How do I get to Sibiu from Bucharest?

Wondering how to travel from Bucharest to Sibiu? You’re not alone. If Sibiu’s charm has caught your eye, we’re here to help. We’ll cover buses, trains, and driving tips to ease your travel. Gear up for an adventure to the heart of Romania – Sibiu awaits!

Bucharest to Sibiu Transportation Options

Planning your trip from Bucharest to Sibiu? You’ll want to think about how to get there. Different modes of transport offer convenience, affordability, or flexibility. Here’s a look at your options:

Buses from Bucharest to Sibiu

Buses are a good pick if you’re watching your budget. Many companies run buses between these cities. They have regular times and comfy rides. You can book your seat online or at the station. This trip usually takes about 5-6 hours, traffic depending.

“Traveling by bus gives you the opportunity to enjoy the scenic landscapes along the way while letting someone else handle the driving.”

Trains from Bucharest to Sibiu

Trains are another good option. They’re comfy and let you see Romania’s beautiful countryside. The train takes roughly 7-8 hours, depending on stops. There are different classes to choose from, including sleepers for night travel.

Self-Driving from Bucharest to Sibiu

Want to go at your own speed? Driving yourself is great. Bucharest and Sibiu are about 275 kilometers apart. This drive lasts around 3-4 hours, traffic willing. You’ll get great views of the Carpathian Mountains and quaint villages.

Below is a quick comparison of your transportation options:

Transportation Option Travel Time Cost Remarks
Buses 5-6 hours Affordable Comfortable ride, various bus companies available
Trains 7-8 hours Reasonable Picturesque journey, different classes available
Self-Driving 3-4 hours Cost of fuel and tolls Freedom to explore at your own pace, scenic route

Your trip from Bucharest to Sibiu is bound to be an adventure. Think about what’s important to you, your time, and your wallet. Whichever you choose, safe travels!

Bucharest to Sibiu transportation options

Bus Options from Bucharest to Sibiu

For a journey from Bucharest to Sibiu, the bus is affordable and convenient. Many bus companies offer regular routes, providing comfortable and reliable travel.

Popular Bus Companies:

  • Union
  • Transmixt
  • Fany

These companies have daily bus services. You can choose from multiple departure times each day.

Bus Schedules:

Buses vary in schedule, so it’s best to check online or ask travel agencies. They usually leave every two hours, from early morning to late night.

Bus Prices:

Tickets to Sibiu are budget-friendly. Prices vary a bit among companies. For exact fares, visit their websites or ask at ticket counters.

Bus travel shows you Romania’s landscapes in comfort. You can relax and trust the skilled drivers to get you to Sibiu.

Bus trips suit both solo and group travelers. Buses are clean, with comfy seats. Some offer Wi-Fi and air-con, adding to your comfort.

Below is a table with key bus trip details for Bucharest to Sibiu:

Bus Company Schedule Price Range
Union Departs every 2 hours
First bus: 7:00 AM
Last bus: 9:00 PM
$15 – $25
Transmixt Departs every 2 hours
First bus: 6:30 AM
Last bus: 8:30 PM
$12 – $20
Fany Departs every 2 hours
First bus: 7:30 AM
Last bus: 9:30 PM
$14 – $22

Bus and train options Bucharest to Sibiu

Planning your Bucharest to Sibiu bus trip is easy with this info. Get to the station early during busy times. Enjoy your trip and the views on your way to Sibiu.

Train Options from Bucharest to Sibiu

Taking the train from Bucharest to Sibiu is a good choice. It’s comfy and lets you see Romania’s beautiful views. You can relax and enjoy the ride.


Train Schedules and Ticket Prices

Trains leave for Sibiu many times a day. This means you can pick a time that works for you. Don’t forget to look up the latest train times. Train ticket prices change depending on the train type and seat class. They usually cost between $20 and $40 for a one-way trip.

Travel Duration

The train ride to Sibiu takes about 4 to 6 hours. This depends on the train type and how many stops it makes. Some trains go directly there, while others might need transfers. Picking the best train will make your trip easier.

