What to do in Budva?

What comes to mind when you think of the perfect coastal getaway? You might imagine crystal-clear turquoise waters, or sandy beaches that stretch endlessly. Perhaps you think of a place with a rich history to uncover. Look no further than Budva, Montenegro. It’s a hidden gem on the Adriatic coast, filled with great activities and attractions.

Budva is more than just a beach. It’s a coastal city with something for everyone. Whether you love history, food, adventures, or parties, Budva has you covered.

Budva will captivate you with its many offerings. You’ll find sun-soaked beaches and a historic Old Town that feels like stepping back in time. This guide will show you Budva’s finest, helping you plan an unforgettable visit. Are you ready to explore Budva’s top experiences?

Relax on Budva’s Stunning Beaches

Budva has some of the best beaches on the Adriatic coast. You can find both relaxing and active spots. Mogren Beach is popular, while Jaz Beach is more hidden, offering something for everyone.

Looking for the most beautiful beaches in Budva leads to amazing spots. Along the coast, you’ll find many things to do. You can relax by the water, enjoy the sun on the sand, or swim in the clear sea. Each beach has its own special vibe and activities.

Mogren Beach stands out for its clear water and views. A cliff divides it into two, making it unique and special. It’s a great place to relax or have a romantic walk.

Jaz Beach is a quiet escape surrounded by natural beauty. It’s perfect for relaxing, reading, or enjoying nature. This spot offers a peaceful break from the busier areas.

Whether you’re a sun seeker or an adventure enthusiast, Budva’s beaches offer something for everyone. Budva sightseeing, Budva tourist activities, and the best things to do in Budva are all possible when you spend a day at the beach.

Enjoy Budva’s stunning beaches and relax. Remember your sunscreen and beach gear for a great day!

Budva beach

Explore Budva’s Historic Old Town

Step back in time as you visit Budva’s Old Town. This part of the city is filled with narrow streets made of cobblestones. It has ancient walls and buildings that tell stories. Walk around and learn a lot about Budva’s history and culture.

Medieval Citadel

The Medieval Citadel is a top landmark in the Old Town. It’s an old fortress with views stretching to the Adriatic Sea. As you walk its walls, think about the many stories hidden here. The Citadel shows how important Budva’s history is.

St. Ivan Church

St. Ivan Church is a must-see. The church dates back to the 7th century. Its architecture is amazing. Inside, there are beautiful frescoes. It’s a peaceful spot in the middle of the Old Town.

Archaeological Museum

Don’t miss the Archaeological Museum. It has artifacts from ancient times like pottery and jewelry. These items tell stories from Budva’s past. You’ll leave with a better understanding of Budva’s culture and history.

“Budva’s Old Town is a special mix of history and charm. It’s filled with old walls and buildings, each with a story to tell. Make sure you see this historic gem in Budva!”

Budva sightseeing

Attractions in Budva’s Old Town

Attraction Description
Medieval Citadel An ancient fortress offering panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and the areas around.
St. Ivan Church A 7th-century Orthodox church famous for its peaceful atmosphere and frescoes.
Archaeological Museum Showcases artifacts from ancient times, giving insights into Budva’s history.

Visit the Iconic Budva Citadel

The Budva Citadel sits high on a hill, overlooking the town. It dates back to the 15th century. You can enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the Old Town from here. Walk the ancient walls, see the museum, and admire the area’s beauty.

Budva attractions

Historical Significance

This fortress was built to keep the town safe from invaders. It’s a symbol of Budva’s deep culture and its people’s strength over time.

A visit to the Budva Citadel is a journey through time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the ancient history of the region.

Exploring the Citadel

Walking on the fortress walls offers stunning views. You see the sea and the town. Inside, the museum tells stories of Budva’s past. It’s a must-see spot.

The Citadel Today

Today, the Citadel is more than a historic site. It hosts cultural events like art shows and concerts. The fortress’s beauty adds to these experiences.

The Budva Citadel is perfect for history buffs, those who love pictures, or anyone who likes great views. It’s a top place to visit in Budva.


Discover Budva’s Vibrant Nightlife

As the sun goes down, Budva’s nightlife lights up. You’ll find everything from cool beach clubs to lively bars and nightclubs. Enjoy dancing, live music, or kick back with a cocktail and take in the vibes.

Get ready to feel the buzz of Budva by visiting its many venues. Start the night at a top beach club. Here you can dance under the stars, feet in the sand, and meet new friends in a fun setting.

If beach parties aren’t your thing, Budva has cozy bars and pubs too. Try unique cocktails or local wines with a friendly crowd. It’s a great way to unwind and chat with others.

