Top 10 Things to Do in Tirana

Did you know that Tirana, the capital of Albania, is rapidly emerging as one of Europe’s most exciting cities to visit? This vibrant metropolis offers a wide array of attractions, from historic landmarks and cultural sites to culinary delights and natural wonders. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or an outdoor adventurer, Tirana has something for everyone to enjoy. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey to explore the top 10 things to do in Tirana, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this captivating destination.

Visit Skanderbeg Square

Skanderbeg Square is the heart of Tirana and a great starting point for exploring the city. Admire the iconic Skanderbeg Statue, stroll through the square’s beautiful gardens, and soak in the lively atmosphere of this bustling area.

Skanderbeg Square

Skanderbeg Square, named after the national hero George Skanderbeg, serves as a hub for cultural and social events in Tirana. Its central location makes it easily accessible and a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

As you wander through Skanderbeg Square, take a moment to appreciate the remarkable architecture that surrounds you. From the Municipal Building to the Palace of Culture, each structure showcases a blend of different architectural styles, reflecting Tirana’s history and evolution over the years.

“Skanderbeg Square is a vibrant symbol of Tirana’s progress and transformation.”

The Clock Tower is one of the notable landmarks near Skanderbeg Square. Standing tall at 35 meters, you can climb its stairs for panoramic views of the city.

Adjacent to Skanderbeg Square, you’ll find the National History Museum, which houses a vast collection of artifacts that tell the story of Albania’s past. From archaeological finds to exhibits on the country’s struggle for independence, the museum offers valuable insights into the nation’s history.

Skanderbeg Square is not just a place to admire architectural marvels, but it’s also a hub of activity. From street performers to local vendors, there’s always something happening here. Plan your visit during festivals and events to experience the square at its liveliest.

Skanderbeg Square Highlights:

  • Skanderbeg Statue
  • Municipal Building
  • Palace of Culture
  • Clock Tower
  • National History Museum
Opening Hours Entrance Fee Address
24/7 Free Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania

Explore Bunk’Art

Dive into Albania’s fascinating history at Bunk’Art, a museum located in a former nuclear bunker. Bunk’Art offers a unique perspective on Albania’s recent past and is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Discover the country’s communist era through immersive exhibits and explore the underground tunnels that once served as a shelter.

Bunk’Art showcases the resilience and endurance of the Albanian people during this period, providing valuable insights into the country’s political and social landscape. Through interactive displays, audiovisual presentations, and historical artifacts, the museum brings the past to life and offers a thought-provoking experience for visitors.

“Bunk’Art provides an immersive journey into Albania’s communist past, shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of its people. It is a living testimony to the nation’s history, leaving visitors with a deeper understanding of the country’s resilience.”

Explore the various rooms of Bunk’Art, each dedicated to different aspects of Albania’s communist regime. From the office of the former dictator to the surveillance and propaganda departments, the museum provides a comprehensive view of life under communism.

Highlights of Bunk’Art:

  • Immersive exhibits showcasing Albania’s communist era
  • Exploration of the underground tunnels
  • Insights into Albania’s politics and social landscape during that time

For history enthusiasts and those interested in Albania’s recent past, Bunk’Art is a must-visit attraction in Tirana. It offers an engaging and informative experience that allows you to delve deeper into the country’s complex history.

Bunk'Art Tirana

Features Details
Location Tirana, Albania
Opening Hours 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Admission $6 for adults, $4 for students
Guided Tours Available upon request
Duration Around 1-2 hours
Accessibility Wheelchair accessible

Wander through Blloku

Formerly known as a restricted area for high-ranking party members during the communist regime, Blloku has transformed into a trendy neighborhood filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets of Blloku, appreciate the vibrant atmosphere, and indulge in Tirana’s culinary delights.

Blloku’s journey from being a restricted zone to a thriving neighborhood reflects the changes that Tirana has undergone in recent years. Once inaccessible to the public, this area now attracts locals and tourists alike with its vibrant energy and diverse offerings. As you wander through Blloku’s streets, you’ll encounter a mix of modern cafes, traditional eateries, boutique shops, and stylish bars.

Indulge in Tirana’s culinary delights by exploring the numerous restaurants in Blloku. From traditional Albanian cuisine to international flavors, there is something to suit every palate. Enjoy the lively ambiance as you dine al fresco or savor a cup of coffee in one of the cozy cafes. Blloku offers a fusion of flavors and experiences that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Blloku is not only a gastronomic haven but also a cultural hotspot. Art galleries, vintage shops, and trendy boutiques are scattered throughout the neighborhood, offering a unique shopping experience. Discover hidden gems and one-of-a-kind souvenirs as you uncover the artistic flair and creativity that Blloku exudes.