Benefits of Taking the Train

Train trips from Bucharest to Sibiu have many perks. You get a cozy seat, which means a relaxing trip. On even have services like food and drinks. Plus, train stations are usually close to the city center. This makes it easy to get to public transport and places to see.

“Traveling by train offers a scenic and relaxed way to reach Sibiu, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Romanian countryside.”

Choosing the right train can make your trip to Sibiu better. You can enjoy the journey whether you like trains or other ways to travel. Just plan well to have a great trip.

Train Options from Bucharest to Sibiu

Driving Directions from Bucharest to Sibiu

Are you planning a trip from Bucharest to Sibiu by car? Here’s a guide to help you get there. Use these driving instructions for a smooth and fun trip.

Route Options

You can choose between two main routes from Bucharest to Sibiu: the E81 route and the A1/E81 route. Both offer beautiful scenery through Romania.

Option 1: E81 Route

The E81 route is shorter, covering about 280 kilometers (174 miles). The journey takes roughly 4 hours, depending on traffic and how fast you drive.

Starting in Bucharest, head northwest on DN7. Keep going on DN7 for about 250 kilometers (155 miles) to reach Pitesti. From there, continue on DN7C/E81 for 30 kilometers (19 miles) to get to Sibiu.

Option 2: A1/E81 Route

The A1/E81 route is longer, about 337 kilometers (209 miles). It usually takes around 5 hours to complete, affected by traffic and your speed.

Begin your journey in Bucharest heading west on A1/E81. Stay on this route for 335 kilometers (208 miles) until you arrive in Sibiu.

Driving directions Bucharest to Sibiu

Travel Tips

  • Plan your trip early and check for road works or closures.
  • Ensure your car is reliable and has plenty of fuel.
  • Stop to rest and enjoy the views of Romania on your way.
  • Bring snacks and drinks since there are few places to buy them.
  • Keep to the speed limit and follow all road rules for safety.

Estimated Travel Time

Route Distance Estimated Travel Time
E81 Route 280 kilometers (174 miles) Approximately 4 hours
A1/E81 Route 337 kilometers (209 miles) Approximately 5 hours

Pick the route that best fits your plans and enjoy the drive from Bucharest to Sibiu. Have a safe trip!

Bucharest to Sibiu Travel Tips

Are you planning a trip from Bucharest to Sibiu? Here are some tips to help make your trip smooth and fun.

Accommodation Options

In Sibiu, you’ll find many places to stay that fit all budgets. You can choose from cozy guesthouses to luxury hotels. To really experience the city, consider staying in Sibiu’s historic center. You’ll be right in the middle of beautiful buildings and lively streets.

Local Attractions

Sibiu is full of historic and cultural sites to see. Make sure to visit the Brukenthal National Museum. It has a great collection of art and artifacts. Wander through the Old Town to see charming squares and colorful houses. And don’t miss the view from the Council Tower.

Exploring Sibiu by Bicycle

Sibiu is great for biking. It’s a fun way to see the city and nearby countryside. Rent a bike and explore the scenic trails. This lets you see the beauty of the area in a unique way.

“Sibiu is a captivating city that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Don’t forget to explore its charming neighborhoods, indulge in the local cuisine, and soak in the laid-back atmosphere.” – Travel enthusiast

What to Pack

When heading to Sibiu, think about the season and what you’ll do. Here are some essentials for your bag:

  • Comfortable walking shoes for exploring the city
  • Lightweight, breathable clothing for warm weather
  • Layered clothing for cooler evenings
  • A camera to capture the picturesque landscapes and historic sites
  • Sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • A small backpack for day trips

Bucharest to Sibiu Travel Tips

To have an amazing trip from Bucharest to Sibiu, follow these tips. Sibiu has much to offer, whether you love history, nature, or food. Pack your bags, plan your visit, and enjoy the charm and beauty of this Romanian city.

Bucharest to Sibiu Distance and Route

Planning your trip from Bucharest to Sibiu means knowing the distance. It’s about 285 kilometers (177 miles) – a journey that’s easy to make. The right route can make your trip even better.

