Romantic getaways and couples activities in Columbus

Are you and your partner dreaming of a romantic escape? Columbus has just what you need. You’ll find everything from peaceful getaways to exciting outdoor fun in this lively city. It’s perfect for creating magical moments with your special someone.

Imagine walking together through lovely streets. You’ll get to see beautiful art and taste amazing food in cozy restaurants. Plus, you can stay in luxurious hotels that make you feel like royalty. Ready for a trip full of love and adventure? Columbus is waiting for you.

This guide will show you the best romantic getaways and couples activities in Columbus. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a short trip, a relaxing weekend, or a fun date night. We’ve picked out experiences that will make your bond stronger and leave you with great memories.

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio is ideal for a romantic getaway weekend. It’s perfect for celebrations or just being together. You’ll find everything from great hotels to fun activities in this lively city.

Finding a romantic hotel in Columbus is easy. There are many with top-notch service and beautiful features. They have special offers and amenities for a truly romantic weekend.

“We had the most amazing weekend at The Loft Hotel. The room was gorgeous, with a lovely view of the city skyline. The staff went above and beyond to ensure we had a romantic and memorable stay. We enjoyed the couples massage at the spa and the candlelit dinner at their rooftop restaurant. It was the perfect romantic getaway!”

– Kate and Michael, Columbus

Romantic Hotels in Columbus

Hotel Location Rating
The Loft Hotel Downtown 5 stars
River View Resort Scioto Mile 4.5 stars
The Grand Mansion German Village 4 stars

These hotels offer luxury and special treats like champagne and spa days. They also have great views or serene riverside spots. No matter which you pick, your stay will be magical.

There’s plenty to do in Columbus for a romantic weekend. Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for a peaceful walk. Or, have a wine tasting at Wyandotte Winery in a quiet setting.

For a little more adventure, a boat ride on the Scioto River is perfect. Enjoying the view under the stars is great too. Surrounded by romantic locations and activities, Columbus promises a memorable time with your loved one.

Couples Retreats in Columbus

Looking for a way to relax and reconnect with your loved one? Columbus has plenty of options for couples’ retreats. These places let you get away from the daily rush and focus on each other. You can pick a cozy cabin in the woods or a fancy resort with beautiful views. Either way, Columbus has what you need for a perfect couples retreat.

There are also many romantic hotels for those wanting a special escape. These hotels are well-equipped with fancy rooms and special deals to add to your lovebird experience. Next, let’s look into some of the great retreats and the romantic hotels that make them better.

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Secluded Cabin Retreat

Want some alone time with your partner? A private cabin in nature can be just perfect. These cabins are tucked away, offering peace and quiet. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful forest, take romantic walks, and sit by the fire.

“The cabin retreat provided the perfect setting for us to reconnect and spend quality time together. The peacefulness of the surroundings allowed us to relax and enjoy each other’s company.”

Luxurious Resort Getaway

Prefer something more upscale? Columbus has luxurious resorts that cater to couples. They offer cozy settings, beautiful views, and plenty of activities. You can look forward to spa treatments, elegant dining, and special activities for two.

Imagine enjoying a massage together, then a romantic dinner with a view. These resorts aim to make your stay truly memorable and special.

couples retreats in Columbus

Romantic Hotel Packages

Besides the resorts, there are romantic hotels in Columbus with special deals. Think champagne, spa treatments, and special dinners. These offers make your stay even more memorable, no matter where you choose to stay.

Whether you go for a cabin retreat, a luxury resort, or one of Columbus’s romantic hotels, you’re in for a treat. They all help make your time together unforgettable.

Retreat Location Hotel Package Details
Woodland Retreat Forest Haven Champagne on arrival, private jacuzzi, couples’ massage
Lakeside Resort Serenity Resort & Spa Candlelit dinner, guided nature walks, spa credits
Mountaintop Hideaway Blissful Heights Romantic room decor, breakfast in bed, sunset hike

With so many options, Columbus caters to all preferences for a memorable couples retreat. Choose your perfect mix and create beautiful memories with your partner.

