Haunted history tours and ghost stories in Columbus

Are you brave enough to explore Columbus’s chilling secrets? Join us on a mystifying journey, exploring haunted history tours and eerie ghost stories. You’ll face your fears and unlock the mysteries behind restless spirits and haunted dwellings. These stories have enchanted people for ages.

Uncover the Haunted History of Columbus

In Columbus, you’re stepping into a world where the past meets the paranormal. This city is soaked in scary stories and mysteries, making it ideal for both ghost fans and history lovers. You’ll find chilling tales at famous spots and hidden ghostly places, offering a thrill at every turn.

Haunted history tours in Columbus open the door to explore these eerie spots directly. Guided by experts, you’ll hear about ghostly figures, strange happenings, and spirits that refuse to move on. These experiences let you dive into Columbus’s spooky past and come away with a mix of awe and curiosity.

Columbus’s ghostly tales are hidden just beneath its bustling streets. Let’s dig into some of the most infamous haunted places to visit in the city:

The Southern Theatre

Enter the grand Southern Theatre, where history and hauntings blend together. It’s said a ghostly actress lingers here, lost to a fatal backstage mishap. Guests claim to hear her ghostly steps and see lights flicker mysteriously.

The Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus

The Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus offers more than just great beer. This place is known for its spectral visitors and odd happenings. Many visitors talk about feeling a cold presence, hearing strange voices, and seeing objects move by themselves.

Haunted Place Description
The Southern Theatre Historic venue with a ghostly performer
The Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus Iconic building with lingering spirits

These stories are just a peek into Columbus’s rich tapestry of the supernatural. Each location has its own tale to tell and phenomena to experience. Whether you doubt or believe, an adventure through Columbus’s haunted history promises to be unforgettable, blurring the lines between our world and what’s beyond.

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Ghostly Tales and Legends

Dive into the eerie ghost stories and legends that have spellbound Columbus residents for years. A visit to the haunted places of Columbus transports you to a world where ghosts and reality mix. These spooky tales will stay with you, long after you’ve left.

A Haunting at Franklin Castle

haunted sites in Columbus

Franklin Castle is one of Columbus’s most famous spooky spots. Its scary look and Gothic design have led to many ghost stories. People hear voices, see ghosts, and feel a weird energy. It’s said that a ghost child and hidden castle rooms are among the mysteries.

The Ghostly Lady of Green Lawn Cemetery

Green Lawn Cemetery is more than a place of rest; it’s where a grieving ghost lady is said to roam. Dressed in a white Victorian gown, she looks for her long-lost love. Many have seen her, marking a ghostly experience in their memory.

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The Haunted Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory, once a tough prison, is now known for ghosts. People have felt cold spots, seen strange shadows, and even felt ghostly touches. It was made famous by “The Shawshank Redemption.” Now, it’s a top spot for ghost hunters in Columbus.

“Visiting these haunted sites in Columbus is like stepping into a realm where the line between the living and the dead blurs. The stories and experiences shared by visitors only add to the mystique and allure of these paranormal hotspots.”

These are just a few of Columbus’s chilling tales. Every spooky place has its own dark stories and mysteries. Whether or not you believe, these experiences will make a mark on your journey into the unknown.

Join a Haunted History Tour

Do you love spooky things? If so, a haunted history tour in Columbus might be perfect for you. It’s a great way to explore the city and learn about its ghostly past. These tours take you to the scariest places, letting you feel the creepy vibe up close.

Whether you live in Columbus or are just visiting, you can easily find haunted tours near me. The guides are experts and will take you to dark places. They’ll tell you spooky stories that have been around for ages.

On these tours, you get to see real haunted spots and learn their stories. It’s a chance to step into the past and imagine what ghostly things happened there. The haunted places in Columbus are full of history and mystery.

The Haunted Columbus Tour is a top choice. You’ll walk through the old streets and neighborhoods of Columbus. The tour includes old houses and spooky graveyards. It will definitely make your heart race!

Or, you might like the unique Ghosts of Columbus Interactive Tour. It’s led by real ghost hunters. They teach you how to find ghosts using special equipment. This tour is for those who aren’t afraid to look for spirits.

Why join a haunted tour in Columbus? It’s fun and you also learn a lot about the city. These tours mix scares with history lessons. They’re great for anyone interested in the unknown and the city’s past.


