Swimming near Mostar

Ever dreamt of diving into crystal-clear waters with amazing views all around? Mostar is full of spots like this. It’s great for both adventurers and those looking for peace.

We’re here to guide you in finding hidden gems, calm rivers, natural pools, and pretty waterfalls. These places are ideal for a cool swim. Get ready to find the top swimming spots near Mostar and see the beauty yourself.

As soon as you arrive, the beauty will take your breath away. Whether you love nature or just want to chill, Mostar’s swimming spots are a perfect mix of beautiful and peaceful.

Ready to jump into this water adventure? Let’s start and find the perfect swimming spots near Mostar for you!

Best Places to Swim near Mostar.

If you’re looking for a great swim, Mostar has many options. This city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of beautiful natural spots perfect for swimming. You can enjoy the calm of natural pools or swim in gentle rivers.

The Kravice Waterfalls are a top pick for swimmers. They are not far from Mostar and offer pool-like places to cool off. The water is clear and the area is surrounded by lush greenery.

Best places to swim near Mostar

For a quieter spot, visit the Blagaj Tekke. It’s hidden at the bottom of a cliff and features a natural pool by the Buna River. The water is green and it’s very peaceful, making it great for a relaxing swim.

Looking for something unique? Try Vrelo Bune. This spring has bright blue water and beautiful rocks. It’s known as one of the biggest karstic springs in Europe.

The Neretva River is another great place to swim. It flows through the city, offering many places for a swim or to sunbathe. Whether in the city or further out, swimming in the Neretva River is a beautiful experience.

Discover the top swimming locations near Mostar, where you can immerse yourself in natural beauty and enjoy a refreshing swim. From the Kravice Waterfalls to the hidden Blagaj Tekke, these swimming spots offer a diverse range of options for water enthusiasts.

As you look for swimming spots near Mostar, don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen. These places are full of beautiful sights and clear water. They’re perfect for connecting with nature and having a great time.

Natural Pools and Waterfalls.

Get ready to see some amazing natural pools and waterfalls near Mostar. They are the perfect spot for a cool, refreshing swim in peaceful nature. You’ll find these hidden treasures in beautiful landscapes, away from the city’s busy life.

Swimming spots in Mostar

As you venture out from Mostar, there are many natural pools and falls waiting for you. They are hidden in lush greenery, ready to bring you peace. It’s a place where nature refreshes both your body and soul.

Swim in Crystal Clear Waters

Imagine swimming in pools with clear, cool, mountain spring water. It’s refreshing and enjoyable. These spots let you relax and enjoy nature while swimming.

Be Surrounded by Stunning Landscapes

These spots near Mostar are surrounded by big mountains, thick forests, and flowing water. It’s the perfect setting for a swim. Nature’s beauty is all around as you take a dip.

“Swimming in these natural pools and waterfalls near Mostar is like stepping into a hidden paradise. The tranquility and beauty of these locations make for an unforgettable swimming experience.”

You can choose to dip your toes in a peaceful pool by the cliffs or jump into water taken by cascading falls. These spots promise a special experience. They are perfect for a cool off and being close to nature.

Swimming Spot Location Features
The Emerald Pool Kravice Waterfalls A series of cascading waterfalls with emerald-green pools, surrounded by lush greenery.
Blagaj Springs Blagaj A natural spring that gushes forth from a cave, forming a serene pool.
The Blue Lagoon Radobolja River A hidden swimming spot with crystal-clear waters and a vibrant blue hue.

If you’re in Mostar, don’t miss out on these amazing natural swimming spots. They are great for both adventure and relaxing. Get ready to be amazed by their natural beauty.

Rivers and Lakes.

Dive into the calm waters of rivers and lakes near Mostar, finding peace and connection with nature. These places are great for a swim, away from the city’s busy life. Here, you can enjoy the quiet beauty of the outdoors.

