How to get to Herceg Novi?

Thinking about visiting Herceg Novi? This coastal town appeals to many. Getting there is simpler than you might guess. You have plenty of choices: air, road, train, bus, or even by sea. It’s the start of an amazing journey!

Wonder how to reach Herceg Novi? It’s more straightforward than you’d imagine. Flying, driving, or taking the train or bus, all are easy. Let’s explore your options and find the perfect way to reach Herceg Novi.

By Air

Flying to Herceg Novi is easy and quick. You’ll find several airport options nearby for your international flights. This makes picking the best route for your trip simpler.

The two main airports close to Herceg Novi are:

  1. Tivat Airport: It’s just 22 kilometers from Herceg Novi, making it the closest option. This airport links you to major European cities. You can get to Herceg Novi easily by hiring a taxi or car rental after landing.
  2. Dubrovnik Airport: This airport is in Croatia, around 28 kilometers from Herceg Novi. Despite the distance, the beautiful drive along the Adriatic Sea is a highlight. You can hire a taxi or rent a car easily to get from the airport to Herceg Novi.

Both airports offer various ways to get to Herceg Novi. Whether you prefer a taxi or like to rent a car, you have options. This makes exploring Herceg Novi’s beauty simple and rewarding.

If you like using public transport, buses are available from Tivat Airport. This way is both affordable and efficient. The ride takes about 30 minutes and you get to see lovely views while you travel.

To sum up, flying to Herceg Novi is a breeze. With close airports like Tivat and Dubrovnik, you’re in for a hassle-free journey. You’ll soon be enjoying all that this magical place has to offer.

Herceg Novi airport

By Road

Going to Herceg Novi by road is both beautiful and practical. You can drive your own car or enjoy a road trip. The journey is easy from different places, thanks to good road links.

Driving Directions

Getting good driving directions to Herceg Novi is key. Below are simple directions from close by:

  1. From Dubrovnik, Croatia: Drive south on the E65 towards Montenegro’s border. Cross into Montenegro and follow signs to Herceg Novi.
  2. From Kotor, Montenegro: Go northwest on the E65. You’ll see incredible views of the Bay of Kotor on your way.
  3. From Podgorica, Montenegro: Take the E65 towards the coast. Keep on this road until you arrive in Herceg Novi.

Remember, road conditions can change. Always check for updates before you go. A good GPS or navigation app can also make your trip smoother.

Tips for Planning a Road Trip to Herceg Novi

A road trip to Herceg Novi is full of potential fun. Here’s how to ensure you have a great time:

  • Check border crossing rules if you’re coming from another country. This will help avoid issues.
  • Bring key documents like your license and registration. An International Driving Permit might be needed too.
  • Think about parking. Know where you can park in Herceg Novi and pick accommodations with parking if possible.
  • Take the chance to see the stunning views along the way. The drive to Herceg Novi is beautiful. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Whether you’re coming from close by or far away, driving to Herceg Novi is a great way to start your vacation. So, get your car ready, and prepare to be amazed by Herceg Novi’s charm!

travel to Herceg Novi

By Train

Going to Herceg Novi by train is both easy and pretty. Even though there’s no train station there, you can still get there from nearby cities without trouble.

The closest train station is in Bar, about 80 kilometers away from Herceg Novi. After getting off there, you can hop into a taxi or bus. It will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to arrive, depending on traffic.

For a slower but more scenic trip, the Belgrade-Bar railway is a good pick. This journey shows you beautiful mountains and lovely towns. When you get to Bar, you can find your way to Herceg Novi.

Remember that train times and routes can change. So, check the latest information before you go. And booking your tickets early will make your trip smoother.

travel to Herceg Novi

Traveling to Herceg Novi by train, or combining trains with other travel, is great. The sea views and warm weather here are definitely worth seeing.


By Bus

Traveling to Herceg Novi by bus is easy and cost-effective. It’s a popular choice with many bus routes linking major cities to Herceg Novi. This means coming from nearby towns or far away, you’ll find a bus ride to the town.

Choosing a bus to Herceg Novi is a great travel option. Buses run regularly, letting you enjoy a smooth journey. They’re comfortable and allow you to see beautiful scenes as you travel.

Some top routes to Herceg Novi are from Dubrovnik, Kotor, and Podgorica. High-quality buses are used on these routes, ensuring comfort and good service.

Bus Routes and Schedules

Before heading to Herceg Novi, make sure you have bus details. Buses stations are central, making it simple to get around once you arrive. It’s easy to check routes and schedules online or at the station.