You can travel from Bucharest to Sibiu by buses, trains, or car. Each way has its perks. Your choice depends on what you like and how you want to travel. Let’s look at some popular ways to go:

1. Bucharest to Sibiu by Bus

Taking the bus is a top pick for many due to its low cost and comfort. Buses run directly between the cities with convenient times and spots for departure.

Travel time can change with traffic, but it’s usually about 5 to 6 hours. Buses let you relax and enjoy the view.

2. Bucharest to Sibiu by Train

For a slower, scenic trip, try the train. You’ll see the Romanian countryside’s beauty. It’s a relaxing way to travel.

Trains take 5 to 7 hours, leaving from Bucharest’s main station. You can pick your seat and service level.

3. Bucharest to Sibiu by Self-Driving

If you like to drive, consider renting a car for the trip. The route takes you along A1/E81 with great scenery.

Driving takes 4 to 5 hours, with traffic and stops affecting time. Be sure to know local driving rules before you start.

This trip offers a dive into Romania’s rich culture and heritage. Bus, train, or car, each route has its own charm.

Bucharest to Sibiu Distance and Route

Here’s a table to make planning easier. It has distances and travel times:

Transportation Option Distance Estimated Travel Time
Bus Approximately 285 kilometers (177 miles) Average of 5-6 hours
Train Approximately 285 kilometers (177 miles) Average of 5-7 hours
Self-Driving Approximately 285 kilometers (177 miles) Average of 4-5 hours

You have options like a comfortable bus, a leisurely train, or driving on your own. Pick what fits your style and schedule best. Any route you take, Bucharest to Sibiu offers beauty and memories to last.

Exploring Sibiu – A Romanian Gem

Sibiu is a hidden gem in Romania, filled with wonders. It boasts a rich history, stunning architecture, and a lively culture. So, it’s perfect for art lovers, history enthusiasts, and nature fans. There’s something special for everyone.

Historical Charm

Sibiu charms with its historical beauty. Walking through the Old Town’s narrow streets feels like stepping back in time. You’ll see colorful buildings, Gothic churches, and old fortifications. It’s truly captivating.

The Main Square, or Piata Mare, is a must-see. Here, you’ll find the impressive Brukenthal National Museum, full of European art. It’s a treat for the eyes.

Cultural Delights

Sibiu’s cultural scene is bustling. It hosts many festivals, like the famous Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The city bursts into life with shows, music, dance, and art. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Don’t forget to visit the Sibiu State Philharmonic and the Astra National Museum Complex. These places offer a peek into Romania’s vibrant culture and traditions.

Outdoor Adventures

Nature lovers will adore Sibiu’s surroundings. The Făgăraș Mountains have stunning trails, forests, waterfalls, and views. It’s perfect for hiking and exploring.

Balea Lake is another gem. In winter, it turns into a magical ice skating spot. The snowy landscape is breathtaking.

Gastronomic Delights

Sibiu is a paradise for foodies. It offers traditional Romanian dishes and international foods. Try the sarmale and mici at a cozy restaurant. Local beers and Romanian wines are a must. They make the food even more delicious.

Sibiu cityscape

Plan Your Visit to Sibiu

Make sure to spend enough time in Sibiu to enjoy all its beauty. You’ll find many places to stay, from luxury hotels to comfy guesthouses. Visit the tourist center for helpful tips and guides.

Sibiu promises an unforgettable adventure with its history, culture, nature, and food. Dive into the magic of this Romanian city and make memories that will last forever.


Traveling from Bucharest to Sibiu offers various ways to get there, based on what you like and need. You can take the bus, train, or drive yourself. Each way has its good points.

Taking a bus or train is smart if you like easy trips and pretty views. Many good bus companies and train lines run often. They also have nice features to make your ride comfy.

If you love being in control of your trip, driving is the way to go. The drive from Bucharest to Sibiu shows off beautiful views. You can also stop to check out cool places along the way. This lets you travel at your own speed.

The way you choose to travel depends on what you want, how much you want to spend, and your timetable. No matter what you pick, the trip from Bucharest to Sibiu is an amazing chance to see Romania’s beauty. So, get your things ready, plan your path, and start an unforgettable trip from Bucharest to Sibiu!