Tacoma family activities

Ready for a journey full of fun, laughter, and memories? Look to Tacoma, Washington, for your next family adventure. It’s brimming with activities for everyone, making it ideal for those looking for both excitement and relaxation.

Wondering what Tacoma has for families to enjoy the most? You can explore beautiful parks and enjoy tasty food at kid-friendly places. This guide uncovers many options to keep your family happy and entertained.

Exploring Tacoma’s Parks and Nature

Tacoma’s parks and nature reserves are great for outdoor fun. You can enjoy time with your family while seeing the city’s natural beauty. Tacoma offers beautiful gardens and large parks that are perfect for everyone.

1. Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park is by the water and has lots to do. You can walk the trails, have a picnic, or take a scenic drive. Visit the peaceful Japanese Garden or enjoy the beach. Don’t miss the zoo and aquarium with so many interesting animals.

2. Lakewold Gardens

Lakewold Gardens is a calm spot in Tacoma. The gardens are full of different plants. You can walk around and see the pretty flowers and quiet ponds. It’s a great place for family pictures and to just relax.

outdoor activities for families Tacoma

3. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Visit the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge for a nature adventure. It’s a big area with lots of birds like herons, eagles, and ducks. A walk on the boardwalks lets you enjoy the outdoors. It’s perfect for nature lovers and a good learning experience for families.

4. Owen Beach

Owen Beach is perfect for a day by the sea. Kids can play in the sand, swim, or enjoy the sun. Bring a picnic and relax while seeing the great views of the water and mountains.

Activity Location
Hiking Multiple parks and nature reserves
Birdwatching Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
Picnicking Point Defiance Park
Beachcombing Owen Beach

If you like hiking, birdwatching, or just having a picnic, Tacoma’s nature is perfect. It offers great chances for outdoor fun with your family.

Visiting Family-Friendly Attractions

Tacoma has many places that both kids and parents will love. You can find plenty of interactive fun and cool things for everyone to see. These spots are great for a full day of family activities.

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Children’s Museum of Tacoma

The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is all about hands-on learning for kids. It’s a place where your child’s creativity and curiosity are celebrated. They’ll have a blast at exhibits like the Construction Zone and Water Wonders.

LeMay – America’s Car Museum

LeMay – America’s Car Museum is paradise for anyone into cars. It showcases the history and beauty of cars from the past and present. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the museum’s interactive displays and unique cars.

These attractions in Tacoma are all about fun and learning. You can enjoy imaginative play or discover the history of cars. Include these places on your visit for a family trip to remember.

family-friendly attractions Tacoma

Next, explore Tacoma’s amazing museums and galleries. Get ready to be amazed by the city’s art and history. There are wonders waiting for you.

Discovering Tacoma’s Museums and Art Galleries

Tacoma is perfect for those who love art. Many museums and galleries there are great for families. You can dive into the world of art and culture with your family.

Museum of Glass

things to do in Tacoma with kids

The Museum of Glass will wow both kids and adults. It’s by the Thea Foss Waterway. Here, you can see amazing glass art and watch glassblowing. Enjoy seeing the fine work and learn all about glassmaking.

Tacoma Art Museum

The Tacoma Art Museum is ideal for sparking your child’s love for art. It has a wide range of art, like paintings and sculptures. Kids can get hands-on with art in fun ways. It’s a place for their creativity to shine.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

If your child likes art, or just wants to see new things, Tacoma is great. Its museums and galleries are fun and teach a lot. They’re perfect for family adventures in learning together.

Museum/Gallery Location Highlights
Museum of Glass Thea Foss Waterway Glassblowing demonstrations
Tacoma Art Museum Downtown Tacoma Interactive exhibits, diverse art collection

Visit Tacoma’s museums and art galleries to get inspired. These places, great for kids, will spark a love for the arts in your family. They’re sure to leave your children full of ideas and happiness.

Enjoying Outdoor Adventures

If your family loves adventure, Tacoma is perfect for you. Dive into the stunning wilderness and enjoy activities that make great memories. There are exciting water sports, like kayaking, and amazing hikes for all ages.