Blloku’s transformation represents the spirit of Tirana’s progress and evolution. It is a testament to the city’s resilience and determination to embrace change. As you wander through Blloku, you will witness firsthand the blend of old and new, tradition and modernity that characterizes Tirana.

“Blloku is the beating heart of Tirana, where history and modernity coexist in perfect harmony.” – Local resident

Blloku Highlights:

  • Explore the vibrant streets lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops.
  • Indulge in Tirana’s culinary delights, from traditional Albanian cuisine to international flavors.
  • Visit art galleries, vintage shops, and trendy boutiques for a unique shopping experience.

How to Get to Blloku:

From Mode of Transport Approximate Travel Time
Tirana City Center Walking 10-15 minutes
Skanderbeg Square Walking 20-25 minutes
Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza Taxi 20-30 minutes

Marvel at the Et’hem Bey Mosque

Discover the stunning beauty of the Et’hem Bey Mosque, one of Tirana’s most iconic landmarks. This Ottoman-era mosque is a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring the city. Admire the mosque’s intricate architecture and vibrant frescoes, which showcase a blend of Islamic and Albanian artistic styles. The exterior features elegant domes, minarets, and decorative details that capture the eye.


Located at the heart of Tirana, the Et’hem Bey Mosque holds a significant place in the city’s history and culture. It was constructed in the early 19th century and has stood as a symbol of religious tolerance and unity throughout the years. Despite periods of closure during the communist regime, the mosque remains an important spiritual site for local Muslims.

If you visit the Et’hem Bey Mosque during prayer times, you might have the opportunity to witness the mosque’s tranquil interior. The peaceful atmosphere and ethereal beauty of the prayer hall are truly captivating. Remember to dress respectfully before entering the mosque, as a sign of respect for the religious customs and traditions practiced here.

Exploring the Et’hem Bey Mosque is a fascinating experience that offers insight into both the historical and cultural aspects of Tirana. It is a testament to the city’s diverse heritage and serves as a reminder of the challenges overcome throughout Albania’s history.

Et'hem Bey Mosque

Visiting the Et’hem Bey Mosque is one of the highlights of any Tirana sightseeing tour. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and significance of this architectural gem, and gain a deeper understanding of Tirana’s cultural fabric.

Take a Day Trip to Dajti Mountain

Escape the city and venture into the breathtaking natural beauty of Dajti Mountain. Located just outside Tirana, Dajti Mountain offers a refreshing retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. With its serene forests, picturesque meadows, and stunning vistas, it’s no wonder that Dajti Mountain is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike.

To reach the summit, hop on the Dajti Ekspres cable car for an exhilarating ride that provides panoramic views of Tirana and the surrounding landscapes. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to a bird’s-eye perspective of the city and the sprawling mountainscape beyond. The cable car ride itself is an adventure, offering a thrilling and scenic experience that you won’t want to miss.

Once you reach the top, prepare to be awestruck by the beauty that surrounds you. Dajti Mountain boasts a network of hiking trails that cater to all levels of experience, from leisurely strolls to more challenging treks. Embark on an exploration of the mountain’s diverse flora and fauna, and let the serene sounds of nature envelop you.

Dajti Mountain

For those looking to relax and enjoy a leisurely picnic, there are plenty of idyllic spots scattered throughout the mountain. Find a peaceful clearing amidst the trees, spread out a blanket, and savor a delicious meal while soaking in the tranquility of the surroundings.

If you’re visiting with children, they’ll have a blast at the playground located near the cable car station. Let them burn off some energy while marveling at the magnificent views that stretch out before them. Dajti Mountain truly offers something for everyone, making it the perfect day trip for families.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or simply a break from the city, Dajti Mountain is an ideal destination. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Highlights of Dajti Mountain Family-Friendly Activities Outdoor Adventures
  • Panoramic views of Tirana
  • Serenity of the mountain landscape
  • Picturesque hiking trails
  • Playground for children
  • Picnic spots amidst nature
  • Family-friendly cable car ride
  • Hiking and trekking opportunities
  • Exploration of diverse flora and fauna
  • Outdoor photography opportunities

Visit the Pyramid of Tirana

Pay a visit to the controversial Pyramid of Tirana, once a mausoleum for the country’s former communist leader. Though abandoned and showing signs of decay, the Pyramid still stands as a symbol of Tirana’s history. Explore its unique architecture and contemplate its significance within Albania’s transition to democracy.

