Can you visit the Game of Thrones locations in Split?

Ever wondered where the epic Game of Thrones series came to life? Imagine walking where your favorite characters did. Discover the iconic places that made the show amazing.

You can now explore the Game of Thrones sites in Split, Croatia. This city was the setting for some iconic scenes. From old palaces to historic forts, Split is full of treasures from Westeros.

Are you a big fan of the show? Then, you shouldn’t miss exploring the magical world of Game of Thrones in Split. Get ready for an adventure into a realm of dragons, knights, and plots.

In this article, we’ll be your guide to the Game of Thrones sites in Split. We’ll share cool stories about these places. We’ll also tell you how you can visit these amazing locations. Ready to uncover Westeros’s secrets in Croatia? Let’s start this adventure!

Uncover the Magic of Game of Thrones in Split

Split is a breathtaking Croatian city with a big role in Game of Thrones. Discover filming spots that take you right into Westeros as you explore. The city’s history, culture, and beauty make it a must-see for fans.

Step into the Game of Thrones Universe

In Split, landmarks like Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress bring the series to life. Each spot shows the amazing world George R.R. Martin created.

“Split is a true treasure trove of Game of Thrones filming spots. It’s a testament to the architectural wonders and breathtaking landscapes that make this city a perfect fit for the epic saga.” – Game of Thrones fan

Game of Thrones spots in Split have won over fans. They are now key tourist spots. Feel the series’ magic as you stand where your favorite characters did.

Immerse Yourself in Split’s Culture

Split is more than a Game of Thrones spot. It has a deep cultural heritage. Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO site, showcases ancient history. Wander its streets to see shops and cafes that feel timeless.

Don’t miss Split’s natural beauty. Marjan Hill and city walls offer stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. Split blends history and nature in a captivating way.

Game of Thrones filming spots in Split

Unforgettable Experiences Await

Join a guided Game of Thrones tour in Split for a full experience. Guides share secrets and stories about the filming spots.

If you love or just like captivating places, Split’s Game of Thrones spots are memorable. It’s where fantasy meets reality in an unforgettable city.

A Guided Game of Thrones Tour in Split

In Split, the best way to see the Game of Thrones sites is with a guided tour. These tours let you dive into the magic world of Westeros. You can visit the famous spots that millions of fans love.

Join a Game of Thrones Split tour to see the real places from the show. It’s perfect for hardcore fans or curious travelers. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the TV series.

Different guided tours match what you like. The walking tour is a favorite. It lets you walk through Split and see where the show was filmed. You’ll walk where your favorite characters did and see key scene locations.

Or, try a boat tour for a new view. This tour takes you across the Adriatic Sea. You’ll see coastal spots from the show. The views are amazing, and your guide will tell you all about the Game of Thrones world.

Here are places you’ll visit on a Game of Thrones Split tour:

  • The great Diocletian’s Palace, stepping into Slaver’s Bay and Meereen.
  • The stunning Klis Fortress, where many battles happened.
  • The old city walls of Split, offering epic show moments and views.
  • Marjan Hill’s greenery, showing the natural beauty of the show.

A Game of Thrones tour in Split makes you appreciate the show more. Guides share cool stories, trivia, and facts. Your trip will be more fun and you’ll learn a lot.

Be part of the Game of Thrones story. Book a tour in Split for an adventure into a world of dragons and battles. Both walking and boat tours offer unique experiences.

Game of Thrones Split Tour


See Game of Thrones locations in Split and watch Westeros come alive. It’s an unforgettable trip.

Diocletian’s Palace – A Game of Thrones Marvel

Explore the world of Westeros at Diocletian’s Palace in Split. This 4th century palace is a key Game of Thrones filming site. It perfectly combines ancient architecture with the show’s magic.

Walk through the palace and see where key scenes were filmed. See the tunnels for Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons and the majestic peristyle. Every part of Diocletian’s Palace is a piece of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Split filming locations

Feel the thrill of being where famous scenes were shot. Imagine being in the Seven Kingdoms. Diocletian’s Palace is a must-visit for fans and history buffs alike.

“Visiting Diocletian’s Palace is like stepping back in time and into the world of Game of Thrones. It’s incredible to see how the producers and set designers transformed this ancient palace into iconic locations from the series.”

Exploring Diocletian’s Palace

Walk through the peristyle, the heart of the palace. This courtyard was a Game of Thrones scene for banquets and schemes.

Go down to the cellars where slaves and dragons were kept. This area has amazing stonework and mystery.