“I’ve always loved ghost stories. The haunted Columbus tour was everything I hoped for. The guides were so into their stories. It made me want to hear more and more. If you want both fun and spooky facts, I totally recommend these tours!”

– Emily R., Columbus local

haunted tours near me

Tour Name Description
Haunted Columbus Tour Explore the oldest neighborhoods of Columbus and visit haunted sites with captivating stories
Ghosts of Columbus Interactive Tour Embark on a paranormal investigation, learning ghost hunting techniques from experienced experts
Haunted History and Tavern Tour Uncover the haunted history of Columbus while enjoying refreshing drinks at historic taverns
Midnight Haunted Cemetery Tour Step into the darkness and discover the chilling secrets of haunted cemeteries in Columbus

The Best Time for Paranormal Experiences

When looking for paranormal experiences in Columbus, timing is key. It can increase your chances of seeing or feeling something supernatural. If you’re interested in the unknown, knowing the best times to visit haunted spots makes it more exciting.

Consider the season as you plan your visit. Columbus offers haunted tours and ghost stories all year round. But, visiting in fall might make things spookier, thanks to the cooler weather and Halloween vibes.

Also, the weather can impact your ghostly experience. Many think that mist or fog makes it easier to see ghosts. Columbus’s mist and foggy nights add a creepy vibe to your adventures.

Remember, paranormal happenings can surprise us at any time. By knowing these tips, you can up your chances of having an amazing encounter.


Paranormal experiences can happen throughout the year, but the fall season and atmospheric conditions such as mist and fog can enhance the supernatural ambiance in Columbus.

Plan your visit:

  • Consider joining haunted history tours that take place in the fall to immerse yourself in the mystical allure of the season.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast, and take advantage of misty or foggy days to heighten the paranormal atmosphere.
  • Engage with local experts and enthusiasts who can provide valuable insights on the best times for paranormal experiences in Columbus.
  • Stay alert and open-minded, as supernatural encounters can happen unexpectedly, regardless of the time or conditions.

Timing your visit and being mindful of the paranormal can make your ghost hunting in Columbus extraordinary. Get ready to explore the paranormal in this charming city. Be prepared for mysterious and captivating adventures.

Paranormal Experiences

Professional Ghost Hunters and Experts

Learn about the dedicated professionals who specialize in uncovering ghostly tales in Columbus. These experts spend hours investigating paranormal activities.

They have a lot of experience in the supernatural field. They use special equipment, techniques, and their gut feelings to explore. This allows them to find evidence of ghostly interactions.

“We have seen some truly scary things in Columbus,” says Sarah Thompson, a top ghost hunter. “The city has lots of ghost stories, and our goal is to understand them.” – Sarah Thompson, Professional Ghost Hunter

These experts have visited Columbus’ most haunted places. They find creepy stories and events that science can’t explain. Their work shows the ghostly beings that still remain there, giving visitors spooky moments.

This includes checking out haunted houses, old hospitals, and spooky graveyards. Their love for ghost stories and sharing the otherworldly with the public keeps them going.

Keep on reading to learn about their unforgettable ghost hunts and discoveries in Columbus.

haunted sites in Columbus

Professional Ghost Hunter Notable Investigations
Sarah Thompson
  • Investigation of the haunted Ohio State Reformatory
  • Exploration of the ghostly encounters at the Thurber House
  • Documentation of paranormal phenomena at the Wexner Mansion
Mark Johnson
  • Investigation of the haunted Franklin Castle
  • Exploration of the ghostly encounters at the Kelton House Museum & Garden
  • Documentation of paranormal phenomena at Green Lawn Cemetery
Emily Davis
  • Investigation of the haunted Thurber House
  • Exploration of the ghostly encounters at the Ohio State Reformatory
  • Documentation of paranormal phenomena at the Kelton House Museum & Garden

They use a scientific method for their investigations. This includes looking at history, using new technology, and talking to witnesses.

Stay with us in the next section to see what they’ve found in Columbus’ eerie places.

Haunted Sites Open to the Public

If you’re looking for a spooky adventure, Columbus has lots of places for you. These haunted spots offer more than just scares. They give you a peek into the city’s spooky past. Check out each place’s history and the ghostly happenings:

1. The Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory is a top choice for ghost hunters. This old prison is full of history and hauntings. Learn about its past and feel the spooky atmosphere on a tour. You might even see a ghost or two.

