Local festivals and events calendar for Veliko Tarnovo

Are you ready for a unique cultural adventure? Picture yourself in Veliko Tarnovo, a city full of life thanks to its many festivals and events. You will find everything from thrilling music concerts to traditional celebrations, all in one place. But, how can you make sure not to miss any of these in Bulgaria’s gem city?

No need to worry, we’ve got it all covered with the local festivals and events calendar for Veliko Tarnovo in 2023. This guide is perfect for both locals and tourists. It ensures you don’t miss out on any of the exciting cultural events happening in this beautiful city. So, get ready to mark your calendars for some unforgettable experiences!

Experience the Rich Culture of Veliko Tarnovo

Enter a city full of history and unique events – Veliko Tarnovo. It’s known for its lively festivals and a mix of activities. This city in Bulgaria shows its rich culture in exciting ways.

Exploring Veliko Tarnovo’s Festivals

Veliko Tarnovo shines with its festivals. The Tsarevets Medieval Festival and the International Folklore Festival stand out. These events not only celebrate the city’s past but also its present.

At the Tsarevets Medieval Festival, the Tsarevets Fortress becomes a place from the past. Here, you’ll see jousting, crafts, and shows that will draw you into Veliko Tarnovo’s culture and history.

The International Folklore Festival is about world music, dance, and customs. It gathers people from all over to share their traditions and celebrate global culture.

Savoring Local Cuisine and Crafts

Don’t miss out on Veliko Tarnovo’s food and crafts. Go to Samovodska Charshia street to see and buy handmade items like embroidery and pottery. This is a chance to take home special memories and see local talent in action.

Eat your way through the city’s dishes, from Bulgarian stews to delicious pastries. The food here is a blend of many cultures, grown over the centuries.

Unforgettable Experiences in Veliko Tarnovo

Venture beyond the festivals to find more to do in Veliko Tarnovo. Walk through Samovodska Charshia’s shops and cafés. Or enjoy a peaceful walk by the Yantra River for beautiful views of the city.

Love the outdoors? Go hiking, biking, or even paragliding in the nearby nature reserves. The Stara Planina Mountains are perfect for those seeking natural wonders.

Art, history, or nature – whatever your interest, Veliko Tarnovo has something for you. It’s a place that’s sure to charm you and show you the best of Bulgaria. Start planning your trip now to experience its culture.

Veliko Tarnovo event planner

Discover Upcoming Events in Veliko Tarnovo

Stay updated with Veliko Tarnovo’s latest events. Are you a local or visiting? Don’t miss the festivals, performances, and more.

Festival Highlights

Veliko Tarnovo shines with its festivals. They show off the city’s culture. Hear great music, see beautiful art, and feel the local vibe at these festivals:

Spring Music Fest – April 15-18, 2023

Folklore Days – June 2-5, 2023

Theater Week – August 10-15, 2023

Autumn Arts Festival – October 20-22, 2023

Performances to Remember

Veliko Tarnovo is full of amazing performances. Enjoy classical music, dance, or theater. Make sure to see these events:

  • Ballet Night – April 29, 2023
  • Magic Show Extravaganza – July 8, 2023
  • Shakespearean Play – September 16, 2023
  • Acoustic Concert in the Park – November 5, 2023

Other Exciting Events

There are many more fun events in Veliko Tarnovo. For sports fans, foodies, and anyone looking for unique fun. Check out these upcoming events:

  • Veliko Tarnovo Marathon – May 14, 2023
  • Food Festival – July 22-23, 2023
  • Street Art Fair – September 30, 2023
  • Fireworks Spectacular – December 31, 2023

Keep an eye on the events calendar. More fun things are always happening in Veliko Tarnovo. Don’t miss the chance to experience this lively, historic city.

upcoming events in Veliko Tarnovo

Immerse Yourself in Veliko Tarnovo Festivals

Veliko Tarnovo is famous for its culture. It hosts many festivals that both locals and tourists love. These events exhibit the area’s deep traditions. They let you dive into Veliko Tarnovo’s rich cultural life.

Here are some key festivals to focus on:


The Sound of Tradition Festival

Feel the magic of Bulgarian folklore at The Sound of Tradition Festival. It summons musicians and dancers from all over Bulgaria. Join in the spirited music and dance, showcasing Bulgaria’s rich culture.

The International Street Art Festival

At The International Street Art Festival, watch the city turn into art. Local and global artists paint beautiful murals. Tour Veliko Tarnovo and see this wonderful street gallery come alive.

The Tsarevets Medieval Festival

Travel back in time at The Tsarevets Medieval Festival. It happens at the Tsarevets Fortress. Enjoy jousting, reenactments, crafts, and authentic medieval food.