Date Night Ideas for Couples in Columbus

Looking for the perfect date night in Columbus? This city has plenty to offer, whether you live here or are visiting. You can choose from fun activities or simply enjoy a quiet dinner at a cozy spot. Couples can make wonderful memories here. Let’s check out some great ideas for date nights in Columbus:

Romantic Restaurants

  • Have a special night at The Top Steakhouse, where the atmosphere is elegant, and the steaks are delicious.
  • Eat with a view at The Boat House Restaurant by the Scioto River.
  • Enjoy the view from Lincoln Social Rooftop as you sip on cocktails and admire the skyline.

Outdoor Activities

  • Stroll hand in hand through Franklin Park Conservatory. You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous gardens.
  • Feel the wind in your hair as you bike the Olentangy River Trail together.
  • For an adventure, kayak on the Scioto River. Find hidden gems and create special memories.

Entertainment Options

  • Go see a show at Ohio Theatre. You can watch everything from Broadway to symphony concerts in an intimate setting.
  • Have a laugh at Columbus Funny Bone. They feature hilarious comedians.
  • Listen to local bands at Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar. It’s a great spot for live music.

These great date night ideas will help you two make unforgettable memories and grow closer. Whether it’s a cozy dinner, an outdoor adventure, or a night of fun, Columbus is ready for you. So, plan your next date night and make it truly special!

date night ideas for couples in Columbus

Romantic Restaurants in Columbus

Finding the perfect romantic spot can be key. Columbus is rich with dining choices for a special night out. Whether it’s a big event or just a quiet dinner, these places are perfect for a memorable date.

The Top Romantic Restaurants in Columbus

  • The Keep: The Keep, in the LeVeque Tower, offers a lovely setting and French cuisine. It serves amazing dishes like scallops and mignon with stunning city views.
  • M at Miranova: At M, expect a modern, upscale experience. It combines flavors from worldwide in seafood, steaks, and creative plants.
  • The Refectory Restaurant & Bistro: The Refectory, set in a church, is perfect for a romantic dinner. Its French-influenced meals and vast wine selection make for a special night out.

Columbus holds many amazing spots for romance. From fine dining to hidden gems, it’s easy to find the perfect place. Each spot combines great food with a romantic mood, making your evening special.

best romantic restaurants in Columbus

Couples Outdoor Adventures in Columbus

There’s no lack of fun things for couples to do outdoors in Columbus. It’s a great place for nature lovers or anyone wanting to spice up their trip. You’ll find something perfect for any couple here.

Exploring City Parks

Discover the beauty of Columbus together by visiting its parks. These green spaces are ideal for a romantic day out. You can walk together, paddle in a boat, or have a picnic under the trees.

Biking Through Scenic Routes

Take your partner on a biking adventure around Columbus. You can rent a bike or bring your own to see the city’s beauty on wheels. Enjoy pretty views and make great memories cycling in the fresh air.

Kayaking on the Water

Kayaking in Columbus is both peaceful and exciting. Rent a kayak and paddle away on the Scioto River. Or head to Hoover Reservoir for a quiet escape. The waterways offer a serene scene for your date with nature.

“Exploring the natural beauty of Columbus together will not only strengthen your bond as a couple, but it will also create lasting memories that you can cherish forever.”

Zip Lining Adventures

For a real thrill, try zip lining near Columbus. It’s an exciting way to see the city from above. You’ll both remember the rush of flying through the air forever.

Outdoor Adventures Options in Columbus

Activity Description
Hiking Explore the city’s scenic trails and parks on foot.
Biking Rent a bike and enjoy cycling through the city’s neighborhoods and trails.
Kayaking Experience the tranquility of the waterways on a kayak.
Zip Lining Soar through the treetops on thrilling zip lines.

Outdoor adventures in Columbus are perfect for connecting as a couple. You can choose from easy walks, exciting activities, or in-between options. Columbus has a lot to offer adventurous pairs.

couples outdoor adventures in Columbus

Couples Spa Packages in Columbus

Enjoy a romantic spa experience with your partner in Columbus. You can find everything from relaxing massages to refreshing facials. These spa packages are perfect for feeling calm and renewed together. Many of the city’s romantic hotels offer special spa services for couples.

Once at the spa, let the relaxing atmosphere take over. Skilled therapists will help you relax and forget about daily stress. From the start, you’ll feel peace and renewal.

