Where can I find the best seafood in Martha's Vineyard?

Think you’ve tasted the best seafood by the sea? Martha’s Vineyard has many spots that will change your mind. It’s known for its beautiful coast and amazing seafood. We’ll show you the hidden gems and the best places to eat seafood on the island.

Martha’s Vineyard is a dream for those who love seafood. From juicy lobsters to tender oysters, there’s something for everyone. We’ll help you find the top seafood restaurants, markets, and signature dishes. Plus, you can enjoy great seafood that fits your budget. Get ready to explore Martha’s Vineyard’s seafood scene in a whole new way.

Martha’s Vineyard Seafood Restaurants

Martha’s Vineyard is a gem for the freshest seafood. It’s an island off Massachusetts known for its lively food scene. You’ll find many restaurants serving delicious seafood that tastes like the ocean.

There’s a place for every seafood lover at Martha’s Vineyard. You can choose from elegant dining to a casual spot by the water. No matter the place, you’ll always find fresh and top-quality seafood here.

“The bounty of the sea is celebrated in Martha’s Vineyard through its diverse seafood restaurant offerings. From iconic lobster rolls to succulent oysters, this island paradise is a seafood lover’s dream come true.” – Food Critic, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine

Make sure not to miss these standout seafood spots:

1. The Alchemist Seafood Pub

The Alchemist Seafood Pub is in the heart of downtown Martha’s Vineyard. It combines casual with elegance, offering many seafood dishes. You have to try their lobster mac and cheese and raw bar!

2. Harbor House Restaurant

For great food and waterfront views, visit Harbor House Restaurant. It’s by Edgartown Harbor and is well-loved for its seafood. Order their seafood paella or whole grilled fish for an authentic taste.

3. Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant

Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant is known for its fine dining and local ingredients. It serves the best of Martha’s Vineyard seafood. Try their unique dishes like seared sea scallops or lobster bisque with truffle oil.

4. The Net Result

Looking for a more laid-back spot? Head to The Net Result in Vineyard Haven. This market and restaurant is a top pick for fresh seafood and a chill vibe. Try their lobster bisque or fish tacos for a great meal to go.

5. Chesca’s

Edgartown’s Chesca’s is famous for its beautiful setting and seafood. It brings together Mediterraean and New England flavors. Check out their menu for dishes like grilled swordfish and seared scallops with saffron risotto.

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Martha’s Vineyard is full of amazing seafood spots. Whether you’re new or already love it here, don’t miss these tasty places. They offer the best seafood, welcoming you to enjoy the coast’s delights.

Fresh Seafood Markets in Martha’s Vineyard

Do you love cooking seafood at home? Martha’s Vineyard has amazing fresh markets. They boast a huge selection of top-quality seafood. This means you can pick the best catch to enjoy at home.

Martha’s Fish Market is a favorite. It’s well-known for selling the freshest seafood on the island. You can pick from lobsters, scallops, cod, and more here. This spot is all about top-notch quality and excellence.

The Net Result is also a must-visit. It focuses on sustainable seafood and great customer service. At this market, expect to find a wide range of fresh catches. They offer everything from clams to locally caught fish.

Larsen’s Fish Market offers premium seafood. It’s a family business with a long history of serving up quality. Their menu features fish fillets, shrimp, and crab. It’s a go-to place for many looking for the best seafood.

Next time you want to cook up some seafood, check out these exceptional markets. They have the best seafood and a strong commitment to being fresh. They’re the perfect place to find everything you need for a tasty meal at home.

Fresh seafood Martha's Vineyard

Fresh Seafood Markets Comparison

Market Specialties Location Contact
Martha’s Fish Market Lobster, scallops, cod 29 Basin Rd, Chilmark, MA 508-645-2282
The Net Result Clams, oysters, locally caught fish 79 Beach Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 508-693-6071
Larsen’s Fish Market Fish fillet, shrimp, crab 56 Basin Rd, Chilmark, MA 508-645-2680

Reviews of the Best Seafood Spots in Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is the place for amazing seafood. Its top seafood spots are a treasure trove of delicious dishes. Let’s see what makes them stand out.

1. The Black Dog Tavern

The Black Dog Tavern is a beautiful place by the water. It’s favorite for its lobster rolls and clam chowder. People love the food and the great service.

2. Larsen’s Fish Market

Larsen’s Fish Market is where you find the freshest seafood. They have a lot to choose from like crabcakes and swordfish. Make sure to try their famous seafood platters.

3. Menemsha Fish Market

In Menemsha, the Fish Market is a real find. They serve amazing seafood dishes, especially the lobster bisque and seared scallops. It’ll make you want to come back.

