Where is the best place to stay in Split?

Where should you stay in Split? Split, Croatia, offers many places to stay, from luxury hotels to economical lodges. It’s essential to pick a neighborhood that fits your needs. This will make your time in this stunning coastal city better.

So, what area is best for you? Are some spots often missed? We’ll show you the best places in Split, including top hotels, luxury stays, cheap options, vacation rentals, and popular areas. Plus, we’ll give tips on booking and suggest fun day trips.

Get ready to find out Split’s hidden secrets. Discover the perfect place that will elevate your trip to Croatia. Let’s start exploring!

Top Hotels in Split Croatia

Split, Croatia, offers a lot of great hotels for your stay. You’ll find top-notch amenities, outstanding service, and cozy accommodations. These make your visit to Split unforgettable.

The Hotel Adriana is a favorite among visitors. This luxury hotel sits at the city’s heart. It has amazing views of the Adriatic Sea and is close to Diocletian’s Palace. The hotel boasts fancy rooms, a rooftop pool, and a fine dining restaurant. It’s a great pick for those who love luxury.

The Hotel Vestibul Palace mixes modern luxury with historical allure. It’s inside Diocletian’s Palace walls. The hotel has rooms that show off stone walls and modern decor. Guests can have breakfast in the courtyard. The staff’s great service makes your stay even better.

Guest Reviews

“My stay at the Hotel Adriana was amazing. The staff were super friendly and the room was big and lovely. I loved the rooftop pool’s city views, and the breakfast was tasty.” Sarah, New York

“Hotel Vestibul Palace was beyond my expectations. Its location inside Diocletian’s Palace was extraordinary. The room was both luxurious and comfy. The staff made my visit unforgettable.” James, London

The Jupiter Luxury Hotel is perfect if you want to stay near the beach. It looks out onto the sandy beach. This hotel has fancy rooms, a calm spa, and a rooftop terrace with sea views. It’s modern and ensures a relaxing stay.

The Atrium Hotel is also highly recommended. This hotel is modern and stylish. It offers big rooms, a top-notch wellness center, and a rooftop pool with beautiful views. Near the city’s heart, it is great for work or play visitors.

top hotels in Split Croatia

Before you choose, read reviews from other travelers. Their experiences can help you pick the best hotel in Split, Croatia. Taking into account their views, you can find the ideal hotel that meets your needs and makes your stay more enjoyable.

Luxury Accommodations in Split

Indulge in Split’s top luxury accommodations. Enjoy five-star comfort and exclusive amenities at boutique hotels and upscale resorts.

Split offers the best in luxury stays. High-end options meet every need. Whether it’s a romantic or lavish vacation, choose Split for luxury.

Boutique Hotels in Split – Unforgettable Charm and Elegance

Boutique hotels in Split offer uniqueness and intimacy. They blend luxury, personalized service, and distinctive character. Experience Split’s rich history and culture with stylish accommodations.

Each boutique hotel captivates with its design and elegance. Rooms feature elegant furnishings and modern amenities. The staff ensures your stay is unforgettable.

Boutique hotels in Split are often in historical buildings. Enjoy views of the Adriatic Sea or Split’s Old Town. The hotel’s restaurant offers gourmet dining with local ingredients.

Upscale Resorts – Unwind and Rejuvenate in Style

For a resort-style stay, Split’s upscale resorts are perfect. They provide comfort, relaxation, and a range of amenities.

Relax by the pool, sipping cocktails and admiring the Adriatic Sea. Experience spa treatments and stay active with wellness activities.

Your room offers tranquility with plush bedding and modern tech. Enjoy stunning views. Traveling with others? These resorts make memories.

In Split, boutique hotels and resorts offer unmatched experiences. Book today for sophistication and luxury in this vibrant city.

luxury accommodations in Split


Budget-Friendly Lodging in Split

Are you traveling on a tight budget? No worries! Split offers many affordable lodging choices. These options provide comfort, cleanliness, and value. They are perfect for solo travelers or families watching their spending.

Hostel Split is a top pick for budget travelers. This hostel sits in the city’s center. It has affordable dorm rooms and shared spaces. It’s a good spot to meet other travelers and save money.

For those seeking privacy, Apartment Adriatic is great. These self-catering apartments are dotted around Split. They come with a kitchenette, letting you cook meals and cut dining out costs.

“Budget-friendly lodgings in Split were beyond my hopes. I found a place that was both clean and comfy. This let me save money for exploring more of the city.” Lisa, a budget traveler

Clean and Comfortable Stay at an Affordable Price

Budget lodgings in Split will surprise you with their cleanliness and comfort. These places offer tidy rooms, soft beds, clean bathrooms, and needed amenities.