See the Vestibule, an impressive entrance used as the Red Keep in the show. Then visit the Golden Gate, the main entrance. Imagine entering the world of Game of Thrones.

Diocletian’s Palace Tour

Join a guided tour for the best palace experience. Guides share palace history and show spots from the show.

Tours also explore other landmarks in Split. Learn about Split’s history and its link to Game of Thrones.

Tour Highlights Duration Inclusions
Diocletian’s Palace Game of Thrones Tour 2 hours – English-speaking guide
– Visit to filming locations
– Insider stories and behind-the-scenes information
Split Walking and Game of Thrones Tour 3 hours – English-speaking guide
– Visit to Diocletian’s Palace and other Game of Thrones sites in Split
– Detailed historical and Game of Thrones commentary
Game of Thrones Speed Boat Tour 4 hours – English-speaking skipper and guide
– Speed boat ride along the coast of Split
– Visit to filming locations including Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress

Take a tour of Diocletian’s Palace and discover Game of Thrones secrets. Enjoy Split’s history on walking or speed boat tours. You’ll fall in love with this ancient city and its Westeros connection.

Klis Fortress – The Stronghold of Westeros

Journey to Klis Fortress, a historic stronghold featured in Game of Thrones. It sits on a hill above Split, with a long history.

Game of Thrones Split filming locations

This fortress became the city of Meereen in the series. Picture walking in Daenerys Targaryen’s steps. See where her battles were fought.

From Klis Fortress, the view is amazing. You can see the Adriatic Sea and feel the history of Westeros.

Key Features of Klis Fortress

  • Well-preserved medieval architecture
  • Impressive defensive walls
  • Ancient gates and watchtowers
  • Breathtaking views of the city and the Adriatic Sea

“Klis Fortress is a testament to the strength and resilience of the people who built it. It perfectly captures the essence of the Game of Thrones world, making it a must-visit destination for fans.” – Game of Thrones enthusiast

Explore the world of Westeros at Klis Fortress. The next part introduces another iconic spot in Split – the city walls.

The Stunning City Walls of Split

When you visit the charming city of Split, make sure to see the ancient city walls. These walls have lived through hundreds of years of history. They have also appeared in several Game of Thrones episodes. This makes them a top spot for both fans and history buffs.

The view from the city walls is truly amazing. You’ll see Split and the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Walking here, you might feel like you’re in Westeros, thinking of the characters who seem to come alive around you.

Game of Thrones Split filming locations

The city walls of Split are stunning and full of history. They let you see the city’s red roofs, the busy harbor, and the blue sea. Standing there, it’s a sight you won’t forget.

As you explore, you’ll find secret spots perfect for pictures. You’ll also learn fascinating facts about the walls’ past. They were crucial in defending the city for ages.

Walking the city walls is special, whether you love Game of Thrones or just want to see Split from a new angle. It connects you with history and fiction. You’ll walk where historical figures and fictional heroes have walked.

Don’t Miss:

  • The iconic “Walk of Shame” scene from Game of Thrones, filmed on the streets below the city walls
  • The breathtaking sunset views that create a magical ambiance
  • The opportunity to immerse yourself in Split’s rich history and heritage

Remember to wear comfy shoes and bring your camera. You’ll want to capture the stunning views of this famous Game of Thrones filming spot in Split.

Marjan Hill – A Natural Game of Thrones Setting

Start an exciting trip to Marjan Hill and see its beauty. This spot was used for Game of Thrones Split filming locations. It’s not just in the city. Marjan Hill’s stunning views played a big part in the show.

Marjan Hill is on the Split Peninsula’s edge. It’s full of greenery and offers sea views. It was the perfect place for Game of Thrones. It helped bring the world of Westeros to life.

“Marjan Hill gave us a landscape that matched the Seven Kingdoms’ majesty. The forests and cliffs created a magical setting for our stories.” – David Benioff, Game of Thrones Showrunner

Walking through Marjan Hill, you can follow where your favorite characters went. The forests and cliffs have seen many key moments from the show.

The Iron Throne Overlooking the Sea

A key scene on Marjan Hill involved Daenerys Targaryen. She and her advisors discuss their Iron Throne plans. They are on a cliff by the sea, which adds urgency to their talk.

Visiting this place, you’ll feel closer to the characters and their goals. Imagine the Iron Throne’s weight and the important choices made here.

Whispers in the Forest

The forests of Marjan Hill were the backdrop for important show events. Alliances, betrayals, and fates were decided here.

Walking through these woods, you feel the peace they offered to characters. The trees still seem to hold their secrets.

