15 Best Places to Visit in Denmark

Welcome to Denmark, a country full of enchanting destinations that will leave you in awe. If you’re planning a trip to Denmark, you won’t want to miss out on these 15 best places to visit. From historic landmarks to stunning natural beauty, there’s something for everyone in this Scandinavian gem.

Copenhagen, the cosmopolitan capital city, is a must-visit with attractions like the Rosenborg Castle and Tivoli Gardens. Aarhus offers a rich cultural experience with the open-air museum at Den Gamle By. And don’t forget to visit Odense, the birthplace of famous author Hans Christian Andersen.

If you’re looking for a beach vacation, head to the idyllic island of Bornholm or the picturesque Skagen where two seas meet. For a taste of Viking history, explore Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum. And for amusement park fun, visit Legoland Billund.

No matter where you go, Denmark is waiting to enchant you with its beauty. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the 15 best places to visit in Denmark. Your unforgettable vacation is waiting!

Copenhagen – A Modern Metropolis with History

As one of the top places to visit in Denmark, Copenhagen is a city full of life, history, and charm. With its beautiful canals, colorful buildings, and innovative design, Copenhagen offers a unique experience for travelers who are looking for things to do in Denmark.

Start by exploring the historic sites such as the Rosenborg Castle, which houses the Danish Crown Jewels, or take a stroll along the iconic Nyhavn waterfront, where you can find lively bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Denmark SightseeingTop Things to Do in Copenhagen
Tivoli GardensExperience thrilling rides, beautiful gardens, and live performances in this historic amusement park located in the heart of the city.
VesterbroExperience the bustling nightlife of Copenhagen in Vesterbro, one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods and a hub for food, drinks, and entertainment.
NyhavnTake a stroll along the iconic Nyhavn waterfront and explore the colorful buildings, lively bars, restaurants, and cafes.
Rosenborg CastleExplore the history and heritage of Denmark at the Rosenborg Castle, which houses the Danish Crown Jewels and other artifacts.

Don’t miss out on visiting the famous Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that offers a variety of attractions, from thrilling rides to impressive Lego sculptures.

Finally, end your day by experiencing the vibrant nightlife in Vesterbro, where you can find some of the best food, drinks, and entertainment in the city.

top places to visit in Denmark

Aarhus – A Cultural Hub in Northern Europe

When it comes to top places to visit in Denmark, Aarhus should be on your list. The second-largest city in Denmark is full of culture, history, and excellent attractions. It is a perfect spot for a Danish adventure, and you will find plenty of things to do in Aarhus.

One of the must-see Denmark landmarks is Den Gamle By – an open-air museum where you can immerse yourself in the country’s history. The museum shows how people lived in Denmark in different eras and is an excellent place for families and history buffs.

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Art lovers will enjoy visiting the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, which has a superb collection of contemporary art. One of the most popular works of art is the colorful “Your Rainbow Panorama” installation on the museum’s rooftop. The museum is a must-visit if you’re interested in modern art.

Den Gamle By

Don’t forget to take a walk around the charming Latin Quarter and admire the colorful houses and cobblestone streets. The quarter is home to cozy cafes, shops, and restaurants where you can indulge in some Danish cuisine.

The Best Time to Visit Aarhus

The best time to visit Aarhus is in the summer when the city comes alive with outdoor events and festivals. June, July, and August are the busiest months, and you’ll find plenty of things to do in Aarhus during this time. However, if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you can visit during the shoulder season in May or September.

Where to Stay in Aarhus

Aarhus has plenty of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. If you want to stay in the city center, hotels like Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Aarhus and Hotel Royal are excellent choices. For a more budget-friendly option, you can stay at Hostel Aarhus or City Sleep-In Hostel.

When planning your Denmark travel guide, make sure to include Aarhus on your itinerary. It is a cultural hub in Northern Europe and a perfect destination for exploring Danish history and contemporary art.

Odense – The Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

Take a trip to Odense, the third-largest city in Denmark and the birthplace of famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen. This city is one of the must-see destinations in Denmark, with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landmarks.

The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is a perfect place to start your sightseeing. The museum hosts exhibits on the author’s life and works, featuring original manuscripts, costumes, and illustrations.

