Game of Thrones filming locations in Split: must-see spots and tours?

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Have you dreamed of walking through Westeros? In Split, Croatia, you can do just that! This city lets you visit real filming sites from the series.

See places like Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress in Split. Wondering where these spots are? Want to make the most of your visit? We’ll show you the best Game of Thrones sites and tours in Split.

Walk where your favorite characters did. See where big battles and politics happened. Curious about the Game of Thrones places in Split you can see? Let’s find out!

Discover the Iconic Game of Thrones Sites in Split

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Split’s iconic filming locations are a must-see. Embark on a journey through breathtaking spots that brought Westeros to life. See the majestic palaces and scenic fortresses that will make you feel like you’re in the Seven Kingdoms.

The Diocletian’s Palace is a top spot for Game of Thrones fans in Split. This 4th-century AD ancient palace was the backdrop for many key scenes, like Daenerys Targaryen’s throne room. Step inside to feel the grandeur and drama of the series.

popular GOT spots in Split

Klis Fortress is another location you can’t miss. Standing atop a hill, it served as the mighty city of Meereen. Stand where Daenerys defeated her foes and embrace the power of the Dragon Queen.

Don’t forget the Ethnographic Museum in Split, known as the House of Black and White in Braavos. Its intricate artifacts and eerie ambiance will amaze you. This spot is perfect for feeling the series’ mystery.

Walking along the Riva waterfront is essential. This beautiful setting was used as the Dragonpit, where key meetings happened. Stroll here and enjoy the Adriatic Sea’s views while tracing the steps of your favorite characters.

For those who love nature, Marjan Hill is ideal. Featured in the series, this lush hill offers panoramic views of Split. Hike to the top and relive iconic show moments.

Besides these, Split has many more Game of Thrones filming locations to explore. Whether a big fan or someone who loves beautiful views, visiting these sites in Split is an unforgettable adventure.

Game of Thrones Locations Description
Diocletian’s Palace Ancient palace used for many key scenes, including Daenerys Targaryen’s throne room.
Klis Fortress Fortress that served as the mighty city of Meereen in the show.
Ethnographic Museum Museum that played the role of the House of Black and White in Braavos.
Riva (Waterfront Promenade) Scenic promenade that served as the Dragonpit for important meetings and negotiations.
Marjan Hill Nature escape featured as a picturesque landscape in Game of Thrones.

Join a Game of Thrones Filming Locations Tour in Split

If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, you must explore the filming sites in Split. Joining a guided tour is the best way to dive into the world of Westeros. With Game of Thrones tours in Split, you see the iconic spots from the show and live your favorite scenes again.

These tours give you a special look behind the scenes. You can check out beautiful Split filming locations and learn cool facts about the show. You’ll hear trivia that makes the experience unforgettable.

Expert guides show you where important scenes were shot. Walk in the footsteps of Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Tyrion Lannister. See the real places their stories happened.

Seeing places like Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress shows how much effort went into the show. You gain a huge respect for the creators’ work.

On your tour, you might see the Waterfront Promenade, used as the Dragonpit. Or the Meštrović Gallery, showing the Targaryen art collection. These locations will amaze you.

No matter which tour you pick, you’ll see stunning views and learn loads about Game of Thrones. It’s a great way to meet other fans and make memories that last forever.

Types of Game of Thrones Tours in Split

There are many kinds of Game of Thrones tours in Split. Here’s what you might find:

  • Walking Tours: Walk through Split’s streets and see where the show was filmed. Discover architectural wonders and hidden spots. Hear great stories from the set.
  • Boat Tours: For a different view, try a boat tour. Sail the Adriatic Sea and see locations only visible from the water. Enjoy Split’s beauty while recalling your favorite scenes.
  • Combo Tours: Want it all? Choose a combo tour. These usually mix walking tours with visits to places like Klis Fortress. You see several sites on one trip.

