Is Budva worth visiting?

Discover the captivating coastal town of Budva. It’s a place filled with history, culture, and natural beauty. This makes it a favorite for many travelers who want a memorable visit.

With so many places to choose from, you might ask, is Budva worth visiting? Can it offer you experiences that are truly unforgettable?

This guide will show you what Budva has to offer. We will talk about its historic Old Town and beautiful beaches. You’ll soon know all about this Adriatic Sea gem.

Let’s figure out if Budva is ideal for your next trip. We’ll explore if its history, beaches, and culture are truly special. Ready to experience Budva and all it has for you?

Discover the History and Beauty of Budva’s Old Town

When you visit Budva, checking out the Old Town is a must. This area is filled with old buildings and quaint streets. You’ll feel like you’re in a different time while walking here.

The Old Town has ancient city walls that are still intact. They look out over the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Inside, there are old churches, palaces, and stone houses. A big attraction is the Citadel, a massive fortress that tells Budva’s story.

Walking down Njegoševa Street is a unique experience. There are shops with crafts and jewelry, and restaurants with tasty local food. Make sure to try the seafood and Montenegrin prosciutto.

Best Things to Do in Budva’s Old Town

There are key places and things to do in Budva’s Old Town. Let’s go over some of them:

  1. Visit the Church of St. John: This church from the 7th century is a symbol of Budva. It has beautiful frescoes and amazing views from its tower.
  2. Explore the Maritime Museum: Discover Budva’s past at this museum. It’s full of interesting exhibits and artifacts.
  3. Relax in a cafe at the main square: At Trg Između Crkava, the main square, you can enjoy a drink and the lively atmosphere.
  4. Experience local culture at a traditional performance: See a folklore show or live music to learn about Montenegrin customs.
  5. Shop for souvenirs at the flea market: Find unique crafts and jewelry at the flea market.

The Old Town is full of history and beauty. It shows Montenegro’s cultural heritage. A visit here is an experience you won’t forget.

Budva Old Town

Attraction Description
Church of St. John A 7th-century church with remarkable frescoes and breathtaking views from the bell tower.
Maritime Museum Discover Budva’s maritime history through engaging exhibits and a vast collection of artifacts.
Cafes at the main square Relax and soak in the atmosphere of Budva’s Old Town while sipping on a coffee at the bustling main square.
Traditional performances Experience the vibrant culture of Montenegro through captivating folklore shows and live music performances.
Flea market Find unique souvenirs, handmade crafts, and local artwork at the lively flea market.

A Beach Lover’s Paradise: Budva’s Gorgeous Beaches

Budva, known for its stunning beaches, sits by the beautiful Adriatic sea. Its shores are famous for their clear waters. Here, you can relax, enjoy water sports, or just bask in the sun. Budva beaches cater to every visitor’s needs.

Among Budva’s top sites is Mogren Beach. It features golden sands, tall cliffs, and greenery, making it exceptionally beautiful. This beach is lively, and its beach bars add to its charm, attracting people from all over.

If you want a quieter spot, Budva doesn’t disappoint. Becici Beach, near the old town, offers peace and beauty. Its gentle sands and clear water provide the ideal place for a calm day by the sea.

Explore the Top Beaches in Budva

Budva beaches

To see more of Budva’s coast, go beyond the usual spots. For instance, Jaz Beach is a vast area in a calm bay. It’s famous for its summer music and cultural events, making it perfect for those seeking entertainment.

Then, there’s Sveti Stefan. This dreamy islet is a sight to see, surrounded by clear waters. While you can’t visit up close, staying in one of its luxurious island hotels might be just as magical.

“Budva’s beaches are a paradise for beach lovers. From the popular Mogren Beach to the hidden gems like Becici Beach, there’s a beach for every preference. Whether you want a lively atmosphere or a peaceful retreat, Budva has it all.”

Budva offers a wide selection of beaches, making it a sea and sand lover’s haven. Whether you seek a bustling site or a quiet spot for relaxation, Budva’s shores will meet your desires.

Beach Highlights
Mogren Beach Golden sands, vibrant atmosphere, beach bars
Becici Beach Serene atmosphere, crystal-clear waters
Jaz Beach Picturesque bay, music festivals, cultural events
Sveti Stefan Breathtaking views, crystal-clear waters, iconic islet

Enjoy the beaches of Budva in your own way, whether sunbathing or engaging in water fun. Each location offers something special, inviting you to explore the Adriatic’s natural beauty.