Pyramid of Tirana

The Pyramid of Tirana, also known as the Enver Hoxha Pyramid, was built in 1988 as a tribute to Albania’s communist leader, Enver Hoxha. Designed by his daughter, the pyramid served as a museum and a place of remembrance after his death in 1985.

However, following the fall of communism in Albania, the pyramid’s purpose became controversial, and its fate became uncertain. Today, the Pyramid of Tirana stands abandoned and neglected, with graffiti covering its exterior walls.

Despite its dilapidated condition, the Pyramid of Tirana is a significant historical landmark and a source of intrigue for visitors. Its unique shape and architectural design make it an interesting sight to behold. Standing in the heart of Tirana, it serves as a reminder of the country’s tumultuous past and the transition to democracy.

As you approach the Pyramid of Tirana, you’ll be greeted by its imposing facade, towering above the surrounding area. Its futuristic design and sharp angles are a stark contrast to the traditional architecture found in other parts of the city.

While the interior of the pyramid is inaccessible to the public, you can admire its facade and contemplate the historical significance of this controversial structure. Many argue that the pyramid should be preserved as a testament to Albania’s past, while others advocate for its demolition to make room for new developments.

Whether you agree with its preservation or not, a visit to the Pyramid of Tirana offers a thought-provoking experience. It serves as a reminder of the city’s complex history and the resilience of its people.

“The Pyramid of Tirana stands as both a symbol of the past and a reflection of the present. Its controversial status sparks conversations about history, architecture, and the direction of the city’s future.” – Local Guide

Interesting Facts about the Pyramid of Tirana:

  • The pyramid’s design was inspired by Mayan pyramids.
  • It was once home to an exclusive casino.
  • Proposals for the pyramid’s future include transforming it into a technology hub or a cultural center.
  • The pyramid has been featured in several films and documentaries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question Answer
Is it safe to visit the Pyramid of Tirana? Yes, it is safe to visit the pyramid. However, we recommend exploring the area during daylight hours and being cautious of your surroundings.
Can I go inside the pyramid? No, the interior of the pyramid is currently closed to the public.
What are the nearby attractions? Skanderbeg Square and the National History Museum are located within walking distance of the pyramid.

Dive into Tirana’s Art Scene

Immerse yourself in Tirana’s vibrant art scene by visiting galleries such as the National Gallery of Arts and the FAB Gallery. These cultural hubs showcase a diverse range of artistic expressions and provide insight into the city’s creative spirit. Marvel at the works of local and international artists, from traditional paintings to contemporary installations.

As you wander through Tirana’s neighborhoods, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the city’s colorful street art. From large-scale murals to hidden gems, the streets of Tirana are a canvas for local graffiti artists and urban creatives. Explore the city’s winding streets and let the vibrant artwork surprise and inspire you.

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde

Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of creativity, Tirana’s art scene offers something for everyone. Discover the city’s thriving galleries and let the artistic energy of Tirana captivate your senses.

Tirana art scene

Featured Galleries:

  • National Gallery of Arts
  • FAB Gallery


Tirana, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and bustling city life, offers a plethora of things to do and see. Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or nature lover, this Albanian capital has something for everyone. From exploring iconic landmarks like Skanderbeg Square and the Et’hem Bey Mosque to immersing yourself in the city’s vibrant art scene and taking in the breathtaking views from Dajti Mountain, Tirana is a destination that promises an unforgettable adventure.

Begin your journey in Skanderbeg Square, the heart of the city. Admire the Skanderbeg Statue, explore the National History Museum, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this bustling area. For a glimpse into Albania’s past, visit Bunk’Art, a museum located in a former nuclear bunker, and wander through its immersive exhibits.

When you’re ready to explore the city’s modern side, head to Blloku, a trendy neighborhood filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops. Take a leisurely stroll through its streets, indulge in Tirana’s culinary delights, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of this transformed area. And don’t miss the opportunity to marvel at the stunning architecture of the Et’hem Bey Mosque, with its intricate details and vibrant frescoes.

For a breath of fresh air, escape to Dajti Mountain, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Tirana and the surrounding landscapes. Take a cable car ride to the top, hike through the scenic trails, and relax in the picnic spots while taking in the natural beauty of this mountain retreat. And if you’re an art lover, Tirana’s diverse art scene awaits you, with galleries like the National Gallery of Arts and colorful street art that showcases the city’s creative spirit.