Another attraction that you shouldn’t miss is the beautiful Odense Cathedral. This gothic-style cathedral was built in the 13th century and is adorned with stunning frescoes and sculptures.

If you’re looking for a peaceful escape, head over to the beautiful Fruens Bøge forest. This tranquil oasis offers hiking trails, picnic spots, and a nature playground for kids.

Odense is a great destination for Denmark sightseeing with a mix of history and modernity. So, don’t forget to visit the city center, with its charming streets lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Odense - The Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

Roskilde – A Historical City with a Viking Past

Roskilde, located just 25 kilometers west of Copenhagen, is a city with a rich history and a Viking past. It’s one of the most popular Denmark tourist attractions and an ideal Denmark vacation spot.

The UNESCO-listed Roskilde Cathedral is a must-visit landmark, known for its Gothic architecture and royal burials. Kings and queens of Denmark have been buried in the cathedral since the 15th century.

Another must-see attraction in Roskilde is the Viking Ship Museum, where you can explore five original Viking ships that were excavated from the nearby fjord. The museum offers a glimpse into the life of the Vikings and their seafaring culture.

Denmark Tourist AttractionsDenmark Vacation SpotsDenmark Landmarks
Roskilde CathedralBornholmFrederiksborg Castle
Viking Ship MuseumSkagenKronborg Castle
Tivoli GardensAalborgLouisiana Museum of Modern Art

Roskilde also hosts one of Europe’s largest music festivals, the Roskilde Festival, which attracts thousands of music fans every year. The festival features a diverse lineup of both international and local artists.

If you’re looking for a city with a rich history and a vibrant culture, Roskilde is a top Denmark tourist attraction and Denmark vacation spot worth visiting.

Denmark Viking Ship Museum

Aalborg – A Vibrant City with Ancient Roots

Located in northern Denmark, Aalborg is a city steeped in history and culture, offering a mix of ancient attractions and modern amenities.

Things to Do in Aalborg

If you’re interested in the city’s history, explore the Aalborg Castle ruins or visit the Aalborg Historical Museum to learn about the city’s past. For a more modern experience, discover the vibrant Jomfru Ane Gade street, known for its lively nightlife and popular restaurants.

Take a boat trip along the scenic Limfjord, which runs through the center of the city, or head to Aalborg Zoo to see a variety of exotic animals.

Denmark Sightseeing in Aalborg

Aalborg is home to a variety of architectural landmarks, such as the distinctive House of Music and the modern Utzon Center, designed by the renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

If you’re looking for a more natural sightseeing experience, visit the nearby Rebild Bakker National Park, a beautiful area of hills and forests that is popular for hiking and picnicking.

Denmark Tourism in Aalborg

Aalborg is a great destination to visit year-round, with a variety of festivals and events taking place throughout the year. In the summer, the Aalborg Carnival is a lively celebration of music, dance, and street performances, while the Aalborg Christmas Market is a winter wonderland of lights, decorations, and festive treats.

Whatever time of year you choose to visit, Aalborg is sure to delight visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and modern attractions.


Frederiksborg Castle – A Fairytale in the Heart of Denmark

Frederiksborg Castle is a true gem in the heart of Denmark, located in the small town of Hillerød, just a short train ride from Copenhagen. As one of the most beautiful castles in Scandinavia, it is an iconic landmark and a must-visit for all travelers to Denmark. The castle was built in the early 17th century by King Christian IV and has since become a symbol of Denmark’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Frederiksborg Castle

As you approach the castle, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking sight of a magnificent Renaissance palace located on three small islands in the middle of a lake. The castle’s stunning architecture and elaborate decorations make it a true masterpiece of Danish craftsmanship. The castle houses a museum with exhibitions showcasing Denmark’s cultural and historical heritage, as well as a collection of portraits, paintings, and decorative art.

The castle’s gardens are also a sight to behold, with a beautiful Baroque garden and an English-style landscape garden. Take a stroll around the gardens and admire the beautiful flowers, fountains, and sculptures. In the summer, the gardens are the perfect place to have a picnic or enjoy a concert or theater performance.

If you’re interested in Danish history and culture, a visit to Frederiksborg Castle should definitely be included in your Denmark travel guide. Not only is it a stunning example of Danish architecture, but it also offers a glimpse into the life of Danish royalty in the 17th century. Take a guided tour or explore the castle on your own, and don’t forget to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy shot of this fairytale castle.