Veliko Tarnovo has many more festivals during the year. Each one lets you dive into the city’s lively vibe and deep cultural roots.

Visit Veliko Tarnovo during a festival. It’s the best way to see the city’s lively traditions and cultural spirit.

festivals in Veliko Tarnovo

Plan Your Visit with the Veliko Tarnovo Events Calendar

Get the most out of Veliko Tarnovo with its detailed events calendar. Dive into the city’s rich culture and join numerous celebrations and activities. This way, you make sure you catch all the fun events during your visit.

The city’s calendar is packed with festivals, shows, and outdoor events. It doesn’t matter if you love art, music, or nature, Veliko Tarnovo has something for everyone.

The Benefits of Using the Veliko Tarnovo Events Calendar

  1. Stay Updated: The calendar keeps you in the loop about events in Veliko Tarnovo. This ensures you won’t miss any important activities.
  2. Plan Ahead: By using the calendar, you can set your schedule early. This means you won’t miss the events you really want to see.
  3. Diverse Options: Veliko Tarnovo has a wide range of events for all tastes. From music to theater, there’s plenty to see and do.
  4. Community Connection: Joining local events connects you with Veliko Tarnovo’s people and their traditions. It’s a way to make new friends and enjoy local life.

“The Veliko Tarnovo events calendar is a valuable tool that allows visitors to plan their itinerary, choose the events that interest them the most, and make the most of their time in this culturally rich city.” – Local Tourism Board

events calendar Veliko Tarnovo

Date Event Location
May 1-3 Veliko Tarnovo Arts Festival Downtown Square
June 10-15 International Music and Dance Festival Veliko Tarnovo Theater
July 20-22 Summer Jazz Festival Asenovtsi Park
August 8 Light and Sound Spectacle Tsarevets Fortress
September 30-October 2 Veliko Tarnovo International Street Theater Festival Old Town

These are just a few examples of the exciting events happening in Veliko Tarnovo. The events calendar is full of upcoming festivals and activities. It helps you plan your trip effectively and enjoy this lively city more.

Highlights of 2023’s Festivals and Events

Get ready to dive into Veliko Tarnovo’s rich culture, arts, and traditions at several exciting festivals and events in 2023. The city will host gatherings that show its lively spirit.

Veliko Tarnovo festival calendar

  1. ColorFest: Welcome spring with colors at ColorFest. Enjoy music and dance while throwing colorful powders. It’s a sight to see.
  2. International Jazz Festival: Jazz lovers will enjoy the International Jazz Festival. Listen to top jazz musicians play soulful tunes and improvise with energy.
  3. Light and Sound Show: The Tsarevets Fortress becomes magical with a light and sound show. Learn about Veliko Tarnovo’s history through this unique experience.
  4. Folklore Festival: Feel Bulgaria’s traditional folklore at the Folklore Festival. Watch performances of music, dance, and see traditional costumes from various cultures.
  5. Street Art Festival: The Street Art Festival showcases artists from near and far. See the city turn into an art gallery with stunning murals and installations.

These are just a taste of what’s coming in 2023 in Veliko Tarnovo. Check the full festival calendar for more exciting events. Plan your visit soon!

“Veliko Tarnovo’s festivals are a must to explore its culture, arts, and traditions. The city welcomes all with vibrant shows, beautiful displays, and friendly people. It’s an unforgettable experience!”

– Local resident

Get ready for an amazing year full of festivals and events in Veliko Tarnovo! Watch for more updates as the event list grows, offering plenty of chances to enjoy the city’s culture.

Festival/Event Date Location
ColorFest May 7 City Center
International Jazz Festival June 15-18 Artists’ Square
Light and Sound Show Every evening Tsarevets Fortress
Folklore Festival July 23-25 Various venues
Street Art Festival August 12-15 City Streets

Cultural Delights and Performances in Veliko Tarnovo

Get ready to dive into Veliko Tarnovo’s lively arts scene. Here you’ll enjoy a wide variety of shows that will grab your attention. This includes music concerts and theater plays, all designed to amaze you.

The city is known for its many events, which highlight local and global talents. No matter if you prefer old music, new dances, or deep plays, there’s always something for you here.

Music Concerts to Delight Your Ears

Feel the thrill of live music as it fills Veliko Tarnovo’s streets. Its music scene is alive, offering everything from sweet classical tunes to lively jazz jams. Imagine yourself in these beautiful sounds venues, listening to top musicians.

Theatrical Productions that Stir the Soul

Explore the world of drama in Veliko Tarnovo. Here, you’ll find exciting, emotional plays put on by local groups and visiting teams. You’ll see and feel powerful stories that will stay with you long after the show ends.

