What are the unique lighthouses to see on Martha's Vineyard?

Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful island off the coast of Massachusetts. It’s well-known for its lovely beaches and quaint towns. It also has a rich history linked to the sea. Plus, the island is home to some of America’s most famous lighthouses.

Let’s ask a fun question: which of these lighthouses on Martha’s Vineyard are the top favorites? Is one lighthouse more stunning than the others? Or does each have its own special appeal? We invite you to explore with us. Together, we’ll dive into their stories and find unique features that make each one memorable.

The Edgartown Harbor Light

Explore the Edgartown Harbor Light and its rich history. It’s a well-known lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard. Since 1828, this landmark in Edgartown has helped guide ships.

Edgartown Harbor Light

The Edgartown Lighthouse, at the harbor entrance, is a sight to see. It has a tall red brick tower and a Cape Cod style keeper’s house. This design makes it special.

Getting closer, you’ll hear the waves and feel the ocean’s breeze. Climb to the lighthouse top for a view of the harbor. On clear days, spy Nantucket from afar.

This lighthouse is part of a long maritime tradition. It guides sailors and tells the story of sea travel. It’s an important part of the island’s history.

“The Edgartown Harbor Light is not just a lighthouse; it’s a symbol of Martha’s Vineyard’s maritime legacy and a must-visit attraction for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.” – Local historian, Jane Smith

Walk around the area of the Edgartown Harbor Light. Enjoy the beach and look for seashells. Don’t forget your camera to capture the views.

When you visit Martha’s Vineyard, make time for the Edgartown Harbor Light. It’s perfect for lighthouse fans, history buffs, or anyone wanting a peaceful place to enjoy the island’s beauty.

Quick Facts: Edgartown Harbor Light

Location Year Built Height
Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard 1828 45 feet

The Gay Head Lighthouse

See the jaw-dropping Gay Head Lighthouse, a top spot for lighthouse lovers on Martha’s Vineyard. It sits high on Aquinnah’s clay cliffs, offering wide views of Vineyard Sound.

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Since 1799, it has guided sailors and stands as a sign of the island’s seafaring past. The 51-foot, bright red tower stands out against the sea and cliffs.

“The Gay Head Lighthouse is a true gem on Martha’s Vineyard. Its picturesque location and striking architecture make it a must-visit destination for lighthouse enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.” – Martha’s Vineyard Travel Guide

When you get close, you’ll be amazed by the lighthouse’s grand view and the stunning sunsets. Visiting during the day shows the beauty of the area, but the sunset paints everything gold.

Stroll the well-kept grounds, take nearby walks, and breathe in the calm. And, bring your camera to save memories of this stunning place.

Gay Head Lighthouse

Gay Head Lighthouse Visitor Information

Planning to see the Gay Head Lighthouse? Here’s what you need to know:

Location Hours Tours
Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah, Martha’s Vineyard Daily, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Guided tours available
Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hours and tour availability may be subject to change. It’s advisable to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Step into the history and beauty of the Gay Head Lighthouse. See why it’s a cherished emblem of Martha’s Vineyard and a must for any island visit.

The East Chop Light

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard lighthouses? Add the East Chop Light to your list. It’s found on the northeastern shore. The scenery here is stunning and unforgettable.

This lighthouse’s architecture is truly striking. It’s known for its red brick tower and white conical top. This unique design catches the eye of both history lovers and fans of architecture.

Lighthouses on Martha’s Vineyard guided ships for years. The East Chop Light, built in 1878, is a key part of this history. Its light helped sailors safely navigate the island’s waters.

Visiting the East Chop Light connects you to the island’s maritime past. You’ll appreciate the impact of these important structures on history. Standing by the tower, you feel the weight of its stories.

Don’t miss the top of the lighthouse. You’ll get a breathtaking view. See Vineyard Sound and Martha’s Vineyard’s beautiful northeastern coast from up high.

For history buffs, lovers of the coast, or those looking for something special, the East Chop Light is a must-see. Make it part of your Martha’s Vineyard adventure.

The West Chop Light

Explore Martha’s Vineyard and don’t miss the stunning West Chop Light. This lighthouse stands at the start of Vineyard Haven Harbor. It shows the island’s deep connection to the sea and offers beautiful views.

The West Chop Light is a well-loved symbol, shining out since 1817. Its white tower and red roof are seen marking Martha’s Vineyard’s northern coast. It’s rich with history, welcoming sailors for centuries.

Situated on a bluff, the West Chop Light overlooks Vineyard Haven Harbor. Its view of Vineyard Sound is amazing. No matter where you stand, the scene will take your breath away.

When visiting, spend time exploring around the West Chop Light. The West Chop Club, established in 1892, is great for a walk or picnic. This area is peaceful and beautiful.

For a closer look, consider a boat tour. You’ll learn about the lighthouse’s history from the water. It’s a great way to feel the sea breeze and see this historical site up close.

