Oktoberfest hotel deals

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What is Oktoberfest? A Brief History and Overview

Oktoberfest is the famous festival for beer and pretzel fans from all over the world. It takes place every year in Munich, Germany. This Bavarian fest celebrates culture, tradition, and fun.

It started in 1810 as a grand wedding party. King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. They celebrated on Theresienwiese, now known as “Theresa’s meadow.” This event would grow into a famous global festival.

Since its start, Oktoberfest has become huge. It now lasts two weeks and attracts millions from everywhere. Its fame comes from its deep traditions, great Bavarian food, and world-class beer.

In Munich, Theresienwiese turns into a lively place with colorful tents and music. There, you can smell pretzels, sausages, and roasted chicken. Now the fest includes cultural events and traditional shows, not just the original horse races.

Iconic Oktoberfest celebration

Oktoberfest showcases Bavaria’s spirit, offering an amazing time to its visitors. It’s perfect for beer fans, German food lovers, or those looking for a great atmosphere. There’s something for everyone.

Next, we’ll look at the best tips for Oktoberfest. This includes finding places to stay, ways to get there, traditional outfits, tasty Bavarian food, top beer tents, and cultural events. We’ll also look at other fun things to do in Munich beyond the fest. Let’s get ready to fully enjoy the Bavarian culture and Oktoberfest!

Saving Tips for Oktoberfest Accommodations

Finding a place to stay during Oktoberfest can be tough without early planning. Munich’s hotels get booked fast because it’s a huge festival. To save money and find a good place to stay, consider these suggestions:

1. Booking Early

It’s crucial to book your stay for Oktoberfest ahead of time. Hotels in Munich welcome reservations up to one year before the festival. Early booking lets you choose a better location and might even get you a discount. Waiting too long means fewer choices as the festival gets closer.

2. Exploring Surrounding Towns

Can’t find a hotel in Munich? Look into nearby towns for accommodations. These places are quieter yet still give easy access to the Oktoberfest grounds. You’ll likely find cheaper stays and fewer crowds than in Munich’s city center.

3. Consider Airbnb

Airbnb is another good choice. Locals might rent out their homes or rooms during the festival. This can give you a closer look at Munich’s culture and save you money compared to hotels.

4. Starnberg: An Alternative Accommodation Destination

Consider staying in Starnberg if you’re open to places outside Munich. Just 25 kilometers southwest of Munich, Starnberg offers beautiful views and a peaceful setting. It has excellent transport links to Munich, making it a good spot for Oktoberfest stays.

5. Avoiding Weekends

Oktoberfest’s weekends are the busiest, making accommodations pricier. If possible, plan your visit on weekdays. Hotels might have better deals then, and you’ll enjoy the festival more with fewer people around.

Oktoberfest accommodation deals

By using these tips, you can improve your chances of finding affordable Oktoberfest accommodations. Whether it’s booking early, exploring outside Munich, choosing Airbnb, or staying in Starnberg, early planning and flexibility are key. They help you find the best place to enjoy the festival.

Transportation to and Around Oktoberfest

Getting to Oktoberfest is easy if you land at Munich International Airport. From there, you’ve got various ways to reach the festival. We’ll look at how you can travel to Oktoberfest and move around easily once you’re there.


Public Transport

Munich boasts a top-notch public transport system. This includes the S-Bahn and U-Bahn train lines. These trains offer quick rides to the festival. Just get on, and you’re set for a comfy journey to Oktoberfest. The S-Bahn lines S1 and S8 drop you at the Hackerbrücke station. It’s a short walk to the Theresienwiese from there.

For U-Bahn riders, the U4 and U5 lines are your go-to. They stop at the Theresienwiese station, right by the festival. With S-Bahn and U-Bahn running often during Oktoberfest, getting there and back is a breeze.


If your hotel is in the city center or near Theresienwiese, consider walking to Oktoberfest. Munich is great for pedestrians, and the walk to the festival is enjoyable. It’s a nice way to see the city and get into the festival mood.

Driving and Parking

Driving to Oktoberfest isn’t recommended. Parking near the festival is hard because of the many visitors. There are a few parking spots, but they go fast. It’s smarter to park your car at your hotel or a parking lot. Then, use public transport to get to the festival.

Prioritizing Safety: Drinking and Driving

Your safety is key at Oktoberfest, especially because of the beer. It’s vital to drink responsibly. Never think about drinking and driving. Munich’s public transport will take care of your travel needs. This way, you can enjoy the festival worry-free.

Getting to and around Oktoberfest is easy, with choices like public transport and walking. Yet, remember the pros of public transport, the parking woes, and the need to avoid drinking and driving.

