Boulder family-friendly activities

Looking for fun with the kids in Boulder? Need ideas for a family outing in Boulder, CO? You’re in the right place! This article will show you the best family activities in Boulder. These will make your time together both unforgettable and fun.

Boulder offers outdoor fun, educational experiences, and great events for all. It doesn’t matter if you love nature, history, or just hanging out together. Boulder has the right kind of fun for everyone in the family.

Find amazing parks and recreation spots to see Boulder’s natural beauty. Enjoy activities that kids and adults will love. Check out museums and learning centers with interactive exhibits for all ages. Experience exciting outdoor adventures safe for families. Plus, don’t miss the awesome entertainment, amusement parks, arts, and sports Boulder offers.

If you’re a local or visiting Boulder, we have great suggestions for you. Get ready to make wonderful memories. Join us as we explore the top attractions for families in Boulder. It’s a destination everyone should visit!

Parks and Recreation

Boulder, Colorado is a great place for family trips. It has beautiful parks and spots for fun and peace. From hike paths to playgrounds and picnic areas, Boulder has it all. Let’s see some top parks in Boulder for family fun.

Boulder parks for families

Chautauqua Park is at the base of the Flatirons, with amazing views. It has trails for all ages and spots for picnics. There’s also a historic auditorium for live shows all year.

2. Settlers Park

Settlers Park is great for outdoor activities. It has large grassy spots perfect for sports or kite flying. The Boulder Creek Path offers lovely views as it goes through the park. Remember to take pictures of the beautiful rocks and nature.

3. Boulder County Parks

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Boulder County has parks for any family. They have everything from small parks with playgrounds to big open spaces. Places like Wonderland Lake Park, Valmont City Park, and Betasso Preserve are great. Each park has different things to do, so pick one that fits your family’s likes.

Benefits of Family Outings to Boulder Parks:

  • Opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities together
  • Provides a safe and spacious environment for kids to play and explore
  • Promotes physical activity and healthy habits
  • Encourages family bonding and quality time
  • Exposure to the natural beauty and wildlife of Boulder

Before going to Boulder’s parks, check their website or call local authorities for updates. Put on your hiking shoes, pack a picnic, and have fun adventures in Boulder’s parks with your family!

Park Location Key Features
Chautauqua Park Foot of the Flatirons Hiking trails, picnic spots, historic auditorium
Settlers Park Near Boulder Creek Path Grassy areas, rock formations, scenic views
Boulder County Parks Various locations in Boulder County Playgrounds, multi-use trails, natural beauty

Museums and Learning Centers

If you’re looking for educational activities, Boulder is packed with museums and learning centers for kids. These places in Boulder have interactive exhibits. They’re perfect for families to explore together.

1. Boulder Museum of Natural History

The Boulder Museum of Natural History lets kids discover natural wonders. They can see dinosaur exhibits and enjoy hands-on activities. It’s a fun way to learn about the world around us.

2. WOW! Children’s Museum

The WOW! Children’s Museum is great for curious kids. It has science, art, and play areas to explore. Kids can learn and have fun in a creative space.

3. Fiske Planetarium

At the Fiske Planetarium, you can travel through space. See shows that take you to faraway galaxies. It’s a cool way to learn about astronomy and the universe.

4. Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art

Art lovers will enjoy the Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art. It has a big collection of Western art. Kids can learn about America’s West while looking at beautiful art.

Boulder has many museums and learning centers for families. You can explore nature, science, art, or history. These places make learning fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

kid-friendly places in Boulder

Visit these great places in Boulder with your family. They offer learning and fun through interactive exhibits. Your kids will make memories that last a lifetime.

Family Events and Festivals

Boulder is always buzzing with family fun events and festivals. These gatherings are packed with entertainment for all ages. From live shows to arts workshops, there’s so much to do. You and your family will make memories that last forever.

Let’s look at some of Boulder’s annual events and festivals you shouldn’t miss:

1. Boulder Creek Festival

Come to the Boulder Creek Festival in May. It’s a three-day party by the beautiful Boulder Creek. You’ll enjoy live music, arts, food stalls, a carnival, and a rubber duck race. It’s a blast that shows Boulder’s lively spirit.

2. Colorado Shakespeare Festival

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is an event full of classic plays. It happens at the University of Colorado Boulder. Surrounded by mountains, families get to watch plays outside. It’s a great way to get kids into Shakespeare and the arts.

