What are the top things to do in Split for 3 days?

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey in Split, Croatia? This perfect 3-day guide is filled with amazing sights and fun activities. Discover Split’s top attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.

Experience history in ancient palaces and enjoy sunny beaches. Split offers something exciting for all. Explore beyond the usual and find its hidden treasures.

Ever wanted to explore a Roman palace or lounge on a gorgeous beach under the Croatian sun? Now you can.

This detailed plan lets you dive into the local culture, enjoy delicious food, and see stunning views.

So, are you set to explore Split? Get ready for the amazing attractions and activities in this magical Croatian city.

Day 1: Exploring Ancient Palaces

On your first day in Split, start a time-travel adventure by exploring the city’s history. Visit the stunning ancient palaces. Diocletian’s Palace is a key stop, built in the 4th century by Emperor Diocletian.

Split sightseeing

Enter ancient Rome as you stroll through narrow streets. This UNESCO site amazes with well-kept buildings that have cool designs and unique traits.

Inside the palace, find spots like Peristyle Square, a place with columns. There’s also the Temple of Jupiter. These sights let you feel the old times’ splendor.

“Diocletian’s Palace is a testament to the city’s rich heritage and serves as a living monument to its storied past.”

While roaming the palace, you’ll see many hidden treasures. Look for shops and cafes against ancient walls. There are also museums and art galleries showing the area’s culture.

Dive into the intriguing past at Diocletian’s Palace. Learn about Split’s history and how it shapes the city now.

Day 2: Enjoying Stunning Beaches

Spend your second day soaking up the sun on Split’s stunning beaches. The city boasts a pristine coastline with clear waters. Enjoy the perfect beach day and bask in the Mediterranean sunshine.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Cousteau

Visit Bacvice Beach for its vibrant scene and golden sands. It’s a hit with both locals and tourists. Enjoy the sun, swim in the Adriatic, or play picigin, a local beach game.

For a quieter setting, head to Znjan Beach. It’s a peaceful spot away from the city noise. Enjoy a walk, relax on the pebble beach, and take in views of the Adriatic.

Split’s beaches offer a mix of activities for everyone. Make sure to swim in the clear waters. It’s great whether you love the sun, the water, or just need to relax.

Top Beaches in Split:

  • Bacvice Beach
  • Znjan Beach
  • Kasjuni Beach
  • Firule Beach
  • Ovcice Beach

Beach Activities:

  1. Sunbathing and swimming
  2. Playing beach games like picigin
  3. Exploring underwater world with snorkeling or scuba diving
  4. Enjoying beachside cafes and restaurants
  5. Taking leisurely walks along the coastline

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Split’s beaches. They’re perfect for relaxation or adventure. Don’t miss out on these beach experiences during your trip.

Split beach

Day 3: Exploring Vibrant Markets

On your last day in Split, dive into the city’s lively markets. Feel the energy and taste local life as you wander around. Start at the Green Market to see fresh produce, herbs, and flowers.

Try yummy local eats like prosciutto, cheese, and olives. Check out unique gifts, crafts, and local goodies to remember your trip.

Don’t miss the Fish Market by the water. It’s full of fresh seafood, from fish to crabs. Talk to the fishmongers, learn about the seafood, and maybe try some grilled treats.


Split’s markets show you local life and food traditions. Take your time to look around, chat, and enjoy Split’s tastes.

Split vibrant markets

Don’t Miss the Green Market and Fish Market

Market Location Highlights
Green Market Trg Gaje Bulata, Split Fresh local produce, herbs, flowers, souvenirs
Fish Market Obala kneza Domagoja, Split Freshly caught seafood, interactive fishmongers

Discovering Historical Landmarks

Split is known for its ancient palaces, but it has much more to offer. There are several historical landmarks to see. These places show the city’s rich culture and history. Be sure to visit them to really see what Split is all about.

Cathedral of Saint Domnius

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is a top spot to see in Split. It’s a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture from the 7th century. Look closely at the bell tower’s details and the old art and objects inside.

Split attractions

Peristyle Square

The Peristyle Square is inside Diocletian’s Palace. It feels like stepping back in time. The square is surrounded by old columns and statues. It was the center of the palace in Roman times. Walk around and enjoy the historic feel of the place.

Temple of Jupiter

Next to the Peristyle Square is the Temple of Jupiter. It’s an ancient Roman temple that shows the city’s history. Go inside to see the beautiful carvings and architecture. Make sure to go to the top for a great view of Split.

Visiting these landmarks will help you understand Split’s history and culture better. Take your time to see the beautiful designs, feel the lively atmosphere, and make memories that will last.

Indulging in Local Cuisine

Split, Croatia is famous for its delicious local food. It’s a top spot for anyone who loves to eat. On your Split city tour, don’t miss out on traditional dishes that show the area’s rich food history. You’ll find everything from slow-cooked meat and veggies to tasty pastries.

Sample Local Specialties

In the Split travel guide, make sure to taste these famous local dishes:

  • Peka: A favorite in Croatia, peka is slow-cooked meat and veggies. It’s prepared under a metal bell and cooked in open fire pits. The meat turns tender and smoky, while the veggies add freshness.
  • Pasticada: Pasticada is marinated beef slow-cooked until it’s perfect. The beef is marinated in garlic, red wine, rosemary, and other herbs. This makes the meat tender and tasty, often with homemade gnocchi.
  • Soparnik: Soparnik is a traditional savory pastry with Swiss chard, garlic, and olive oil. Made with simple ingredients like flour, water, and olive oil, it’s crispy and full of Mediterranean flavors.

