10 Best Places to Visit in Romania

For the intrepid traveler, Romania is a playground of historical marvels and natural splendors waiting to be discovered. As you craft your explore Romania bucket list, imagine wandering through centuries-old medieval towns, hiking in the shadow of the enigmatic Carpathian Mountains, and savoring the cultural cocktail of modernity and tradition. This Romania travel guide is designed to unveil the best Romanian landmarks that should not be missed, promising an adventure as rich in history as it is in breathtaking landscapes.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of Dracula’s castle, the artisanal charm of Maramures, or the pulsing city life of Bucharest, Romania delivers an array of experiences to suit any taste. The journey that lies ahead is filled with tales of past empires and nature’s masterpieces, all of which are integral to the Romanian spirit. Prepare to be captivated, as each destination on your Romanian adventure will leave you with a deeper understanding of this diverse and storied country.

Embark on a Journey Through Romania’s Rich History and Culture

Romania, a country where every city, town, and village tells a tale of yesteryear, invites you on an odyssey that interweaves the fabric of its rich history and culture. Make your way through the patchwork of landscapes and architectural treasures that contribute to making it a compendium of must-see destinations. From striking Gothic castles to ornate Baroque palaces and Renaissance splendors, the deep roots of Romania’s heritage are waiting to be unearthed.

Famous Sights in Romania

As you draft your travel itinerary, you’re likely to recognize several famed Romanian cities to visit that are renowned for both their ancient allure and their present-day vibrancy. To aid your planning, below is a curated list of top destinations where you can grasp the diversity of Romania’s historical and cultural milestones.

City/TownFamous SightsCultural Highlights
BucharestPalace of Parliament, Old TownContemporary art galleries, vibrant street life
SighisoaraMedieval Citadel, Clock TowerFestivals celebrating medieval culture
BrasovBlack Church, Piata Sfatului (Council Square)Blend of Saxony history, alpine activities
SibiuBrukenthal Palace, Large SquareEuropean Capital of Culture in 2007
Cluj-NapocaSt. Michael’s Church, Banffy PalaceArts festivals, leading university culture

Remember, each of these destinations offers a unique vantage point from which to appreciate Romania’s storied past. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the remarkable famous sights in Romania, as each city displays its spirit through a chorus of stone and spirit. Venture out to these enchanting locales and lose yourself in the history that has shaped not only Romania but also the broader tapestry of European culture. Your journey will truly be like flipping through the pages of a living history book.

Unveiling the Wonders of Bucharest: The City of Contrasts

Are you ready to explore Bucharest, the Bucharest city of contrasts? With its rich tapestry of history juxtaposed against the backdrop of rapid modernization, Bucharest stands out amongst the top tourist attractions Romania has to offer. As the vibrant heart of this nation, Bucharest encapsulates the energetic pulse of progress while celebrating its storied past, making it a cornerstone of any Romania vacation spots itinerary.

Bucharest City of Contrasts

Palace of the Parliament: A Testament to Grandeur

Begin your journey at the Palace of the Parliament, an architectural behemoth and a symbol of power that stands as one of the most imposing top tourist attractions Romania boasts. This colossal building reminds visitors of the country’s Communist era while offering an unforgettable encounter with Romania’s contemporary grandeur.

The Historical Old Town and Vibrant Nightlife

Wander the cobblestone streets of the Historical Old Town, a labyrinth where each turn uncovers pieces of Bucharest’s rich heritage. By day, explore heritage structures with storied façades, and as night falls, dive into the city’s vibrant nightlife, the perfect showcase of Bucharest city of contrasts. Chic bars and lively clubs pulsate in buildings steeped in history, illustrating Bucharest’s unique cultural blend.

Revolution Square and the Storied Past

No visit to Bucharest would be complete without a contemplative stop at Revolution Square. Stand amidst the silent echoes of Romania’s revolution against Communist rule—a defining moment in its path to democracy. This square isn’t just a monument; it’s a narrative of resilience that continues to inspire both locals and visitors, making it a profound addition to the mosaic of Romania vacation spots.

