Augusta riverfront dining

Augusta, Georgia, offers stunning riverfront dining. Are you a food lover or enjoy beautiful views? You’ll find perfect places along Augusta’s riverside.

There are many outdoor and riverside eateries to enjoy. Augusta’s food scene is full of variety and flavor. This guide will help you find the best riverfront restaurants in Augusta.

Enjoy Stunning Views at Augusta Riverfront Dining Restaurants.

In Augusta, Georgia, dining by the river is extraordinary. The riverfront’s views and atmosphere make meals memorable. Joining the river for dinner means being surrounded by beauty.

Dining outdoors makes meals special. You can enjoy great food with a calming view. It’s perfect for dates or being with loved ones. The river makes the meal even better.

Augusta’s riverfront dining spots cater to all tastes. You can have seafood or juicy steaks while enjoying the riverside. These spots offer both great food and beautiful views.

“The combination of delicious cuisine and scenic riverfront views creates a dining experience like no other. It’s the perfect blend of culinary delights and natural beauty.”

Visiting Augusta’s riverfront for dining is a top pick. It blends great food with stunning scenery. The quiet river and picturesque area elevate any meal.

Don’t settle for the usual when there’s something so special to try. Augusta’s riverfront restaurants offer both great food and lovely sights. It’s an experience that’s truly charming in every way.

outdoor dining by Augusta river

Restaurant Cuisine Location
1. River’s Edge Seafood, American Riverfront Drive
2. The Boathouse Steakhouse, Seafood 5th Street
3. Savannah River Brewing Co. Brewery, Pub Food Riverfront Drive
4. Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar Seafood, Southern Frontage Road
5. The Frog Hollow Tavern American, Farm-to-Table Broad Street

Top Riverfront Eateries in Augusta.

Augusta’s riverfront eateries are perfect for both good food and stunning sights. You’ll find something for every occasion, whether it’s a quiet dinner for two or a family feast. Here’s a list of recommended places that promise a great meal with a breathtaking view.

Casa Blanca Cafe

“Casa Blanca Cafe sits by the Augusta Riverwalk. It has an amazing view of the Savannah River and a cozy setting. The menu is Mediterranean, featuring fresh seafood and tapas dishes. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner or a special outing with friends.”

The Bee’s Knees

“In downtown Augusta, you’ll find The Bee’s Knees. It’s famous for its varied menu and lively atmosphere. This place has a rooftop bar where you can enjoy views of the river. Try their small plates and cocktails while taking in the great vibes.”

Sole Augusta

“Sole Augusta is ideal for a fancy dinner with a riverfront view. It offers a menu filled with seasonal ingredients and creative dishes. The place is known for its elegant setting and a wide selection of wines. It surely makes for a memorable meal.”

If you want a beautiful view and great food, Augusta has several options by the river. Doesn’t matter if you’re from the area or just visiting, these places are a must-visit. They offer a dining experience that delights your palate and eyes. Make sure to check them out to enjoy Augusta’s amazing riverfront over a meal.

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Augusta riverfront dining with a view

Top Riverfront Eateries in Augusta

Restaurant Location Cuisine
Casa Blanca Cafe Augusta Riverwalk Mediterranean
The Bee’s Knees Downtown Augusta Eclectic
Sole Augusta Riverfront Fine Dining

Indulge in Casual Riverfront Dining in Augusta.

Augusta is famous for fancy riverfront dining spots. But, it also has many casual places perfect for a laid-back meal. These spots have great food without the formal vibe.

The River Grill is a top pick, sitting by the Augusta river. It’s a cozy spot for a meal with beautiful views. Here, you can choose from seafood, burgers, or salads to enjoy your time.

Riverfront Smokehouse focuses on barbecued meals. They serve tasty ribs, pork, and brisket. The outdoor area is perfect for a chill meal with loved ones.

Expect warm service and a menu fit for all tastes at these casual spots. You can have a quick dish or a long meal. The river views add to the calm setting.

For local tastes, Augusta Riverfront Cafe awaits. It pairs relaxed dining with Southern favorites. Try dishes like shrimp and grits, fried chicken, or greens with a view.