Game of Thrones Split filming locations

Unveiling Hidden Treasures

Marjan Hill has more than just Game of Thrones scenes. It’s full of natural marvels. Find secret caves, waterfalls, and amazing views as you explore this untouched area.

Marjan Hill is ideal for Game of Thrones fans or anyone who loves stunning landscapes. Walk the paths from the famous TV show and have your own great experiences.

Spots for Game of Thrones Fans in Split

If you love Game of Thrones and are visiting Split, don’t miss these spots. Explore Varos’ streets and Diocletian’s Palace cellars. These places will make you feel like you’re stepping into Westeros.

1. Varos

Walk through Varos and you’ll feel like you’re in King’s Landing. Its narrow streets and stone houses were used for the capital’s scenes. Remember to check out the historic stairway from Cersei’s walk of shame scene.

2. Diocletian’s Palace Cellars

Head down to Diocletian’s Palace cellars, where Daenerys kept her dragons. These ancient passageways will captivate you. Imagine the stories that took place right where you are standing.

3. Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress stands tall as the city of Meereen from the series. From atop this hill, enjoy stunning views and picture the epic battles. It’s a journey into the heart of Game of Thrones’ strategy and conflict.

4. Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill is a breathtaking filming location from Game of Thrones. Its green paths and views will mesmerize you. Reach the summit and experience the magic of Westeros.

5. Meštrović Gallery

Art-loving Game of Thrones fans must visit the Meštrović Gallery. Marvel at Ivan Meštrović’s powerful sculptures. You might notice themes similar to those in Game of Thrones.

The Game of Thrones Split Tour Experience

Join a Game of Thrones tour in Split for the full experience. Expert guides will show you iconic locations and share insights. Stand where your favorite characters stood and cherish the series’ craftsmanship.

Game of Thrones Split Tour

Don’t miss these incredible Game of Thrones sites in Split. Visit Varos’ streets, Diocletian’s Palace, Klis Fortress, and Marjan Hill. Each offers a unique link to Westeros. Plan your tour now for an unforgettable adventure.

Tips for Exploring Game of Thrones Locations in Split

Are you excited to see the Game of Thrones filming spots in Split? Here are some tips and advice to help you enjoy your trip fully and feel the magic of Westeros. These tips are great for die-hard fans or anyone who loves beautiful places. Follow this advice for an amazing Game of Thrones adventure.

1. Join a Game of Thrones Split Tour

Take a guided Game of Thrones tour in Split. You’ll learn secrets and stories about the places where they filmed. Guides share cool facts and trivia from the show. You can choose from walking tours or boat tours. Each offers special views and access to famous spots.

2. Visit Diocletian’s Palace

A trip isn’t complete without seeing Diocletian’s Palace. It’s a key location for many scenes in the series. Discover its huge walls, old hallways, and secret cellars. It’s where characters planned their moves.

3. Explore Klis Fortress

Head to Klis Fortress, known as the city of Meereen in the series. Walk its walls and picture yourself in the show. The views of Split and the area around it are amazing.

4. Journey Along the City Walls

Walk along Split’s ancient city walls as seen in the series. Enjoy the beautiful sea views as you walk where characters did. Bring your camera for great photos!

5. Venture to Marjan Hill

Get away to Marjan Hill, a natural spot from the show. It’s full of trees and quiet, perfect for enjoying nature. Walk its paths and remember the show’s big moments.

6. Dress the Part

Dress like your favorite Game of Thrones character while you visit. You can be a knight or a queen. It makes your experience even more fun.

7. Plan Ahead

Look up the filming spots in Split before you go. Make a plan with times, ticket costs, and rules for each place. This helps you see everything you want without rushing.

8. Capture the Memories

Take lots of photos of your Game of Thrones journey in Split. Capture the beautiful spots and the famous scenes. Then, you can remember your trip for a long time.

Keep these tips in mind to explore the Game of Thrones spots in Split the best way. Dive into the world of Westeros and make memories you’ll never forget.

Game of Thrones Split tour


Visiting the Game of Thrones locations in Split is like stepping into Westeros itself. Guided tours show you iconic filming spots. Plus, the city’s rich history adds to the unforgettable experience for show fans.

The landscapes and architecture in Split are stunning. They were the backdrop for epic series scenes. Imagine walking where your favorite characters did at places like Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress.

Plan your trip to Split today and dive into the Game of Thrones world. It’s perfect for fans or anyone loving beautiful views. History, culture, and fantasy mix in Split, making your visit truly magical.