“The Black Dog Tavern is a gem! Their lobster rolls are perfection, and the clam chowder is absolutely divine. The staff is friendly and attentive, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.” – Jessica S.

“Larsen’s Fish Market never disappoints. The seafood is always fresh, and the flavors are outstanding. Their seafood platters are a must-try if you want to savor a little bit of everything.” – Michael G.

“Menemsha Fish Market exceeded my expectations. The lobster bisque was rich and flavorful, and the seared scallops were cooked to perfection. I can’t wait to go back!” – Emily M.

4. The Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant

The Beach Plum Inn is a peaceful choice. They’re known for their lobster risotto and halibut. This restaurant is all about the chefs’ skills and the sea’s best flavors.

5. The Right Fork Diner

Looking for a fun place with great seafood? The Right Fork Diner is perfect. Their lobster tacos and fish sandwiches are loved by everyone. It’s casual and the seafood is exceptional.

6. Atlantic Sea Farms

Atlantic Sea Farms offers something new with kelp-based products. They have kelp pasta and kelp kimchi. It’s a fresh, eco-friendly way to enjoy seafood.

“The Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant is a hidden gem. The lobster risotto was outstanding, and the pan-seared halibut was incredibly flavorful. Plus, the stunning views added an extra touch of magic to the dining experience.” – David R.

“The Right Fork Diner is my go-to spot for a delicious seafood lunch. Their lobster tacos are the best I’ve ever had, and the fish sandwiches are always fresh and flavorful. Don’t miss out on the homemade tartar sauce!” – Sarah L.

“Atlantic Sea Farms offers a unique take on seafood dishes. Their kelp pasta was a revelation, and the kelp kimchi was packed with flavor. It’s an innovative and sustainable choice for seafood lovers.” – Mark W.

Trying out these seafood spots in Martha’s Vineyard is a must. Each place, from enjoying a lobster roll or new kelp dishes, has something special. They’re all about great food and memorable experiences.

Seafood Martha's Vineyard reviews

Seafood Dining with Spectacular Views

Enjoy amazing seafood with the stunning beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. The island has many seafood restaurants. They all have beautiful views, making your meal unforgettable.

Harbor Breeze is in Edgartown. It sits near the harbor, giving you an awesome view of the marina. Here, you can enjoy their lobster roll or the fresh catch of the day. Your taste buds and your eyes will thank you.

Head to The Dunes for dining by the ocean. It’s in Aquinnah, on a cliff over the Atlantic. Try their scallops and halibut, made with local seafood. The food and views will leave you in awe.

Menemsha Fish Market in Menemsha is great for a laid-back meal. It has outdoor seating that looks out over the fishing village and sea. Choose from lobsters, oysters, and clams. Enjoy the sea’s flavors and stunning views at the same time.

“Enjoy the freshest seafood Martha’s Vineyard has to offer while feasting your eyes on the mesmerizing sights of the coastline. Indulge your senses with delectable dishes and captivating views.” – Martha’s Vineyard Magazine

For the best experience, book a table with a view early. With tasty seafood and beautiful surroundings, you won’t forget your meal.

Here’s a list of great seafood spots with awesome views:

Restaurant Location View
Harbor Breeze Edgartown Harbor
The Dunes Aquinnah Ocean
Menemsha Fish Market Menemsha Ocean and Fishing Village

Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard’s beauty and great seafood. These restaurants not only serve your favorite dishes but also let you enjoy fantastic views. So, relax, enjoy your meal, and the views around you.

Seafood Dining with Spectacular Views

Must-Try Seafood Specialties in Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a dream for those who love seafood. This place is known for its many tasty dishes, each showcasing the island’s unique flavors. You can enjoy both traditional meals and new creations made by skilled chefs.

The Catch of the Day: Fresh Seafood Martha’s Vineyard

When you eat in Martha’s Vineyard, don’t miss the fresh catch of the day. The local fishermen and markets offer a wide variety of seafood. They make sure you have a great meal, whether you like lobster, scallops, or fish.

Name Description
Martha’s Seafood Platter Feast on a delightful assortment of fresh oysters, clams, shrimp, and crab legs. Served with tangy tartar sauce and lemon wedges, this platter is perfect for sharing.
Chowder du Jour Savor a hearty bowl of chowder made with the finest local ingredients. Each day brings a unique twist to this classic dish, showcasing the freshest seafood available.
Pan-Seared Scallops Enjoy plump and juicy scallops seared to perfection and served with a delicate citrus butter sauce. The caramelized crust and tender interior create a harmonious flavor combination.
Grilled Swordfish Steak Indulge in the robust flavors of a thick grilled swordfish steak sprinkled with fragrant herbs and drizzled with a zesty lemon butter sauce. This dish is a true highlight for seafood connoisseurs.

