Oktoberfest accommodation booking

Are you excited to join the fun at Oktoberfest in Munich? Before you celebrate with a beer, finding the right place to stay is key. It’s crucial to book a comfy spot for this amazing event, whether it’s a Munich lodge or a hotel.

Finding the perfect place might seem hard, but don’t worry. We’re here to help. This guide will give you tips and advice to pick the best Oktoberfest stay.

No matter if you’re going alone, with friends, or your partner, we’ll help you figure out Oktoberfest stays. We’ll show you how to get great deals and what to expect at the festival. With our help, planning your trip will be easy and memorable.

Ready to find your Oktoberfest accommodation? Let’s start!

What to Look for When Booking Oktoberfest Hotels

When you plan your Oktoberfest trip, deciding where to stay is crucial. The right hotel boosts your fun, giving you ease and comfort. Here’s what to keep in mind for your Oktoberfest stay:


Choose hotels close to Theresienwiese, Oktoberfest’s heartbeat. Staying nearby or next to transit routes makes everything easier. You can dive into the festivities without travel hassles.


Check the perks of your potential hotels. It’s a treat to relax in a hotel bar or start with a free breakfast. Perks like free WiFi, laundry, and lifts make your stay better.


Oktoberfest draws crowds worldwide, making hotels fill up fast. Book early to get your favorite spot. Early reservations mean you won’t miss out.

Oktoberfest hotels

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When to Book Oktoberfest Hotels

It’s key to book Oktoberfest hotels early to make sure you have a place to stay. High demand and limited spots mean planning ahead is smart.

Hotels for Oktoberfest can get booked very fast, often a year before. Millions come from all over, causing a rush for bookings. It’s best to reserve your room as early as you can.

Hotels near Theresienwiese, the festival site, fill up quickly. They provide easy access to Oktoberfest, making them top picks.

Book your hotel when you start planning your trip, or even before. This helps you lock in your top choice and dates. You’ll have a better time without the worry of finding a place.

So, start planning and booking now to ensure you don’t miss out. By booking early, you’ll guarantee your spot at this amazing event.

booking Oktoberfest hotels

Benefits of Advance Booking Considerations
1. Ensures availability of your preferred hotel 1. The closer the hotel to the festival grounds, the faster it tends to book up
2. Provides peace of mind and eliminates last-minute stress 2. Popular hotels may have stricter cancellation policies
3. Allows you to plan other aspects of your trip comfortably 3. Prices may increase closer to the festival dates
4. Offers a wider range of options for accommodations 4. Research and compare hotel rates and amenities to make the best choice

What to Do if All Oktoberfest Hotels are Booked

If you can’t book a hotel for Oktoberfest, don’t worry. There are many other places to stay.

  1. Airbnb: Try Airbnb for a variety of places like apartments, rooms, or houses. You can find something that fits your needs and budget. Often, these options are unique and offer a personal touch.
  2. Hostels: Hostels are another good choice, especially during Oktoberfest. They’re cheaper and offer a friendly, shared environment. Whether you want a dorm bed or a private room, hostels can meet your needs.
  3. Tour Groups: For an easy option, book a tour that includes hotel stays. Tour groups plan ahead, so you’re guaranteed a spot. This removes the challenge of finding somewhere to stay and adds extra support for your trip.

Looking at these alternatives can help you enjoy Oktoberfest to the fullest, even without a hotel reservation.

alternative accommodation options

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a famous beer festival in Munich, Germany. It is known as one of the biggest beer festivals globally. It has a rich history.

The festival started in 1810 to celebrate Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese. Munich’s citizens were invited to festivities on the Theresienwiese fields, in front of the city. This celebration led to the yearly tradition of Oktoberfest.


Now, Oktoberfest is known worldwide, attracting millions of visitors. It lasts 16-18 days, from late September to early October. People enjoy Bavarian clothing, live music, and lots of beer.


The event takes place at Theresienwiese, a large area near Munich’s center. It covers over 420,000 square meters, perfect for the festival. Beer tents, rides, and food stalls fill the area, creating a fun atmosphere.

Breweries from around Munich offer traditional and seasonal beers at Oktoberfest. There are different beer types, from lagers to flavorful ales. Everyone can find a beer they like.

But Oktoberfest isn’t just about beer. There are carnival games, rides, and Bavarian food. The festival has many experiences to offer.

