How to get from Kotor to Budva?

Want to get from Kotor to Budva? If you’re journeying the beautiful Montenegrin coast, you’re likely looking for the best way. It’s key to find the smoothest path whether you’re a first-time tourist or an experienced globetrotter.

Getting from Kotor to Budva lets you pick what fits your style. Enjoy everything from lovely bus trips to charming ferry rides. You’ll find options perfect for those wanting both ease and amazing sights.

This guide covers bus, taxi, and ferry options from Kotor to Budva. It details distances, travel times, and even hints at hidden local spots. By the end, you’ll have all you need to plan a great trip and see the best of Kotor and Budva.

By Bus

If you’re headed from Kotor to Budva and want convenience, a bus is ideal. These buses run frequently, giving you a smooth ride by the beautiful Montenegrin coast.

Choosing the bus means you can enjoy the trip without worry. It’s perfect for those who want an affordable option. Yet, it doesn’t skimp on comfort.

Before setting off, make sure to look at the bus timetable. Planning ahead means you can enjoy your journey more. This helps you be smart with your time.

Bus Operator Departure Time Arrival Time
Company A 08:00 AM 08:30 AM
Company B 09:30 AM 10:00 AM
Company C 11:00 AM 11:30 AM

The table shows many options for bus times. This means you can pick the one that suits you best. Having choices is great for your trip planning.

Not just for solo travelers, buses are great for families and friend groups too. It’s all about sitting back, relaxing, and soaking in the lovely views.

By Taxi

Choosing a taxi from Kotor to Budva means getting comfort, flexibility, and privacy. Taxis are easy to find in Kotor. This lets you pick the best way to travel. You get the luxury of your own ride and a direct trip to your stop.

It’s smart to ask about the fare and bargain with the driver, if needed. This makes sure you know what to expect in terms of cost. Planning the fare ahead helps you budget for your trip.

Traveling by taxi means you go door-to-door and set your own pace. Plus, you’ll see beautiful sights along the Montenegrin coast.

Need a ride with a specific timing or personal touch? Try a taxi from Kotor to Budva. Taxis fit any group size or luggage. They offer a smooth trip to your goal.

Don’t forget to secure your taxi early, especially when many tourists are visiting. Doing this stops delays in your travel.

Choosing a taxi makes the journey from Kotor to Budva easy and personal. It allows you to enjoy your trip and see the amazing Montenegrin coast without stress.

taxi service Kotor to Budva

There are many ways to travel from Kotor to Budva, like bus, ferry, or taxi. Think about what you prefer and plan your trip. This way, you’ll enjoy your time in Montenegro’s beautiful area.

By Ferry

Take a ferry from Kotor to Budva for a special trip. You’ll see amazing views of Montenegro’s coast and the Adriatic Sea.

The journey by ferry is a nice change from driving. You can enjoy the mountains and sea around you. This will be a trip you won’t forget.

It’s smart to check the ferry times early, as they change with the seasons. The ferries run less often than other travel ways, so it’s good to plan ahead. A ferry ride is perfect for a quick outing or a longer stay.

ferry from Kotor to Budva

Advantages of Taking a Ferry:

  • Unmatched Scenery: You’ll see beautiful cliffs, clean beaches, and cozy towns along Montenegro’s coast.
  • Relaxation: Feel calm as the ferry moves gently across the sea.
  • Escape Traffic: Enjoy a peaceful trip without road noise.

Taking a ferry from Kotor to Budva mixes comfort with coast views. So, look at the times, get on board, and have a great journey.

Ferry Options Departure Times Duration
Company A 8:30 am, 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm Approximately 1 hour
Company B 9:00 am, 2:00 pm, 7:00 pm Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes
Company C 10:00 am, 3:00 pm, 8:00 pm Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

Distance and Travel Time

When you plan to go from Kotor to Budva, think about how far they are from each other. You can travel the about 14 miles in a short time. This road takes you on the beautiful Montenegrin coast.

The time it takes to travel depends on how you go. Here are the general travel times for each way:

Transportation Option Travel Time
Bus Approximately 30 minutes
Taxi Around 30 minutes
Ferry About 1 hour

Using a bus or a taxi, you’ll get to Budva from Kotor in just 30 minutes. These ways are quick and easy, letting you have a smooth trip.

But, if you choose the ferry, it will take around 1 hour. This longer trip lets you see the Adriatic Sea and the amazing coast. It’s a special trip worth making.

Distance between Kotor and Budva

So, the time you spend traveling changes with each choice. You can pick between a fast bus or taxi, or take a slower ferry. It all depends on what you like and your plans.