Culinary Innovation: Martha’s Vineyard Seafood Dishes

Martha’s Vineyard is a place of both tradition and innovation. Chefs here play with new flavors and cooking methods to offer unique seafood dishes. These dishes are changing and refreshing the island’s food scene, making people happy with their creativity.

“The key to creating extraordinary seafood dishes in Martha’s Vineyard lies in the fusion of local ingredients with global culinary influences. Talented chefs draw inspiration from around the world to craft innovative dishes that showcase the best of both worlds.”

You can find food like Asian seafood tacos and Mediterranean seafood paella in Martha’s Vineyard. These meals are skillfully made with local and eco-friendly ingredients. They show off the island’s dedication to great food and rich flavors.

Seafood Martha's Vineyard

Visiting Martha’s Vineyard without tasting the seafood is unthinkable. The island has something for everyone, from traditional dishes to modern surprises. Dive into the ocean of flavors and enjoy the incredible seafood, making Martha’s Vineyard every seafood fan’s heaven.

Seafood on a Budget in Martha’s Vineyard

Want to enjoy yummy seafood without spending too much? Martha’s Vineyard has great places for this. You can eat delicious seafood without a high cost. And you won’t have to give up good taste.

Economical Seafood Restaurants

Edgartown Seafood is a top pick for those watching their budget. This place has a lot of seafood at good prices. So, you can taste the local catches without spending a lot.

Head to The Bite in Menemsha for an affordable meal. They have a casual vibe and foods like fried clams and lobster rolls. It’s a favorite spot for many.

Fresh Seafood Markets

If you’d rather cook your seafood, try Larsen’s Fish Market in Chilmark. They’ve been serving the island for 50 years. At Larsen’s, you can get a variety of fresh catches for your meal at home.

Watch for specials at the markets for more deals. This way, you can enjoy quality seafood without spending a lot. It’s a smart way to eat well and save money.

Pro Tip: Ask at the seafood markets for the best affordable and delicious picks. The staff can point you to great deals.

Enjoying Picnic-Style Seafood

For a laid-back meal, consider a seafood picnic. Pick up fresh catches and find a nice spot. Places like Aquinnah Cliffs or South Beach offer beautiful views to go with your meal.

Tips for Saving Money

Here are some more helpful tips for budget seafood dining in Martha’s Vineyard:

  • Go to restaurants for lunch when they might have special prices.
  • Find happy hour deals for cheaper fish dishes and beverages.
  • Share meals or choose smaller portions, if they’re offered.
  • Explore food trucks and seafood shacks for bites on the go.

Keep these pointers in mind to enjoy Martha’s Vineyard without overspending. With the right choices, you can have a great food experience there.

Seafood on a Budget in Martha's Vineyard

Seafood Restaurant Average Price Range Location
Edgartown Seafood $10-$25 Edgartown
The Bite $8-$15 Menemsha

Sustainable Seafood Practices in Martha’s Vineyard

Enjoying fresh seafood in Martha’s Vineyard means more than great taste. By eating at many island restaurants, you also help the seas stay healthy. These places make sure to get seafood in ways that don’t harm the oceans. So, let’s dive into what makes seafood here sustainable.

1. Responsible Fishing Methods

Restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard work with fishermen who fish responsibly. This includes choosing only certain fish and not using harmful methods like bottom trawling. Such care keeps the oceans thriving.

2. Traceable Supply Chains

When you eat at a seafood spot here, you know where your food comes from. Local fishermen and seafood suppliers share all about the catch. This openness means you can trust your meal.

3. Supporting Local Fisheries

Choosing local seafood helps the island’s economy and fishermen. It keeps the fishing industry strong and supports the use of sustainable methods. That’s good news for everyone.

4. Seasonal Menu Offerings

Seafood here is all about what’s in season. Menus change to highlight what’s just been caught. This way, restaurants don’t put too much pressure on fish that are already at risk.

5. Ocean Conservation Initiatives

Many places are hands-on in protecting the seas. They help with ocean research, back marine areas, and teach others about their important work. This effort is about ensuring a brighter, fish-filled future.

“Our commitment to sustainable seafood practices ensures that you can enjoy your favorite seafood dishes with peace of mind, knowing that you are supporting the health of our oceans and communities.” – Chef Jameson, Vineyard Seafood Grill

Dining at these restaurants means you’re doing good while eating well. Knowing the island’s sustainable approach, you can pick the best spots. That way, every seafood meal becomes a win for you and the oceans.

Fresh seafood Martha's Vineyard

Seafood Festivals and Events in Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is home to lively seafood festivals. They showcase the area’s rich seafood and offer a deep dive into culinary experiences. You’ll find everything from big seafood celebrations to smaller, more personal food events. This caters to all fans of seafood.