Transportation to Oktoberfest

Dressing for Oktoberfest: Traditional Outfits and Hairstyles

One of the best parts of Oktoberfest is wearing traditional Bavarian clothes. Women often choose dirndls, which are bright dresses with aprons. Men wear lederhosen, which are leather shorts with classic shirts. These Oktoberfest outfits add fun to the event and make people feel proud of their culture.

When picking a dirndl, go for a color and style that you like. Traditional Bavarian costumes vary from simple and classy to fun and trendy. Make sure your dirndl is good quality and just above the knee in length.

Key Elements of a Dirndl Dirndl Blouse Styles Bow Placement and Meaning
Colorful dress Classic white blouse Bow placed on the right side:
Apron Puffed-sleeve blouse Single and taken
Corset or bodice Off-the-shoulder blouse Bow placed on the left side:
Embroidery or lace details Peasant blouse Widowed or waitress/waiter

The dirndl blouse brings elegance to the outfit. You can choose from classic, puffed-sleeve, or off-the-shoulder blouses. For a bold look, peasant blouses are great.

The bow placement on a dirndl tells people if you’re single or taken. A bow on the right means you’re single, and on the left means you’re taken. Widows and waitstaff wear the bow at the back.

Hairstyles for Oktoberfest

Choosing the right hairstyle is key for your Oktoberfest outfit. Braids are both practical and stylish for women. Traditional styles like the Bavarian or milkmaid braid add charm.

If you like flowers, wearing a wreath or flower crown is trendy. These can be made from flowers or leaves, giving a romantic feel to your look.

Oktoberfest outfits

Wearing Oktoberfest outfits and hairstyles lets you dive into the event’s joy. Whether it’s a dirndl or lederhosen, pick something high-quality that suits you. Remember your dirndl blouse, bow, and hairstyle. Show your love and respect for this tradition with a genuine Bavarian look.

Food and Drink at Oktoberfest: Bavarian Delicacies

Oktoberfest is more than just fun and traditional outfits. It offers a feast of Bavarian delicacies. These dishes are rich in flavor and are key to the festival’s fame.

At Oktoberfest, the Oktoberfest food scene is not complete without the famous pretzels. These pretzels are crunchy outside and soft inside. They’re great with any meal or by themselves.

For those who love meat, sausages are a treat. You’ll find bratwurst to weisswurst, packed with savory tastes. Add some mustard and sauerkraut for a true Bavarian flavor.

The roast chicken at Oktoberfest is another favorite. It’s juicy, well-cooked, and spiced just right. Every bite is delicious and makes you want more.

Don’t overlook the pork knuckles. They’re slowly cooked until the pork is tender and the skin crisp. With sauerkrait and dumplings, it’s heavenly.

Seafood enthusiasts should try Steckerlfisch. It’s a grilled trout seasoned with herbs and spices. Cooked over an open flame, it’s smoky and tasty.

Oktoberfest is famous for its amazing beer. You can enjoy a cold Bavarian beer, made expertly by Munich’s breweries. There’s a flavor for everyone.

Oktoberfest is a chance to dive into Bavarian cuisine. It’s an opportunity to try delicious food and celebrate Bavarian culture. Don’t miss it.

Oktoberfest food

Traditional Bavarian Delicacies at Oktoberfest:

Delicacy Description
Pretzels Golden-brown, soft pretzels with a crispy exterior and soft interior.
Sausages A variety of traditional German sausages bursting with savory flavors.
Roast Chicken Juicy and tender chicken seasoned with aromatic spices.
Pork Knuckles Succulent slow-cooked pork knuckles with crispy skin.
Steckerlfisch Grilled trout marinated in herbs and spices, offering a smoky flavor.
Beer Finest Bavarian brews, ranging from hoppy lagers to malty ales.

Highlights of Oktoberfest: Beer Tents and Cultural Events

Oktoberfest is not just the biggest beer festival in the world. It’s a vibrant celebration of Bavarian culture. Here, you’ll enjoy traditional music, folk dances, and colorful costumes. Let’s dive into the highlights that make Oktoberfest memorable.

Beer Tents: Traditional Atmosphere and Bavarian Brews

With 14 large and 20 smaller beer tents, Oktoberfest has a lot to offer. These tents are more than just spots for a drink; they’re the heart of Bavarian culture. Find a cozy place, soak up the festive vibe, and enjoy famous Bavarian beers. Whether you like light or rich beers, you’ll find them here.

beer tents

Cultural Events: Music, Dance, and Traditions

The cultural heritage of Bavaria shines at Oktoberfest. Live bands fill the air with traditional Bavarian music. You’ll sing, dance, and maybe even see a Schützenfest, a historic rifle shooting competition. This mix of music, dance, and customs makes for an unforgettable event.