Go to the bus company’s website for the latest updates. Booking ahead, especially in busy times, secures your seat. It’s the best way to make your journey smooth.

Arriving at the bus station early is smart. This way, you can choose a good seat and stow your luggage. Most buses have spaces to put large bags, making your trip more comfortable.

Bus Company Contact Website
Company A +123456789
Company B +987654321
Company C +246813579

Get to know the bus schedules to make your trip enjoyable. This prep will let you see the best of Herceg Novi. So, catch a bus and discover the wonders of this coastal gem!

By Ferry

Looking for a beautiful and easy way to get to Herceg Novi? Taking a ferry is a great idea. The ferries link Herceg Novi with many coastal spots and islands. They let you soak in the stunning Adriatic Sea views on your trip.

A top ferry trip is from Herceg Novi to Kotor. This route showcases beautiful coastlines in the Bay of Kotor. In Kotor, you can see the old town and taste the local food.

Another great choice is a ferry to Mamula Island. Mamula is famous for its clear waters and sandy beaches. It’s the perfect spot to sunbathe, swim, or simply enjoy the beauty.

“Traveling by ferry to Herceg Novi is more than a ride. It’s a chance to witness the Adriatic’s wonders.”

Benefits of Taking a Ferry to Herceg Novi

Ferries to Herceg Novi offer many good points:

  • Scenic Views: Enjoy amazing Adriatic Sea views, with its perfect islands and picturesque towns, as you sail.
  • Relaxing Journey: The ferry ride is peaceful, letting you unwind while at sea.
  • Convenience: With comfortable seats, services on board, and good sailing times, your journey is smooth.

Choose a ferry to see the nearby sights or head to the islands. It sure adds joy to your Herceg Novi adventure. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Adriatic’s charming views.

travel to Herceg Novi

Local Transportation in Herceg Novi

Once you’re in Herceg Novi, you’ll find it easy to move around the town. You can choose from public buses to renting a car, depending on what suits you best.

Local buses are perfect if you’re on a budget. They cover the entire town and even connect to nearby places. It’s a cheap way to see Herceg Novi and you can go at your own speed.

For those who like taxi rides, Herceg Novi has lots of them. You can wave one down on the street or find them at set places. Taxis are great for quick trips or if you don’t want to use the bus.

Renting a car is the go-to for some people. You’ll find many companies with various cars for rent. It’s the best option for seeing all the sights and the Montenegrin coast.

Let’s summarize Herceg Novi’s transport options in an easy-to-read table:

Transportation Option Advantages Disadvantages
Local Buses – Affordable
– Extensive network
– Flexibility
– Fixed schedules
– Can be crowded during peak hours
Taxis – Convenience
– Flexibility
– Door-to-door service
– Higher cost compared to buses
– Limited availability during late-night hours
Rental Cars – Freedom to explore at your own pace
– Flexibility
– Convenient for day trips
– Parking can be challenging in town
– Additional cost for fuel and insurance

Think about what you like and what fits your budget. With choices like buses, taxis, or a rental car, moving in Herceg Novi is simple!

Herceg Novi transportation options

Travel Tips for Getting to Herceg Novi

If you’re heading to Herceg Novi, it’s good to have useful tips for a smooth journey. Below are key points to remember:

Visas and Entry Requirements

Check if you need a visa for Herceg Novi from your home country. It’s wise to look this up before you go.

Currency Exchange

They use the Euro in Montenegro. Change your money to Euros before arriving at Herceg Novi or use ATMs there.

Local Customs and Etiquette

Being polite is key. Montenegrins appreciate friendly greetings and eye contact. It shows respect.

“Montenegrins take pride in their culture and traditions, so showing an interest in the local customs will be greatly appreciated.”


Montenegrin is the main language, but many speak English. You’ll be fine with English in Herceg Novi.

Transportation Options within Herceg Novi

Getting around Herceg Novi is easy. You can use buses, taxis, or rent a car for more freedom.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

Visit nearby places like Kotor or the beautiful Lovćen National Park. They offer great scenic and cultural experiences.

Now, you’re set to enjoy Herceg Novi. Remember these tips for a wonderful trip.

Herceg Novi travel tips

Accommodation in Herceg Novi

Finding a place to stay in Herceg Novi is easy, thanks to many choices. You can pick from luxury spots, cozy hideaways, or well-priced options. Places with ocean views, as well as those in the town’s old area, can be your perfect spot.

For those who love luxury, high-end hotels await. These spots offer big rooms, spas, and stunning sea views. You might like the sophisticated Hotel Splendid or the peaceful Vile Oliva for a nature escape.