Experience Serene Rivers

The Radobolja River, near Mostar, is a top pick for swimmers. With clear waters and a calm vibe, it’s a short drive from the city. Swimming here means being surrounded by lush green views and tranquility. It’s the perfect spot to relax and bask in nature’s wonder.


Discover Picturesque Lakes

Mostar also boasts stunning lakes like the Kravice Waterfalls. Just 40 kilometers south, these falls flow into an emerald-green lake. It’s a lovely place to swim and enjoy the view of cliffs and dense forests around you.

Then we have Hutovo Blato Nature Park, offering a unique wetland experience. There are many pristine lakes here. The calm waters and rich wildlife make it a perfect place for those who love nature.

The Prokosko Lake is another gem, found in the Prokosko Nature Park’s mountains. This glacial lake is surrounded by amazing views, perfect for a cool swim. Trails let you explore while enjoying the peaks’ views.

A Table Comparing Rivers and Lakes Near Mostar

River/Lake Location Features
Radobolja River Near Mostar Crystal-clear waters, lush greenery
Kravice Waterfalls 40 km south of Mostar Series of cascading waterfalls, emerald-green lake
Hutovo Blato Nature Park Near Mostar Pristine lakes, diverse flora and fauna
Prokosko Lake Prokosko Nature Park Glacial lake, stunning mountain scenery

Outdoor swimming near Mostar

If you love the calm of rivers or prefer the view of lakes, Mostar’s places are perfect for you. Dive in, refresh, and enjoy the peaceful beauty of these natural swimming spots.

Hidden Gems.

Venture off the beaten path to find the hidden swimming spots near Mostar. You’ll discover places that are not well-known but peaceful and less crowded.

Idyllic Cove at Bijelo Polje

Bijelo Polje is a short drive away from Mostar and has a beautiful cove. It’s loved by those who know it for its clear water and quiet nature. Here, you can swim and enjoy the natural beauty all around you.

Peaceful Oasis at Kravice Waterfalls

Only about 40 kilometers from Mostar, you’ll find the stunning Kravice Waterfalls. This spot is perfect for a peaceful swim under the falls, surrounded by greenery and cliffs. It is a beautiful place for anyone who loves nature and swimming.

Untouched Beauty at Hutovo Blato Nature Park

Hutovo Blato Nature Park is a short drive southeast of Mostar and offers untouched beauty. It’s a large wetland area with lakes, rivers, and lots of wildlife. Enjoy a swim in the calm lake waters and the peacefulness of being close to nature.

Explore these hidden gems near Mostar for a unique outdoor swimming experience. These spots are quiet and beautiful, letting you connect with nature deeply.

Best places to swim near Mostar

Hidden Gems Description Accessibility
Bijelo Polje A picturesque cove with crystal-clear waters, just a short drive from Mostar Accessible by car, parking available
Kravice Waterfalls A tranquil oasis with cascading falls and lush surroundings, approximately 40km southwest of Mostar Accessible by car, parking available
Hutovo Blato Nature Park An untouched wetland area with serene lakes and diverse wildlife, a short drive southeast of Mostar Accessible by car, parking available

Safety Tips for Swimming near Mostar.

Safety is crucial when swimming near Mostar. Whether in natural pools or calm rivers, use these tips. They will make sure your swim is both fun and safe.

1. Check Water Conditions Before Swimming

Always check the water conditions first. Look out for any warnings on water quality or dangers. Avoid swimming in murky water or strong currents. It’s safer to find other places to swim.

2. Swim in Designated Areas

Swim where it’s allowed. These spots are checked for safety and may have lifeguards. Staying in authorized areas helps avoid risks and get help fast if needed.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Be mindful of what’s around you while swimming. Watch for hidden objects, rocks, or sudden deep spots. Avoid spots with strong currents and don’t swim alone.

4. Practice Proper Swimming Techniques

Improve your swimming to stay safe. Learn different strokes and how to breathe efficiently. If you’re not confident in the water, wear a life jacket.