Budget Hotel Adriana is one option to consider. It’s in a central spot, with a welcoming staff. This hotel has cozy rooms at a good price. It lets you wake up ready to see the city without spending too much.

budget-friendly lodging in Split

Convenient Locations for Easy Exploration

Split’s affordable lodging choices are often well-located. This makes it simple to visit key sights, eat out, and use public transport. You can walk around the city or use buses and ferries for longer trips.

Guesthouse Marjan is great for staying central. It’s a quick walk to Diocletian’s Palace and the waterfront. This makes it an easy spot to start exploring from.

Affordable Eateries and Local Delights

Choosing affordable lodging in Split means easy access to cheap eats and local markets. This lets you try Croatian cuisine without overspending.

Konoba Fetivi is a local dining spot with reasonable prices. They serve traditional Dalmatian food, like seafood and meat dishes. It’s a chance to enjoy local flavors on a budget.

Summary of Budget-Friendly Lodging in Split

Accommodation Features Location Price Range
Hostel Split Dormitory-style rooms, shared facilities City center $-$$
Apartment Adriatic Self-catering apartments Various locations in Split $-$$
Budget Hotel Adriana Comfortable rooms Central location $-$$
Guesthouse Marjan Convenient location Short walk from attractions $-$$

Split has many budget-friendly lodging options for a comfy stay without hurting your wallet. Book your affordable place now. Enjoy your time in this stunning Croatian city.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Split

Planning your trip to Split, Croatia, is exciting. Deciding where to stay is key for a great trip. You might want a picturesque spot by the water or a lively center. Split has many areas perfect for any taste. Let’s look at the top picks for neighborhoods.

1. Old Town (Diocletian’s Palace)

Love history and charm? Old Town is perfect. It surrounds the famous Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO site. Wander the narrow streets, see old buildings, and find cozy squares with cafes. You’ll be close to big spots like the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and the Riva promenade.

2. Bačvice

Bačvice is great for beach lovers. It’s near the city center and has Split’s famous sandy beach. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and playing picigin. At night, walk the lively promenade filled with places to eat and hang out.

3. Martićeva

Martićeva offers a local and artsy feel. It’s just outside the city’s heart. This area boasts art spots, cool cafes, and unique shops. Wander down Tomašićeva Street with its colorful art. It’s a quiet place but still close to major attractions.

4. Bol

Seeking peace? Visit Bol on the island of Brač. You can get there by ferry. Bol is known for its amazing beaches like Zlatni Rat. Enjoy the beach, try local food, and see stunning views. Bol is a calm spot near Split.

5. Varoš

Varoš offers a charming and real local experience. It’s between Marjan Hill and the city center. You’ll see narrow streets, traditional homes, and small squares. Check out the markets, eat at local spots, and see great views from Marjan Hill. Varoš is a special part of Split.

6. Split 3

Split 3 is calm, near the center, and close to the beach. It’s perfect for a quiet stay. Walk the tree-lined roads, visit Žnjan Beach, and check out shops. Split 3 gives a relaxed feel near the city.

Split waterfront hotels

Knowing where to stay in Split helps you enjoy your Croatian trip. Whether you want a busy center or a quiet water spot, you’ll find it here. Pick your perfect area and make unforgettable memories in Split.

Neighborhood Highlights
Old Town (Diocletian’s Palace) – Historic charm and ancient architecture
Bačvice – Popular sandy beach and vibrant nightlife
Martićeva – Art galleries and trendy cafes
Bol (Island of Brač) – Breathtaking beaches and natural beauty
Varoš – Local markets and traditional Dalmatian houses
Split 3 – Peaceful residential neighborhood

Split Vacation Rentals

Looking for a personalized stay in Split? Think about choosing a vacation rental. These rentals range from apartments to villas and houses. They offer a comfy, homey feel.

Split vacation rentals

Vacation rentals give you more room, privacy, and the freedom to do things your way. They’re perfect whether you’re alone, with a partner, or in a group.

Renting a place lets you dive into the local culture. You get to meet locals, explore around, and see what Split life is really like.

“A vacation rental means you set your own pace, cook your meals, and live like you’re one of the locals. It’s your home in a new city!”

Many rentals are in unique, local areas of Split. They let you find spots and attractions off the beaten path, away from the usual tourist places.

Whether it’s a cozy downtown apartment, a sea-view villa, or a big beach house, there’s a perfect rental for your taste and budget.

Benefits of Split Vacation Rentals:

  • More space and privacy than a hotel room
  • Flexible accommodation options for different group sizes
  • Opportunity to experience local culture and neighborhoods
  • A chance to cook your own meals and save on dining expenses
  • Potential cost savings compared to luxury hotels

It’s simple to book a vacation rental in Split. Just use online sites that focus on rentals to find and pick based on what you want.