As you venture through this city of layered tales and vivid experiences, you’ll quickly realize why Bucharest garners acclaim as a must-visit destination. Whether immersing in the splendor of colossal architecture or dancing the night away amidst Gothic ruins, your journey through Bucharest will be marked by discoveries that are as multifaceted as the city itself.

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Transylvania’s Heart: Brasov and the Carpathian Mountains

As you explore Romania, prepare to step into a world where the lines between myth and reality blur – welcome to Transylvania’s heart, Brasov. This storied town, drenched in the hues of history, is a beacon for those longing to uncover the essence of Transylvania. Set against the backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is an ideal locale to explore Romania’s rich tapestry of culture, nature, and fabled tales. Recognized as one of the top places to go in Romania, your journey here will traverse through cobbled streets and wide open valleys, all while surrounded by the whispers of ancient folklore and the shadows of medieval spires.

Brasov Medieval Charm

Brasov’s old town is a treasure chest of Saxon history, with the towering Black Church and the bustling Piata Sfatului offering a glimpse into the city’s storied past. The surrounding nature provides a contrasting backdrop, offering a myriad of outdoor adventures from hiking trails to ski slopes, all within a stone’s throw of vampire legends that have captured the imaginations of generations.

Brasov HighlightsDescriptionActivities
Black Church (Biserica Neagra)Gothic architecture at its finest, the largest Gothic church in Romania.Cultural tours, photography
Piata Sfatului (Council Square)The heart of Brasov, surrounded by colorful baroque buildings and bustling cafes.Walking tours, dining, shopping
Tampa MountainIconic natural landmark offering panoramic views of Brasov.Hiking, cable car rides
Poiana BrasovA premier ski resort, perfect for winter sports enthusiasts.Skiing, snowboarding, après-ski

There’s an undeniable energy in the air in Brasov, where the past and present convene, making it a must-visit for not only history buffs but also for those seeking the thrill of adventure in Romania’s legendary landscapes. Whether you’re here to unravel the myths of Dracula, to savor the ambiance of its ancient streets, or to embrace the great outdoors, Brasov epitomizes the soul of Transylvania’s heart and stands out as an unmissable stop in your quest to explore Romania.

10 Best Places to Visit in Romania

Embarking on a Romanian sojourn, your curious soul will be enticed by the sheer variety of cultural treasures and breathless beauty on offer. In this part of your journey, you’ll encounter ancient strongholds wrapped in legend, towns exuding medieval charm, and sacred spaces magnificently adorned, each one a bright star in the firmament of Romanian wonders.

Discover the Mystique of Bran Castle: Beyond Dracula’s Legend

At the top of the list, a visit to Bran Castle is essential. Popularly linked to Dracula’s legend, this fortress is a pinnacle of Romania’s tourism, with a reality as fascinating as the fiction it inspires. Perched on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, this iconic castle’s spires and towers cut a dramatic silhouette against the sky, while its interiors whisper of history far richer than vampire myths. Don’t miss the chance to stand within its storied walls where history blends with one of the most intriguing best Romanian landmarks.

Mystique of Bran Castle

Sibiu: Transylvania’s Preserved Gem

In the heart of Transylvania lies Sibiu, an enchanting city known for its well-preserved medieval architecture. With its pastel-colored buildings, cobblestone streets, and grand squares framed by the Carpathian Mountains, Sibiu captures the essence of a cultural renaissance. It’s a quintessential example of why the region houses some of the top tourist attractions in Romania, beloved by those who seek a serene yet stimulating cultural experience.

The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina: A Canvas of History

Travel northeast to the region of Bucovina, where the Painted Monasteries stand as a testament to religious artistry. These monastic settlements are adorned with vivid frescoes that depict biblical scenes, woven with threads of the Orthodox Christian faith. Explore these breathtaking sacred sites, recognized as some of the best Romanian landmarks, and marvel at their ability to narrate tales of devotion on their very walls.

These destinations, laden with legends and brimming with beauty, beckon. Whether it’s the allure of a castle tied to Dracula’s myth or the serene sophistication of Sibiu and the spiritual frescoes of Bucovina, Romania’s mosaic of attractions promises an odyssey through time and culture you’ll never forget.