Oktoberfest is great for beer lovers, Bavarian culture enthusiasts, or anyone wanting a fun time. It’s a global event that celebrates beer, food, and memorable moments together.

What to Expect at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a thrilling event that brings tradition, vivid colors, and happiness together. Held annually in Munich, Germany, it draws millions from all over. They come to dive into the Bavarian culture and enjoy the top beer festival.

Attending Oktoberfest, you’ll see the traditional Bavarian outfits right away. Men wear lederhosen with shirts and suspenders. Women dress in dirndls that have a tight top, blouse, skirt, and apron. These outfits make the atmosphere more festive and unite everyone.

The festival’s main feature is its huge beer tents. Inside, you get an authentic Bavarian vibe with shared tables, live bands, and lots of beer. Over 7 million liters of beer get drunk on average each year at Oktoberfest. Whether you love Bavarian beer or just want to try the famous Oktoberfest beer, there’s plenty for you.

The vibe at Oktoberfest is infectious. You feel the lively spirit with people from everywhere enjoying the fun. There’s singing, dancing, and lots of laughter. The food’s smells, from pretzels to sausages and desserts, boost the energy even more.

festival atmosphere

What to Expect Description
Festival Atmosphere The festival exudes a lively and joyous atmosphere with singing, dancing, and laughter.
Traditional Bavarian Clothing Witness visitors dressed in lederhosen and dirndls, adding to the festive ambiance.
Beer Consumption Indulge in the world-famous Oktoberfest beer and experience the true essence of the festival.

Oktoberfest isn’t just about beer; it offers way more. You’ll find exciting rides, folk shows, and lots to do. Don’t miss the carnival attractions, Bavarian culture, and amazing parades and shows.

As you walk around, you’ll meet locals and visitors who love Oktoberfest. Join in with a “Prost!” and make memories that will last forever.

How Much Does Oktoberfest Cost?

Going to the famous Oktoberfest is exciting, but you should know about costs. This includes everything from how much beer is to what a meal will cost. Here’s what you might spend there.

Cost of Beer

Beer is a big part of Oktoberfest, and prices change by tent and brand. You might pay about 12-13 EUR for a beer stein. Remember, these prices may go up a bit every year, so plan your budget well.

Food Prices

Trying Bavarian food is a fun part of Oktoberfest. But, don’t forget to think about how much meals cost. You could spend 12-20 EUR on a meal inside a tent. They also have lunch deals for 10-15 EUR, which are good for saving money. Plus, you can find snacks like sausages for around 5-6 EUR outside.

It’s smart to carry cash. Not all places take cards, and ATM lines can be very long when lots of people are there.

Additional Expenses

Beer and food are just part of the spending at Oktoberfest. You also need to think about where you’ll stay, how you’ll get there, and money for souvenirs. The cost for a place to stay varies a lot, and so does the cost for getting there. And, you’ll want some cash for keepsakes.

Oktoberfest doesn’t take cards, so bring cash or use the ATMs there.

With this info, you can get ready for Oktoberfest. You can make a budget and have a great time.

Expense Average Cost (EUR)
Beer (per stein) 12-13
Full meal in beer tents 12-20
Lunch specials 10-15
Snacks (sausages, wurst, etc.) 5-6

Oktoberfest Beer

How to Make Table Reservations at Oktoberfest

To get a table at Oktoberfest, you must reserve early. This can be done by email, phone, or fax with the tent.

Remember, most tables can fit 8-10 guests. This ensures your group can enjoy the event together. Make sure your party is big enough to fill a table when you reserve.

Oktoberfest tent reservations

Part of booking might include ordering food and drinks. This helps keep the tables filled and the mood upbeat. Always ask about any specific rules while booking.

Prices for reservations change based on the tent and time. Booking early is wise, especially for popular spots. This helps guarantee your place and avoid missing out.

If you didn’t book and still want to join Oktoberfest, there’s hope. Sometimes, you can find a table without a booking, often when it’s less busy. Yet, spots are limited, so planning is key.


Booking a place to stay for Oktoberfest needs careful thought about location, amenities, and if it’s available. It’s smart to book early. This is because spots fill up fast, especially near the Theresienwiese.

If you find all hotels are booked, don’t worry. You can look at Airbnb, hostels, or even tour groups.

Don’t forget to plan for your spending at the festival. Making table reservations ahead can help make things smoother. With the right planning, your Oktoberfest trip to Munich will be unforgettable.