For casual fun, try The Boathouse Beer Garden. It’s a cool place with craft beers and live music. They serve burgers and snacks. The atmosphere is always lively.

Both locals and visitors enjoy Augusta’s casual riverfront eateries. It’s a perfect spot to unwind over a good meal with nice views.

casual riverfront dining Augusta

Top Casual Riverfront Dining Restaurants in Augusta

Restaurant Cuisine Location
The River Grill American, Seafood Augusta riverfront
Riverfront Smokehouse Barbecue Augusta riverfront
Augusta Riverfront Cafe Southern Augusta riverfront
The Boathouse Beer Garden American, Pub Food Augusta riverfront

Experience the Best Outdoor Waterfront Dining in Augusta, GA.

Dining outdoors by Augusta’s beautiful river is truly special. Whether it’s a dinner date or a fun time with friends and family, the waterfront dining here is perfect. You’ll find great atmosphere, tasty food, and stunning scenery.

Picture yourself enjoying fine meals with the sound of the river and smell of flowers around you. This setting makes the dining experience amazing.

Embrace the Scenic Beauty

Augusta’s outdoor dining lets you enjoy its natural charm. Sitting outside, you can see the river and its lovely landscape.

As night falls, watch how the sunset makes everything glow. Whether you pick a spot by the river or up high, the view is breathtaking.

A Variety of Gastronomic Delights

Augusta has a wide range of food to offer in its outdoor spots. You can find seafood, barbecue, global dishes, and fresh local options.

Top chefs use local ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes. They make everything from appetizers to desserts to delight your taste buds.

Unforgettable Gatherings

The dining spots in Augusta are great for all kinds of gatherings. They’re perfect for parties, casual hangouts, or just a great meal with friends and family. The places here are designed for a memorable time.

Sitting by the river, you can enjoy great food and good company. The beauty and calmness of the place make your time there special.

Benefits of Outdoor Waterfront Dining in Augusta:
1. Breathtaking panoramic views of the Augusta river
2. Serene and captivating ambiance
3. A diverse range of culinary delights
4. Perfect setting for special occasions and gatherings

Ready for a great dining experience in Augusta, GA? Explore the outdoor waterfront spots. Enjoy fresh food in a beautiful setting. It’s a great way to make lasting memories.

Outdoor Waterfront Dining by Augusta River

Discover the Charm of Augusta Riverfront Dining.

Dining in Augusta by the river is truly enchanting. The wonderful views meet delicious dishes. It’s a charm that wins over both locals and visitors.

Augusta’s riverfront dining earns massive points for its beautiful riverside setting. A meal there means feasting on views of the river and nature around. This stunning backdrop adds joy to any dining, be it inside or outdoors.

Augusta, GA has a lot of great spots for eating by the water. You’ll find everything from fancy places with a great view to casual spots for a calm meal. It’s a mix that’s sure to please everyone.

Enjoy the friendliness and top-notch service that define dining in Augusta by the river. The happy vibe and beautiful views guarantee a meal you won’t forget.

Unwind and Delight Your Palate

Food in Augusta by the river is as amazing as the views. Try dishes made by skilled chefs. They mix flavors and use local ingredients well. From fresh seafood to the best steaks, each meal is a treat.

Experience the tastes of Augusta’s food history at the top riverfront places. They serve Southern favorites and global dishes with local touches. Your taste buds will thank you.

Augusta riverfront dining mixes stunning views, great food, and a warm welcome. It’s perfect for special occasions or any time you want a great meal. You’ll love Augusta’s riverfront dining and want to go back.

Augusta riverfront dining

Restaurant Location Cuisine
The River Grill Riverfront Plaza, Augusta Steak and Seafood
Augusta Fish Market James Brown Boulevard, Augusta Seafood
The Southern Kitchen Reynolds Street, Augusta Southern
The Boathouse 5th Street Marina, Augusta American

These are just a few popular places for riverfront dining in Augusta. Each spot has its own special way of showing Augusta’s unique food and charm.

Looking for a dinner for two, a big party, or just dining alone? Augusta’s riverfront has something for all occasions. Enjoy great food, amazing views, and make memories that last.

Uncover the Rich Culinary Heritage of Augusta Riverfront Dining.