3. Boulder International Film Festival

The Boulder International Film Festival happens every February. It brings films from across the globe, including kid-friendly options. It’s a chance to dive into storytelling and discover new cultures. The film fest is a must for movie lovers.

4. Boulder County Fair

The Boulder County Fair is a celebration in August. It’s full of livestock shows, rodeos, rides, live music, and delicious food. This fair lets families experience Boulder’s culture and traditions. It’s fun that sticks with you for life.

5. Boulder Fall Fest

The Boulder Fall Fest is a highlight in September. It offers arts and crafts, live music, tasty treats, and a kids’ carnival. As leaves change color, it’s the best way to start the fall with your family.

Family enjoying outdoor festival in Boulder

So, mark your calendars for Boulder’s family events and festivals. These moments bring families closer and create lasting memories. Dive into Boulder’s rich culture, savor local foods, and enjoy the best family outings around.

Outdoor Adventures

Boulder is full of fun for everyone. It has amazing hikes and thrilling activities. It’s a great place for family adventures.

Boulder Family Adventures

Rock climbing in Boulder is exciting for all. The beautiful rocks and views make it special. There are climbs for every skill level, making it great family fun.

If you love water, try tubing down Boulder Creek. It’s an relaxing way to see nature’s beauty. You just need a tube and a sense of adventure.

Fun Things to Do in Boulder with Kids

Want more fun in Boulder with the kids? Try biking on scenic trails. You’ll see beautiful countryside and breathe fresh air. It’s great for exploring Boulder’s bike-friendly places.

The Butterfly Pavilion is perfect for fun and learning. It houses over 1,600 butterflies and interesting insects. You can see colorful butterflies up close, learning about them.

Boulder Family Adventures

Boulder is perfect for outdoor lovers and families. Whether climbing, tubing, or biking, excitement is everywhere. Plan a Boulder adventure today for lifelong memories.

Entertainment and Amusement Parks

Boulder is full of fun for families. You will find many exciting entertainment and amusement parks. These places are perfect for family outings and create lasting memories for both kids and adults.

**Boulder Adventure Park** is a top spot for family fun. It has go-karting, laser tag, and an indoor trampoline park. Kids and adults can have a blast here. Parents can join the fun or watch from the sidelines.

For mini-golf fans, **Boulder Mini Golf & Fun Center** is the place to be. It has a beautiful mini-golf course for all skill levels. You can have a friendly competition with loved ones and aim for a hole-in-one!

At **Boulder Adventure Park**, family fun is always in store with go-karting and a trampoline park. And **Boulder Mini Golf & Fun Center** offers great mini-golf for everyone.

**Flatiron Escape** offers a unique and immersive entertainment experience. This escape room facility has thrilling challenges. Families need to work together, find clues, and solve puzzles before time runs out.

**Gateway Fun Park** is your go-to for both outdoor and indoor fun. It has a batting cage, bumper boats, mini-golf, and an arcade. Kids will love the outdoor activities in summer and the indoor arcade in winter.

Boulder Adventure Park

Attraction Description
Go-Karting Experience the thrill of high-speed go-karting on a professionally designed track.
Laser Tag Engage in friendly laser tag battles with family and friends in a state-of-the-art arena.
Trampoline Park Bounce, flip, and jump to your heart’s content on the trampolines and foam pits.

Boulder Mini Golf & Fun Center

Attraction Description
Mini-Golf Course Enjoy a fun-filled round of mini-golf on a beautifully designed course with challenging obstacles.
Arcade Play a variety of arcade games and win tickets for exciting prizes.

Family fun at Boulder Adventure Park

Arts and Culture

Explore Boulder, Colorado’s lively arts and culture with your family. Galleries and theaters here are very welcoming to families. You will find many cultural spots to enjoy. There are also programs and shows for all ages that both inspire and entertain kids.

Art Galleries

Boulder boasts many art galleries, each showcasing different styles. Your family can embark on an art adventure. You’ll find everything from modern to classic pieces, thrilling everyone in the family.

Must-visit galleries include:

  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The Dairy Arts Center
  • Smith Klein Gallery
  • Gallery S.M.ART

Theater Performances

Let your kids experience the wonder of live theater in Boulder. They’ll see plays and musicals that are truly magical. These performances will surely touch your children’s hearts.

