Where are the best beaches in Cape Cod?

Welcome to our guide on Cape Cod’s best beaches. Cape Cod is famous for its beautiful shores. You can find family-friendly spots and great surf breaks here. Let’s explore the top beaches in Cape Cod where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

Cape Cod is perfect for a coastal escape. It has a wonderful variety of beach experiences. Enjoy the calm at Head of the Meadow Beach or the exciting waves at Nauset Beach. Wondering where to find Cape Cod’s best beaches? Are they mostly oceanfront or are there hidden gems by the bay? Join us as we discover Cape Cod’s top beaches and what makes them special.

Cape Cod Beach Types and Geography

Cape Cod has beaches for all kinds of beach lovers. This beautiful peninsula features a wide variety of beach types. Whether you love calm bay beaches, the excitement of the ocean, or stunning shorelines, you’ll find your perfect match here.

Bay Beaches

Known for their peaceful waters, bay beaches are perfect for families. Their gentle waves offer a relaxing space. They’re ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and taking quiet walks.

Oceanfront Stretches

For a more adventurous beach day, head to the oceanfront beaches. These spots have energetic surf, perfect for surfers and water sports fans. You’ll also enjoy the beautiful views and the thrill that the waves bring.

Shoreline Spots

Cape Cod also has stunning shoreline spots. These places are known for their natural, rugged beauty. You can walk along rocky shores and see the powerful Atlantic Ocean up close.

“Cape Cod’s diverse beach types and geography provide endless opportunities for beach lovers to find their perfect spot.”

Looking for a peaceful retreat, exciting surfing, or amazing views? Cape Cod’s beaches have it all. Check out the beautiful beach types and shoreline spots this area has to offer.

Beach Type Key Features
Bay Beaches Calm waters, gentle waves, family-friendly
Oceanfront Stretches Energetic surf, popular for water sports
Shoreline Spots Rugged beauty, dramatic landscapes

Cape Cod Beaches

Nauset Beach – Best for Surfing

Nauset Beach in Cape Cod is an epic spot for those who love to surf big waves. It’s famous for its powerful surf breaks and tough waves. Here, surfers find the excitement and challenge they’re looking for.

On the east coast of Cape Cod, Nauset Beach runs for miles. This gives surfers a big area to find their perfect wave. The beach’s surf is reliable, drawing surfers from all over.

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This beach is surrounded by beautiful scenery. You’ll see lovely views and amazing dunes as you surf. And as you head out into the Atlantic, you get an awesome look at Cape Cod’s coast.

Come visit, whether you’re skilled at surfing or just starting out. There’s a surf shop with rentals. This means you can get everything you need, even if you don’t have your own gear.

Not a surfer? Nauset Beach has more for you, too. You can walk the beach, enjoy the sun, or just take in the Cape’s natural beauty.

Cape Cod beaches

Make a trip to Nauset Beach and try out some of Cape Cod’s best surfing. It’s great for those wanting a thrilling time or to be surrounded by beautiful coast. Nauset Beach promises a memorable experience.

Race Point Beach – Best for Wildlife Viewing

Race Point Beach is a top spot for nature fans. This beach in Cape Cod is a great place to see interesting animals in their own space.

Cape Cod beaches

One big draw is the seals. They love to lounge and play by the shore. Watching them is a joy.

You might also spot whales during summer. They come close to Cape Cod while traveling. Seeing them blow water or jump out of the water is amazing.

Make sure to bring camera and binoculars. If you like wildlife, you’ll love it here. Race Point Beach is not just any beach; it’s a nature lover’s dream.

Getting There

To reach Race Point Beach, head to Provincetown on Cape Cod. Drive along Route 6 and follow signs. Parking can be busy, so come early in summer.

Facilities and Amenities

This beach has everything you need for a day of fun. You’ll find bathrooms, outdoor showers, picnic spots, and snacks at the concession stand. Additionally, you can rent chairs and umbrellas here.

Exploring the Surroundings

Don’t miss the hiking trails in the National Seashore. They go through the dunes and offer great views. Plus, you can see many different birds.

Check the National Park Service site before you go. This way you’ll know if anything is closed or has special rules.

Old Silver Beach – Best for Families

Old Silver Beach on Cape Cod is a top choice for families. It’s known for its kid-friendly waters and peaceful waves. This makes it a great spot for little ones to have fun in the water.

Upon arrival, you’ll see the beautiful, clear water and endless sandy shores. There’s plenty of room for families to lay out beach gear and relax. A perfect beach day awaits you.

This beach is well-equipped with helpful features. You’ll find spotless restrooms and showers to wash off the sand. Plus, there are picnic spots for enjoying meals together. With lifeguards on watch, safety is a top priority.

The area is always alive with families enjoying various beach activities. Whether it’s building sandcastles, flying kites, or simply soaking up the sun, everyone can join in the fun. It’s a community full of energy and joy.

“Old Silver Beach is a cherished spot for families seeking a safe and fun beach experience. Its calm waters, gentle waves, and abundance of amenities make it an ideal destination for parents looking to create lasting memories with their children.” – Beachgoer

If you’re looking for beach relaxation, family swims, or shell hunting, this is the spot. Old Silver Beach offers a serene and family-welcoming environment. It’s a favorite for those wanting to explore Cape Cod with their loved ones.

Family-friendly beaches on Cape Cod

Snapshot: Old Silver Beach Amenities

Amenities Details
Restrooms Clean and well-maintained facilities
Outdoor Showers Convenient for rinsing off sand
Picnic Areas Perfect for enjoying a beachside lunch
Lifeguards On duty for added safety

Old Silver Beach is designed for memorable family vacations. Its combination of family-friendly resources, striking views, and warm reception makes it the perfect place to visit on your Cape Cod trip.