5. Stay Hydrated and Protect Yourself from the Sun

Swimming in the sun can tire you out and dehydrate you. Drink lots of water and apply sunscreen. Even in the shade, UV rays can harm your skin.

6. Swim with a Buddy

Swimming with a friend is wise, especially in new areas. It adds safety and fun. Plus, it ensures someone is there to help if needed.

“Safety is key near Mostar’s waters. Follow these rules for a great, safe time. You’ll love the beautiful spots this area offers.” – LocalSwimEnthusiast

Stick to these safety tips for a great swim near Mostar. Check the water, swim where it’s safe, watch your surroundings, swim well, stay hydrated, protect your skin, and bring a friend. Following these guidelines means you’ll have a blast discovering Mostar’s swim spots.

Mostar swimming tips

Facilities and Amenities.

Swimming spots near Mostar offer plenty to make your visit better. There are places to change, eat, and even relax in the shade. These features make sure you have a great time.

1. Changing Rooms

Near Mostar, almost every spot to swim has changing rooms. They give you privacy and help you get ready before or after swimming. This makes your visit more comfortable.

2. Picnic Areas

In Mostar, you’ll find lovely picnic areas by the water. They’re perfect for families or someone wanting peaceful time alone. These spots offer a beautiful view to enjoy while you eat.

3. Restrooms

There are clean restrooms at the swimming areas near Mostar. They’re easy to find and help keep your visit enjoyable. This way, you can make the most of your time without worry.

4. Snack Bars and Cafes

If you get hungry or thirsty, don’t worry. Near Mostar’s swimming spots, there are places to grab a snack or a drink. It’s perfect for keeping your energy up while having fun in the water.

5. Sunshades and Umbrellas

For shade and protection, some swimming spots have umbrellas. They make it easier to stay cool when you’re not in the water. It’s a nice touch for those sunny summer days.

Don’t forget to see what each swimming spot offers. You might find extras like lifeguards or places to rent water sports equipment. These can add even more fun to your day.

Swimming near Mostar

With these features, swimming near Mostar becomes a better experience. So, don’t forget your essentials like a swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen. Have a great time in these beautiful places.


Enjoying outdoor swimming near Mostar means looking at accessibility closely. Many spots in Mostar are easy to reach, whether by car or public transport. This makes sure everyone can visit and enjoy the beauty.


Most swimming spots in Mostar have lots of space for parking. You can park your own car or a rented one near the locations. Remember to look out for the parking rules and fees to avoid any issues.

Public Transportation

Choosing public transport is also a good option. Local buses and taxis can take you to the swimming spots. This means you can sit back, relax, and avoid any worries about parking or driving. Just make sure to check the schedules and routes before heading out.

Wheelchair Accessibility

For those with mobility challenges, Mostar’s swimming spots are designed with inclusivity in mind. There are accessible ramps and pathways for easy entry. This allows everyone to enjoy the beauty and have a refreshing swim.

When planning a trip to Mostar’s swimming spots, think about what access you need. Whether you’re driving, using public transport, or need wheelchair accessibility, you’ll find these spots are open to all. You’re sure to have a great time enjoying the water.

Swimming spots in Mostar


Explore the gorgeous swimming spots near Mostar for a great time in the water. You can find peace at natural pools, calm in rivers, or hidden spots that are jewels to discover. This detailed swimming guide has choices for all kinds of swimmers.

Enjoy the clear waters of natural pools and waterfalls, all within stunning views. Swim in the quiet rivers and lakes to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. Discover secret spots that are peaceful and offer a unique swim experience.

When going swimming, it’s vital to stay safe. Always check the water’s condition, swim correctly, and make sure you’re looking after yourself. This will help you have a fun and safe time.

Make a plan to visit these lovely places in Mostar for your next swim. From stunning sights to hidden gems, Mostar is full of memorable places to explore. So, pack your swim gear, bring your friends and family, and go on a fun journey to find Mostar’s top swimming spots.