Try a couples massage and get treated side by side. This shared experience brings deep relaxation by reducing stress. You will both enjoy a peaceful time together.

Pick from various spa services, like facials, body treatments, and more. Treat yourselves with a romantic spa day that includes massages, facials, and spa treatments. These packages aim to relax, renew, and boost your well-being with your loved one.

“The couple’s massage was unlike anything we had experienced before. The skilled therapists helped us unwind and reconnect, leaving us feeling blissful and rejuvenated. It was the perfect way to relax and bond during our romantic getaway in Columbus.”
– Riley and Emma, satisfied visitors

Enhance Your Spa Experience at Columbus’s Romantic Hotels

Columbus’s romantic hotels are special places for spa lovers. They offer great spa services and luxury accommodations. You can choose from various options for a memorable romantic vacation.

couples spa packages in Columbus

Hotel Spa Services Special Packages
The Grand Hotel Massages, facials, body treatments Romantic Couples Retreat Package: Includes a couples massage, champagne, and a romantic dinner
Rosewood Inn Customized spa treatments, couples facials Relax and Rejuvenate Package: Includes a couples massage, access to the spa’s facilities, and a romantic turndown service
Harmony Spa Resort Hot stone massages, aromatherapy treatments, couples retreats Couples Escape Package: Includes a couples massage, access to the spa’s wellness amenities, and a romantic picnic

Visit one of these fine hotels for a memorable spa and romance experience. You can choose from various spa treatments specially crafted for couples. Such an experience will leave lasting, joyful memories of your time in Columbus.

Discover a tranquil escape with your partner through Columbus’s spa packages. These offerings provide the relaxation and rejuvenation you both need. Combine your spa experience with the luxurious stays offered by the city’s romantic hotels for an unforgettable get-away.

Unique Romantic Experiences for Couples in Columbus

Columbus is a goldmine for special moments with your love. It’s packed with unique and romantic things for couples. You can dive into culture, enjoy great food, or take on exciting adventures together. Walking the charming streets, hand in hand, makes for a truly lovely journey. Here’s a quick list of romantic fun in Columbus:

1. Art Classes

Try art classes as a duo. You’ll love learning to paint, sculpt, or make pottery. It’s a fun way to grow closer through art. Many art studios in Columbus give special classes for pairs. It’s a great chance to show your love through your own art.

2. Wine Tastings

Make your date special with wine tastings. Columbus has great vineyards where you can enjoy fine wines. You’ll learn more about wines and create wonderful memories. Don’t miss the chance to toast to your love at these places.

3. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Take off on a hot air balloon ride, just the two of you. See Columbus from high up as you float in the sky. It’s a magical journey that’s sure to light up your romance. Enjoy the stunning views of the city together.

4. River Cruises

Set sail on a boat tour down Columbus’s rivers. It’s a calm and beautiful ride. You’ll see the city’s skyline in a new way as you glide on gentle waters. It’s the perfect backdrop for heartfelt moments with your love.

5. Outdoor Music Festivals

Dancing together at outdoor music fests in Columbus is so much fun. Let loose and enjoy the music under the open sky. This adventure will be something you both remember for a long time. It’s a great way to feel closer to each other.

romantic experiences for couples in Columbus

“In Columbus, lovebirds can try everything from creating art to riding in hot air balloons. These unique adventures are perfect for deepening your love and building memories.”

Don’t forget to add these romantic ideas to your Columbus trip. Every moment is a chance to write a new chapter in your love story. This city’s vibrant charm will be the perfect setting for your beautiful journey together.

Cozy and Romantic Hotels in Columbus

Finding the right hotel is key for a romantic trip to Columbus. The city has many cozy and romantic places to stay. You can choose from luxurious suites with great views or charming boutique hotels. These spots are perfect for creating unforgettable memories with your loved one.

Boutique Charm at The LeVeque

romantic hotels in Columbus

The LeVeque in Columbus stands out for its charm. It’s in the beautiful LeVeque Tower. This hotel mixes classic style with today’s comforts, providing a special stay for couples. There are beautifully decorated rooms, a roof bar with great city views, and top-notch service. Its downtown spot puts you near Columbus’ culture spots and the Scioto Mile for romantic walks.