Why stick to a regular hotel room when you can have a vacation rental in Split? Live like a local and fully enjoy your visit with a cozy, personal place.

Exploring Split’s Attractions

Choosing the best place to stay is crucial, but exploring Split’s attractions is a must. You’ll find iconic spots like Diocletian’s Palace and beautiful Marjan Hill. Each offers unique sights and activities.

Split's Attractions

Be sure to visit Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a fascinating mix of Roman and medieval designs. Wander its ancient streets, check out the shops, and dive into its rich history.

Marjan Hill is perfect for nature enthusiasts. Just outside Split, it offers stunning views of the city and sea. You can hike, bike, find hidden beaches, and enjoy a picnic in this beautiful setting.

Don’t skip the Split City Museum if you love art and culture. Near the Peristyle, it showcases Split’s archaeological and historical treasures. Learn about Split’s cultural identity through its exhibits.

“Exploring Split’s attractions is like stepping into another time. From ancient ruins to vibrant streets and stunning nature, the city is truly unique.”

– Traveler’s Review

For a taste of local culture, visit the Green Market. It’s full of fresh food, local treats, and traditional items. Meet friendly vendors, try Dalmatian cuisine, and find special souvenirs.

The Riva promenade is a must for relaxing and people-watching. It’s perfect for enjoying a coffee by the water. Or you can do some shopping at nearby boutiques.

Split offers history, nature, art, and culture. Don’t miss exploring its amazing attractions and making lasting memories.

Recommended Day Trips from Split

While in Split, explore nearby breathtaking attractions. Find natural wonders, historical sites, and charming towns. Adventure awaits with these top picks:

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Experience the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO site, just 2 hours from Split. It’s known for its beautiful cascading lakes and waterfalls. Walk along wooden paths, see the lakes’ vibrant colors, and enjoy the untouched nature.

2. Trogir

Travel back in time in Trogir, a UNESCO site close to Split. This town boasts medieval architecture and quaint streets. See the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, explore Old Town’s alleys, and view the Adriatic Sea.

3. Hvar Island

Hvar Island offers paradise, a ferry ride from Split. It combines vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, and green landscapes. Discover Hvar town, the ancient fortress, and bask on beautiful beaches.

4. Krka National Park

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is about an hour from Split. This park features amazing waterfalls, clear pools, and diverse wildlife. Swim in green waters, walk the trails, and see the water mills.

These day trips from Split showcase Croatia’s varied beauty, creating lasting memories. Enjoy Plitvice Lakes’ waterfalls, Trogir’s medieval streets, Hvar’s beaches, or Krka’s natural splendor. Each trip offers a unique adventure.

Tips for Booking Your Stay in Split

Before you book in Split, Croatia, keep a few tips in mind for a smooth experience. These tips will help you make a smart choice and fully enjoy your stay. They include booking early and checking cancellation policies.

1. Plan Ahead and Book in Advance

Split is a hit spot for tourists, so it gets crowded during peak seasons. To get the best places to stay, plan and book early. You will have more choices and might even find discounts.

2. Read Reviews and Compare Options

Reading reviews from others who’ve been there is crucial. Choose between stays by visiting sites like TripAdvisor and Booking.com. Look at the location, what they offer, and what others say.

3. Consider Your Budget

Know how much you can spend on your stay and find places within your budget. For those saving money, look at cheaper lodgings or vacation rentals. Don’t forget to think about extra expenses like food, travel, and activities.

4. Check Cancellation Policies

Always check the cancellation policy before booking your place. Things change, and you might have to cancel. Choose places with cancellation options that work for you.

“Don’t forget to check the cancellation policies of your chosen accommodations to avoid any potential fees or complications.”

5. Contact the Property Directly

If you have special needs or questions, talking to the property directly is best. Email or call them for more info and to make booking easier.

6. Consider Location and Accessibility

Location is everything. Decide if you want to be downtown, near the beach, or in a particular area. Also, look at transport and attractions nearby for convenience.

These tips will guide you in picking the right place in Split, Croatia. Plan, budget, and research to enjoy your visit to this stunning coastal city.

Booking Your Stay in Split


In conclusion, Split has accommodations for all budgets. You can choose from luxury experiences to affordable stays. There are top hotels in Split, Croatia, with great amenities and service.

Vacation rentals in Split give you a homey feeling.

Think about the best neighborhoods for your tastes when picking where to stay. Whether you love being by the water or in the bustling city center, Split has the perfect spot. You should definitely visit Split’s attractions like Diocletian’s Palace and Marjan Hill.

Also, consider day trips from Split to see more. Plitvice Lakes National Park and the town of Trogir are not far. Before booking, look up tips for a worry-free visit to Split. Plan well and enjoy your trip to Croatia!