These dishes show the cooking traditions of Split and the Dalmatian region. They mix fresh local ingredients with ancient cooking methods.

Pairing Your Meal

Improve your meal with a glass of local wine or rakija. Croatia has a strong wine culture, with vineyards making wines that go well with local food. You can choose from crisp white wines to rich reds to enhance your meal.

Rakija, traditional fruit brandy, is a favorite for both locals and tourists. This distilled spirit, made from fruits like plums or cherries, offers unique tastes of Croatian food culture.

Trying the local food in Split is a treat for your taste buds and a dive into local culture. Enjoying the slow-cooked peka or the flaky soparnik, each bite shares the heritage and love in every dish.

“Split’s local cuisine is a journey through centuries of tradition, where the flavors of the past meet the present on your plate.” – Anonymous Croatian Food Lover

Split city tour

Traditional Dish Description
Peka A slow-cooked meat and vegetable dish prepared under a metal bell
Pasticada Marinated beef slow-cooked to perfection, served with homemade gnocchi
Soparnik Savory pastry filled with Swiss chard, garlic, and olive oil

Exploring Nearby Islands

If you’re in Split, Croatia, don’t miss out on the nearby islands. They show off the Adriatic coast’s stunning beauty. You can see beautiful sights, go on outdoor adventures, or relax on beautiful beaches. There’s something for everyone on these islands.

Island Main Attractions
Hvar – Lavender fields
– Vibrant nightlife
– Historical landmarks
– Stunning beaches
Bisevo – Blue Cave
– Crystal-clear waters
– Snorkeling and diving opportunities
Brac – Sandy beaches
– Picturesque coastal towns
– Water sports activities
– Olive groves and vineyards

Hvar Island is magical. Its vast lavender fields and coastal towns are captivating. You can check out ancient buildings, historical sites, and enjoy the nightlife. This place draws people from all over.

Island Bisevo offers something special. Its Blue Cave is a natural wonder. Inside, a blue light fills the cave. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the clear waters around the island.

Looking for rest? Head to Brac Island. It has sandy beaches and calm coastal towns. You can sunbathe, swim, and try water sports. Or, walk through its olive groves and vineyards.

Planning Your Island Trip

Get the most from your visit by taking a guided tour or renting a private boat. In Split, many tour operators offer day trips. They make it easy to see the islands without worrying about travel plans.

Bring sunscreen, a hat, and lots of water, especially in the hot months. You’ll be outside a lot. And don’t forget your camera. You’ll want to remember the island’s beauty.

Start an island adventure and find the hidden treasures off Split’s coast. From Hvar’s lavender fields to Bisevo’s Blue Cave and Brac’s sandy shores, these islands offer memorable experiences. They will make your Croatia vacation even better.

Split sightseeing

Engaging in Outdoor Activities

Looking for fun on your trip? Split has lots of outdoor activities for the whole family. From scenic trail explorations to thrilling water sports, everyone can find something enjoyable in this coastal city.

1. Hiking and Biking in Marjan Hill Park

Step into nature with a hike or bike ride in Marjan Hill Park. Its lush scenery and amazing viewpoints make it a great spot for those who love the outdoors. There are plenty of trails. Some lead to secret places with great views of Split and the sea.

2. Water Sports Along the Coastline

Water fans should try the fun sports along Split’s beautiful coast. You can kayak in crystal waters or try standing on a paddleboard. Enjoy the cool sea air as you find secret coves and explore caves. It’s a great way to see the Adriatic’s beauty.

3. Boat Tours to Hidden Coves and Caves

For adventure, take a boat tour to see hidden spots along the coast. Sail the blue waters and see amazing cliffs and rocks. Bring your camera to capture the natural wonders that will amaze you.

“Split offers a wide range of outdoor activities, allowing visitors to embrace the natural beauty of this coastal city.” – Local Outdoor Enthusiast

Choose any outdoor activity, but remember sunscreen, comfy clothes, and the right shoes. Explore Split’s beauty and make lasting memories in the lovely outdoors of Croatia.

Split activities

Outdoor Activities Highlights
Hiking and Biking in Marjan Hill Park Scenic trails, breathtaking viewpoints
Water Sports Along the Coastline Kayaking, paddleboarding, exploring hidden coves
Boat Tours to Hidden Coves and Caves Discovering secluded spots, stunning rock formations


Dive into Split, Croatia’s rich history and lively culture with a 3-day trip you won’t forget. This amazing city has it all: old palaces, beautiful beaches, and tasty food. It’s perfect for every traveler.

Begin your journey at ancient sites like the famous Diocletian’s Palace. You’ll love the old buildings and their stories. Then, enjoy the sun at stunning beaches like Bacvice Beach or Znjan Beach. They’re great for relaxing and enjoying the view.

Get to know local culture by visiting the bustling markets. Check out the Green Market for fresh food and gifts. And don’t skip the Fish Market for incredible seafood. Try local dishes like peka and pasticada with a glass of wine. It’s a real treat.

Also, take a day to visit nearby islands. Places like Hvar have beautiful lavender fields. Each island offers unique adventures and sights. It’s a chance to see more beauty around Split.

Make sure to plan your trip well. Include places that match your interests, like historical sites, fun activities, and local food. Split has a fascinating history, stunning nature, and lively city life. It’s the perfect spot for a memorable 3-day trip that will make you want to come back.