Coast Guard Beach – Best for Scenic Views

Coast Guard Beach is a standout among Cape Cod beaches. It’s famous for stunning views and its scenic beauty. Within the Cape Cod National Seashore, it lets people get close to nature’s splendor.

Stepping onto Coast Guard Beach, you see vast Atlantic Ocean views. The waves’ rhythm on the shore makes a peaceful sound. It’s a highlight for anyone enjoying the beach.

Tall dunes make the beach look even better, a majestic sight. These dunes are proof of how the coast constantly changes over time.

The beauty of this beach is in its untouched look. There’s soft sand, green dunes, and bright beach plants mixing perfectly.

Cape Cod shoreline spots

“The beauty of Coast Guard Beach is truly unparalleled. The moment you arrive, you’ll be mesmerized by the expansive ocean views and the majestic dunes that encircle the beach. It’s a true paradise for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility.”

The Cape Cod National Seashore

Coast Guard Beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, a 40-mile protected area. It’s a great spot for those who love nature. Visitors can see diverse plants and animals and enjoy many outdoor activities.

For those who love the outdoors, this spot offers a lot. You can hike in the dunes or watch birds in the marshes.

Plan Your Visit

If you wish to see Coast Guard Beach’s beauty, plan your visit well. In high season, parking is hard to find. So, come early. Also, be ready for rules that protect the environment.

Coast Guard Beach Location Amenities Approved Activities
Coast Guard Beach Eastham, MA Restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic tables Swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, hiking

Don’t miss the stunning views and peace of Coast Guard Beach. It’s a must-see among best Cape Cod beaches. You’ll find scenic beauty, quiet, and a deep connection with nature there.

Head of the Meadow Beach – Best for Peace and Tranquility

Head of the Meadow Beach is perfect if you want peace and quiet. It’s not crowded, making it a hidden spot for a calm visit. Here, you can soak in the natural beauty of Cape Cod without any distractions.

This beach is truly beautiful, with its clear blue waters and golden sand. The surroundings make it a great place to escape and relax. It’s ideal for anyone looking to find some peace.

It’s a great spot to chill out, listen to the waves, or walk along the shore. Head of the Meadow Beach is all about giving you a calm place to unwind and be alone with your thoughts.

For a truly peaceful experience on Cape Cod, Head of the Meadow Beach is a must-visit.

Cape Cod beaches

Beach Amenities

Facilities: You can find restrooms, outdoor showers, and picnic areas here.

Parking: But remember, parking is limited. So, it’s wise to arrive early to grab a spot.

Accessibility: It’s easy to get to the beach with wheelchair-friendly paths.

Beach Name Location Facilities Parking Accessibility
Head of the Meadow Beach Truro Restrooms, outdoor showers, and picnic areas Limited parking available, arrive early to secure a spot Wheelchair-accessible paths

Skaket Beach – Best for Tidepool Exploring

Skaket Beach, found in Orleans, is known for its tidepools. It’s special because of the vast tidal flats. At low tide, they stretch out for miles, showing a rich world of sea creatures.

Exploring the tidepools is a key part of the Skaket Beach experience. These pools form when the tide goes out. They’re like windows into a world full of interesting creatures.

Walking through the tidepools, you may see hermit crabs, periwinkles, and bright sea anemones. Look out for starfish and sand dollars as well. It’s a chance to see many different life forms up close.

So, if you love nature or are up for a family adventure, don’t miss this. It’s amazing to watch these creatures in their own homes.

Cape Cod tidepools

Exploring Skaket Beach at Low Tide

Before heading to Skaket Beach, check the tide tables. You want to visit at low tide for the best tidepool experience. Also, wear shoes that are good for walking on wet rocks.

Be kind to the sea life and the beach’s delicate nature. Don’t take any animals home and make sure the pools are clean for others.

Skaket Beach has more to offer than tidepools. It has beautiful sandy spots, calm waters, and stunning sunsets. You can walk, play, or just relax there. It’s a perfect place for anyone.

Mayflower Beach – Best for Sunset Views

Mayflower Beach is famous for its stunning sunset views over Cape Cod Bay. It’s found on the northern shore of Cape Cod. It’s a beautiful place to watch the sun show its colors as it sets.

This beach has large tidal flats and calm water. It’s ideal for watching the sun go down. The area is peaceful and loved by many. You can take a romantic walk or sit on the sand to enjoy the view.

The sky glows with bright oranges, deep purples, and pinks at sunset. These colors reflect in the calm ocean waters. It’s a sight that’s both beautiful and calming. You can take photos or just soak in the peaceful vibe.

“The sunset at Mayflower Beach is like a painting come to life. It’s one of those moments that truly takes your breath away.” – Beach enthusiast

Make sure not to miss sunset at Mayflower Beach. It’s perfect for making memories, having a quiet evening, or just enjoying nature’s beauty. This beach on Cape Cod is perfect for sunset.

Cape Cod Beach Sunset

Visitor Amenities:

  • Restrooms and changing facilities
  • Picnic areas with tables and grills
  • Outdoor showers
  • Parking facilities

Beach Regulations:

  • No alcohol
  • No pets between May 15th and September 15th
  • No fires or fireworks
  • Keep the beach clean and dispose of trash properly


We hope this ultimate guide to the best beaches in Cape Cod has helped you. It’s now easier to find the perfect spot for your beach adventure. Cape Cod offers a variety of beaches. Whether you seek thrilling waves or a quiet place, you’ll find it here.

Plan your visit to Cape Cod and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. Explore these top-rated beaches with your family or friends.

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