Sinaia: The Mountain Retreat and Peles Castle

Discover the enchanting town of Sinaia, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Carpathians,’ a premiere Sinaia mountain retreat tempting travelers with natural beauty and architectural wonders. Nestled in the heart of Romania’s scenic landscapes, Sinaia is a jewel amongst Romania vacation spots, offering an ambience where royal history and outdoor excitement converge seamlessly.

Sinaia mountain retreat with Peles Castle

Peles Castle: Romania’s Royal Jewel

At the core of Sinaia’s allure is the majestic Peles Castle, a quintessential royal jewel in Romania’s crown. This castle, with its exquisite new-Renaissance architecture, is more than a simple monument; it’s a testament to royal opulence and cultural significance. Its ornate chambers and grandiose facades fascinate history enthusiasts and art lovers alike, making it an indisputable highlight within the tapestry of Romania vacation spots.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits in the Bucegi Mountains

Embrace the call of the wild in the Bucegi Mountains, a sanctuary for outdoor adventurers starting from the serene Sinaia mountain retreat. In both summer and winter, these peaks offer an array of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and skiing. Witness the raw beauty of Romania’s natural landscape, and allow the mountain air to invigorate your soul as you explore the vast terrains of the Carpathian range.

Attractions in SinaiaActivitiesSeasonal Highlights
Peles CastleTours of historic rooms, photographyYear-round cultural exploration
Pelisor CastleArt Nouveau architecture, royal historySpring to fall for interior visits
Bucegi Natural ParkHiking, wildlife spotting, cable car ridesSpring to fall for trails, winter for snow sports
Sinaia MonasterySpiritual retreat, historical toursPeaceful all year, especially beautiful in autumn
Sinaia Ski ResortSkiing, snowboarding, après-ski experiencesWinter fun on the slopes

Whether your passion lies in uncovering the past glories of Peles Castle, the royal jewel of Sinaia, or in embarking on alpine adventures in the Bucegi Mountains, Sinaia stands as an idyllic mix of luxury and wilderness. It remains a perennial favorite for those crafting their ultimate Romania vacation spots itinerary.

The Bewitching Beauty of Corvin Castle and Hunedoara

If your wanderlust leads you to the quest of experiencing the most profound historical and architectural delights of Europe, be sure to add Corvin Castle in Hunedoara to your explore Romania bucket list. This Gothic edifice, which cuts an imposing figure against the Transylvanian skyline, is among the most remarkable and famous sights in Romania, enchanting visitors with its fairy-tale appearance and storied past. This section will guide you through the splendid halls and mysterious corridors of this medieval marvel, which continues to captivate the hearts of travelers worldwide.

Corvin Castle Hunedoara

Stepping onto the grounds of Corvin Castle Hunedoara, you are immediately transported to an era where valor and chivalry were the orders of the day. The castle, with its formidable towers, bastions, and drawbridges, invites you to unravel its many legends and live out your knightly fantasies. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when you cross the threshold of this mighty fortress:

Corvin Castle FeatureDescriptionVisitor Experience
The Knight’s HallGrand banquet hall used for ceremonies.Imagine feasts of medieval grandiosity.
The Bear PitA pit that was historically used to keep bears for entertainment.Feel the thrill and terror of medieval spectacles.
The DungeonFormer prison steeped in dark lore.Encounter tales of intrigue and incarceration.
The ChapelFeaturing Gothic frescoes with religious motifs.Observe the fusion of architecture and spirituality.

Corvin Castle’s mythical allure is palpable in each stone and stairwell, making it a venerable addition to any famous sights in Romania. While the turrets echo with legends of yore, perhaps of Vlad the Impaler himself, the history that resonates within the castle’s walls is a reminder of the country’s rich and often tumultuous past. This destination is a must-see for anyone eager to explore Romania and its treasures.