Indulgence at The Joseph

For a modern, art-filled spot, choose The Joseph. It has a stunning design and a collection of top-grade artwork. The rooms are modern, with big windows that show off the city. The Joseph also has an amazing restaurant, spa treatments, and a rooftop pool, making your stay luxurious and romantic.

Intimacy and Serenity at The Lofts

The Lofts in German Village offer a cozy hideaway for couples. They have loft-style rooms with unique brick walls and details, making it very romantic. There’s a courtyard where you can chill together. The hotel is close to shops and restaurants, great for exploring or a quiet stroll.

Luxury and Romance at The Westin

Looking for luxury? The Westin in downtown Columbus is a great pick. It has big, comfy rooms, a spa, a pool, and a top restaurant. Its location is also perfect for visiting the city’s fun spots. The Westin makes sure you have a great, indulgent time with your partner.

Secluded Elegance at The Blackwell

For a quiet, elegant escape, try The Blackwell. It’s on The Ohio State University’s campus. The rooms are chic and offer great views. Here, you can enjoy a romantic meal, drinks in a cozy bar, or a quiet walk in the nearby arboretum. The Blackwell is the ideal place for couples to relax and make special memories together.

Columbus is full of hotels that are perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether you like charm, luxury, or peace, there’s a spot for you. Each hotel offers great amenities and a romantic vibe. They make your stay with your special someone truly unforgettable.

Planning Tips for a Romantic Getaway in Columbus

Planning a romantic escape in Columbus is thrilling for couples wanting to make memories. It’s important to think about key factors to make your dream trip a reality.

1. Choosing the Best Time to Visit

First, think about the best time to visit. Columbus is beautiful year-round. Fall has colorful leaves. Summer features exciting festivals. Check the weather and events for your travel dates to have a great time.

2. Exploring Transportation Options

It’s easy to get around Columbus. You could rent a car for freedom. Or, use public transport like buses or light rail. Rideshare apps are also handy for easy travel.

3. Selecting Activities and Accommodations

Choosing the right things to do and where to stay is key. Columbus has everything, from fancy hotels to cozy B&Bs. Decide if you prefer art, nature walks, or a spa day. Choose what fits both your interests.

“The memories we create together are the conversations we carry with us. Make sure your choices reflect the unique bond you share.”

4. Creating a Memorable Itinerary

An itinerary ensures you make the most of your time. Include places both of you want to see. Mix in activities that are fun and relaxing. Leave space for surprises and new discoveries.

5. Embracing Local Cuisine and Dining Experiences

Trying local food adds to your romantic adventure. Columbus is known for its diverse food scene. Enjoy a fancy dinner or pick a casual cafe. Be sure to taste Columbus’s special dishes and flavors.

6. Discovering Hidden Gems and Romantic Spots

Don’t miss out on the city’s secret places. These could be parks or quiet corners perfect for a date. Look online or ask locals for offbeat suggestions to find those unique spots.

7. Capturing the Moments

Taking photos is a must for your trip. They’ll be treasured memories of your time together in Columbus. You might choose a pro photoshoot or take your own pictures at scenic locations.

With these tips, your romantic adventure in Columbus will be full of love, fun, and memories.

romantic getaways and couples activities in Columbus

Planning Tips for a Romantic Getaway in Columbus
Choose the Best Time to Visit
Explore Transportation Options
Select Activities and Accommodations
Create a Memorable Itinerary
Embrace Local Cuisine and Dining Experiences
Discover Hidden Gems and Romantic Spots
Capture the Moments


Columbus is full of romantic spots and fun things to do for couples. This city has lots to offer, whether you’re going for a quick weekend or a special night out.

Stay at one of the fancy hotels for a weekend retreat. They offer things that make your time together even better. Enjoy the city’s parks and natural beauty or get your hearts racing with outdoor activities.

For a bit of relaxation, check out the spa packages for couples. You both will have a chance to chill and enjoy each other’s company. Also, make sure to try out the delicious food at the top romantic spots in Columbus.

Don’t delay, start planning your visit now. You’ll make lovely memories, strengthen your relationship, and experience a city painted with romance. So, pack your bags and head for a charming adventure in Columbus.

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