The Martha’s Vineyard Seafood Festival stands out. Local seafood stars in this much-loved festival. You can enjoy dishes from top Martha’s Vineyard seafood spots. This includes tasty lobster rolls and fresh oysters. It’s a prime chance to taste what the island’s waters have to offer.

Seafood Martha's Vineyard

This festival is not just about the food. There is also live music, arts, crafts, and fun for the family. Join in the excitement as you dive into amazing seafood and enjoy the lively coastal vibe.

Also, be sure to visit the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival. It’s a top culinary event, offering more than just seafood. You can sample various dishes, including seafood, and enjoy them with the perfect wine pairing. This event is ideal for those who love great food and drink.

Looking for something more exclusive? Attend small seafood dinners and tastings hosted by local experts. You’ll learn about the area’s seafood and how it’s prepared sustainably. These intimate events provide a unique chance to explore Martha’s Vineyard’s culinary world. Plus, you’ll have a memorable meal.

Whether you’re a big seafood fan or just looking to discover Martha’s Vineyard’s food scene, the island’s seafood festivals are worth a visit. They’re a great way to explore the ocean’s flavors and embrace the island’s love for seafood.

Tips for Ordering Seafood in Martha’s Vineyard

When you visit Martha’s Vineyard, known for fresh seafood, maximize your meal. Use these tips for the best seafood order:

Understand the Menu

First, study the menu well. Find the catch of the day or seasonal specials. These options show off fresh, local seafood.

Ask for Recommendations

It’s smart to ask your server for tips. They’ll recommend dishes they know well. This way, you can try their best picks or the chef’s favorites.

Ensure Freshness

Always ask about the seafood’s freshness. Check if it’s local. Fresh seafood restaurants promise top-quality meals. Remember, this means better taste and texture.

Pro Tip: Choose restaurants that shout out their fresh, eco-friendly seafood. They promise delicious, high-quality choices from Martha’s Vineyard.

Fresh seafood Martha's Vineyard

With these suggestions, you’re set to enjoy Martha’s Vineyard seafood. From clam chowder to fresh lobster, your meal will be a treat. You’ll taste the island’s local, fresh seafood in every bite.

Seafood and Wine Pairings in Martha’s Vineyard

Having the best seafood in Martha’s Vineyard means choosing the right wine to go with it. The top seafood places there serve amazing dishes. These meals go well with many types of wine. We will guide you through the best matches. This way, you can enjoy a tale of flavors in Martha’s Vineyard.

Best seafood dining Martha's Vineyard

White Wines for Seafood Delights

Light seafood, like grilled fish or shrimp scampi, pairs well with a refreshing white. Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay’s acidity and citrus mix perfectly with the sea’s taste. Their freshness makes every bite feel clear and happy.

Rosé Wines for Aromatic Seafood

A dry, fruity rosé is great with lobster bisque or grilled salmon. A Provencal rosé has a lively color and smells. Its touch of fruit and zing match shellfish and stews wonderfully, keeping richness in check.

Red Wines for Heartier Seafood

Usually, white wine is best with seafood. But, for dishes like grilled tuna or paella, try a light red. Pinot Noir or Gamay bring out the seafood’s taste. They’re fruity with a slight bite. Their tannins round off the experience.

“The right wine can elevate the flavors of seafood, enhancing the overall dining experience. Experiment with different pairings and find your perfect match in Martha’s Vineyard’s seafood haven.”

Wine Varietals to Try

Seafood Dish Recommended Wine
Grilled Fish Sauvignon Blanc
Shrimp Scampi Chardonnay
Lobster Bisque Provencal Rosé
Grilled Salmon Provencal Rosé
Tuna Steak Pinot Noir
Seafood Paella Gamay
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different wine varietals to find your personal preference.
  • Consider the weight and flavors of the dish when selecting a wine pairing.
  • Ask the knowledgeable staff at the seafood restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard for their wine recommendations.

Picking the perfect wine for your seafood can make your meal outstanding. In Martha’s Vineyard, enjoy stunning seafood dishes with a fitting wine. This experience brings out the best in the island’s catch and wine selections.


Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for those who love seafood. It has many places to eat, fitting any taste or budget. You can choose from famous seafood restaurants to local markets full of freshness.

No matter if you’re a big fan of seafood or just looking for a good meal, Martha’s Vineyard welcomes you. Enjoy the best fish, taste special dishes, and see what creative chefs have to offer.

Visit Martha’s Vineyard and start a food adventure. Follow our guide to find the top seafood places. Join seafood parties and learn about the efforts to protect the sea.

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