Tips for Traveling from Kotor to Budva

Are you thinking about going from Kotor to Budva? Here’s how to have a great trip:

  1. Plan your trip in advance: It’s crucial to plan early, especially during busy times. Book where you’ll stay and how you’ll get there ahead of time. This way, you’ll avoid any rush or run out of options.
  2. Consider the most suitable transportation option: Think about what way of traveling fits you best when going from Kotor to Budva. You might prefer a bus, taxi, ferry, or to rent a car. Look at what each offers and choose what works for you.
  3. Check the timetables and schedules: Make sure you know when your ride is leaving. This lets you plan your day better and ensures you don’t miss any important connections.
  4. Keep some cash handy: Even if you can pay with a card on a lot of things, having cash is wise. You might need it for tickets or in places that don’t take cards. It’s a good idea to have some local money with you too.

Use these tips to have a smooth trip from Kotor to Budva. You’ll collect amazing memories from your adventure along the stunning Montenegrin coast.

travel tips Kotor to Budva

Exploring Budva

When you get to Budva, a beautiful coastal town in Montenegro, you won’t want to leave. It’s famous for its breath-taking beaches, old sites, and happening night scene. Spend time discovering the charm and beauty of this special place.

Old Town

Budva’s Old Town is a gem you can’t miss. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time as you walk its old streets. See the ancient buildings and squares, taking in the history of Budva.

The quiet alleys are lined with amazing stone structures and small corners you can explore. It’s like stepping into Budva’s past, rich with stories.

Mogren Beach

If you love the beach, head to Mogren Beach. It’s made up of two lovely pebble shores surrounded by cliffs. The sea is a clear turquoise, perfect for swimming or relaxing under the sun.

There’s also a chance to do some fun water sports. Mogren Beach truly has it all for beach enthusiasts.

Exploring Budva

Local Cuisine

No trip to Budva is complete without trying its food. There are many places to eat, from little cafes to fine restaurants. You can enjoy fresh seafood, Montenegrin dishes, and dishes from all over the world.

Every meal you have will be an adventure for your taste buds. From fresh seafood to hearty stews, you’ll find something you love.

“Budva’s combination of history, natural beauty, and culinary delights make it a must-visit destination on the Montenegrin coast.” Travel Expert


At night, Budva turns into a buzzing hotspot. Check out the town’s bars, clubs, and parties on the beach. You can dance, enjoy cocktails, and feel the excitement in the air.

There’s something for everyone in Budva’s nightlife. It promises a night to remember for all visitors.


In short, Budva’s Old Town, Mogren Beach, food, and nightlife are all waiting to be explored. You can soak in history, relax on beautiful beaches, try amazing food, and party by the sea. Budva is ready for you to discover its many wonders.

Must-Visit Attractions in Kotor

Getting ready to leave Kotor? Make sure you see its top sights before you do. Explore the famous Old Town and its medieval forts. Also, don’t forget the Maritime Museum. It’s a perfect spot to dive into the area’s sea life history.

Walk through the Old Town’s lovely streets. You’ll see beautiful buildings that have a Venetian touch. Don’t miss the 12th-century Cathedral of Saint Tryphon. It’s a wonder of old-style architecture. And as you move around, you’ll find hidden gems like small squares, fountains, and old churches.

Don’t skip a walk along the city walls for a panoramic treat. These walls are from the 9th century. They offer a view that will leave you breathless. Take plenty of photos and think about the walls’ role in protecting the city.

“The beauty and historical significance of Kotor’s Old Town and fortifications encapsulate the allure of this enchanting city, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.”

The Maritime Museum is also a key place to see in Kotor. It’s in the Grgurina Palace building. Inside, discover the story of the seas that shaped this place. See ship models, tools, and more. It’s a window into Kotor’s past as a big trading center.

Exploring all Kotor has to offer will help you appreciate its rich culture and history. Spend time at the unique spots and enjoy the beauty. This way, you really experience Kotor’s role as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Must-Visit Attractions in Kotor:

  1. Old Town: A well-preserved medieval center with captivating architecture and bustling streets.
  2. City Walls: Ascend the fortifications for panoramic views of Kotor and its stunning surroundings.
  3. Cathedral of Saint Tryphon: A Romanesque masterpiece and one of Kotor’s most iconic landmarks.
  4. Maritime Museum: Discover Kotor’s maritime history through a fascinating collection of artifacts.

Must-Visit Attractions in Kotor

Attraction Description
Old Town An ancient city center filled with Venetian architecture, charming streets, and historic landmarks.
City Walls Impressive fortifications that offer panoramic views of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor.
Cathedral of Saint Tryphon An exemplary Romanesque cathedral housing important religious relics.
Maritime Museum A fascinating museum showcasing Kotor’s maritime history and seafaring traditions.

Alternative Transportation Options

You can also think about renting a car for your trip between Kotor and Budva. A car gives you the chance to see nearby spots on your own time. If you’re up for more, biking or hiking are great choices. But these need more time and effort.

Exploring the Surroundings with a Rental Car

Renting a car means you’re the boss of your travel plans. You can stop at any cool spots you see. Many places like [car rental company name] have various cars you can rent. They also make it easy to pick up in Kotor and drop off in Budva.