Augusta riverfront dining gives you more than stunning views and a nice atmosphere. Here, you dive deep into a rich culinary heritage. The top eateries by the river in Augusta offer a wide range of flavors. They are sure to please anyone’s taste.

At The River House, you’ll find amazing seafood dishes. They use the freshest local fish. Try their Low Country Boil or their tasty Crab Cakes to see Augusta’s love for seafood.

If you want fine dining that’s a bit different, visit Frog Hollow Tavern. This place gets its ingredients straight from local farms. This means you get fresh, tasty dishes every time. You can’t go wrong with their New York Strip and they have great vegetarian options too.

For the taste of Augusta’s Southern roots, go to Surrey Center’s Bodega Ultima. It’s a warm spot that offers dishes full of Southern charm. Don’t miss their Shrimp and Grits or the Fried Green Tomato BLT. Each meal is made with love, celebrating Augusta’s food heritage.

“Augusta riverfront dining is not just a meal; it’s an experience that immerses you in the region’s rich culinary history. From fresh seafood to farm-to-table delights to Southern comfort food, there’s something to satisfy every craving along the Augusta riverfront.” – Local Food Critic

Looking for a unique dining experience in Augusta? The top riverfront eateries are waiting for you. Each one shares a story through its menu. They blend traditions with new creativity, making Augusta’s riverfront dining truly memorable.

Choose from a list that includes fine seafood, farm-fresh delights, or classic Southern food. Augusta’s riverfront scene has it all. You’ll be coming back for more, eager to explore Augusta’s amazing culinary history at every meal.

Top Riverfront Eateries in Augusta

Eatery Cuisine Signature Dish
The River House Seafood Low Country Boil
Frog Hollow Tavern American New York Strip
Surrey Center’s Bodega Ultima Southern Shrimp and Grits

Augusta riverfront dining

Plan Your Augusta Riverfront Dining Experience.

Visiting Augusta, Georgia means experiencing its lively riverfront dining. With amazing views and delicious food, there’s something for everyone. Below are tips to make the most of your time by the river:

Make Reservations in Advance

Booking ahead is smart, especially on weekends or during busy times. This way, you’ll avoid waits and get your favorite spot. Many places allow you to reserve online, which is super convenient.

Explore the Best Riverfront Restaurants in Augusta

Augusta has several top-notch riverfront restaurants to check out. Let’s look at a few you won’t want to miss:

Restaurant Location Cuisine
1. Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar 491 Highland Ave, Augusta, GA 30909 Southern, Seafood
2. Bee’s Knees Tapas 211 10th St, Augusta, GA 30901 Tapas, Small Plates
3. Frog Hollow Tavern 1282 Broad St, Augusta, GA 30901 American, Farm-to-Table
4. La Maison on Telfair 404 Telfair St, Augusta, GA 30901 French, Fine Dining

These spots serve great food in beautiful settings. Whether you fancy Southern, tapas, or French, you’ll find your match.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Dining

Dining outside is a big plus in Augusta. You can enjoy both the great food and the amazing views. Most places have outdoor seating for this perfect experience.

Augusta Riverfront Dining

Discover Hidden Gems Along the Waterfront

While the famous places are worth it, the hidden gems shouldn’t be missed. These unique spots reflect Augusta’s local tastes. Exploring off the main path can lead to tasty surprises.

In summary, remember to book early, explore great dining spots, enjoy eating outside, and uncover hidden treasures. This way, your time dining at Augusta’s riverfront will be unforgettable.


Augusta riverfront dining is a must-try for those who love good food with a view. There are many great places to eat by the water. Each spot has its own unique charm.

Imagine eating outdoors by the Augusta river or enjoying tasty meals with a perfect view. The top places to eat near the river in Augusta serve delicious food and a unique dining experience. They take you on a special journey by the river.

Dining by the river in Augusta mixes tradition with modern options. There’s something for everyone here. You’ll enjoy the amazing flavors in a beautiful setting, from the first taste to the last.

If you’re looking for your next great meal, Augusta riverfront dining should be on your list. Check out the top riverfront restaurants and enjoy the peaceful and delicious experience by the water. Your visit will be a memorable culinary adventure.

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