with its spirit and beauty.

Germany’s Fairytale Castles: Neuschwanstein and Eltz

Welcome to the heart of Germany’s fairytales, starring Neuschwanstein and Eltz castles. They shine brightly among top European travel destinations. Germany is seen as a must-visit European country, inviting you into tales of kings and stunning buildings.

Neuschwanstein and Eltz Castles

In the beautiful Bavarian Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle is a tribute to dreams and romance, thanks to King Ludwig II. With its high towers and walls, it’s like stepping into a fairytale. It even inspired the Disney Cinderella Castle.

Neuschwanstein is a favorite in Europe, loved for its magical look and the rich history found inside.

Visiting Neuschwanstein means seeing tall towers, breathtaking views, and rooms filled with history and clever designs. People from all over the world come, making it a top European travel destination.

Eltz Castle, though less known, shows medieval Germany beautifully preserved. Having housed the same family for 33 generations since the 1200s, it’s a symbol of Europe’s long history.

  • Eltz Castle, hidden in a green forest, shows off true medieval style.
  • Its aged stones and traditional design share many stories with visitors.
  • Its unique charm and history appeal to anyone fascinated by must-visit European countries.

Neuschwanstein and Eltz offer more than old stories. They are gateways to Germany’s royal history, inviting us to explore in a picturesque setting.

The Medieval Majesty of Tossa de Mar, Spain

Planning your European trip? Don’t miss Tossa de Mar, a top vacation spot in Europe. This town perfectly combines historical wonders with the beauty of the Mediterranean. Picture yourself wandering ancient streets, surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance buildings, all within medieval walls. And don’t forget to check out the views from the towering lighthouse, a highlight in any europe travel guide.

Step into Catalonia’s heart for a mix of old and new. Tossa de Mar’s beaches are some of Spain’s best, offering crystal clear waters and soft sands. If adventure calls, the nearby forests provide hiking trails with breathtaking views. These are essential stops for your europe travel guide.

Tossa de Mar Spain

At night, Tossa de Mar remains magical. The town’s narrow streets buzz with cozy restaurants and lively artisans. Walking here is like moving through a living museum, filled with history and culture.

Join local tours to dive deep into this medieval town’s soul. From hilltop castle visits to seafood feasts by the sea, Tossa de Mar reveals the Mediterranean’s timeless charm. It’s a key highlight for any europe travel guide.

Tossa de Mar is more than a place; it’s a story. Rich history and stunning scenery make it a top vacation spot in Europe. It offers a blend of adventure, romance, and peace, making it a treasure on Europe’s coast.

Colmar, France: A Storied Locale for All Seasons

Colmar sits among vineyards and charming half-timbered houses, showcasing Alsatian charm. It’s in one of the best European countries for tourism, France. Here, the beauty of culture and history mixes with nature. Walking its cobblestone streets feels like entering a storybook, making it a top vacation spot in Europe any time of the year.

Savouring the Alsatian Flavour: Colmar’s Culinary Scene

In Colmar, every meal is a journey through its rich heritage. Food lovers find joy in both Michelin-starred places and cozy local bistros. You’re invited to try the region’s famous dishes, like tarte flambée and choucroute garnie. These meals truly reflect the local flavor.

Summer Cruises and Spring Markets: Colmar’s Year-Round Charm

Colmar shines with seasonal events that draw crowds for its captivating vibe. Summer turns its canals into beautiful spots for boat cruises. Come spring, markets burst with the smell of fresh flowers and local foods. This makes Colmar a wonderful place to visit any time.

Colmar, France

15 Best Countries to Visit in Europe

Europe Travel Guide Destinations

Planning your trip to Europe can seem like a big challenge. But don’t worry! This guide to the 15 best countries to visit in Europe is here to help. You will discover places full of art, tasty food, history, and natural beauty. Each place promises an adventure that blends with the magic of Europe.