Budva’s nightclubs put on an epic show, drawing party lovers worldwide. With great music and awesome dance floors, let yourself go. Enjoy the night and create memories to cherish with your pals.

Budva Nightlife

“Budva’s nightlife is truly exceptional. The city offers a wide range of venues to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back evening or an all-night dance party, Budva has it all.” – Alex, nightlife enthusiast

To fully enjoy Budva’s nightlife, plan ahead. See what concerts, parties, and events are on with local listings. Dressing well is key for a night you won’t forget.

Experience Adventurous Water Sports

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Budva has thrilling water sports for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or you’re a water sports pro. There’s fun for all in Budva. Jump into the clear waters and find your adventure.

Jet Skiing

Feel the excitement as you ride a jet ski in Budva. Look at the amazing sights while you speed on the water. Enjoy the fast ride and the cool sea breeze.


Want to see Budva from the sky? Try parasailing. Get lifted by the wind above the bright Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the view and the feeling of freedom.

Scuba Diving

Dive into Budva’s underwater world with scuba gear. See many fish, coral, and caves under the water. It’s a whole new world to explore.

No matter what you pick, you’ll make great memories in Budva.

Make sure to try these thrilling adventures in Budva. Book your water sports fun now. Enjoy every moment in this heaven for thrill lovers.

Budva activities

Take a Boat Tour along the Budva Riviera

Set sail on a beautiful boat tour along the Budva Riviera. See Montenegro’s stunning coastline from the water. You’ll pass by rugged cliffs and explore secret caves and coves.

Don’t forget your camera. You’ll see the Budva Old Town from afar and mesmerizing sunsets. This trip will leave you with lasting memories.

Feel the wind in your hair as you relax on the boat. You can admire the coastline with its cliffs, sandy beaches, and clear blue waters. It’s a view like no other.

The tour lets you visit hidden spots like caves and quiet coves. Take a swim or a dive to see the amazing sea life.

Your guide will share interesting facts about the area. They’ll talk about the Budva Riviera’s history, nature, and more. It makes the tour even better.

Looking for a leisurely day or an action-packed adventure? This boat tour is great for both. Enjoy the Adriatic Sea’s beauty and make unforgettable memories.

Boat Tour along the Budva Riviera

Highlights of the Budva Boat Tour

Highlights Description
Scenic coastline Enjoy breathtaking views of cliffs, beaches, and turquoise waters
Hidden caves Explore mysterious caves along the Budva Riviera
Isolated coves Swim and snorkel in secluded coves away from the crowds
Marine life Discover the vibrant underwater world of the Adriatic Sea
Knowledgeable guide Learn fascinating facts and stories about the Budva Riviera

Indulge in Delicious Local Cuisine

When you visit Budva, trying the local food is a must. The city is known for its fresh seafood and Montenegrin dishes. You can enjoy local wines, the famous black risotto, and tasty desserts.

Budva travel guide

Budva’s food scene has something for everyone. If you like seafood, you’ll find the catch of the day here. This includes Adriatic fish, mussels, and calamari. The local chefs use fresh ingredients to create meals that delight your taste buds.

Don’t miss trying Crni Rižot, Budva’s famous black risotto. It’s made with cuttlefish or squid ink. This dish stands out for its deep flavor and appealing looks.

For a real taste of Montenegrin cuisine, visit a local tavern or konoba. These places offer dishes like smoked ham and cornmeal dishes. They’re typically served with local wines to make your meal even better.

Dine in family-owned restaurants to experience local life through food. Meals are made with love and offer a welcoming environment. This makes eating in Budva a special experience.

Leave space for dessert as Budva’s treats are not to be missed. Choices include Palačinke, which are thin pancakes filled with sweet or savory flavors. You can also try Medena Pita, a honey cake, or enjoy some local ice cream.

Whether you love food or are curious about local tastes, Budva welcomes you. It promises a journey of delicious meals and memorable dining experiences.

Local Cuisine Must-Try:

1. Fresh seafood dishes
2. Black risotto (Crni Rižot)
3. Traditional Montenegrin specialties like Njeguški pršut and Kacamak
4. Local wines such as Vranac and Krstač
5. Palačinke (thin pancakes) and Medena Pita (honey cake)

Dish Description
Fresh Seafood A variety of Adriatic fish, mussels, and calamari, prepared and cooked to perfection
Black Risotto (Crni Rižot) A unique dish made with cuttlefish or squid ink, offering a rich flavor and distinctive color
Njeguški pršut Locally smoked ham, renowned for its exquisite taste and quality
Kacamak A delicious cornmeal dish, often served with cheese or sour cream
Vranac A full-bodied red wine, perfect for pairing with meat dishes
Palačinke Thin pancakes filled with various sweet or savory fillings, a popular dessert in Budva

Discover Budva’s Thriving Art Scene

Budva is famous for its beauty and art scene. Local and international talents fill the city’s galleries. You’ll see everything from historical paintings to modern installations.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Budva’s art galleries. You’ll find a mix of art, from paintings to sculptures. It’s a great way to see the local and global art world.