There’s a tour for every type of fan. Whether you want to see all the sites or learn more about the show, you’ll find the perfect tour in Split.

Don’t miss the chance to see the Game of Thrones filming locations in Split. Join a tour, step into Westeros, and make unforgettable memories.


Game of Thrones tours in Split

Diocletian’s Palace: The Heart of the Game of Thrones Universe

Discover the wonders of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a key Game of Thrones filming location in Split. This ancient palace is from the 4th century. It beautifully combines old Roman architecture with the magical realm of Westeros.

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Explore the Game of Thrones Filming Locations within Diocletian’s Palace

Entering Diocletian’s Palace feels like stepping into Game of Thrones. Walk where your beloved characters walked. See the iconic places where they embarked on their unforgettable journeys.

  1. Visit the Basement Halls, dark and mysterious, where Daenerys’s dragons were kept. Feel the suspense and power of those crucial scenes.
  2. The Peristyle: Be in the palace’s heart, a grand courtyard. This is where Game of Thrones nobles gathered and plotted. Imagine the political dramas that happened right here.
  3. The Northern Vestibule: Experience the majestic setting linked with Daenerys Targaryen. It was the scene for major moments of victory and discovery.

Keep an eye out for more filming spots and hidden gems in Diocletian’s Palace that might trigger Game of Thrones memories. Wander the narrow streets and capture the spirit of the series coming alive.

“Diocletian’s Palace is not just a historical landmark but also a tribute to Game of Thrones’ creative brilliance. Seeing how these ancient walls turned into Westeros impresses fans all over.” – A Game of Thrones fan

Klis Fortress: The Mighty Meereen

One of the top Game of Thrones locations in Split is Klis Fortress. It played the role of Meereen in the TV series. From its hilltop position, it offers stunning views of the area.

Its history started in the 7th century. Klis Fortress has been key in protecting the area for over a thousand years. It shows the courage of those who lived there.

Game of Thrones fans can explore Westeros by visiting the fortress. It was Meereen in the show. As you walk the fortress, you feel the majesty seen on TV.

Guided tours at Klis Fortress share stories from filming Game of Thrones. They provide cool facts about the making of the show. You’ll learn about the scenes shot here.

Visit Klis Fortress to feel the spirit of Meereen. Enjoy its history, admire its design, and experience Game of Thrones moments. It’s a top filming spot in Split.

Here’s an image showing how magnificent Klis Fortress is:

Reasons to Visit Klis Fortress Guided Tours
  • Experience the imposing ancient fortification
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside
  • Step into the world of Game of Thrones in the city of Meereen
  • Discover the rich history of Klis Fortress
  • Immerse yourself in the architectural wonders of the fortress
  • Learn behind-the-scenes stories about Game of Thrones
  • Gain insights into the production process
  • Explore the specific filming locations within the fortress
  • Hear fascinating anecdotes from the show’s cast and crew
  • Enhance your knowledge of Game of Thrones trivia

Ethnographic Museum Split: Braavos’ House of Black and White

Discover the link between Split’s Ethnographic Museum and Game of Thrones’ House of Black and White. This museum served as a key location for the series, featuring in several memorable scenes.

Located in Split’s core, the Ethnographic Museum showcases the area’s rich culture. It boasts stunning architecture and numerous traditional artifacts. Thus, it’s a famed Game of Thrones filming location in Split.

Entering the museum, you’ll immediately recognize the House of Black and White’s grandeur. This is where the Faceless Men were trained and practiced their mystical arts in the show.

“A man is not ready to return to the House of Black and White.”

– Jaqen H’ghar

The museum presents an array of exhibits on various cultures’ customs and traditions. You’ll see everything from elaborate costumes to ancient artifacts. These exhibits transport visitors to different eras, paralleling the House of Black and White’s diverse backgrounds.