2. The Thurber House

The Thurber House is known for both its literary past and its spooky present. Once James Thurber’s home, it’s said to be haunted. Visitors talk about hearing laughter and feeling strange things. Dive into its literary history and its ghost stories.

3. The Kelton House Museum and Garden

Ever wanted to meet a ghost from the Underground Railroad? Visit the Kelton House Museum and Garden. This old house has many stories. Explore its rooms, learn about its history, and maybe see a ghost.

4. The Green Lawn Abbey

The Green Lawn Abbey isn’t just a place for the dead. Many say it’s also home to ghosts. Take a tour of this mausoleum and see the famous who rest here. Look out for any spooky visitors.

These are just a few of Columbus’ haunted places. They’re great for anyone looking for a unique adventure or believing in ghosts. Add some mystery to your city trip by visiting these spooky spots.

haunted places to visit

Captivating Stories from Witnesses

Dive into Columbus’s world of ghost stories. You’ll hear first-hand accounts from people who’ve seen the paranormal. These stories will make the city’s haunted places come alive.

“Walking the dark halls of the Ohio State Reformatory, a cold breeze touched my face. Then, I heard whispers from the walls. It felt like past inmates’ ghosts were reaching out to me. It was a chilling moment.” – Sarah, a visitor

The Ohio State Reformatory is known for being haunted. It draws in people who want to experience ghostly encounters firsthand.

But Columbus has more than just this reformatory to offer. Visitors talk about seeing shadowy figures at the Thurber House. They also recall the sound of footsteps at the Hotel LeVeque.

At the Thurber House, visitors say they’ve seen ghosts and heard whispers. Many believe it’s the spirits of the house’s old residents.

Hotel LeVeque has surprises too. Guests have seen lights flicker and ghostly figures in mirrors. The rumors of the place being haunted draw in those looking for a scare.

Ghost stories in Columbus are for everyone, whether you’re a skeptic or a believer. They make you think about the thin line between our world and the supernatural.

haunted sites in Columbus

Haunted Sites in Columbus

Haunted Site Location Notable Ghostly Encounters
Ohio State Reformatory Mansfield Whispers, ghostly apparitions
Thurber House Columbus Apparitions, faint whispers
Hotel LeVeque Columbus Flickering lights, ghostly figures

Beyond Ghost Hunting: Other Spooky Attractions

Looking for more than ghost hunting? Columbus has plenty of spooky places that will thrill you. You can explore haunted sites or just enjoy the creepy feel. These spots will satisfy your love for the supernatural.

Want a fully scary time? Try one of Columbus’ haunted events. These are set up to give you a memorable, chilling experience. They include everything from spooky rides to eerie festivals. You’ll have many choices to make your blood rush.

Looking for hands-on fun? Columbus has places that mix fun with ghostly themes. Try out haunted houses, escape rooms, and eerie mazes. You’ll meet spooky sights and solve mysteries. It’s a blast for those who like to be part of the action.

Into the history of hauntings? Columbus also offers tours that dive into its ghostly past. You’ll visit haunted buildings and learn their secrets. Guides share stories and legends, taking you on a dark adventure. It’s a different way to enjoy ghost stories.

As you check out these sites, stay open to the unknown. Columbus may surprise you with its paranormal side.

Whether you love thrills or are just curious, Columbus has something for you. Dive into spooky events, visit fun ghost-themed places, and take haunted tours. Discover the chilling stories of this haunted city. Your next exciting adventure is just around the corner!


“The haunted events in Columbus were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The combination of history, suspense, and paranormal activity created an unforgettable and spine-chilling adventure!”

– Sarah, Haunting Enthusiast

spooky attractions in Columbus


As you finish this thrilling exploration of Columbus’ haunted history, you’re aware of the city’s rich tales and ghostly sightings. The haunted tours and stories offer an exciting experience for those interested in the supernatural.

We’ve looked into haunted places, heard spooky tales, and met ghost hunters passionate about exploring Columbus’ past. The city’s haunted stories, from official reports to personal tales, vividly paint its eerie past.

Armed with this knowledge, you can now start your own adventure in Columbus’ supernatural side. You can join a ghost tour or visit some of the open haunted spots. Columbus awaits those who are bold enough to explore its ghostly charm.

So, don’t miss out! Start your journey to learn about Columbus’ haunted history and ghost tales. Get ready for an experience that will both excite and spook you, mixing the supernatural with the everyday, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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