CountryMust-Visit SpotUnique Experience
ItalyAmalfi CoastSunset boat cruise along the coastline
SpainAlhambra of GranadaExploring the Moorish history and gardens
FranceChâteau de VersaillesWitnessing the grandeur of French royalty
PortugalLisbon’s Alfama DistrictTram 28 ride through the historic streets
GermanyThe Black ForestScenic hikes and cuckoo clock shopping
GreeceSantoriniCliff-side dining with aegean views
NetherlandsKeukenhof GardensA dutch tulip extravaganza in spring
AustriaSalzburg’s Old TownFollowing the melody of Mozart’s heritage
SwitzerlandMatterhorn in ZermattSkiing with an iconic mountain backdrop
CroatiaPlitvice Lakes National ParkWalking the wooden paths over turquoise lakes
Czech RepublicPrague CastleUnveiling Bohemian kings’ legacy
BulgariaRila MonasteryDiving into the spiritual sanctuary of the Balkans
IcelandBlue LagoonGeothermal spa indulgence under the northern lights
DenmarkTivoli Gardens in CopenhagenAn amusement park that inspired Disney
PolandWieliczka Salt MineExploring underground cathedrals carved in salt

No Europe travel guide is complete without seeing the famous sites, tasting the food, and joining in local customs. Each country has its story and special experiences. So, get ready for a journey filled with unforgettable memories in the 15 best countries to visit in Europe.

Bled, Slovenia: A Hushed Refuge in Nature’s Embrace

Explore Bled, a peaceful spot in Slovenia, seen as a top pick among must-visit European countries. It’s a beautiful place, perfect for those looking to escape daily noise. Here, the green lake and a charming church on an island bring calm, pulling you into this less-traveled spot.

Scenic view of Bled, Slovenia

Bled mixes stunning beauty with fun outside activities. Start by finding a cozy inn. Experience the warm local hospitality as you plan your adventures.

Enjoy these specially picked activities to fully experience Bled’s calm beauty:

  • Row across Lake Bled to visit the famous island and ring the church’s wishing bell
  • Walk around the lake at sunrise or sunset to see the stunning views
  • See Bled Castle for amazing views from its cliff-side location
  • Try the Bled Cream Cake, a local treat known well beyond Slovenia
  • Walk through Vintgar Gorge to see beautiful waterfalls and a green river below

In your Europe travel guide, this table helps you find the best place to stay in Bled for a dreamy getaway.

Accommodation TypeExperience OfferedProximity to Lake Bled
Lakeview Bled HotelLuxury rooms with direct views of Lake Bled0.2 miles
Alpine HomesteadRustic charm with modern amenities1 mile
Bled Island RetreatSecluded privacy with exclusive lake accessOn the islet
Castle Hostel 1004Budget-friendly with a vibrant atmosphere0.6 miles
Grand Park HotelFive-star elegance with spa facilities0.3 miles

Finish your Bled trip feeling peaceful, with a refreshed soul. Bled isn’t just a place to visit. It’s where stories of calm from nature come alive, making it a must-see in Europe’s must-visit countries.

Riquewihr, France: The Quintessence of Alsace

France always tops the list when we talk about best european countries for tourism. Alsace stands out in France with its rich culture. Riquewihr is at the heart of this region. It’s like a living painting that has kept its beauty through time and wars.

Riquewihr Vineyards and Medieval Architecture

France, a must-visit european country, boasts places like Riquewihr. This town blends authenticity with stunning views. Its colorful buildings, ancient streets, and flowery balconies look like they’re from a fairy tale.

Visiting Riquewihr, you can taste local wines that are rich in both flavor and history. The town lives and breathes wine culture, from its lively vineyards to cozy wine cellars.

  • Explore the historic Dolder Tower, a gateway that has watched over the town since the 13th century.
  • Wander through the charming Rue du Général de Gaulle, lined with local merchants and bistros.
  • Savor the taste of traditional Alsatian dishes paired with Riquewihr’s finest Riesling wines.

Visiting Riquewihr means enjoying a feast for your senses and stepping into history. This place, one of the best european countries for tourism, is alive with things to do and see all year. Your trip to this must-visit european country will be filled with unforgettable moments.

“Riquewihr is a fairy-tale escape within the real world, offering a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, bound within its medieval walls.”