Highlights of the Ethnographic Museum

Here are some of the museum’s key features:

  • The Costume Collection: View the detailed attire from various cultures through history.
  • The Traditional Craftsmanship Exhibition: Understand the craftsmanship behind unique creations.
  • The Ritual Objects Display: Explore the rituals and beliefs of various cultures found in the museum.
  • The Interactive Workshops: Enjoy hands-on activities that let you experience traditional customs firsthand.

Whether you love Game of Thrones or are interested in cultural heritage, the Ethnographic Museum in Split offers an enlightening experience. Dive into the Braavos world and discover the detailed beauty of the House of Black and White.

Game of Thrones filming locations in Split

Information Details
Address Poljana Marina Držića 1, 21000, Split, Croatia
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Admission Fee Adults: $5
Students: $3
Children (under 12): Free
Tours Guided tours are available for an extra charge. Get a guide to discover more about the museum’s significance and its Game of Thrones connection.

Note: Please check the museum’s website for the latest updates on visitation due to health and safety guidelines.

Waterfront Promenade: The Dragonpit

As you wander through the beautiful city of Split, don’t miss a walk along the Riva. This beautiful promenade, lined with palm trees, offers amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. It became famous as the Dragonpit in the Game of Thrones series.

In the series, the Dragonpit was where key characters met to talk and decide on important issues. It stood for power and prestige. The scenes shot here captured Split’s beauty perfectly.

popular GOT spots in Split

Strolling down the promenade feels like stepping into Westeros. You can picture dragons soaring and intense talks happening at the Dragonpit. Split’s waterfront and its architecture make a perfect setting for fans.

“The waterfront promenade in Split was the ideal location for portraying the grandeur and significance of the Dragonpit. It offered a visually captivating setting that truly brought the scenes to life.” – Director of Photography, Game of Thrones

Along your walk, you’ll find cafes, restaurants, and shops for souvenirs. It’s a great spot to relax and soak in the scenery. Make sure to take photos to remember your visit to this famous Game of Thrones location.

Explore the Waterfront Promenade: The Dragonpit

Here are some details to help you plan your visit to the waterfront promenade:

Location Opening Hours Additional Information
Riva, Split Open 24/7 – Free entry
– Cafes and restaurants available
– Shops selling Game of Thrones merchandise

Enjoy the stunning views at Split’s waterfront promenade and dive into the Game of Thrones world. Walking here, you’ll feel as if you’re among Westeros nobility, following in the footsteps of the characters you love.

Marjan Hill: The Nature Escape in Game of Thrones

Step into nature’s embrace as you wander through Marjan Hill. This site graced Game of Thrones with its stunning views.

Embark on a journey to Split GOT locations to experience where captivating scenes were shot. Marjan Hill dazzles visitors with views of the deep blue Adriatic Sea, vibrant greenery, and trails that seem out of Westeros.

visit Split GOT locations

If you love the outdoors and Game of Thrones, Marjan Hill is perfect for you. Climb to the top at your own pace. There, you’ll see panoramic views that are truly vast. This hill’s dense forests and impressive cliffs were in the show, filling viewers with awe.

Escape to the Natural Beauty of Marjan Hill

Explore the beauty of Marjan Hill in Split. Its peaceful and stunning landscapes offer a break from city life. Take a deep breath of fresh air, listen to the birds sing, and let peace fill you.

“Marjan Hill is a secret treasure in Split. Walking its paths brings calm and peace. It’s clear why Game of Thrones filmed here. It truly brings their imagined world to life.”

– Game of Thrones Fan

For fans of Game of Thrones or lovers of nature, Marjan Hill in Split is a place you should see. Discover the magic of this beautiful spot. And don’t forget your camera to capture those unforgettable views and make memories.

Meštrović Gallery: Targaryen Art Collection

If you’re checking out Game of Thrones spots in Split, don’t miss the Meštrović Gallery. It’s right in the city’s center and has amazing art from the show. You’ll feel the Targaryen vibe as you look at these awesome pieces.