Immerse Yourself in Budva’s Vibrant Cultural Scene

Get ready to be amazed by Budva’s lively culture. This town by the sea is famous for its beautiful beaches and historic sites. It also shines with its art, music, and fun. If you love art, music, or culture, Budva will welcome you with open arms.

Exploring local festivals is a great way to see Budva’s charm. All year round, these festivals celebrate the town’s roots and culture. For instance, the Carnival in February and the Songs of the Sea festival in August are must-sees. They truly show what Budva’s all about.


“The local festivals in Budva offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the town’s traditions and experience the energy and enthusiasm of the locals. From traditional music and dance performances to delicious local delicacies, these festivals are truly a treat for the senses.”

Budva is also a hub for artists. Visit its galleries to see a mix of local and global artworks. You can find everything from modern pieces to classic gems. It’s a chance to take home art that reflects Budva’s soul.

The town doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to theater. Several theaters host plays, comedies, and musicals. Seeing a show here lets you dive into Budva’s artistic side deeply.

Don’t miss the chance to glimpse Budva’s street art. You’ll find vibrant murals and intriguing graffiti on the town’s walls. It’s a window into Budva’s modern art scene.

Immerse Yourself in Budva’s Cultural Scene:

  1. Experience the energy and creativity of Budva’s local festivals
  2. Explore the town’s art galleries and discover unique artworks
  3. Attend a theatrical performance at one of Budva’s theaters
  4. Appreciate the street art that adorns Budva’s walls

Emerge yourself in Budva’s vivid cultural world. Art, music, and fun await, making your Adriatic stay memorable.

Budva attractions

Explore Budva’s Surrounding Nature and Outdoor Activities

Budva is not just a city; it’s a gateway to stunning nature and outdoor fun. If you love nature or need an adventure, Budva is ideal. You’ll find amazing outdoor activities here:

1. Hiking Trails

Set out on a hiking journey and see Budva’s natural beauty up close. You can pick from tough mountain trails to easy coastal walks. No matter your skill, Budva has a hike for you. Put on your boots, take a deep breath, and enjoy the gorgeous views.

2. National Parks

Montenegro’s national parks are close to Budva, waiting to be explored. Visit places like Lovćen with its stunning views, Biogradska Gora for forest hikes, or Skadar Lake to see unique plants and animals. These parks show off Montenegro’s natural diversity.

3. Adventure Sports

For those who love an adrenaline rush, Budva has plenty to offer. Kayak, raft, or paraglide over the clear waters and beautiful landscapes. These thrilling activities will stay with you long after.

“Budva invites you to enjoy its great outdoors, with its trails, parks, and sports. It’s a paradise for those who love being outside.”

Enjoy the sunlight and the smells of the outdoors while pushing your limits. Budva’s nature and outdoor fun are perfect for making great memories and feeling connected to the world.

Budva tourism

Must-Visit Natural Attractions in and Around Budva

Natural Attraction Highlights
Sveti Stefan A picturesque islet with stunning beaches and luxury resorts
Lake Skadar One of Europe’s largest freshwater lakes, home to abundant wildlife
Mt. Lovćen Offers breathtaking panoramic views of Budva and the Adriatic Sea
Ada Bojana A hidden gem for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and relaxation

Table: Discover the natural attractions that shouldn’t be missed during your visit to Budva and its surroundings.

Delight Your Taste Buds: Budva’s Culinary Delights

Budva is perfect for anyone who loves good food. It mixes Mediterranean tastes with local flair, making a unique food experience. You can try everything from fresh seafood to classic Balkan meals. There’s something for everyone.

Best Restaurants in Budva

Take a trip through Budva’s flavors by visiting its top restaurants. Each one highlights the town’s rich food culture. Some must-visit places include:

  • Restaurant 4 Palme: In the Old Town’s heart, this restaurant combines Mediterranean and Montenegrin dishes. Try their seafood and desserts in a lovely setting.
  • Porat Restaurant: Overlooking the Adriatic, it’s famous for stunning views and great seafood. You’ll love this place where taste and beauty connect.
  • Jadran Kod Krsta: This family place offers classic Montenegrin food in a cozy space. They serve various meat dishes and desserts, giving a true local flavor.