The Enigmatic Appeal of Bulgaria’s Castle in Love with the Wind

Bulgaria hides treasures that make it a top European tourism spot. Among these, the “Castle in Love with the Wind” in Ravadinovo takes a special place. Created by Georgi Tumpalov, this dreamy castle blends into Sozopol’s lush landscape. It stands as a beacon of imagination, inviting visitors to uncover its mysteries and the beauty within the Europe travel guide.

Castle in Love with the Wind

To reach this Bulgarian gem, you fly to Burgas and pick a place to stay in Sozopol. Options range from the lavish Sea Sense Boutique Hotel to cozier spots. Each offers a unique view into the castle’s captivating essence, a highlight for any traveler in Bulgaria.

This castle is more than just one man’s dream; it’s a showcase of Bulgaria’s rich culture. With its fairy-tale features, the castle is perfect for weddings, festivals, and art events. It’s a jewel in the Europe travel guide, offering unique experiences away from typical tourist routes.

If you’re searching for a destination wrought from the dreams of a present-day knight and set against the backdrop of lush Bulgarian landscapes, look no further than the Castle in Love with the Wind.

Adding the castle to your Europe trip brings a magical element. It shows why Bulgaria ranks high in best European countries for tourism. Wander through its historic halls and let your imagination soar. Writing your own story into the fabric of your European travels.

Picturesque Popeye Village in Mellieha, Malta

On the Maltese Islands’ shores, Popeye Village in Mellieha stands out. It was built for the “Popeye” movie and has become a beloved spot. Colorful wooden buildings set against the sea draw tourists and movie fans.

Picturesque Popeye Village in Mellieha, Malta

Mellieha showcases sustainable tourism while letting visitors explore a real movie set. You can enjoy walks, boat rides, and shows. All these help protect Malta’s beauty.

Imagine entering the world of Popeye’s comic strip. Popeye Village offers fun and cultural activities. It’s a unique way to experience Malta’s diverse culture.

Visiting Popeye Village is like stepping into a live art piece. It shows Europe’s creativity. This place confirms Malta’s place on the list of must-see countries with rich stories.

Prague, Czech Republic: The Soul of Central Europe

Plan a stop in Prague on your European travel guide. This city shines with a vibrant culture that wins over travelers worldwide. Prague ranks as a top vacation spot in Europe. Its cobblestone streets lead to the famous Charles Bridge. This bridge has been part of the city’s history for centuries.

enchanting view of Prague

Prague Castle stands tall over the cityscape. It offers a glimpse of architectural beauty. Inside, you can see the rich history in its halls and gardens. Down below, the cozy cafés and bars of the Malá Strana district offer tasty local dishes and smooth Pilsner beer. This showcases the Czech Republic’s proud brewing history.

Walking through the Staré Město, or Old Town, you’ll be captivated by the Astronomical Clock. It’s a wonder of mechanics and beauty, still keeping time after centuries.

  • Secure flights into Vaclav Havel Airport, your gateway to this medieval gem.
  • Book a room at the Smetana Hotel for river views in the city center.
  • For a deep cultural dive, see a show at the National Theatre. Don’t miss the tranquility of the Franciscan Garden amidst the city’s buzz.

Follow the music of street performers through lively plazas to discover Prague’s secrets. Engaging with Alfons Mucha’s art or finding hidden spots in the Lesser Town enriches your visit. It cements Prague’s place as a key destination in any Europe travel guide.


As we wrap up our exciting journey through Europe, we see each place is more than just a dot on the map. They are stories waiting to be told, filled with culture and beauty. Europe charms us with its diverse scenery, offering an in-depth guide that reveals the best spots. Whether you love old buildings, tasty food, or quiet beaches, Europe has something for everyone.

In Italy and France, the food is unforgettable. Spain and Germany add their own rhythms with lively streets and magical castles. These countries make your trip a collection of unforgettable moments. You’ll find beautiful shores, cultural gems, and old towns that make your adventure richer. You’ll feel connected to each place’s heart, its history, and nature’s beauty as you travel.

This guide has given you the knowledge and inspiration to start your European adventure. Fill your travel diary with history’s echoes, diverse cultures, and stunning views. Let Europe’s adventure make special memories in your heart, making you want to come back time after time.

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