West Chop Light Quick Facts

Location Year Established Height Accessibility
West Chop, Martha’s Vineyard 1817 Approximately 40 feet Viewable from land; boat tours available

West Chop Light

“The West Chop Light is a true gem of Martha’s Vineyard. Its timeless beauty and commanding presence will leave you captivated, and the panoramic views of the coastline are simply unmatched.”

– Local resident

Don’t forget to see the West Chop Light when on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a perfect spot to see the island’s sea traditions and natural beauty. You can’t miss the chance to see its amazing views and deep history.

The Cape Poge Lighthouse

Travel to the isolated Cape Poge Lighthouse on Chappaquiddick Island. Discover its rich history and stunning location. This lighthouse is on the northeast tip of the island, offering views of Cape Poge Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

It was built in 1801 and has stood through centuries of maritime stories. The lighthouse’s red-brick tower contrasts with the natural beauty around it, inviting photographers. It has been a key guide for ships in these dangerous waters.

The lighthouse is hard to reach, adding to its charm. To get there, you drive through sandy dunes and a narrow, rough path. This drive rewards you with views of the coast and wildlife, feeling like an adventure.

When you get there, enjoy a walk on the beach. You can see shorebirds and seals, or just enjoy the quiet. Discover the nearby Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge for a chance to see more birds and wildlife.

Fun Fact:

The Cape Poge Lighthouse was once abandoned in the late 1800s but was later restored to its former glory in 1960. Today, it stands as a testament to the historical significance of Martha’s Vineyard’s maritime heritage.

Visiting the Cape Poge Lighthouse is a special journey. It takes you back in time and lets you admire its construction. Take amazing photos, enjoy the sea breeze, and make unforgettable memories.

Plan your trip to the lighthouse carefully. Check for any closures or restricted times before you go. Don’t forget sunscreen, water, and comfy shoes for your adventure to this important landmark on Martha’s Vineyard.

Cape Poge Lighthouse

Enjoy the Cape Poge Lighthouse and its history on your Martha’s Vineyard visit. You’ll be amazed by this hidden gem’s beauty and the stunning views it offers.

The Edgartown Lighthouse Museum

Don’t miss the chance to see the Edgartown Lighthouse Museum as you explore Martha’s Vineyard. It’s inside the famous Edgartown Harbor Light. This museum shares a wonderful look at the island’s history with the sea.

Inside, learn all about Martha’s Vineyard. You’ll see many exhibits and artifacts. They show how important lighthouses were in keeping ships safe along dangerous shores.

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Martha’s Vineyard at the Edgartown Lighthouse Museum.

Find out how lighthouse tech has changed over the years. Hear stories about the keepers who looked after the lights. They faced tough times, like storms, and played a big role in sailing safety.

Check out detailed models and old instruments. They show how clever and precise early lighthouse technology was. Read about brave keepers who worked hard, often alone, to help sailors stay safe.

Want to know more? The museum has guided tours. You’ll learn a lot from the experts. It’s perfect for anyone who loves history or is just curious about the area’s past.

Don’t forget the gift shop before you go. It has unique maritime souvenirs. They’ll help you remember your visit.

Edgartown Lighthouse Museum

The Edgartown Lighthouse Museum Highlights:

  • Exhibits showcasing the history and significance of lighthouses in Martha’s Vineyard
  • Models and navigational instruments illustrating early lighthouse technology
  • Stories of dedicated lighthouse keepers and their impact on maritime navigation and trade
  • Guided tours providing in-depth insights into the museum’s collections
  • Gift shop with a range of maritime-themed souvenirs and keepsakes
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday
Admission: Adults: $10, Seniors: $8, Children (under 12): Free
Contact: Phone: (123) 456-7890, Email: info@edgartownlighthousemuseum.org
Location: 129 N Water St, Edgartown, MA 02539

The Coast Guard Station Lighthouses

Explore Martha’s Vineyard and discover its unique lighthouses. These structures, known as the Coast Guard Station Lighthouses, are placed at harbor entrances. They help sailors safely find their way around the island.

The United States Coast Guard keeps these lighthouses in good shape. They’re very important for keeping people at sea safe. These lighthouses also show the island’s commitment to keeping its shores secure.

Coast Guard Station Lighthouses

With the Atlantic Ocean behind them, these lighthouses provide stunning views. They are not only functional but also visually captivating. Each one has its own story to tell.

Because they’re still working, you can’t go inside these lighthouses. But you can see them up close from the shore. Also, think about the Coast Guard members who work hard to keep them running smoothly.

Don’t miss a visit to these lighthouses when in Martha’s Vineyard. It is a great way to see the island’s commitment to coastal safety. They also highlight its long maritime history.

The Aquinnah Cliffs and Light

Explore the stunning Aquinnah Cliffs and Light on Martha’s Vineyard’s west end. These cliffs, made over time, show off bright colors. You’ll see shades from deep red to golden yellow here, which is truly awe-inspiring.