After your visit to Corvin Castle, venture into the town of Hunedoara to continue your exploration of Romania’s Gothic heritage. The town exudes charm that harmonizes beautifully with the castle, offering places to reflect on the awe-inspiring experience you’ve just had. Whether you’re a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or simply a lover of fairy tales and legends, your journey through the heart of Transylvania, with Corvin Castle as its crown jewel, is sure to be a highlight of your Romanian adventure.

Sighisoara: A Walk Through Medieval Times

Step into Sighisoara, a vibrant tapestry of history woven into the fabric of today, and one of the must-see destinations Romania has to offer. As you wander through its cobblestone alleys, each step takes you further back in time to the age of guilds and citadels. This Sighisoara medieval city, protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands proudly as an authentic and well-preserved illustration of a fortified medieval town.

Sighisoara Medieval City

Within the embrace of its centuries-old walls, you will discover a world where the past lives in harmony with the present. Its colorful buildings, iconic Clock Tower, and the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler—a figure shrouded in legend and inspiration behind the Dracula myth—make Sighisoara not only a core part of Romanian heritage but an integral chapter in European medieval history.

Clock TowerStanding tall since the 14th century, it provides a panoramic view of the city.Symbolizes Sighisoara’s historical and cultural heart.
Citadel SquareThe main square of the citadel, surrounded by richly colored buildings.Central to city life in medieval times, still bustling today.
Church on the HillAccessible via the Scholars’ Stairs, offers a mix of Gothic and Baroque styles.Represents the town’s religious dedication and architectural elegance.
House of Vlad the ImpalerA museum dedicated to the early life of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia.Connects the city to world-renowned legends.

In Sighisoara, every alleyway, every market square whispers stories of a bygone era, drawing you into its medieval rhythm. It is the embodiment of living history—a place where generations have carried on their lives within walls that have stood the test of time. And it is this seamless blend of lore and daily life that rightfully positions Sighisoara as one of the best Romanian landmarks for any traveler to witness.

As you leave behind the hustle of modernity and embark on a medieval city sojourn, Sighisoara awaits to enchant you with its architectural jewels, cultural festivals, and timeless charm. This hidden gem is more than a historical site; it is a vibrant community that honors its ancestry, inviting you to partake in its ongoing story.

The Danube Delta: A Naturalist’s Paradise

As you follow the serpentine flow of the Danube River to its grand finale, you’ll discover the Danube Delta Romania, a tableau of waterways, marshes, and lakes spread over thousands of square kilometers. This gem, located in eastern Romania, is a treasure trove of biodiversity. It’s a vital segment of any Romania travel guide and acclaimed as one of the top places to go in Romania for those who cherish the splendor of untouched nature.

Exploring the Danube Delta Romania

The Birdwatcher’s Expanse: A Unique Ecosystem

The Danube Delta serves as a home or a vital stopping point for countless bird species on their migratory paths. This birdwatcher’s paradise is unrivaled in Europe and offers a symphony of avian calls that fill the air from dawn until dusk. As the sun moves across the vast sky, watch as flocks of pelicans, herons, and cormorants glide over this intricate lacework of aquatic habitats. Throughout the year, different species make their appearance, making each visit unique.

Bird SpeciesSeasonObservation Tips
White PelicanSpring/SummerLook for large flocks on the lakes, particularly at sunrise.
Pygmy CormorantAutumn/WinterScan the reed beds and watch for their distinct diving behavior.
Egrets and HeronsSpring/SummerFocus on the shallow marsh areas where they hunt for fish.
KingfisherAll YearWatch for bright flashes of color along the river banks.

Boat Trips and Fishing: Embracing the Water Lifestyle

In addition to being an avian marvel, the Danube Delta invites you to adopt the waterway lifestyle through immersive boat trips and fishing excursions. Whether you prefer placidly floating down a channel, rod in hand, hoping to catch pike, carp, or sturgeon, or drifting along the labyrinths of water to discover secluded corners of this aquatic wonderland, the Danube Delta is a realm where water is the essence of life.

  • Join a guided boat tour to witness the Delta’s water canals and lakes.
  • Experience traditional fishing methods with local fishermen.
  • Explore remote villages and understand the waterborne way of life of the delta’s inhabitants.