Kronborg Castle – Shakespeare’s Elsinore

Step into the world of Shakespeare at Kronborg Castle, located in the town of Helsingør. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the top places to visit in Denmark and is known as the setting for Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.”

Explore the castle’s towers, chambers, and underground casemates, and discover the history of this magnificent fortress. The castle dates back to the 15th century and played an important role in Danish history.

Kronborg Castle

Don’t miss the annual Shakespeare festival held in the castle’s courtyard, where actors perform the famous tragedy and other works by Shakespeare. The festival attracts visitors from all over the world and is a unique cultural experience.

Must-see sights at Kronborg Castle:

The BallroomOne of the largest Renaissance ballrooms in Northern Europe, adorned with beautiful tapestries and paintings
The ChapelA stunning example of Renaissance architecture, with intricate carvings and beautiful stained glass windows
The CasematesAn underground network of tunnels and chambers that served as a fortress and a prison
The Maritime MuseumLocated in a former dry dock, the museum showcases the history of Danish naval warfare and maritime traditions

Kronborg Castle is one of the must-see destinations in Denmark for history and literature enthusiasts, and for anyone interested in Denmark sightseeing. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the world of Shakespeare and explore this iconic castle.

Legoland Billund – A World of Fun for All Ages

If you’re looking for an unforgettable family vacation, Legoland Billund is a must-visit destination. Located in the charming town of Billund, Legoland offers a world of fun for all ages.

Denmark tourist attractions

Explore themed areas like Miniland, where famous landmarks are recreated in Lego bricks, and take a ride on the thrilling coasters like the Dragon, Polar X-plorer, and the Flying Eagle. Don’t miss out on the impressive Lego sculptures, including life-size models of your favorite superheroes and movie characters.

Why Legoland should be on your Denmark itinerary?

“Legoland Billund is a true playground for families. The mix of themed attractions and exciting rides makes it a fun-filled day out for all ages. The attention to detail in the Lego sculptures is impressive, and the park offers a great balance of fun and educational experiences.”

– TripAdvisor Review, August 2021

Legoland Billund is one of Denmark’s top tourist attractions, and it’s easy to see why. With over 50 rides and attractions, the park offers a full day of entertainment for the whole family. You can also enjoy a variety of food and drink options, from snacks to full meals, and visit the souvenir shops to bring home a piece of the Lego magic.

When to visit Legoland Billund?

Legoland Billund is open seasonally from late March to early November, with reduced hours during off-peak periods. The park can get quite busy during peak season, so it’s recommended to arrive early to avoid long lines. If you’re planning to visit during the summer months, be sure to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect against the sun.

How to get to Legoland Billund?

Legoland Billund is located in the town of Billund, approximately 150 miles west of Copenhagen. You can get to Billund by car or bus from Copenhagen, or by flying into Billund Airport and taking a shuttle bus to the park. The park is well-signposted and easy to navigate once you arrive.

Legoland Billund is a top Denmark vacation spot, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a Lego enthusiast or simply looking for a day of family fun, Legoland offers a world of entertainment that you won’t forget.

Bornholm – An Island Paradise in the Baltic Sea

Escape to the idyllic island of Bornholm, located in the Baltic Sea. There are plenty of things to do in Denmark’s fifth-largest island, from exploring the picturesque fishing villages to enjoying the pristine beaches.

One of the top sights in Bornholm is the medieval fortress of Hammershus. The castle ruins offer a glimpse into the region’s turbulent history, and the stunning views of the sea and cliffs are not to be missed. For a charming stroll, head to the town of Svaneke. The old streets, colorful houses, and abundant flower gardens are a delight for the senses.

Do you love the outdoors? Bornholm is a perfect destination for hikers and bikers. The island is crisscrossed with scenic trails that wind through forests, lakes, and beaches. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a kayak or try windsurfing in the clear waters of the Baltic Sea.

Bornholm landscape

“Bornholm is a hidden gem in Denmark. The island’s unique mix of natural beauty, history, and culture makes it a perfect destination for travelers seeking a peaceful escape from the city.”

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Bornholm has something for everyone. Book your trip today and experience the Nordic paradise!