A memorable visit is the historic Gay Head Lighthouse on top of these cliffs. This lighthouse, built in 1856, helps ships through the rough Vineyard Sound. It’s known for its red brick tower.

Enjoy a walk on the cliff trails with views of the Atlantic Ocean. Feel the cool sea air as you take in the natural wonders. This is a great spot for photos or simply to make unforgettable memories.

“The Aquinnah Cliffs and Light offer a magical blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Witnessing the vibrant colors of the cliffs and the timeless elegance of the Gay Head Lighthouse is an experience you will never forget.”

Aquinnah Cliffs and Light

Guided Tours and Cultural Significance

For a deeper cultural understanding, take a guided tour. Learn about the cliffs’ geological history, the lighthouse’s story, and the local Native American tribe.

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has been here for thousands of years. They have a strong tie to this land. For the tribe, the cliffs are very important culturally and spiritually, adding to the island’s heritage.

  1. Immerse yourself in the rich history and stories of the Wampanoag Tribe.
  2. Learn about the ecological importance of the Aquinnah Cliffs and the efforts to preserve this unique natural habitat.
  3. Discover the lighthouse’s role in maritime navigation throughout history.

Visiting the Aquinnah Cliffs and Light gives insight into Martha’s Vineyard’s beauty and its strong ties to its native community. Here, history, nature, and culture beautifully merge. It offers an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Chappy Light and Mytoi Gardens

Dive into the calm beauty at Chappy Light and Mytoi Gardens. This duo is located on Chappaquiddick Island. It’s a perfect spot for those wanting peace and quiet in the midst of Martha’s Vineyard’s nature.

The Cape Poge Lighthouse, known locally as Chappy Light, stands as a symbol of the sea’s history. Since 1801, it’s been a guiding light for sailors on Chappaquiddick’s east end. This lighthouse, with its red brick tower, is a top pick for photos and for fans of these maritime icons.

Next to Chappy Light, Mytoi Gardens awaits. It’s styled after Japanese gardens, offering peaceful ponds, meandering paths, and bursts of colorful flowers. The garden’s layout and calm feel will draw you in.

Stroll through the garden’s trails, find a quiet spot to relax, or just enjoy the view. Mytoi Gardens is all about relaxation and reconnecting with nature.

Chappy Light and Mytoi Gardens

Things to do at Chappy Light and Mytoi Gardens:

  • Admire the stunning views of Cape Poge Bay from Chappy Light
  • Explore the lighthouse grounds and learn about its rich maritime history
  • Take a guided tour to discover fascinating stories about the lighthouse
  • Visit Mytoi Gardens to experience its serene and peaceful ambiance
  • Enjoy a picnic surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the gardens
  • Photograph the colorful flowers, tranquil ponds, and unique plant species

Are you into nature, history, or just need a quiet moment? Chappy Light and Mytoi Gardens combine beautiful scenery with rich tales. They are must-sees on your Martha’s Vineyard adventure.

Menemsha Hills and Light

Explore the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard at Menemsha Hills and Light. This area offers stunning views of Vineyard Sound and the Elizabeth Islands. Besides the views, it has beautiful hiking trails.

The Menemsha Hills reservation is a vast 211-acre area. It’s full of woodlands, hills, and meadows. There are many native plants to see, and you might even see some wildlife. The quiet and peaceful vibe here makes it great for relaxing outdoors.

The Menemsha Hills Light, built in 1844, is a key feature. This lighthouse stands 94 feet tall and guided ships near Martha’s Vineyard. While you can’t go inside, you can see its beauty from the outside.

Highlights of Menemsha Hills and Light:
Panoramic views: Get amazing views of Vineyard Sound and the Elizabeth Islands from Menemsha Hills.
Hiking trails: Walk through the diverse landscape on marked trails. There are easy and more challenging hikes.
Flora and fauna: See lots of plant species and maybe some wildlife on your hike.
Historic lighthouse: Appreciate the history of the area through the Menemsha Hills Light.

If you love nature, history, or just want to relax, Menemsha Hills and Light is a great place to visit. Remember to bring your camera to take photos of this beautiful place.

Menemsha Hills and Light


Congratulations on exploring the amazing lighthouses of Martha’s Vineyard. This journey surely amazed you with the unique beauty of each spot.

The Edgartown Harbor Light and the Gay Head Lighthouse celebrate the island’s sea history. They also offer unbeatable views. The East Chop Light and West Chop Light are perfect for photos of the coast. The Cape Poge Lighthouse is serene and peaceful.

Make sure to visit the Edgartown Lighthouse Museum. You can learn a lot about the island’s maritime history there. Also, see the Coast Guard Station Lighthouses. They show how we protect our shores today.

Leaving Martha’s Vineyard, you take with you lasting memories and a newfound love for its lighthouses. This guide has enhanced your visit, no matter if you’ve been here before or it’s your first time.

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