The tranquil waters of the Danube Delta offer a serene counterpoint to the hustle of Romania’s cities, making it a must-visit for ecological enthusiasts and those aiming to reconnect with nature’s placid pace.

Cluj-Napoca: The Trendsetting Capital of Transylvania

As the beating heart of cultural innovation, Cluj-Napoca trendsetting capital invites you to immerse yourself in its vibrant blend of historic charm and contemporary vibrancy. With its youthful spirit and creative buzz, it stands out as one of the top tourist attractions Romania flaunts, serving up a hearty slice of urban chic against a backdrop of medieval architecture. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of its cafes and galleries or the enigmatic pull of its surrounding nature, Cluj-Napoca earns its place on any Romania vacation spots list.

Cluj-Napoca Trendsetting

The Urban Beat: Cafes, Culture, and Creativity

The streets of Cluj-Napoca, alive with the rhythm of its diverse population, boast an energy that fuels its reputation as a hub for creatives and intellectuals. Trendy cafes pepper the cityscape, each a focal point where ideas percolate alongside steaming cups of coffee. Meanwhile, the city’s theaters, museums, and art spaces play host to a year-round calendar of festivals and events, showcasing the rich tapestry of Romanian and international creativity. It’s no wonder that Cluj-Napoca is celebrated as a hub for innovation and arts.

Untouched Nature: Hoia-Baciu Forest and Beyond

Cluj-Napoca’s allure extends beyond its urban charms to the verdant wilderness of the legendary Hoia-Baciu Forest, a mere stone’s throw from the city. Shrouded in mystery and folklore, this ancient woodland has a reputation as one of the most haunted forests in the world, drawing in thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. For those who crave an adventure tinged with enigma, the Hoia-Baciu Forest provides an otherworldly addition to their Romania vacation spots expedition.

Central Park Simion BarnutiuCluj-Napoca’s largest green space and social hub.A tranquil escape for picnics, strolls, and cultural events.
The Ethnographic Museum of TransylvaniaA dive into regional history through artifacts and exhibits.Insight into the cultural heritage of Transylvania’s diverse communities.
Cluj-Napoca Art MuseumA testament to Romanian art spanning several centuries.An exploration of artistic movements and national creativity.
Hoia-Baciu ForestAn enigmatic forest with a reputation for supernatural phenomena.A journey into the mysterious, with stories of unexplained events.

Explore the Rugged Charm of Maramures

Stepping into the Maramures region is like traversing the threshold back in time, where the rugged charm of rural life is preserved and presented with heartfelt warmth. As you set out to explore Romania, Maramures stands as an emblematic example of a way of life untouched by the rapid pace of modernity—its bucolic landscapes, ancient customs, and remarkable wooden churches capture the quintessence of Romanian cities to visit.

Maramures Wooden Churches

An encounter with Maramures is an encounter with living history; the resonance of woodcarver’s mallets, the rhythmic chants of traditional folk songs, and the artistry of vibrant woven textiles transport you. Maramures is undeniably one of the top places to go in Romania for those who seek to embrace the authentic heart of the country’s storied past.

Highlights of MaramuresActivitiesCultural Significance
Wooden ChurchesPhotography, guided toursUNESCO World Heritage Sites, embody the spiritual heritage of Maramures
Traditional VillagesExploratory walks, craft workshopsShowcase of Maramures’ living traditions and craftsmanship
Sapanta Merry CemeteryVisit and learn about unique funerary art and epitaphsA cultural landmark reflecting the locals’ joyous outlook on life and death
Mocanita Steam TrainScenic rides through the countrysideOffers a glimpse into the region’s historic modes of transportation

As you wander through the verdant valleys and quaint villages, the inherent hospitality of the Maramures people becomes evident. Here, the invitation to partake in a hearty meal of local fare or to join a lively village dance is not just a polite gesture but a wide-open doorway into the essence of communal living. Maramures, with its pastoral splendor and time-honored customs, is a testament to the preservation of identity and tradition amidst a world in constant flux.