Traditional Dishes to Try

Exploring Budva’s food means trying some local favorites. You cannot miss out on these delicious dishes:

  1. Cevapi: It’s a must-try in Balkan cuisine, with grilled beef or pork. Eat it with bread and onions for a typical street food meal.
  2. Njeguski Steak: A juicy pork steak from Montenegro’s Njegusi area, it’s full of flavor. It comes with potatoes and salad for a complete, tasty meal.
  3. Priganice: These fried dough balls are a sweet delight for breakfast or dessert. Enjoy them with sugar and a cup of Montenegrin coffee.

Getting to know Budva means diving into its food culture. You’ll enjoy the rich flavors and local dishes, from fancy places to simple kitchens.

Restaurant Cuisine Price Range Location
Restaurant 4 Palme Mediterranean, Montenegrin $$$ Old Town
Porat Restaurant Seafood $$$ Budva Riviera
Jadran Kod Krsta Montenegrin $$ City Center

Enjoy Budva’s food scene, from the coast’s fresh catch to the city’s traditional dishes. Make sure to visit the local markets for a true foodie experience. You’ll love the sights and scents of fresh ingredients and local treats.

Budva cuisine

Where to Stay: Budva’s Accommodation Options

Finding the perfect place to stay in Budva is key to enjoying your trip. You can choose from luxury hotels to budget-friendly options. This charming coastal town has something for everyone.

1. Luxury Hotels

Budva boasts luxurious five-star hotels. They offer amazing amenities, breathtaking Adriatic Sea views, and top-notch service. Some top picks are:

  • Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa Resort
  • Maestral Resort & Casino
  • Aman Sveti Stefan

2. Boutique Hotels

For a unique stay, try Budva’s boutique hotels. They’re small, cozy, and full of character. You’ll enjoy stylish decor and a warm welcome. Check out these boutique hotels:

  • Boutique Hotel Arka
  • Hotel Astoria
  • Hotel Budva

3. Apartments and Villas

Want a home-like environment? Rent an apartment or villa in Budva. These options offer more privacy and space. You’ll feel like a local. Look for them on rental sites or through local agencies.

4. Budget-Friendly Options

Even on a budget, you can stay comfortable in Budva. There are affordable guesthouses, hostels, and budget hotels. Here are some good picks:

  • Hostel H
  • Guest House Levantin Inn
  • Hotel Mogren

When picking a stay in Budva, think about what you want, your budget, and your travel plans. No matter your choice, you’ll be in a great spot to see all Budva’s charm.

Budva travel guide

Getting Around Budva: Transportation Tips

Finding your way around Budva is key for a great trip. Knowing how to travel makes it easy to see the city’s sights. This is helpful whether visiting known spots or off-the-beaten-path treasures.

Public Transportation

Public transport in Budva is budget-friendly and efficient. The bus system connects the city well. You can quickly get from point A to B using buses. Stops are conveniently placed all over Budva.

Riding the bus allows for mingling with locals. It also gives insight into everyday Budva life. Buying a bus pass or a ticket ahead can save you money and hassle.

Taxi Services

Choosing a taxi means getting where you need to, directly. This is great for those with lots of bags. Or anyone wanting a more individual trip. Taxis are easy to spot and hail.

When taking a taxi, make sure it has a meter. Agreeing on a price beforehand is wise. For ease, locals and visitors often use taxi apps to book and monitor rides.

Car Rentals

Renting a car offers unmatched freedom in Budva. It’s ideal for exploring more than just the city. Local roads are good, making driving enjoyable. It unlocks the ability to visit hidden corners and coastlines.

Remember to check local driving laws. Also, make sure you have a valid driving permit. With your own car, you can set your route and timetable.

Summary of Transportation Options in Budva

Transportation Option Advantages Disadvantages
Public Transportation – Affordable
– Extensive network
– Authentic local experience
– May be crowded during peak times
Taxi Services – Convenient
– Door-to-door service
– Use of taxi apps
– Higher cost compared to public transportation
Car Rentals – Freedom and flexibility
– Ability to explore surrounding areas
– Scenic drives
– Additional cost for rental and fuel
– Parking may be limited in popular areas

Selecting the right way to travel in Budva depends on your trip details. Think about cost, comfort, and where you want to go. Making good transport choices means a better visit to Budva.