Kayaking in the Puget Sound

Try kayaking in the beautiful Puget Sound. Paddle in smooth waters, enjoy the great views, and see wildlife. This is a thrilling activity for both beginners and skilled kayakers.

“Kayaking in the Puget Sound offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and bond with your loved ones. The tranquil surroundings and the chance to encounter marine life make it an unforgettable experience.” – Local Adventurer

Hiking in Mount Rainier National Park

Get away by hiking in Mount Rainier National Park. Walk through big forests, along meadows, and see amazing views. There’s lots of wildlife and you’ll love the giant glaciers and waterfalls.

“Hiking in Mount Rainier National Park is like stepping into a postcard. The towering mountain, stunning vistas, and abundant wildlife make it a must-visit for families seeking outdoor adventures.” – Northwest Travel Magazine

Scenic Bike Ride along the Foothills Trail

Take a scenic bike ride on the Foothills Trail. This 15-mile path goes through beautiful landscapes, forests, and meadows. It’s a perfect way to enjoy fresh air and explore with the family.

Tacoma family adventures

Attending Family-friendly Events

In Tacoma, you can join many family-friendly events all year round. They’re right for everyone, from kids to adults. This includes fun summer festivals and memorable holiday events. They are perfect for making great memories with family and friends, whether you live here or are just visiting.

The Tacoma Dome is a top spot for concerts and sports events. You can see your favorite bands play or watch thrilling games. It’s a place full of fun for families. Everyone is sure to have a blast.

Notable Family Events in Tacoma:

  1. Tacoma Farmers Markets – Enjoy fresh local produce, artisanal food products, and lively music at Tacoma’s farmers markets. Interact with local vendors and immerse yourself in the vibrant community atmosphere.
  2. Summer Art Walks – Experience the city’s thriving art scene during the Summer Art Walks. Stroll through Tacoma’s art galleries, enjoy live performances, and explore captivating displays of creativity.
  3. Tacoma Freedom Fair – Celebrate Independence Day with the Tacoma Freedom Fair, a grand event featuring fireworks, live music, food vendors, and exciting activities for the entire family.
  4. Tacoma Film Festival – Engage in the world of cinema at the Tacoma Film Festival. Discover thought-provoking films, attend interactive workshops, and participate in engaging discussions.
  5. Winter Festivals – Embrace the holiday spirit at Tacoma’s winter festivals. Delight in dazzling light displays, festive music, and seasonal treats as you celebrate with your loved ones.

family events Tacoma

“Attending family-friendly events in Tacoma is a fantastic way to connect with the community and engage in a variety of exciting activities.” – Sarah Thompson, Tacoma Parent Magazine

Exploring Tacoma’s Educational Centers

Tacoma has many places to learn and have fun. You can see animals or learn about Washington’s history. There’s lots to do for families here.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is a great family spot in Tacoma. It has over 9,000 animals from 367 species. You can see polar bears, elephants, and cute penguins. There are daily shows to learn more about the animals.

This zoo and aquarium mix learning with fun perfectly. It’s a deep dive into the world’s wildlife.

best family outings Tacoma

Washington State History Museum

Visit the Washington State History Museum to see history come alive. You can explore from the time of Native American tribes to today. The museum has hands-on exhibits and stories of pioneers.

It’s a great place to learn about Washington state with your family.


“The Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma is a fantastic family spot. You see amazing animals and learn.” – Sarah, Tacoma resident

“The History Museum is a journey through Washington’s past. It’s great for both kids and adults.” – David, parent

Top Tacoma Educational Centers

Educational Center Description
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium See a lot of animal kinds and learn about caring for wildlife.
Washington State History Museum Learn about Washington’s deep history through fun exhibits.

Unwinding at Tacoma’s Beaches

After exploring Tacoma, it’s nice to unwind at one of the city’s lovely beaches. Here, you can enjoy fun family activities by the water. You might want to relax with a picnic, collect seashells, or build amazing sandcastles.

Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park is a top pick. It has great views of Puget Sound and a long sandy shore. You can enjoy a picnic on the beach and watch your kids play in the sand.

Titlow Beach is perfect for family fun too. It has calm waters and a big grassy area for picnics and games. Take a walk with your family, explore tidal pools, and see interesting sea life.

Bring your sunscreen, hats, and everything you need for a day at the beach. Remember to bring sand toys for the kids. Always watch for tide changes and follow safety rules, especially with children.

family fun in Tacoma

Tacoma’s beaches are great for family time or fun. Visit Owen Beach or Titlow Beach for a memorable day out. Enjoy the beauty of Tacoma’s coastlines while making lasting memories with your family.

Exploring Tacoma’s Family-friendly Restaurants

Looking for a place to eat in Tacoma after a day out? You can find plenty of family-friendly restaurants. Tacoma has everything from casual to fancy dining spots. You’ll find dishes for every taste, from comfort food to exciting new flavors.

Local Favorites

Dive into Tacoma’s food scene with these top family spots:

  • The Rock Wood Fired Pizza – This place offers great wood-fired pizzas in a fun environment. There are arcade games and live music for kids.
  • Masa – Try fresh and tasty Mexican food at Masa. It’s a friendly and inviting place for families with a special menu for the little ones.
  • Anthem Coffee & Tea – Kick off your morning at this coffee shop with good coffee and treats. They also have a range of breakfast and lunch items.
  • Farrelli’s Pizza – Visit Farrelli’s for delicious pizzas, salads, and more. Families will enjoy their kids’ menu and fun game room.

International Flavors

Experience different cuisines in Tacoma as well:

“Our family loves trying new cuisines, and Tacoma has some great options. At Indochine, we explored Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The mix of spices and fresh ingredients was unforgettable.”

Healthy Options

Searching for healthy food in Tacoma is easy:

  • Corina Bakery – Feast on organic, gluten-free sweets. Vegan options are also available for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Mama Stortini’s Restaurant & Bar – They offer both tasty and nutrition-packed meals. Their selection includes fresh salads, seafood, and grilled items.

Don’t forget to visit the restaurant websites for more details, such as hours and menus. With the variety of family-friendly places in Tacoma, you’re in for a great dining experience. You’ll make lasting memories with your family and friends here.

Entertaining Options for Rainy Days

Don’t let the rain spoil your fun in Tacoma. There are lots of indoor activities to enjoy. You can pick from interactive exhibits, movies, or get creative with play. Tacoma offers fun for the family on rainy days.

Children’s Museum of Tacoma

The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is a top spot for families. It’s full of fun and learning for kids of all ages. Kids can play with hands-on exhibits in art, science, and pretend play areas. It’s the perfect place to spend a rainy day.

family-friendly attractions Tacoma

Family-Friendly Movies

On rainy days, watching a movie in Tacoma is a great idea. Tacoma’s theaters show everything from new cartoons to old favorites. It’s a nice way to be close with your family and have fun.

“Movie time is family time!”

Check for local movie times to plan your day out right with your family.

Tacoma’s theaters have all kinds of movies and comfy seats. They’re a great escape on a rainy day for families.

In Tacoma, you don’t need sunny weather to have fun. Visit the Children’s Museum or see a movie for a great time. Tacoma always has something fun for families, no matter the weather.


Spending a day with your family in Tacoma is a memory you won’t forget. It’s packed with adventure, fun, and time well spent together. You can check out beautiful parks, enjoy family attractions, and eat great food. Tacoma has something for each family member.

Visit parks like Point Defiance Park to see nature up close. Here, you find a zoo and aquarium for extra fun. Also, dive into learning at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. Or, admire art at the many museums and galleries throughout the city.

For outdoor fans, try kayaking, hiking, and biking. If it’s rainy, there are lots of indoor activities too. From learning centers to movie theaters, Tacoma keeps the fun going. So, there’s a perfect choice for everyone here.

Putting Tacoma on your family adventure list is a great idea. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime. And just a trip or a longer stay will be filled with exploration and joy. Tacoma is waiting for your family to come and have an amazing time together.

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