Budva’s art scene shines a light on big and new artists. Here, you can find known artists’ work alongside fresh talents. It makes every gallery visit exciting and new.

Beyond galleries, Budva offers shows and events all year round. These events let artists try new things and connect with the city. Watch out for these exhibits and festivals for a real taste of Budva’s art.

Art Galleries in Budva

Gallery Location Specialty
Galerija Milena Old Town Contemporary Art
Modern Gallery Budva City Center Modern & Contemporary Art
Centar Za Kulturu City Center Various Art Forms

There are many galleries in Budva, each with a unique appeal. Don’t rush; take your time to explore them all. You’ll find a wide array of art styles and messages.

If you love art or seek new experiences, Budva welcomes you. Include a visit to the galleries in your Budva trip. It’s a great way to enrich your cultural journey.

Budva's Thriving Art Scene

Shop for Unique Souvenirs in Budva

Take a walk in Budva’s lovely streets. Explore local shops full of unique items. From jewelry to textiles, there’s something special to find and take back with you. This way, you support the people of Budva and keep memories forever.

Budva tourist activities

In Budva, you’ll find many great shops with unique souvenirs. Looking for a special memory or a gift? Budva has it. You’ll see beautifully crafted jewelry and textiles that are true to Budva’s lively culture.

Don’t miss the chance to see the jewelry stores. They have amazing pieces that show Budva’s long history and craftwork. You can choose from silver earrings to big necklaces. Each piece is stunning and will be remembered forever.

The textiles in Budva tell stories of their culture through fancy embroideries and textiles. Shop for beautiful tapestries, rugs, and fabrics. They make wonderful house decorations or gifts.

If you love art, visit Budva’s galleries. They have paintings, sculptures, and more. See Montenegro’s artistic talent. They cater to both seasoned collectors and those who simply love beauty.

Also, check out the local markets. You will find tasty homemade foods and local products. Taste Budva with jams, honey, and spices. They are great gifts and remind you of your trip.

Recommended Souvenir Shops in Budva:

Shop Location Description
Artisan Jewelry Old Town Offers a variety of handcrafted jewelry inspired by Montenegro’s cultural heritage.
Weaving Traditions Main Street Specializes in intricately woven textiles, including rugs, tapestries, and clothing.
Galerija Art New Town Features contemporary and traditional artwork by local and international artists.
Budva Market City Center A bustling market offering a wide range of local products, including food, spices, and crafts.

By exploring Budva’s shops, you help its local economy. Plus, you get a piece of this beautiful town. So, do spend some time shopping for souvenirs. It’s a great way to remember your Budva visit.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities near Budva

If adventure calls, Budva is the place to be. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it offers a host of things to do in Budva. These activities let you enjoy nature up close:

1. Hiking in Lovcen National Park

Step into Lovcen National Park’s stunning scenery, a short drive from Budva. With your hiking gear, follow the marked paths through forests. They take you to breathtaking views. Here you can see Budva and more from above.

2. Off-Road Safari in the Mountains

Jump into an off-road safari for some high-energy fun. Travel the mountains of Budva by 4×4. The wild route shows off rocky trails and beautiful nature. It’s an exciting way to see the area.

3. Explore Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake, the Balkan’s biggest lake, is waiting to be explored. Ride a boat to see its clear waters and stunning scenery. You’ll also spot many bird species. It’s a peaceful place to relax.

Budva’s landscapes offer plenty to do. Hiking, going on a safari, or visiting lakes are just a few. Each one lets you experience Montenegro’s beautiful outdoors.

Discover the beauty that surrounds Budva. This area is perfect for adventure lovers and nature seekers. In Budva, outdoor fun equals memorable experiences.


Budva, Montenegro, has much to offer with its beautiful beaches, historic places, and lively nights. Enjoy sandy beaches, historic sites, exciting nightlife, and tasty food in Budva. It’s a place full of wonders for every type of traveler.

When you visit Budva, you’ll find lots to do. You can see the Budva Cidatel’s old walls or take a boat tour. There’s plenty of fun and interesting things to see.

Make sure to taste the local food and pick up special souvenirs. Dive into Budva’s art scene and enjoy. Budva offers both peaceful moments and thrilling adventures. So, start planning your trip to Budva. You’ll make unforgettable memories there.