“Art can take us to new places, move us, and make us think differently. Veliko Tarnovo gives artists a stage to touch the hearts of their spectators and make magical memories.” – Local Art Critic

Dance Performances that Mesmerize

Watch dance in its purest form here, from elegant ballet to modern moves. The skill and emotion of the dancers will truly mesmerize you. They tell stories with their bodies, leaving you spellbound.

Veliko Tarnovo events schedule

Festivals Showcasing Cultural Diversity

Veliko Tarnovo is big on celebrating many cultures through its festivals. These events draw people from everywhere to share in art, tradition, and fun. Join in and enjoy the lively music, vibrant dances, and stunning artwork all around.

Festival Date Highlights
Veliko Tarnovo International Jazz Festival June 10-14 A showcase of world-class jazz performances by renowned artists from around the globe.
Annual Street Art Festival July 20-22 A spectacular display of graffiti art, street performances, and interactive installations that transform the city’s walls into an open-air gallery.
Veliko Tarnovo International Theater Festival August 15-22 A week-long celebration of theater, featuring critically acclaimed productions from local and international companies.
Autumn Music Evenings September 22-30 A series of classical music concerts held in various historic venues, showcasing the talents of renowned musicians.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Veliko Tarnovo’s culture. Keep an eye on the events list and join in on shows and festivals. They’ll make your trip to this magical Bulgarian city unforgettable.

Community Celebrations and Local Festivities

Veliko Tarnovo’s local events show off the city’s traditions and customs. These events unite the community in celebration, highlighting the area’s culture. Anyone, from locals to tourists, can dive into the heart of Veliko Tarnovo at these festivals.

The Traditional Crafts Fair in Veliko Tarnovo is a must-see. Held in the city center each year, it lets you see the work of local craftspeople. They sell unique handmade items like pottery, textiles, and jewelry. It’s a great way to support local artists and find a special keepsake from the area.

The Veliko Tarnovo Carnival is also a highlight. It’s a lively parade with music, dancing, and bright costumes. This festivity shows off the many cultures living in the city. Join in to feel the excitement and see the amazing performances.

Besides these, many smaller local events bring the area’s culture closer. These include music shows and folklore performances. They let you experience Veliko Tarnovo’s heritage up close. It’s a chance to see what makes the region special.

Plan your trip to Veliko Tarnovo around these events for a memorable experience. You’ll be welcomed warmly and get to enjoy the local food and culture. This Bulgarian city’s rich cultural scene awaits you.

Event Date Description
Traditional Crafts Fair May 15-17, 2023 Featuring the works of local artisans, this fair showcases traditional crafts such as pottery, woodwork, textiles, and jewelry.
Veliko Tarnovo Carnival June 10, 2023 A vibrant procession of costumes, music, and dance, celebrating the cultural diversity of Veliko Tarnovo.
Folklore Concert July 8, 2023 Enjoy an evening of traditional music and dance performances, showcasing the rich folklore traditions of the region.
Local Food Festival September 16-18, 2023 Indulge in the flavors of Veliko Tarnovo’s cuisine at this festival, featuring local dishes made with fresh, regional ingredients.

local festivals and events calendar for Veliko Tarnovo

Outdoor and Recreational Events in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is perfect for adventure lovers. This Bulgarian city offers thrilling events. It’s great for both adrenaline junkies and nature lovers.

1. Sports Competitions

Come join athletes or cheer for them in Veliko Tarnovo. You’ll find marathons and soccer tournaments. The city’s love for sports is deeply felt.

2. Outdoor Concerts

Enjoy live music surrounded by Veliko Tarnovo’s beauty. Imagine laying on a blanket, hearing great music. The scenery and sounds make a perfect match.

3. Adventure Festivals

Attend adventure festivals in Veliko Tarnovo to try new thrills. Events like rock climbing and extreme sports await you. It’s a great place for adventurers to get together.

Discover the outdoor wonders of Veliko Tarnovo and the exciting events they host. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a peaceful escape into nature, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Veliko Tarnovo mixes outdoor fun with cultural delights. Come visit and experience the amazing events. They promise to be unforgettable.

Veliko Tarnovo upcoming events


Feel the beat of Veliko Tarnovo’s vibrant culture through its festive events. Our guide keeps you in the loop about what’s coming in this Bulgarian city.

Make sure to time your trip right to see Veliko Tarnovo at its best. Enjoy the diverse range of festivals, shows, and parties that highlight the culture, arts, and customs of the city.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, Veliko Tarnovo’s local events are a must-see. They let you get involved with the community. Plus, they offer a great way to learn about the city’s rich history and culture through fun events.