Embrace Adventure: Biking or Hiking

Biking or hiking is perfect for those who love the outdoors. Montenegro’s natural scenery is stunning. This way of traveling lets you really take in these views. In Kotor, there are places to rent bikes. For hiking, trails in the mountains offer amazing sights.

But, biking or hiking from Kotor to Budva isn’t easy. You need to be in good shape and ready for a challenge. The path is up and down, and weather can change. Wear the right gear, like helmets and strong shoes. And, know your route so you’re safe.

Transportation Option Pros Cons
Car Rental
  • Flexibility to explore at your own pace
  • Convenient for traveling with luggage
  • Opportunity for scenic detours
  • Additional cost for fuel and rental
  • Potential parking challenges in busy areas
  • Need to navigate local traffic and road rules
  • Active and environmentally friendly
  • Closer connection with the surroundings
  • Possibility to explore off-the-beaten-path routes
  • Requires physical fitness and endurance
  • May encounter challenging terrains
  • Dependent on weather conditions
  • Immersive experience in nature
  • Opportunity for stunning panoramic views
  • Chance to discover hidden trails and landmarks
  • Requires physical fitness and endurance
  • Trail conditions may vary
  • Weather-dependent

alternative transportation

Scenic Routes and Photo Opportunities

Choose any way to travel and you’ll see beautiful views. Make sure your camera is ready. You’ll see stunning landscapes from Kotor to Budva.

scenic routes and photo opportunities

The trip from Kotor to Budva will show you Montenegro’s best scenery. The coast has amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. You’ll also see big mountains and small charismatic towns.

“At every turn, a new beautiful scene awaits. Capture the beauty of the coastal roads, clear waters, and steep cliffs.”

Take photos on your bus, taxi, or ferry. Don’t forget to stop at the best spots for a photo. This coastline is truly amazing.

Exploring Sveti Stefan

Consider a side trip to Sveti Stefan, a former island turned into a luxury resort. It’s not far from Budva. This island is linked by a causeway and has amazing views. Walk the streets to see old buildings and the sea.

Visit the Bay of Kotor for great photos. It’s a UNESCO site with a beautiful bay and mountains. Go to Perast and see the historic buildings. This place is full of beauty and history.

Photo Opportunities in Budva

After reaching Budva, explore its Old Town. It’s a historic place with many chances for good photos. Walk through the old streets and enjoy the sights.

Go to Budva’s beaches for a sunset view. The sunset over the Adriatic is amazing. It’s the best time to take photos of the sea and the sky.

Enjoy the views from Kotor to Budva and take lots of photos. The journey is full of amazing sights. It’s a trip you’ll always remember.

Local Recommendations and Insights

Traveling from Kotor to Budva, stop by Perast, Sveti Stefan, and Petrovac. These coastal villages show the heart of Montenegro with their unique views and food. They’re a must-see if you’re in the area.

Coastal Villages to Explore

Perast is close to Kotor and boasts beautiful Baroque buildings. Don’t miss a boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks island. And a visit to the Maritime Museum will add rich stories to your trip.

Sveti Stefan, a fortified island village, is next. It connects to land through a tiny path. Its beaches and ancient vibe make it a top pick. Take a walk and soak in its beauty.

Petrovac on the Budva Riviera is perfect for a laid-back day. You’ll find sandy beaches and clear waters here. The village is serene with its old town and tasty seafood. It’s a chill stop along your journey.

Unforgettable Experiences

Dive into Montenegrin soul with its food. Try “cevapi,” “burek,” and “priganice.” And don’t forget about the local wine or “rakija.” It’s the best way to truly taste Montenegro.

“Exploring these coastal villages allows you to experience the rich history, natural beauty, and warm hospitality that Montenegro has to offer. The combination of stunning landscapes, charming architecture, and delicious local cuisine makes these stops along your journey truly unforgettable.”

Montenegrin Coastline


Going beyond Kotor and Budva means discovering Montenegro’s true spirit. Perast, Sveti Stefan, and Petrovac are key. They mix history, beauty, and experiences. Gift yourself with these hidden treasures of Montenegro.


Traveling from Kotor to Budva is a great journey. You get to see beautiful views of the Montenegrin coast. This trip is full of historical and cultural adventures.

You can travel by bus, taxi, or enjoy a ferry ride. There’s a choice for everyone. After arriving, explore Budva’s old town, its beautiful beaches, like Mogren Beach, and taste the local food.

Don’t miss out on Kotor’s attractions either. Visit the historic Old Town and the Maritime Museum. Before you leave, these are must-see places.

Choosing to rent a car lets you explore further on your own schedule. Biking and hiking are also fun options for adventure lovers. No matter how you travel, you’ll find amazing sea views for your photos.

It’s smart to plan ahead and check the timetables of your transportation options. Keep some money for tickets and other costs. These steps will help you have a smooth trip from Kotor to Budva. You’ll get to truly enjoy the stunning coast of Montenegro.