Budva travel guide

When to Visit Budva: Weather and Seasonal Highlights

Deciding when to visit Budva is all about the weather and what the seasons offer. Every season brings its own charm, letting you pick the best time for you. Let’s look at what each season is like throughout the year:

Spring (March to May)

Budva wakes up in spring with flowers and mild weather. It’s great for outdoor adventures like hiking. You can also wander through the Old Town’s historic streets and learn about the area’s culture.

Summer (June to August)

Summer is Budva’s busiest time, with warm weather and beautiful beaches. It’s perfect for sunbathing and trying water sports, thanks to temperatures around 30 degrees. You’ll find the beaches full of life, along with a bustling nightlife and fun festivals.

Fall (September to November)

Autumn is mild and quieter, perfect for exploring Budva’s arts and culture scene. You can check out festivals, local art, and enjoy the mild weather on hikes. This season is ideal for outdoor and cultural activities without the summer crowds.

Winter (December to February)

Winter turns Budva into a peaceful place where you can admire its architecture and visit cozy cafes. Although it’s colder, temperatures are still moderate at 5 to 15 degrees. It’s a great time to enjoy local food and the sea views in a quieter setting.

Budva travel guide

Best Times to Visit Budva for Specific Activities or Events:

Activity/Event Best Time to Visit
Budva Summer Festival July and August
Beach and Water Sports June to September
Hiking and Nature Exploration Spring and Fall
Sightseeing in Budva’s Old Town Spring and Fall

Budva is great for both beach lovers and those into culture, no matter the season. Just choose the time that fits the kind of activities you love.

Budgeting for Your Budva Adventure

Planning your budget is key for a Budva trip. You must estimate costs for lodging, meals, travel, and fun. This ensures you can afford to enjoy your time in this beautiful coastal town.


Budva offers many accommodations to fit various budgets. You can choose from upscale hotels, beach resorts, guesthouses, and budget hostels. Everyone can find a suitable spot.

To save money, look beyond Budva’s main area. Surrounding places and rentals can be cheaper and give a more local feel.


Budva is a great place to eat. It offers seafood, local Montenegrin food, and dishes from around the world. Plenty of eateries, cafes, and street food stands are ready to serve you.

Eating at local spots and markets can save you cash. And if your place to stay has a kitchen, cooking for yourself is another money-saving option.


Getting around Budva is simple, thanks to its size. The town is perfect for walking. But if you want to travel to other places, you have buses, taxis, and car rentals to pick from.

Public transport is affordable. For more freedom, a rental car is a great idea. Just remember, finding parking in Budva can be hard.


Budva has many things to do, from historic sites to water sports. Some places charge a fee, while others are free or ask for a small donation.

To save money, plan your activities and buy tickets in advance. A city pass can be a smart buy if you want to see several sites.

Budgeting Tips

  • Compare prices for places to stay, eat, and have fun in Budva.
  • Visit during the off-peak season to find lower prices.
  • Track your daily spending to stick to your budget.
  • Enjoy free or cheap activities like beach walks and hikes.
  • Eat local street food for a tasty, budget-friendly meal.
  • Buying a local SIM card can make communication cheaper on your trip.

With smart budgeting, you can have a great time in Budva. Make a plan, look for deals, and get ready to enjoy all the unforgettable things this town has to show you.

Expense Average Cost
Accommodation $50-$200 per night
Dining $10-$30 per meal
Transportation $1-$5 for local transportation, $30-$50 per day for rental car
Activities $10-$30 per attraction or activity

Budva Travel Guide


Budva is a beautiful place full of history and culture. It’s an amazing spot in the Adriatic Sea. This place is a must-see, with its lovely beaches and a lively Old Town.

There’s something for everyone here. If you love relaxing, exploring, or learning, you’ll find something you like. You can enjoy the sun on the beaches, see ancient places, or dive into the local culture.

The food and nature in Budva are amazing too. You can try tasty dishes from the Mediterranean. For those who love the outdoors, there are hiking trails. You can really enjoy Budva’s natural beauty.

Is Budva worth a visit? Definitely! Start planning your trip now. Get ready to make memories in this beautiful coastal town. You’ll surely want to visit again because of its charm and fun things to do.