No journey to explore Romania would be complete without delving into the serene way of life that Maramures offers. It exemplifies what it means to visit Romanian cities that embody the authentic spirit of the nation: unassuming yet profound, simple in appearance yet rich in cultural significance. It’s a region that softly insists on reflection and respect for the delicate tapestry of human heritage—elements that make Maramures a distinguished destination among the top places to go in Romania.

Timisoara: The City of Parks and Revolution

Renowned for its verdant expanses and pivotal historical events, Timisoara, known as the Timisoara city of parks, is an urban tapestry rich with the narrative of progress and liberty. As a standout in a well-versed Romania travel guide, there is an electric ambiance that permeates its streets, revealing layers of cultural sophistication. It draws visitors from around the globe, marking it as one of the must-see destinations Romania proudly offers. Your travels through Romania would indeed be incomplete without experiencing the unique vitality and historical significance of Timisoara.

Timisoara’s Historical Squares and Rich Art Scene

As you saunter through Timisoara’s historical squares, you’ll find each one brimming with life and echoing tales of times past. The fusion of architectural styles, from Austro-Hungarian grandeur to modernist designs, delineates a cityscape that both charms and educates. Art thrives in this cosmopolitan hub, with galleries, theaters, and exhibitions that not only entertain but also provoke thought and conversation.

Timisoara City of Parks

Whether it’s the buzzing art festivals or the serene ambience of an understated park bench conversation, Timisoara presents a canvas where the art of living is daily performance. Festivals such as the Timisoara International Literature Festival draw creators and consumers alike, creating a vivid cultural exchange that is the heartbeat of this dynamic city.

The Spirit of Freedom: The 1989 Romanian Revolution

In 1989, Timisoara became the crucible of revolution that changed the nation’s trajectory towards democracy. Wandering through this city, each turn brings into focus landmarks steeped in the spirit of freedom — a powerful reminder of the area’s role in reshaping Romanian history. The story of Timisoara’s resistance is etched into public consciousness at Tineretului Park, a testament to the city’s revolutionary heart.

Memorials and museums throughout the city stand as custodians of the valorous pursuit of liberty. Timisoara not only narrates this history but empowers visitors to understand the pulse of resilience that led to the overthrow of an oppressive regime. It’s here, amidst the echoes of its revolutionary past, that you’re invited to reflect on the power of unified action and the indomitable human spirit.

As you embark on your journey through Timisoara, allow yourself to be enveloped in its lush ambiance and reflect on the monumental historical shifts that have transpired within its borders. From green oasis to revolutionary beacon, Timisoara endures as a symbol of freedom and creativity, both essential inclusions in your quest to explore Romania.


Your journey through Romania’s myriad attractions culminates in a kaleidoscope of enduring memories, each reflective of the country’s soulful depth and cultural richness. The destinations you’ve encountered have not only earned their fame as Romania vacation spots but have also revealed why they are counted among the best Romanian landmarks. From the evocative spires of Gothic castles to the vibrant energy of dynamic cities and the serene embrace of nature’s hideaways, Romania’s palette has painted your travels with remarkable experiences, both grandiose and intimate.

With every storied street in Bucharest, every mystical corner of Transylvania, and all the lush serenity of the Danube Delta, Romania has unfolded its heritage before your eyes. These famous sights in Romania are not just stops on a traveler’s itinerary; they are vibrant chapters of a narrative woven through time, each landmark a character, each landscape an emotion. As you depart these lands, you take with you the essence of Romania—the shadow and light of its history, the colors of its traditions, and the warmth of its people—each element solidifying the country’s status as an enchanting array of must-visit locales on the global map.

The mists of the Carpathians, the whispers of the ancient monasteries, the laughter of Maramures, all echo with the invitation to return. So, whether it’s your first visit or a recurring sojourn, these Romania vacation spots promise to continuously unveil their secrets and surprises, urging you to delve deeper with each exploration. As you reflect on your Romanian sojourn, know that the country’s heart beats in unison with the timeless dance of culture and the undying spirit of adventure, always ready to welcome you back to its boundless wonders.

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