The gallery features Ivan Meštrović’s work. He was an amazing Croatian artist known for his sculptures and buildings. His art really shows what the Targaryen dynasty was about. You’ll see impressive dragons and the Targaryen sigil, making the show’s fantasy world more real.

Walking through the gallery, you’ll see how detailed Meštrović’s work is. Each sculpture and painting has its own story. It feels like you’re stepping into Game of Thrones.

explore Split filming locations

Enjoy the Targaryen collection and find out what inspired each piece. The gallery sheds light on the show’s art style. It gives you a sneak peek into the creativity behind the Targaryen family’s portrayal on TV.

Ivan Meštrović Statue: The Iron Throne

Explore the Game of Thrones filming spots in Split and marvel at the Ivan Meštrović Statue. This statue became the Iron Throne in the show, bringing grandeur to the scenes.

Split GOT filming spots

Ivan Meštrović, a famed Croatian sculptor, crafted this iconic piece. It symbolizes the show’s impact on Split. The statue sits in a gorgeous park, making for perfect photos.

This statue isn’t just a nod to Game of Thrones. It also highlights Split’s rich art scene. Standing before it, take in the craftsmanship and thought behind its creation.

“The Ivan Meštrović Statue stands as a magnificent representation of the Iron Throne in the heart of Split. It’s a must-visit spot for Game of Thrones enthusiasts and art lovers alike.”

For fans or those who love stunning sculptures, the Ivan Meštrović Statue is a sight to see. Capture the essence of the Iron Throne. Make unforgettable memories at this remarkable spot.

Klis Village: Journey to King’s Landing

Discover Klis Village, a town near Split featured in Game of Thrones. It’s in the beautiful landscapes of Croatia. Klis Village offers a captivating journey into the world of Westeros.

This charming place takes you to the heart of the Seven Kingdoms. It played a key role in the series. It showed some iconic moments in Game of Thrones.

The village’s Klis Castle was important in King’s Landing. It is a mighty fortress on a hilltop. It reflects the capital in the series. Walking in the castle, you feel the story’s grandeur.

top Game of Thrones locations Split

Explore Klis Village’s narrow pathways. They have stone houses and vibrant gardens. Walk where Game of Thrones characters walked. Feel the rich history and culture.

The Charming History of Klis Village

Klis Village’s history is ancient. Many civilizations left their mark here. It has great views over Dalmatia.

It saw many historic events, from Roman to Ottoman times. The fortifications were vital in defending the area. They protected the people.

Today, Klis Village shows its amazing past. Its streets take you back to times of knights and queens.

Immerse Yourself in the Game of Thrones World

  • See the castle walls’ views like in the show.
  • See where big scenes were shot in Klis Castle.
  • Walk like Arya Stark in King’s Landing’s paths.

Visiting Klis Village lets you experience Game of Thrones live. The set design and landscapes feel real. It’s like being in a world of dragons and knights.

Plan Your Visit to Klis Village

Include Klis Village in your Split visit. It takes you to Westeros. Enjoy its history and views.

It’s great for Game of Thrones fans or those who love great views. See the charming streets and the fortress. Imagine being in King’s Landing.


Game of Thrones fans have much to see in Split. Iconic places like Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress await. These spots let you step into Westeros and relive show highlights.

Join a guided tour or explore by yourself. Either way, visiting Split’s Game of Thrones spots is essential for fans.

Explore Diocletian’s Palace and its history. Enjoy the views from Marjan Hill and see Targaryen art at the Meštrović Gallery. Walk the waterfront promenade, the Dragonpit, and visit Klis Village, the real King’s Landing. The adventure is limitless.

So, get ready for your trip to Split, Croatia. This is your chance to see the unforgettable Game of Thrones locations. Whether a true fan or just looking for incredible sights, Split is for you. Begin your adventure now and feel the magic of Game of Thrones in this beautiful city.