Kid-friendly theaters include:

  • University Theatre at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • The Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Quotes from Visitors:

“Our family really enjoyed the art galleries in Boulder. It was a fantastic way to introduce our kids to art. It really sparked their creativity.” – Amanda R., Colorado

“Seeing a play in Boulder was unforgettable for us. The actors were superb and the stories kept us all captivated.” – Mark and Lisa S., California

family outings Boulder CO

Art Gallery Location Highlights
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown Boulder Contemporary art exhibitions and interactive displays
The Dairy Arts Center East Boulder Multiple galleries, theaters, and studios
Smith Klein Gallery Pearl Street Mall Collection of fine art by renowned artists
Gallery S.M.ART West Pearl Street Focus on contemporary and emerging artists

Table: Top Art Galleries in Boulder

Sports and Recreation Programs

Boulder offers many sports and recreation activities for families. You’ll find activities for all ages and interests. This includes both outdoor and indoor options to keep everyone active and happy.

Outdoor Activities

If your family loves the outdoors, Boulder has lots to offer. You can hike in Chautauqua Park and see the Flatirons. **Family adventures Boulder** can also mean biking by the Boulder Creek. This lets you enjoy scenic views.

For water sports, Boulder Reservoir is the place to be for **best family activities Boulder**. Try paddleboarding, kayaking, or fishing. It also has a beach for picnicking and swimming in summer.

Rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon State Park is great for thrill-seekers. It has huge rock formations and diverse routes. It’s perfect for families looking for excitement.

Indoor Sports Facilities

Boulder’s indoor sports facilities are great for family activities. The East Boulder Community Center has a big pool, basketball courts, and a fitness center. It offers classes and programs for all levels.

If you like ice skating, visit the YMCA of Boulder Valley’s rink. You can skate and enjoy time with your family. They also offer skating lessons for beginners.

Youth Sports Programs

Boulder has many sports programs for kids. They can learn new sports, make friends, and compete. Soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and martial arts are some options. The North and South Boulder Recreation Centers run leagues and classes for kids.

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department has seasonal sports programs. Your family can join team sports and connect with the community.

Sporting Events and Tournaments

Boulder is home to many sporting events and tournaments. You can watch soccer, track and field, and more. It’s a chance to see athletes’ hard work and skill.

Check local event calendars to keep up with sporting events. This way, you won’t miss any of the excitement.

Explore the Sports and Recreation Opportunities in Boulder

Boulder is full of sports and recreation opportunities for families. **Best family activities Boulder** offer outdoor adventures and indoor sports. There’s something for everyone. Get active with your family and explore all that Boulder has to offer.

Family Adventures in Boulder

Family-Friendly Dining

After a day full of fun exploring Boulder, Colorado, you and your family will be hungry. Boulder has many restaurants that welcome families. You’ll find places that everyone will love, from cozy cafes to fun restaurants.

Wildflower Cafe is a great spot for families. They have a wide menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Families can enjoy meals together on their sunny patio. And you must try their famous cinnamon rolls!

Love pizza? Then Proto’s Pizzeria Napoletana is the place to go. They make authentic Neapolitan pizzas with lots of topping choices. The staff is friendly, and the place is perfect for a relaxed meal with your family.

“Dining with family is a great way to connect and make memories. Boulder’s family-friendly restaurants are ideal for spending quality time together.” – Local Boulder Parent

For families with dietary needs, Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant is excellent. They focus on vegetarian and vegan food. It’s a welcoming place that values healthy eating and being kind to the planet.

For fans of Asian food, Zoe Ma Ma offers authentic Chinese street food. It’s family-run and uses fresh, local ingredients. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the fun flavors and homemade recipes.

Boulder has a lot of dining options for families. Whether you want an easy meal or something special, you’ll find it here. Make sure to try the local family-friendly eateries during your next visit to Boulder.

family outings Boulder CO


Boulder, Colorado, is a great choice for families looking for fun. It offers a wide variety of activities, parks, and museums. There’s something fun for every family member.

There are picturesque parks and outdoor adventures for nature lovers. If you like learning, visit Boulder’s museums. The city also hosts family events and festivals, offering more bonding time.

Plan your next outing or vacation to Boulder. It’s full of nature, learning, and fun entertainment for all. Boulder welcomes you to create unforgettable memories. There’s adventure for the whole family.

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