On a budget? No problem. There are lots of affordable hotels in Herceg Novi. These can save you money while still giving you a comfy place to stay. The Guest House Aleksandra and Hotel Piramida are great choices that won’t cost too much.

Want something more unique? Try a vacation rental. From small apartments to cozy houses, these places let you dive into local life. Look for them on Airbnb and HomeAway.

Tip: Think about what you love before picking where to stay in Herceg Novi. Love the beach? Stay by the sea. Want to see the town’s history and nightlife? Pick a city spot. And always check reviews and amenities to avoid surprises.

Need help choosing? Here’s a look at some popular spots in Herceg Novi:

Accommodation Option Highlights Price Range (per night)
Hotel Splendid Luxurious five-star hotel with stunning sea views and top-notch amenities. $$ – $$$
Guest House Aleksandra Comfortable budget-friendly accommodation near the town center. $ – $$
Vacation Rental Cozy apartment or house with a unique and intimate atmosphere. $ – $$$

Wherever you stay in Herceg Novi, natural beauty and a warm welcome are sure to greet you. So, start your search and prepare to have a great time in this lovely town.

Herceg Novi travel guide

Attractions and Activities in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi offers a lot to see and do, fitting every interest. For those into history, beautiful beaches, or cultural happenings, this lovely town welcomes all.

Historical Sites

Delve into Herceg Novi’s past through its amazing historical places. The Kanli Tower stands out, providing stunning views of the area. The Church of St. Michael is also a key spot, known for its detailed design.


For fans of the coast, Herceg Novi’s beaches are a dream come true. Zanjice Beach, a local favorite, is perfect for peace and clear waters. If you’re looking for more action, Igalo Beach offers watersports and beach hangouts.

Cultural Events

Herceg Novi is alive with cultural happenings, including film and flower festivals. The Film Festival in August showcases movies from all over, drawing a global crowd. In February, the Mimosa Festival marks the start of spring with lively parades and shows.

Attraction Description
Kanli Tower An impressive fortress offering panoramic views of Herceg Novi
Church of St. Michael A beautiful Serbian Orthodox church with stunning frescoes
Zanjice Beach A hidden gem with crystal-clear waters and a tranquil atmosphere
Igalo Beach A lively beach with water sports activities and beach bars

In Herceg Novi, you’ll find beauty and excitement wherever you go. Start planning your trip to this coastal gem and enjoy all it has to offer.

Herceg Novi travel guide

Dining and Entertainment in Herceg Novi

Visiting Herceg Novi means diving into its lively dining and entertainment options. It’s a perfect place for food lovers or those wanting a fun night out. You’ll find something you love in this coastal town.

Local Cuisine

Herceg Novi serves up amazing local food. The mix of Mediterranean, Balkan, and Italian flavors is a real treat. Seafood and meat dishes, each bursting with their unique taste.

Taste Montenegro with dishes like kačamak or ćevapi, complete with ajvar. Local specialties like Njeguški pršut and sweet treats such as krofne are not to miss. And you can’t leave without trying rakija, a fruity brandy.

Restaurants in Herceg Novi

Many eateries in Herceg Novi cater to different tastes. From casual places by the sea to fancy spots, there’s something for everyone. Plus, most offer beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea for a perfect meal setting.

Visit Konoba Feral for a taste of the Med with its seafood. For Italian lovers, there’s Restoran Hedone with its delicious pastas and pizzas.

Nightlife in Herceg Novi

As evening falls, the city starts to party. Choose between a chill night by the sea or hitting the dance floor. Your options for a good night out are endless.

Enjoy sunset cocktails at Café del Mar with unbeatable sea views. Or, head to Maximum Night Club for live music and dancing from both local and global DJs.

Restaurant Cuisine Location
Konoba Feral Seafood, Grill Waterfront
Restoran Hedone Italian City Center

Whether you love food or live for nightlife, Herceg Novi is the spot. Try all the local dishes, relax with some cocktails, and dance the night away here.

Herceg Novi dining and entertainment


Traveling to Herceg Novi is simple because of many transport options.

Whether you like flying, road trips, trains, or buses, you can easily get there. You could even take a ferry for a scenic adventure.

After you arrive, moving around Herceg Novi is straightforward. There are buses, taxis, and rental cars available. This allows you to explore the town on your own.

Don’t miss the chance to see its historic sites, stunning beaches, and dynamic culture. Also, enjoy local dishes and the exciting nightlife.

This guide provides everything you need for your trip to Herceg Novi.

So, pack your bags and enjoy this coastal beauty. Have a great time making memories in this lovely Montenegrin town.