Family Days: Fun for All Ages

Oktoberfest welcomes families with special days meant just for them. Bring your loved ones to enjoy rides and games at reduced prices. There’s fun for all ages, making it perfect for family memories. Share Oktoberfest’s joy with your family.

Parades: A Colorful Showcase of Bavarian Traditions

Don’t miss Oktoberfest’s parades for a glimpse into Bavarian traditions. These parades feature traditional costumes, musicians, and beautifully decorated floats. Stand among the crowd to see the vibrant culture of Bavaria come to life. It’s a spectacular celebration of Bavarian heritage.

Oktoberfest is more than just beer and snacks. It’s an experience filled with beer tents, cultural events, family activities, and parades. This festival brings Bavarian traditions to life, making it unforgettable for visitors worldwide.

Munich Attractions and Activities Beyond Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is big, but Munich has much more to see and do. Dive into the city’s rich culture and history. Check out these top spots:

Marienplatz and New City Hall

Marienplatz is the heart of Munich. It’s surrounded by incredible buildings. The New City Hall stands out with its neo-Gothic style.

Make sure to see the Glockenspiel too. This musical clock puts on a show three times daily.

English Garden

The English Garden is a huge park in Munich. It’s filled with beautiful sceneries, lakes, and meadows. Go for a walk, bike, or enjoy a picnic here.

Don’t miss the beer garden. Try some Bavarian food and local beer there.


Check out the Siegestor while in Munich. It’s a grand arch that shows off Bavarian pride. It’s perfect for photos.

Museums, Theaters, and Festivals

Munich is famous for its culture. Visit museums like the Pinakothek der Moderne and the BMW Museum. They’re filled with art, history, and science.

See a performance at the National Theatre or Gärtnerplatztheater. You might also catch a city festival, like the Frühlingsfest or Tollwood Winter Festival.

Munich Attractions

Munich Attractions Description
Marienplatz and New City Hall A central square with stunning architecture including the famous Glockenspiel.
English Garden One of the world’s largest city parks, perfect for leisurely walks and picnics.
Siegestor A triumphal arch symbolizing Bavarian pride.
Museums Explore world-class museums showcasing art, history, and science.
Theaters Experience the vibrant performing arts scene in Munich’s renowned theaters.
Festivals Attend colorful and exciting festivals throughout the year.

How to Book Unbeatable Oktoberfest Hotel Deals

To get unbeatable hotel deals for Oktoberfest, book through reputable travel sites. These platforms offer exclusive packages and discounts. Use special offers during the festival to make your experience better.

Hotel Packages and Exclusive Deals

When planning your Oktoberfest trip, search for travel deals that include hotels. Many offers bundle hotel stays with festival tickets. This saves money and makes your trip easier.

Ruby Hotels offers cozy accommodation near the festival. They have modern amenities and Bavarian-themed breakfasts. This lets you dive into the festival mood from day one.

Booking in Advance and Staying Flexible

Booking your hotel early is crucial for the best deals. Oktoberfest attracts lots of visitors, so hotels fill up fast. Early booking means discounts and getting the room you want.

Being flexible with your travel dates can also save money. Try going on weekdays or at the start or end of the festival. This approach can help you snag the best hotel deals.

Comparing Prices and Reading Reviews

Compare prices on different travel sites to ensure you get the best deal. Rates for the same hotel can vary across websites. Research helps you get the most for your money.

Also, read reviews from past guests before booking. Look for comments on cleanliness, location, and staff. Positive feedback means a pleasant stay during Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest hotel bookings


For great Oktoberfest hotel deals, book through trusted platforms for exclusive packages. Stay at Ruby Hotels for a cozy spot near the event with great breakfast options. Book early and stay flexible to get the best rates. Compare prices and read reviews to ensure a great stay. These tips will help you enjoy Oktoberfest to the fullest.


Oktoberfest is a top pick for beer lovers and those wanting a real Bavarian fun time. We’ve shared many tips to make your Oktoberfest trip better.

To save money, follow our tips to find great hotel deals. This way, you can enjoy a comfy stay without spending too much. You’ll also get to taste amazing Bavarian foods and drinks, adding to the festival’s joy.

The festival is full of cultural activities. Enjoy traditional music, dances, costume parades, and fun rides. Also, don’t miss out on exploring Munich. The city has lots to offer beyond Oktoberfest.

Jump into the festive mood, create lasting memories, and soak up Oktoberfest’s incredible vibe. It’s a perfect spot for anyone wanting a unique cultural event or loves beer.