Skagen – Where Two Seas Meet

Experience the unique beauty of Skagen, where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. Located at the northernmost tip of Denmark, this charming town is a popular spot for artists and nature enthusiasts. The distinctive light and stunning landscapes have inspired painters for years.

Take a walk along the sandy beaches and dramatic sand dunes, or explore the picturesque fishing huts that dot the coastline. Visit the Skagen Museum and admire the works of the Skagen Painters, who captured the beauty of the area’s unique light. Don’t miss the iconic Grenen, a sandbar where you can stand with one foot in each sea.

Skagen beach
LocationOpening HoursAdmission
Skagen MuseumDaily, 10 am – 5 pm$15
GrenenDaily, 9 am – 5 pmFree

Skagen is a popular summer destination, but it’s also worth visiting in the off-season when the crowds have dispersed. The town has a range of accommodation options, from cozy cottages to luxury hotels. It’s also easily accessible by train or car from Copenhagen, making it a perfect addition to your Denmark travel itinerary.

Tivoli Gardens – A Wonderland of Fun and Magic

Step into a world of enchantment at Tivoli Gardens, a historic amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen. With its magnificent gardens, thrilling rides, and live performances, Tivoli is one of the top places to visit in Denmark and a must-see destination for anyone traveling to this magical land.

Explore the enchanting gardens that surround the park, featuring colorful flowers, luscious foliage, and whimsical statues. Take a ride on one of the thrilling roller coasters or experience the excitement of the many attractions, including games, shows, and concerts.

If you’re visiting during the winter season, don’t miss the chance to experience Tivoli’s magical Christmas wonderland with its dazzling lights, festive decorations, and traditional markets.

Tivoli Gardens

“Tivoli Gardens is one of Denmark’s most popular attractions and a highlight of any visit to Copenhagen. It’s a true fairy tale land, with something for everyone, from thrilling rides to beautiful gardens and live performances. Don’t miss it!”

Explore the Heart of Danish Democracy

When in Denmark, don’t miss out on visiting the Christiansborg Palace, the heart of Danish democracy located in the heart of Copenhagen. The palace houses the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Royal Reception Rooms, making it an essential part of Denmark’s cultural and political heritage.

Experience the grandeur of the palace by exploring its various parts. Visit the Royal Stables to see the impressive horses, the Royal Kitchen, and the Royal Chapel.

One of the most remarkable features of the palace is its tower, which offers a panoramic view of the city. Climb to the top for a breathtaking view of Copenhagen’s skyline.

“The Christiansborg Palace is an essential stop for anyone interested in Denmark’s political and cultural heritage.”

The palace is open for tours from Tuesday to Sunday, with various schedules depending on the season. Admission is reasonable, and the palace’s website provides a comprehensive guide of the tours, hours, and ticket prices.

Make sure to put Christiansborg Palace on your list of things to do in Denmark. This attraction is not only a fascinating part of Danish history but also a remarkable sight you won’t want to miss.

Denmark tourist attractions

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – A Haven for Art Lovers

If you’re an art lover, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art should definitely be on your Denmark travel guide. This museum, located on the coast north of Copenhagen, is a must-visit for anyone interested in modern and contemporary art.

With its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens overlooking the sea, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art offers a unique setting to explore contemporary art. The museum’s extensive collection includes works by artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Yayoi Kusama, as well as rotating exhibitions featuring cutting-edge contemporary art from around the world.

In addition to its impressive collection, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art also hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year, including art talks, concerts, and film screenings.

Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a must-see landmark on any Denmark tourism itinerary.

Denmark landmarks


Congratulations on discovering the 15 best places to visit in Denmark! With its stunning castles, vibrant cities, and idyllic islands, Denmark offers something for every traveler. From the modern metropolis of Copenhagen to the historic city of Roskilde, and from the cultural hub of Aarhus to the island paradise of Bornholm, you’ll find enchanting destinations that will leave you in awe.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, art, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, Denmark has it all. Visit iconic landmarks like Kronborg Castle and Frederiksborg Castle, or immerse yourself in the contemporary art scene at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Let your inner child run wild at Legoland Billund or enjoy a peaceful escape in the stunning Fruens Bøge forest.

With so much to explore and experience, your Danish adventure awaits. Plan your trip today and discover the true essence of this Scandinavian gem.

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